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New Mexico travel guide | designlovefest

a few weeks ago i was able to go to new mexico for a quick 5 day work trip with the tourism company new mexico true. it was my first time visiting new mexico and they planned a bunch of activities starting in albuquerque, then in santa fe, and ending in taos. i DEFINITELY want to go back and explore more with justin, i think we would really enjoy seeing more there together. it’s really the perfect place to go and road trip around.

New Mexico travel guide | designlovefest
New Mexico travel guide | designlovefest
New Mexico travel guide | designlovefest

we flew into albuquerque and headed to our hotel, the los pablanos historic inn and organic farm. the property has 50 rooms spread out on a working lavender farm, which was so beautiful and relaxing. we got to take a few little workshops in the greenhouse with some of the farmers, wandered in their amazing gift shop and cafe, and dined at the delicious campo (their restaurant on the property). we didn’t get much time to explore around albuquerque, but i really recommend staying on this farm and enjoying everything the property has to offer.

New Mexico travel guide | designlovefest
New Mexico travel guide | designlovefest
New Mexico travel guide | designlovefest

here are some of the highlights of my trip!

New Mexico travel guide | designlovefest
New Mexico travel guide | designlovefest
New Mexico travel guide | designlovefest
New Mexico travel guide | designlovefest

the next day we drove about an hour to santa fe. our first stop was the wild and crazy art installation meow wolf! it’s hard to even explain this museum in words. it kinda feels like pee wee’s playhouse in there. it’s psychedelic, experimental, fascinating, exciting, weird…there are tons of hidden doors and secret passageways. the group had mixed feelings about it, but i think it’s worth checking out. i personally wasn’t as inspired by the art, but i did love the experience! you get to go into a washing machine and end up in another room…so you kinda just have to do it.

New Mexico travel guide | designlovefest
New Mexico travel guide | designlovefest





post travel rituals | designlovefest
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it doesn’t matter what type of trip i’m coming home from (road, plane, work, fun) or the length but somehow i always come back from traveling feeling disconnected from my body. i think i’m more a creature of habit than i realize and when i leave town i am not good at maintaining my structure. i’ll skip workouts, eat differently, sleep differently, forget to drink water, drink more alcohol, etc and the whole combo of things leaves me feeling like a bit of a mess. i’ve realized this pattern by now and have some post travel rituals that i usually do as soon as i get home that help me feel back to normal quickly. i’d love to hear if you experience the same thing, i know people who absolutely love to travel and don’t share this same feeling at all but i’m sure there are plenty of people who feel thrown off, even from a long weekend trip (like me!). what sorts of rituals do you have? what makes you feel connected to your body or relaxed after you travel?

for me, i want my first meal back to be healthy and for some reason i always want either pho or a baked sweet potato, i dry brush and take a bath, drink tons of water, unpack almost immediately, and go to bed early. then the next morning, i drink hot water with lemon, honey and apple cider vinegar and move my body in some way, take a brisk walk, jog or pilates. oh, and i’ll lay off drinking for a few days because time away usually means one too many glasses of wine. that combo of things generally has me feeling back to normal in no time. i didn’t actual realize how intense i was about my post travel rituals until my husband pointed it out, he calls it the “joanie detox” which it basically is but i don’t like not feeling like myself so the rituals are important to me and my sanity! i’d love to hear your pre or post travel rituals that keep you feeling like you! – joanie



Israel travel guide | designlovefest

we went to israel back in august and had THE BEST TIME. i’ve been really wanting to share our favorite spots with you guys, so here we go! i was going for a work trip but was luckily able to bring justin along with me! it was only a 6 day trip which felt short but we packed a lot in! to be honest, i hadn’t really had israel at the top of my travel list, but when the opportunity came up i definitely was excited. i think those trips usually end up being some of the better ones. less build up and more surprises. and it ended up being so cool!

