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salmon burgers | designlovefest

last week bri and i got a delivery of meals from blue apron. we made the steak lettuce wraps together but one of the meals was salmon burgers which i made at home and loved. and it inspired me to re-create them for you (this isn’t sponsored, they were just really good)! typically i’d make a salmon burger by just putting a fillet of salmon on a bun with all of the fixings. but these were great because you cook the fish and then mix it with herbs, bread crumbs, etc and create patties. i don’t know why i’d never thought to make them this way before but it was super easy and really flavorful. they’re also very adaptable, you could add a variety of fresh or dried herbs, some lemon, chopped onion, garlic, etc.

they would also be good to make with a cut of fish that you didn’t feel was ideal for serving alone (maybe not as fresh as you’d like) because there are a lot of other flavors involved. we served ours on toasted brioche buns and they were so good. try them! – joanie

salmon burgers | designlovefest

salmon burgers
what you’ll need:

makes 4 servings

• 12 ounces of salmon
• 1 lemon sliced into wedges
• 3/4 cup breadcrumbs
• 1 egg
• 1 tablespoon fresh dill
• 1 tablespoon mustard (dijon or grainy would work)
• 2 teaspoons mayo or olive oil
• 2 cloves chopped fresh garlic or garlic salt
• salt + pepper
• 4 burger buns
to garnish: avocado, jalapeño, avocado, mayo, mustard, red onion, tzatziki, lettuce, etc.

salmon burgers | designlovefest
salmon burgers | designlovefest
salmon burgers | designlovefest

• heat a frying pan with 2 tablespoons olive oil on medium heat, salt and pepper both sides of the salmon and place on the pan, cook for about three minutes per side. remove and set aside to cool.

• once cooled, remove the skin if needed and flake into a bowl. add the dill, mustard, bread crumbs, egg, juice of half a lemon, 2 teaspoons olive oil or mayo, 2 cloves fresh garlic or 1 teaspoon garlic salt and mix together. salt and pepper to taste. set aside for 5 minutes.

salmon burgers | designlovefest
salmon burgers | designlovefest
salmon burgers | designlovefest

• form the salmon mixture into four patties and let rest for a few minutes. heat a pan on medium heat with olive oil spray (non stick is preferable). once hot cook the patties for 2-3 minutes on each side until slightly browned. remove and set aside.

• add butter to the warm pan over medium heat and toast your buns until golden brown.

remove, add salmon patties, top as desired and serve!

salmon burgers | designlovefest
salmon burgers | designlovefest

photos by: ivan solis
styling by: joanie cusack 




hope you all are looking forward to the long holiday weekend as much as we all are! below are some of our favorite summer recipes that would be perfect to whip up for you and your loved ones. truly can’t believe we’re already entering into july but ready to seize the summer and enjoy all of the outdoor dining that we can. have a great holiday!

4th of July recipes | designlovefest

ceviche with paprika chips – love this recipe and how quickly it comes together. there are few things better than homemade corn chips!

strawberry orange popsicles – make these ahead of time and have something pretty to pull out of the freezer when guests arrive. and they’re dairy free!

strawberry shortcake – utilize the fleeting months of strawberry season! you could even skip the cake part and just serve sliced strawberries with a bit of sugar top with whipped cream. or serve it over angel food cake!

mango ginger fizz – embrace summer cocktail season!

peach and burrata salad – you could use peach or melon in this salad, it’s delicious both ways.

blueberry popsicles – with a bit of basil (could make with mint too!). 

salmon burgers – for that BBQ you’re going to. don’t forget to toast the buns!

blood orange margaritas – such a beautiful drink. you could sub in watermelon juice instead of blood orange.

banana “ice cream”  – a healthier take on ice cream, perfect for those avoiding dairy!

carnitas tacos – recipe by our friend victoria and they are soooo good!





