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this year i’m buying my gifts from small businesses and artists. it’s been a really tough year and i’m happy to spend my money to support these cool brands. a lot of them are friends of mine or companies that i’ve used and love! here are 56 gift ideas for you and your loved ones…

KITCHEN : 1/ caraway home – I have the colorful set and really love their pots! they have held up nicely and make my kitchen look cute. 2/ apricot la – love her tie dye napkins and table cloths, use them allll the time. 3/ asp & hand – i’m a sucker for unique glassware! her cups and straws are amazing! 4/ hawkins new york – they have such a gorgeous selection always. these lidded bowls are cool for packing a lunch. 5/ dusen dusen – heavy duty patterned hand towels. 6/ brightland – their olive oils taste delicious, and the packaging is good looking on your counter. 7/ norden goods – these speckled plates would make a good gift. 8/ great jones – we love our dutch oven from them. perfect for your family member who loves to cook! 9/ material – love the steps they take towards making your kitchen more sustainable. try out their colorful recycled plastic cutting boards. 10/ lettuce grow – we just got one this year so we could plant herbs and veggies on our back patio. 11/ casa shop – always inspired by this funky curated shop and these tumblers are incredible! 12/ coming soonthese straws are ART in your cup

STAY HOME : 1/ artifact uprising – i love making quality photo books for special occasions. a great gift for your mom! 2/ wild one – love these chic looking dog toys. 3/ parachute hometheir robes are my absolute fave, such a comfy gift. 4/ – I have one of these weighted blankets and they are worth the price. I notice a difference in my anxiety and my sleep. 5/ midland – love their choices of native american pottery! 6/ cold picnic – the rugs are stunning, a bath mat is a nice gift! 7/ vandevort – a friend of mine’s shop in san diego, love this fuzzy leopard blanket. 8/ hattie molloy – i’m so inspired by her florals and aesthetic lately and look how cool that puzzle is! a great gift since we are all spending more time at home.

1/ bliss and mischief – a friend of mine who makes such cool tees, jackets and hats here in LA. i’m eyeing this bliss off hat. 2/ casetify + designlovefest – i’ve curated a bunch of artists to make phone cases! these help support the artists and myself so thank you very much!! 3/ brother vellies – a Black owned business with suuuuuch cool shoes and boots. 4/ lacausa – one of my favorite LA brands I wear constantly, how about this black tie dye outfit for lounging? 5/ bagguthe perfect bags for the farmer’s market, the beach, anything really. 6/ holiday – I am checkered obsessed and this pj set is SO good. 7/ lykke wullf – another great LA brand I love supporting. they have such cool matching outfits and love these no waste masks. 8/ nagnata – the coolest, sustainable workout looks I have seen this year! 9/ paloma wool – endlessly inspired by their hip patterns and unique photography ideas. how about these lime green boots?! 10/ dusen dusen – had to add in this hand knotted market tote. 11/ lisa says gah – always find lovely items in this shop. love all the vote graphics this year, a good message to spread all year round! 12/ rachel cravenlinen VOTE masks. 13/ rex designperfect ceramics for a friend or sister gift, and how cute is this painted ceramic hair clip! 14/ en soielove does rule forever

1/ tessa forrest – do it for yourself, a motivational journal by one of my favorite artists (prints here too). 2/ tetra shop – proud cannabis lover over here and this is THE go-to shop for cool lighters and pipes. 3/ pranamat – this is an acupunture mat that has helped me a lot with pain and anxiety, gets your blood flow circulating! 4/ field trip – how about some festive leopard rolling papers? 5/ headspace – I meditate with this app daily. i paid for the upgrade so I have more access to custom meditation courses. a great gift for someone you know needs a little calm in their life. 6/ the now – one of my fave massage boutiques has this scented candle I never want to burn out, and this rose quartz gu sha to reduce puffiness in your face. 7/ saie – this clean beauty line is great, love their tinted moisturizer. 8/ prismatic plantsCBD with beautiful packaging! 9/ golde – a Black owned wellness brand with this make your own matcha kit. 10/ small spells – artist tarot deck with the beeeest illustrations. 11/ billie – a hip razor brand you can get a subscription to. 12/ miss grass – a shell shaped grinder. 13/ osea – they have amazing scents and this vagus nerve oil + mist always helps calm me down. 14/ versedaffordable winter unwind gift set with this globe you put in the freezer. 15/ tower – LOVE their highlighter. 16/ take care space – for the yoga lover in your family who deserves a bright and colorful gift. 17/ kristin ess hair – a friend of mine made this cute travel kit. 18/ olive & june – because a pedicure is verrrry necessary these days, this kit will come in handy.