the food was incredible, i felt very inspired by the decor and things we saw, the bar scene was really fun, we felt safe, it felt hip and lively. i loved how people would be singing and smiling at restaurants in tel aviv with full confidence and happiness. i could see myself living in tel aviv for a while for sure!


we flew into tel aviv, rented a car, drove to jerusalem for 3 days and 2 nights (which we felt was a good amount of time), drove to the dead sea, and then drove to tel aviv for 4 days and 3 nights.

we rented a car for this trip, and we were glad that we did. we wouldn’t really have needed it if we were just doing jerusalem and tel aviv. but it made it a lot easier for us to do those two plus the dead sea on our own timing. i don’t think i would have liked doing the dead sea in a group tour. it’s pretty easy to drive (except it’s a bit tricky when you are in jerusalem, but not too bad) so i would recommend it!

our jetlag was pretty intense. try to avoid those afternoon naps and stay on their sleep schedule. it’s pretty hard but the naps messed us up for days! also, everyone said it was too hot to go at that time of year, but it was fine. yes, hot in the afternoons but the evenings were wonderful.

Israel travel guide | designlovefest
Israel travel guide | designlovefest

above: we were staying at mamilla hotel, we checked in and i loved the patterned rugs in the lobby! the hotel was very comfortable, stylish, accommodating and so close to the old city making the location perfect if you only have a few days there. i also heard this hotel is nice.

Israel travel guide | designlovefest
Israel travel guide | designlovefest
Israel travel guide | designlovefest
Israel travel guide | designlovefest





my boyfriend and i have been planning this big trip through italy for many many months now and it’s coming to an end very soon. i wanted to give you 25 of our very favorite things to do, eat, drink and see…along with some tips about traveling through italy. it’s been so memorable and i’m so happy we decided to just go for it!

thank you to my friends who gave me recommendations and i hope this list helps plan your next trip. it can be kinda stressful planning a longer trip (we did 1 month) but it’s so incredible to immerse yourself into a culture.

we started with 5 days in rome…

1. roscioli was one of our top favorite meals in rome. make a reservation at la salumeria (it’s busy!) and order la gricia pasta and the burrata with sun dried cherry tomatoes. the cheese and meat plates are also insanely good.

2. forno campo de’ fiori is an awesome little bakery in a popular square. grab a few slices (wish i could try them all! my favorite was the ham) and a beer and enjoy on the street while people watching. cheap price and amazing taste.

3. meridionale is a cozy little restaurant with eclectic decor and good food. i also really enjoyed walking around that neighborhood. please get the squash pie with melted fontina. so unique!


it’s a little tricky to get to positano but not too bad. we knew that the pricy part of our trip was going to be in the south of italy. there’s so much tourism there and it feels like all the prices just go way up for hotels, food, and transportation. but it’s worth seeing for sure, so you gotta just let that part go. we chose 2 nights in positano and 2 nights in capri and ended up extending capri by two more days. it was definitely the right amount of time for us.

we took a train from rome to naples and then got a private car to drive us to the hotel. our hotel was gonna charge like 150 euros for the drive (around 1.5 hours) but we used this recommended driver that charged us 120 and she was really great. it’s gonna be your most expensive transportation probably. the roads are very windy with extreme cliffs, i am not sure i would recommend driving it yourself. but that’s just me.

you can email [email protected] and they wrote me back immediately. tell them what time you want to be picked up from the train and they handle it all from there.





todos santos! what an adorable place to visit. we took a short little 4 days, 3 nights trip and loved it! here’s everything we did and a few tips along the way…

you fly into the los cabos airport, rent a car and drive about an hour and fifteen minutes to todos santos. it’s an easy drive, pretty much just one road all the way there through the desert. i would say renting a car is a must. i barely saw any taxis around and i hear it’s pretty outrageous in price to get a taxi from the airport. plus you want a car to easily jump around to all the close by restaurants. everything is fairly close by, but not really walkable in the heat from the hotel we stayed at.

i just love that handsome guy!



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