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MAKE IT / 54

our white studio is such a great blank canvas. we were having an office party and wanted something super simple but impactful for the decorations. so why not fill the entire ceiling with colorful balloons? to add to the beauty, jesi added some pretty metallic brush strokes to random balloons, some gold and some copper. the studio felt like a dream and it was the perfect touch for the party.

all you need is some metallic paint & a brush, balloons, and a helium tank. loosely add paint strokes to the bottom of the balloon after they are blown up. we got our balloons here, they have such beautiful colors.

then we just tied them to a chair and let them dry before releasing them up with the rest.

a funny fact: you may notice i am wearing headphones below. ha. while i truly love balloons, i am SO afraid of them popping. so for this shoot we blasted loud music and i wore headphones for any casualties.

facing balloon fears…

this project came out so pretty! such a great way to add impact for not a lot of money.

project by: jesi haack design for designlovefest
photos by: brittany wood
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MAKE IT / 49

Here’s a festive piece of decor to brighten up your valentine’s day. use this super easy to make mobile for an over the table centerpiece, or just a fun pop of love anywhere in your home!

what you’ll need:

• white hoola hoop
• bakers twine of your choice
• tape
• variety of sizes of honeycomb tissue balls (here) – I used 12 total in sizes 5”, 8”, and 12″

step 1 – trace and cut the tips of the honeycomb tissue balls to make each one the shape of a heart. start in the center of the half circle then cut at an angle all the way to the top of the ball.

step 2 – tape your bakers twine to the cardboard part of the tissue ball. keep it super long, so that you can cut it to your desired length once you attach it to the hoola hoop.

step 3 – tape your tissue ball/heart together so it will stay open.

step 4 – cut your bakers twine to the desired length in order to make it cascade in different lengths around the hoola hoop. tie each ball/heart to the hoola hoop.

step 5 – now you need to make the contraption that will hang your mobile to the ceiling. tie 3 pieces of bakers twine that are exactly the same length to your hoola hoop. measure out the distance between each piece of twine, so that each piece is tied equal distance apart. this will ensure that your mobile will hang balanced.

step 6 – screw in a screw hook to the ceiling.

step 7 – tie all three pieces of bakers twine together at the very top and hang it above your table!

project by: jesi haack design for designlovefest
photos by: ryan haack
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MAKE IT / 46

today we’re going to learn how to make a super easy, cheap and fun backdrop with jesi haack design. make it for your next party or just to have around the house, because backdrops make everything better! you might have already seen this one appear in a photo or two on my instagram, it was just too good not to share.

what you’ll need:

• chicken wire (4ft by 6ft)
• 3 pieces of 1” x 2” wood, 6ft tall
• spray paint
• hammer
• nails
• napkins
• staple gun

how to make it:

• start by spray painting your 3 pieces of wood and your chicken wire. you will only need to paint one side since the backdrop is meant to lean against a wall.

• next, lay down 2 of your long pieces of wood parallel to each other, then lay the 3rd over top, like you’re make the top of a square. nail the top piece to the top of the other two pieces to create the brace for your backdrop.

• it’s time to stretch your chicken wire. first, flip over your brace so that you are looking at the unpainted side of the wood. unroll the chicken wire and use your staple gun to attach the end to one of the pieces of wood. i would staple down every 3 inches. stretch the chicken wire over to the other piece of wood and pull it as tight as it will go to ensure there will be no rolls in the chicken wire.

• set the entire brace with your completed chicken wire up against a wall. now you’re ready to make your heart!

• place the napkin in your hand, and pull up the center of the napkin to make a point. start by setting the parameters of your heart.  place a napkin where the bottom point of the heart will be and also one where the middle point of the heart will be. then place 2 napkins at the farthest point of each of the rounds of the heart will be.

• then start filling in the full outline of the heart…

• you don’t have to use every single hole in the chicken wire, i used about every other hole. if you see gaps, just fill them in or fluff up the napkins! hope you make & enjoy. jesi

use it as a photo backdrop or as a cheerful element in your office…

project by: jesi haack design for designlovefest
photos by: brittany wood
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happy friday, everyone! i wanted to share with you the photos & links from our last blogshop held in LA. get your fix on some good gift ideas, and take a look behind the scenes. our online class is next weekend (did you enter to win 1 of the 5 spots we are giving away here?!) we teach in new york in two weeks and san francisco in april. join us! learn some photoshop and connect with other creatives.

jesi haack decked out the space with the decor this time around. and that meant a massive tissue paper ball installation!


megan gray of honey and poppies created the florals to match jesi’s decor. she dyed these gorgeous paper cups in fun colors. you can get some of your own here.

we added colorful water bottles from bkr to the goodies bags, as usual. we never get sick of their new color additions. one for every outfit, please.

jesi had these adorable calligraphy name tags designed for the students to go along with the theme.

i’m really into the davis main soap sampler colors above. a little bit of luxury.

these handcremes from library of flowers might just be one of my favorite things we have ever included. isn’t the packaging just stunning?

candles from pommes frites candle co are always burning in our office! they all smell so amazing, but the grapefruit scent is my personal fave.

how about these copper foil and white notebooks from amelia‘s shop? VERY cool.

gold foiled greeting cards by studio sarah. check out these heart ones too!

each student left with an oh hello tote from oh no rachio filled with all their new goods.

those  vibrant yellow flour sack towels by shapes & colors textiles look and feel great. an etsy shop to bookmark for sure.

you can never have too many coasters around the house. the vintage vogue has gold & black for a sophisticated addition to your bar cart.

i use these black and white lavender scented sachets from gardenmis in my drawers to keep my clothes fresh. i also keep them in my suitcases.

we ordered lunch from one of my favorite echo park spots, cookbook. gorgeous presentation! we all decided to hang out on the floor in my studio and chat with each other. there’s always so many interesting people that come to blogshop!

this vintage vogue brass hanging light was given out as an instagram prize. lucky, lucky.

and that’s all…i hope you enjoyed taking a look at another one of our events!

join one of our upcoming blogshop classes:

new york in person (sold out) | san francisco in person (april) |  march online class next weekend!

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we taught our last video class of the year in LA (we are working on an exciting new project!) we love sharing how to make blog video and original content.

need a polka dot journal? yeah you do. head to sugar paper.

our friend over at geronimo balloons dressed up the place real nice with her frilled perfection. seriously, those balloons make any room look good.



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