here are a few charities I have been donating to this year. my step dad is really sweet and always tells me he doesn’t need any gifts, just to donate to a charity in his name. I love that! this year I have found it especially important to donate to BIPOC organizations and charities that fight for racial justice.

GIVE : 1/ the loveland foundation – provides free therapy for Black women and girls. 2/ the right way foundation – helps transition-age foster youth attain and keep good jobs despite the overwhelming trauma they have endured throughout their lives. 3/ CASA LA I am a court appointed special advocate to a 4 year old boy in the foster care system and think this is a great organization! 4/ the conscious kid – they promote healthy racial identity development and take action to disrupt racism in young children.



love this lisa says gah linen set for summer lounging and these purple pants!

tetra has the coolest lighters and pipes!

I absolutely love all of the akari light sculptures!! perfect shapes and warm light.

our casetify shop has tons of new phone cases! love the iridescent background option you can add to this rainbow cheetah case.

love the large knobs on this console!

alex proba has amazing designs. this pillow is cool!

i just got this cute lamp for our bedroom. it comes in other colors and patterns too.

nice pattern on these sneakers.

always looking at vintage rugs on etsy. this is a good one!

I adore these female form vases!!

cb2 has pampas grass, adds a lot of cool texture to the room.

I am thinking of getting this awesome Our Place pan. love the colors!

we have been starting to design our back room. our inspiration is 70’s den. on the hunt for pendant lights that create fun shapes on the ceiling. this one is nice!

great colors as always, clare vivier

I have one of these bucket hats in yellow. the moss green sun hat is pretty too!

always thinking of splurging on this adorable dusen dusen dog bed!!

wow, cool floor lamp!

lacausa is one of my favorite brands! this green button up is nice.

pamela love jewelry. sent to justin for future anniversaries 🙂

never get tired of baggu bags. I use them for everything! packing, farmer’s market, beach bag…

cool activewear prints and colors over on nagnata

i guess i’m a sucker for glass fruit and pretty much the whole casa shop,



musings | designlovefest

just got back from a great weekend trip to Vermont (my first time!) the fall colors were really starting to show themselves and everything was so green and lush. the air was crisp in the morning and warm in the evenings. we ate dinner at honey road in burlington, had massages at the Woodstock Inn and generally just lazed around, it was perfect. it felt nice to get out of the city for a bit but i’m always happy to come back to LA. i still feel excited when we land which i guess means i’m living in the right place! and then i headed pretty much directly to colorado to see my aunt in denver and then a family wedding in telluride. the colors in colorado were out of this world, i feel so lucky to have been able to soak in so much fall already! – joanie

musings | designlovefest

we’re in that clothing transitional period where layers are important because the days start out cool but the afternoons are hot. my favorite way to lean in is a bodysuit/tank with a skirt and a cozy sweater on top. easy to take on and off as needed. i’ve been wearing this skirt on repeat. and have my eye on lots of sweaters at & other stories, like this one and this.

& other stories | designlovefest

my mom made her refried beans while we were in Vermont which are the easiest and best thing to have on hand. make a big batch and they’ll last for the whole week for burritos, quesadillas, to eat as dip, etc. for those interested, this is her recipe, you can soak the beans over night before cooking or cook straight away without soaking:

2 cup dry pinto beans
1 stick Butter
1/4- 1/3 pound Monterey Pepper Jack cheese, grated
1 package taco seasoning mix
1/2 teaspoon salt

1. Pick through the beans making sure there are no little stones in them. Put beans on a big pot and add about 3 times as much water.  Cover, bring to a boil, then reduce heat to low and simmer until soft (about 3 hours), always making sure you have enough water.  When done, pour off all but about 1 cup of excess water, (save this water to add back in if you want beans thinner). Mash beans in the pot with a potato masher and add rest of ingredients and let the butter and cheese melt,  Stir and mash until smooth, adding or taking away as much water as you need to to make it a nice consistency.