cooking at home resources | designlovefest

i get a lot of questions about my recent obsession with cooking. favorite books or recipes. what videos i like to watch. where i get my kitchen tools. how i keep finding new recipes and staying inspired. so i sat down and really thought about all of this and made a giant list! my new love of cooking has been absolutely incredible and i am so happy to share my journey here! lots of love, bri


i find cooking shows to be so relaxing. i find myself watching them for hours on a sunday. we have an apple tv which has actually been really nice for this new hobby. i have different apps (like kitchen stories) to watch videos and the recommended food videos on youtube can take you down a fun path. a lot of the times if i am going to attempt to make something (let’s say mac and cheese) i will just sit and watch 4 or 5 youtube videos from channels i like and get inspired or learn a new trick or two.

mind of a chef it’s such an inspiring/addicting show! it was definitely one of the things that got me fully into cooking again.

kitchen stories – justin showed me this one last year (you can watch the videos on their website but i prefer the app on apple tv) the videos are gorgeous, nice design, elevated plating, relaxing…i love them! i don’t really like the fast paced videos when i really want to learn how to cook. most of theirs are slow paced but not boring, and no annoying voices, just music! here is a few from their site to start on: chicken piccata, fried rice, brussel sprouts pasta carbonara

chef’s table – it’s been around a while, but still good to rewatch and get inspired by passionate people.

top chef – i loved season 14 (all the episodes are on hulu)

masterclass – justin and i split the yearly pass for the masterclass so we can lay on the couch and nerd out together. it kinda feels like you are back in school and i love that. i loved watching gordon ramsey and wolfgang puck’s class (can’t wait for alice waters this spring)

ugly delicious – i liked the show, but i especially felt inspired by the home cooking episode from this season. david chang is pretty awesome.

munchies – again, i like watching these on the apple tv. but there is tons you can just watch here too. matty matheson’s hash is a fun watch.

bon appétit youtube – one of my favorite things to do

instagram stories – it’s actually been really inspiring for me to show glimpses of my cooking on my instagram stories. i just like giving people ideas and showing that home cooking doesn’t have to be overwhelming…it can be completely therapeutic and amazing. you can see a lot of my cooking stories in my highlights! (breakfast ideas is my favorite category)

cooking at home resources | designlovefest


there are so many traditions and activities to do on a weekly basis that will keep you in the kitchen or cooking with people in your life! all of these really changed my view on cooking at home…

sunday dinner/cooking for someone you love – we started a sunday dinner tradition that we try really hard to stick to when we are in town. a few couples get together, sometimes rotate houses, and choose a dinner theme. greek night! pasta! roast and potatoes! everyone makes a dish or brings the wine. it’s been such a bonding experience. i look forward to planning the menu every week. practice your entertaining skills by mastering a cheese board, lighting taper candles, making dinner party playlists, getting fresh flowers for the table…anytime you can cook for people you love, it brings joy.

farmer’s market – we love the hollywood farmer’s market on a sunday morning. don’t be afraid to ask questions and learn more from the vendors. stay curious! try new produce you haven’t cooked with before. just wander around and dream up new things to make.






heeeeeeellllooooo barcelona! and cue the flu. it must of been the recycled air on the airplane because the flu that thankfully decided to give me a few days off in paris was back in action the second we got to spain. so while we saw a LOT while we were here, i am sure there are things we missed because i was under the covers with the chills.

ps a couple of friends have told me to put vicks vapor rub on my feet and wear socks before going to sleep to get rid of a wicked cold. arian finally found a pharmacy that had it and within 24 hours my cold was 90% better. a miracle in a jar. i just wish i had found it earlier!


follow the map so you can mark down some of our favorite barcelona spots…


now, onto our adventures. basically 100 people warned me that we were in danger of getting robbed in barcelona. i considered rocking a fanny pack, but decided i would just be careful with my messenger bag. we never experienced anything sketchy and never felt unsafe the whole time and luckily went home with our passports and credit cards. i am sure there are areas where this is happening, but don’t be afraid if you go, okay? just watch your purse (you will notice all the ladies have their purses in the front of their body and never to the back) and guys keep your wallet in your shirt pocket instead. you’ll be fine if you’re smart about it.


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