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this post is something i’m really excited and proud of! i love how everything came together, and i can’t wait to tell you all about it so you can have one of these magical floor parties of your own. throw one in your backyard, string up some lights, project a cool saying on the wall and voila!

hosting events and workshops is one of my absolute favorite things to do. so when epson asked me if i could come up with some alternate ways of using a home projector system my mind immediately went to parties. i feel like i constantly have something to celebrate or plan and decorate for and i thought it would be fun to have something that you could throw up on the wall to instantly make it feel like a celebration.

so we created party downloads! four different sayings and phrases that you can download and project on the wall of your own gatherings (pst, you can enter to win one of the projectors after the jump!). we picked my favorite, make your own magic, and threw a little party around the moon theme.

kristen and amy from moon canyon styled the event, from the hand-painted rocks to the perfect centerpieces, they exceeded my expectations as usual. and heirloom la created a gorgeous spread of food and the most delicious cocktails you’ve ever tasted.

they really are creative culinary geniuses!  i mean, the cocktail had edible silver flakes in it!

amy painted all of the rocks for the table and made individual mini moon watercolor place cards for everyone. the magic was in the details for this party.

i loved the idea of having a floor party…and surrounding the table with pillows and mini stools for the platters of food to be easily accessed.

we got the most beautiful assortment of pillows, moroccan rugs and tables from found rentals, they have a wonderful selection of vintage pieces that you can rent for parties. in love with all of the pillow textiles…

the colors were straight out of a dream and jesse captured the day perfectly.

we used the powerLite home cinema 2000 projector from Epson to project the saying on the wall. it worked great! we’ve also been enjoying using it in the studio to watch huge episodes of Girls on the wall during lunch time!

download one of these 4 designs to project at your next party and enter below to win the projector we use in our office for so many things!






russian artsit leonid tishkov traveled around the world for 10 years with his glowing crescent moon. what a special project that takes you to dreamland for a minute…read an interesting interview with the artist about the moon here.



i am really getting addicted to hosting these workshops. they always turn out so pretty and i leave feeling inspired and excited by all of the new energy. the theme behind this series of floral classes was citrus and early spring blooms. kristen selected a beautiful and unique range of florals and each student learned how to create a citrus hued arrangement. spring happens to have some of my favorite flowers; ranunculus, sweet peas,  garden roses and poppies. and i loved seeing how kristen combined those with kumquats, ferns and hyacinth to make something truly spectacular.

PS! this workshop was also covered by chalkboard magazine, check out their site here!

amy from moon canyon created these ridiculously awesome color-wheels that depicted the range of citrus tones that the students would be working with, it really helped in understanding how to select a color palette when you are arranging on your own.

those fiberglass chairs have proved to be a great investment. they add the perfect finishing touch to the studio on workshop days.

brittany did such an amazing job with these photos, it made my morning looking through all of the images and it was nearly impossible to narrow down my selects!

kristen taught the students the trick to building a base for your arrangement and how to follow an asymmetrical pattern. i love looking at each students final arrangement because even though they all start with the same ingredients they all look different and unique at the end. everyone takes their own spin on kristen’s instructions and the finished products are always impressive.

pressed juicery supplied the students with juices that were the perfect colors to compliment the flowers. my favorite was the cucumber, pineapple and lemon.

valleybrink road created a stunning spread of citrus themed dishes including grapefruit salad, homemade croissants and lemon shortbread cookies.

i love how simple & fresh the spread looked in the white studio.

floral arranging is a definite skill and it’s crazy to see how one small tip or trick can dramatically alter the bouquet. we had a Q&A at the end of each session where the students could ask kristen questions about florals, anything from how to cut the stem to the ins and outs of the flower mart. 

i was particularly fond of the kumquat branches in the arrangement.


the morning set-up before these events is frantic but it is always more than worth it in the end. i love seeing the studio transformed in so many different ways and watching the student’s faces and excitement as they arrive never gets old.


it was great to see all of the elements come together and i can’t imagine a more perfect way to spend a sunny saturday.

we receive a lot of e-mails asking about when our next series of workshops will be. if you’re curious, you can sign up for our workshop newsletter here. we send out announcements for upcoming classes and ticket sales ahead of time so you’ll be able to beat the rush!

p.s. thanks for putting up with the long post, i cut it down as much as possible, i promise!