i’m turning 32 next month and already setting my intentions for my new year. i know people always say that life gets better with age but i’m really finding that to be true. i’ve felt like the last three years of my life i’ve really started to get to know myself and to discover who i am really am, apart from what the people around me want me to be. there is so much pressure all of us (women especially) to hit certain milestones (marriage, baby, working mom!) that it can be easy for a people pleasing person like me to really lose sight of who i am and what i want. i’m getting more okay with letting people down and trying to be my true self in all situations (it’s hard!).

musings | designlovefest

i’ve been really loving the deliciously ella podcast. i love the way she talks about health, happiness, career and life. there isn’t an ounce of shame attached, just inspiration.

i hadn’t fallen down the rabbit hole that is The Real Real until recently and it sure is addicting. as someone who gets a big thrill out of vintage/thrifting shopping this site is super fun. i love picking out things for people i love, like my mom and sister and i’m excited to start christmas shopping. my recommendation, if you’re looking for the deals, is to not look at the editors list or things like that but to look for brands that maybe you love and aren’t as popular or to search by keywords, like purple silk dress.

i finished A Gentleman in Moscow and now i’m reading Trick Mirror by Jig Tolentino. if you had a favorite book or two from this year that you’ve read or re-read send them my way. i love personal suggestions rather than scrolling forever on good reads.

what’s on your fall playlist? i’ve been listening to Big Thief a lot, a band my husband introduced me too. i like kinda chill music most of the time and their great. we’re going to see their show at the end of the month.

we have some crow canyon home splatter pieces in the DLF kitchen and we love them. I’m particularly fond of their simple rimmed dinner plates that come in great colors and their insanely cute cups and mugs. use code DLFCCH10 for 10% off if you place an order.

madewell is having a site wide sale and i think i say this every year but i love their boots. i own this pair and these and i live in them.

and finally, how freaking cute is bri in this green dress? i love how she took a prairie style dress and made it city with the sunglasses, bag and sneakers.

musings | designlovefest



cauliflower crust pizza | designlovefest

we wanted to give the cauliflower pizza crust from TJ’s a whirl and see how it held up against their frozen organic pizza crust that i normally use. the cauliflower crust had a nice consistency, it’s made with corn and it almost has a polenta type taste and texture. if you’re looking for something gluten free than i think this is a great option but i personally prefer their other crust. regardless, any sort of crust with this combo on top is A+! everything we used was from trader joe’s. -joanie

cauliflower crust pizza | designlovefest

what you’ll need: 

• 1 package pizza cauliflower crust (from trader joes)
• 2-3 small heirloom tomatoes
• 6oz sliced buffalo mozzarella (shredded mozzarella works great too!)
•  1 4oz package prosciutto (optional)

• 8 oz fresh basil (two containers from trader joes)
• olive oil
• 1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese
• 1/3 cup raw walnuts
• 2 garlic cloves
• salt and pepper to taste
• 1 lemon squeezed

to make: 

• bake the cauliflower crust by the instructions on the packaging.

cauliflower crust pizza | designlovefest
cauliflower crust pizza | designlovefest

• slice the heirloom tomatoes, salt them to release some of their juices and set aside. really juicy tomatoes can make the crust soggy!

• take the buffalo mozzarella slices pat dry until some of the moisture has been removed. (this will avoid a soggy pizza as it bakes!)

cauliflower crust pizza | designlovefest

• to make the pesto, add all the pesto ingredients in a food processor except the olive oil. turn the food processor on and slowly pour the olive oil until you get a smooth consistency.

• spread the pesto onto the cauliflower crust and add the mozzarella slices (and prosciutto if you are adding a meat option). broil the pizza an additional 5 minutes or according to the packaging directions.

• once baked add the sliced heirloom tomatoes and garnish with basil leaves.

cauliflower crust pizza | designlovefest
cauliflower crust pizza | designlovefest
cauliflower crust pizza | designlovefest

images by: ivan solis