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i’m calling this style post “what i’d buy bri.” bri and i are continually talking about rebuilding her closet and making it so she doesn’t dread getting dressed in the morning and also streamlining the experience so that it doesn’t take a lot of time to get ready. a common mistake that people make with their wardrobe is shopping for specific occasions. people don’t buy things they love when they see them because they don’t need them but then you’ll have an event or a party or a trip and they’ll go shopping for that one thing which inevitably means that they are going to spend too much money on things they probably won’t wear because they are in a panic.

bri’s life revolves around a lot of events and travel she she has a bunch of great cocktail and fancy dress options but when it comes to day to day attire she has a limited selection of items she likes. she also hasn’t done a real closet update in about 6 years which means she went from being in her mid-twenties to early thirties and those years can mean a lot of changes for your body and style. it’s okay that you don’t fit into that too short romper that you bought when you were 24 your body changes and finding clothes to suit you now is the goal. for every day wear bri likes elevated basics with a little edge, tattered black jeans, flat boots, t-shirts with cool jackets over them. she also likes romantic dresses that can be worn with a denim jacket and sneakers. so with that in mind here are the 9 things i’d buy for bri. – joanie

the jane robe ($189) – long, light weight and in a pretty print. this is great over jeans and a t-shirt, it dresses it up without adding the bulk and weight of a sweater or jacket. it’s also cute over a bikini in the summer
– black skinny Madewell jeans ($128) – bri was lamenting a pair of ripped black jeans that have gotten too worn out so we found these to replace them. just cropped enough to show the ankle bone and worn in but not totally distressed. the 9″ rise on these is a great in-between, not too low and not too high and i love that the hem is frayed.
Free People maxi dress ($198) – they already show it paired with sneakers which is probably how bri would wear it. the color is great with blonde hair and the fitted top with movement in the skirt is ideal for bri’s body type.
Embroidered denim jacket ($158) – i’m really only into light denim jackets and i think this one fits perfectly with bri’s 70’s cool girl styled. she wears a lot of casual jackets and this would work perfectly over nicer dresses to make them more day appropriate.
Retro printed midi dress ($148) – this dress is a home run. the v-neck with the slight wrap at the waist is going to make it super flattering.
Embroidered bomber ($148) – the color of this jacket is a nice departure from a classic denim or military jacket. i like the idea of bomber jackets but they are often too puffy or bulky. this feels like a good mix and the contrasting waist band and collar is a nice touch.
Zara polka dot dress ($50) – this is a slight risk for bri. it’s more form fitted and sexy then what she might typically wear but i think it’d be great on her. she has what i call a petite curvy body. her body structure is small but she still has curves. the deep v is flattering on someone with big boobs and the wrap accents her waist (which is what you want to highlight with curves).
Madewell cropped army jacket ($110) – bri owns a couple of military jackets but i like that this one is a little more streamlined with less pockets then most and it’s also a swing coat and the sleeves can be cuffed which makes it feel very relaxed and cool.
Dôen Dress ($258) – we’re big fans of Dôen over here at DLF and this dress is basically bri’s dream – super soft cotton, fitted sleeves, cool print, flowy skirt, its got it all!

and now for a little walk down memory line to see how bri’s style has evolved. these are all images from old style posts she’s shared on the blog, so much color and so much vintage!


and below, a few more recent posts of her style over the last year or so working to where she is now. it’s fun to take a look back at your personal style journey. mine isn’t as well documented as bri’s but i have my share of “Facebook memories” that pop up and remind me of what use to be. wherever you are on your style journey the most important thing is to pay attention to how you feel. wear what makes you feel like yourself and comfortable and don’t let any trend or style forecasts take away from that. personal style is just that, personal.