photos by: brittany wood
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i love a good floral arrangement, they are basically instant happiness. i usually like to have a vase or two around my house with fresh flowers, especially if we are entertaining. it is the little things that count. my floral skills are basically cut the stems and throw in a vase so i thought it would be nice to learn a couple of tricks from a true professional. kristen owns moon canyon design co and is always creating arrangements that leave me saying, how in the world did you do that? when domaine home approached me about what projects i had in mind that we might be able to collaborate on, i knew it was time to make the floral workshop come to life. i originally thought that i would make the workshop something simple but alas, that is never the case. it was a lot of work but turned out beautifully. it is always fun to see so many different vendors come together on one aesthetic vision.

we hosted the event at rachel craven textile studio which is such a dreamy space. so much natural night with white walls and cement floors, i’d move in if i could. the linens (and the aprons that kristen and i are wearing in the first photo!) are handmade by rachel in this studio. she is insanely talented and hand paints the patterns on each one.

yeah! rentals read my mind with those perfect white tolix chairs and teak tables. they always hook it up with their stylish furniture.

the setup started early with all hands on deck. kristen woke at 4am to buy the freshest flowers, and we made about a million trips up and down the tiniest elevators with the rest of the goods. at 8am i promised myself to never do one of these again but by 11am i was wanting to do one every weekend – funny how quickly you forget the hard parts when it magically turns out just how you pictured it.

kristen made this gorgeous garland to make the frame for a photobooth where the students could take photos with their arrangements. we hung some of rachel’s linen as the backdrop.

heirloom la created a phenomenal brunch spread for the event. talk about above and beyond with their creativity and attention to detail.

and everything tasted just as good as it looked…

i mean, come on heirloom. heath ceramics, found stones and pretty packaging made the display on another level of awesome.

i am always one to vote for mimosas on the weekends, especially before noon. onehope weddings delighted us all with their mimosa bar. fresh squeezed juices, berries to muddle in your glass and striped paper straws to top it all off.

one of the coolest things about onehope wines, other than the best mimosa bar, is that they donate 50% of all of their profits to a non-profit organization. nothing like a drink that gives back, eh?

and of course there is casa de perrin! they provided 30 different vintage crystal champagne flutes. we love using their glassware for our events because they are so unique. remember this one?!

kristen taught the class of 25 how to create a tabletop arrangement pretty enough for any dinner party. helpful tips like selecting a vase that is half the size of your intended arrangement and building your flowers in an asymmetrical shape were among some of the advice she shared. she walked the students step by step through the arranging process and explained the purpose of every flower and trick.

it was so much fun to see how each student varied their own arrangement. they each had the same flowers and vases but everyone’s was slightly different and unique to them.

arranging is definitely a process with no step skipping allowed. the small adjustments made a big difference in the end result.

all in all, it was the perfect way to spend a saturday.

i left the event feeling more sure than ever that designlovefest needs to start hosting more events. they always end up being the best time and all of the work it always worth it. i’d love to hear your thoughts on what events you’d like to attend or what new skills you are looking to learn. let’s get these going!

oh! did you see our new studio?! i am pretty sure we are moving in, which means EVENTS IN THERE!


florals by: moon canyon design co. – see more floral posts here!
woodnote photography
art direction: bri emery
location: rachel craven’s studio
a collaboration with domaine home – see the feature on their site here



i keep forgetting to blog about moonrise kingdom! you must go see this wes anderson gem.

just like most all of wes anderson’s films, this story warmed my heart, made me laugh and made me think. young love at its finest!

my favorite kind of humor is subtle. it’s not in your face. one of my biggest pet peeves is when everything goes wrong at once in movies…the cat’s on fire, the kids are swinging from the chandeliers and grandma slips and falls face first into the cake. WHY? just why? this movie doesn’t have a trace of that. it will make you smile the whole way through.

wonderful titles & credits designed by jessica hische! she says “Overall the process was a total dream and Wes is incredibly involved in every aspect of production. When we were in the thick of it, he was sending me doodles through email about how the lowercase r should look, etc. He has a really good eye for typography and is definitely as much of a perfectionist as you’d hope him to be.”

another thing i love about wes anderson movies is that you sort of fall right into the story. the plot captures you. and although the speed is usually on the slower side (and my attention span is lacking) i always seem to stay amused. this one is full of adventure and was quite nostalgic.

and of course, the cast! it’s no surprise bill murray made the cut and he’s just as likeable as ever this time around. i also thought bruce willis performed extremely well!

anyways, i loved it. you gotta go see for yourself!

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