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styled | designlovefest

denim is my go-to and my closet is filled with all different types, cropped, wide leg, boyfriend, skinny, you name it. i would say that there is an abundance of skinny jeans out there which are great and have a rightful place in your closet but sometimes it’s nice to mix it up. skinny jeans work well with oversized sweaters, or longer coats but they don’t, because of how form fitted they are, always work as well with shorter items, like a cropped sweater or just a simple t-shirt tucked in. i rounded up a few denim options that aren’t skinny jeans but are also not completely oversized bell bottoms. there is a lot of middle ground with denim and i think these are are all fun and versatile options for any closet.  – joanie


ASOS Pencil denim with split hem ($43) – split hem denim has been making the rounds in fashion, it’s slightly undone and relaxed without the tattered look of frayed denim. i like the mid-rise of this jean.
Zara mini flare ($50) – an edgier more trendy denim option at an affordable price.
Cropped wide leg jeans ($268) – baggy but fitted through the hips and butt so it still gives you a little shape.
Levi patchwork denim ($198) – i’ve been on the hunt for a pair of patchwork denim that feels a little 70’s but with a modern silhouette. i think these fit the bill nicely!
Madewell Overalls ($100) – i totally understand that overalls are very trendy but i also think they deserve a chance. i like them best in black as it feels more sophisticated and paired with a feminine blouse underneath. you’ll be amazed how many times you reach for your overalls!
Levi wedgie fit ($158) – i own these jeans, i love these jeans and wear them all of the time. they are the closest you’re going to get to vintage levi’s without digging trying on 100 vintage pairs. these are great with shorter, cropped items as the fit is high.
Re/Done Cuffed ($275) – i really like the large cuff paired with a super simple flat shoe. they have an ease through the leg that makes them very flattering.
Bliss and Mischief denim ($368) – can’t get enough of the ultra light wash with the pale pink patches. i don’t think i’m cool enough to pull these off but i know one of you out there is.
3×1 Fringe jeans ($265) – the fringe isn’t for everyone but i really dig these. i like how simple the cut of the pant is paired with the punch of fringe at the bottom. a simple tee is all you’d need with these.

here are a few inspiration pictures to get you inspired!

styled | designlovefest
styled | designlovefest
styled | designlovefest
styled | designlovefest
styled | designlovefest
styled | designlovefest

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veggie quesadilla | designlovefest

the Super Bowl is this weekend and even if you don’t like football you’re probably going to still be watching. we made veggie quesadillas to inspire your football snacking. there is no genius behind them really but they were delicious and could be made with many types of vegetables (sweet potato and black bean! or caramelized onion and goat cheese!). sometimes you just need a reminder of the simple meals that can be made from the inside of your refrigerator with little effort and no grocery store trip. i’d also recommend that you make this queso because you only live once! – joanie

veggie quesadilla | designlovefest

makes 3-4 servings

loaded veggie quesadillas:
• 4 flour tortillas
• 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
• 1 red bell pepper
• 1 green bell pepper
• 2 cups mushrooms sliced
• 1 yellow squash
• quarter red onion
•non stick spray
• 1 bunch cilantro
• 2 roma tomatoes
• 2 tablespoons olive oil

veggie quesadilla | designlovefest

• clean and thinly slice the red and green bell peppers. cut the yellow squash into quarters and slice the red onion. in a skillet heat 2 tablespoons olive oil on medium heat. begin cooking the sliced mushrooms (with a pinch of salt) about 5-8 minutes or until they become tender and loss a bit of their water. mix in the red and green bell peppers, yellow squash and red onion. continue to cook for another 10-ish minutes, stirring occasionally. i like to get the veggies really sautéed and cooked down. i think it brings out the flavors, but do as you wish.

veggie quesadillas | designlovefest
veggie quesadillas | designlovefest
veggie quesadillas | designlovefest

• we cooked our quesadillas in a panini press but on the stove top works great too. take your tortilla and layer cheese and then the veggies on top. brush the outside top tortilla with olive oil to keep from sticking and spray the panini press with non stick spray. cook for around 5 minutes or until cheese is melted and tortilla is nicely browned.

veggie quesadillas | designlovefest

• cut into quarters and serve with diced tomatoes, cilantro, salsa, etc. another favorite option is the sriracha dipping sauce. mix vegan mayo with sriracha to reach your desired ratio – enjoy!

veggie quesadillas | designlovefest

styling by: joanie cusack and ivan solis
photos by: ivan solis




happy ALMOST weekend! it’s sure been hectic over here in our office. a little life update below…


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