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we are in the middle of putting together our valentine’s day anthropologie event that’ll be next week and I wanted to invite you to join us! at the first event we made inspiration strings, then pom poms, and now we’re making oversized locket necklaces to hand out to your friends or your mister on the 14th. sort of like stylish flavor flav valentines, if that helps you picture them? ha.

we’ll give you some templates to choose from (katie evans did a wonderful job illustrating them), you bring the photos you want to put inside, and we’ll craft a bunch of necklaces together. these events have always been so much fun in the past, i hope you can make it!

below is all of the details for the evening. make sure you RSVP because space is limited, okay? you can do that HERE. there’s also delicious snacks, shopping, and creative ladies to mingle with. win win!

the event has a 50 person maximum: sign up here
BRING: print out photos for the lockets at least 6″ x 6″

for those of you who don’t live in LA, don’t worry we will be putting up a DIY post! 



here are all of my favorite blogging moments & posts from 2012. a really huge thank you to all of you that have been following along this year. you have no idea how much i appreciate that.

natalie and I began working together on the DIY column in march. she has come up with some of the most creative projects and we have a lot of fun executing them together. soon after, we brought kim on board to starting shooting the column and it felt like a real team. this first post natalie and i did together, a painted camera strap, still is one of my favorites…

a few DIY POSTS for the holidays: 2013 CALENDAR  |  WASHI JOURNALS  |  HANGING LIGHTS

and it was fun to explore DIY videos this year too. i definitely hope to do more of those next year!

travel has definitely taught me a rediculous amount about myself. it has opened my eyes and inspired this blog beyond belief. paris is still the place that captured my full attention…i still think about going back all the time. it’s just the most magical place on earth. it was so great to get to travel there with my boyfriend for one trip and my best friend for the next trip.


and when we had some downtime in MEXICO!

it was my plan this year to really push myself with the style column. my love of costumes, concepts, color, and working with talented people came to the surface in full effect in 2012. people often ask me why i hide my face so often, which always makes me laugh. my goal was not to set out and model on this blog. it’s about the clothes and the ideas behind them.


or jumping around with lucky magazine…that was a good time.

still a true favorite of mine was working with max (in the hallway of our office building) and creating this fairy tale shoot! it’s like he could read my mind and knew exactly how i wanted these to come out…this was the post that got all my ideas spinning. i knew that style posts like this were going to take a lot of extra effort…and i was right. but i didn’t care.

and then max & i decided to take it in the complete opposite direction and went darker…

i get a lot of comments and emails asking for advice on blogging or graphic design. i remember sitting on the floor at the alt summit blogging conference last year and one of the panels i was listening to sparked something inside of me. i knew i needed to create more original content, add more contributors and ultimately grow. the advice column came alive that month…and every now and then i do more specialized posts about branding or working as a freelancer.


remember this post about jimmy’s awesome banners? and the video we made too…i love putting the spotlight on artists i believe in and really want to do more of that around here.

a partnership is always the best when they just let you run with your ideas. anthropologie approached us about doing a DIY event, it was so refreshing that they just let us do our thing. and we do so much internet conversing, so it was really special to meet people in person.

ANTHRO EVENT POSTS: DIY inspiration string  |  DIY pom poms

and i know you guys are probably like “we geeeeeet it. you love teaching blogshop.” but looking through all the group photos (over 1000 students now!) brings me endless joy. sharing my love of blogging and design with all of these people has been unbelievable. where in the world is this class going next year? i really want a class reunion…and for more dudes to sign up!

i wish this gif would allow me to include all of the group photos!

BLOGSHOP POSTS: all of them right here

it was pretty special to have jesse capture me & my guy at the beach. and no, they weren’t engagement photos…we are perfectly happy not rushing into any of that jazz. thank you arian for being the most supportive of my random jobs, ideas, travel spaz outs, stressed out mood swings and of course for your good hugs and video making skills.

POST: malibu mush

this year i focused on bringing more giveaways to the blog. we had one…ahem…incident. but we had to pick up and move on from that day. you will be seeing a lot more of them in 2013.

and the column that juuuuuust made it into 2012? florals! thrilled to see where this one goes in the upcoming months.


and boy oh boy do we miss jen gotch around here, eh? she brought us some delicious recipes this year! (she’s all busy running a business now, so we had to part ways. sadly.) one of my favorite recipes was this potato pizza.


it’s been cool looking back through the archives. to be honest, i don’t really have any plans for 2013. my brain and my editorial calendar feel a bit like mush around the holidays…i am sure you can relate…but i am hoping that a few days off will kick me into motion again. that’s usually what slow days do to me.

i’ll see you back here in 2013, ok? let’s make it a fantastic year.




my good friend and super talented videographer son of shark pig made us this video documenting our anthropologie craft event! remember those inspiration strings we made? have a look here…

1 the weaver house postcards / 2 washi tape / 3 neon string & metallic twine / 4 polaroids / 5 little gold scissors / 6 penguin book postcards / 7 yellow balloons



i was thrilled when the americana at brand asked jen and I to throw a DIY event at anthopologie this month. i’ve been a big fan of that store ever since I was a kid. one thing i always admired the most was the visual presentations that store puts together. so much effort goes into the merchandising, and I totally appreciate that. (right?!)

to be able to go craft wild and fill all of those anthropologie bowls with glitter, balloons, stickers, clips…(everything a crafter can imagine, really) well, that was pretty amazing. and we had an awesome turnout! so many people came and made inspiration strings with us (i definitely teared up when a few girls said they had driven from mexico that day to come!)

it was also really special to be able to talk with DLF readers face to face. so many times it feels like i am hidden behind this blog, so it’s cool to connect like that. and to be making such a fun craft while doing so. i wish i could show you what everyone made, i was so impressed!

and thanks to my dear friends kelly, emily, joy, audrey, bonnie, emma & elizabeth for coming out! that meant a lot to us!

some friends sent us these rad postcards for people to use – they are starting a company called the weaver house and i am in love with it already! (you have to watch that video!) and ann shen’s postcards are gorgeous too!!

knot & bow – you sure know how to send the ultimate packages of love. silver twine, heart stickers, metallic doilies…OH! and big thanks to angela+ithyle for making those adorable gold animals (no one could resist them!)

we really had the best time, and can’t wait to do it all again someday. I put all of your instagram photos & more of bonnie’s beautiful photos all in a facebook album over here. if you have any from the event, we would love to add to it, send em our way!

(thank you so much for capturing the event, bonnie. love your photos!)



photos via designlovefest instagram

are you an inspiration hoarder? i keep little knick knacks from everywhere i go. i usually tack them up to the cork boards in my office. but lately i have been into what we call an “inspiration string.” it’s a twist on the ole mood board!

flyer designed by anthropologie

i hope you can come hang out and make these cool inspiration strings with us at the Anthropologie store at The Americana at Brand on March 22nd in LA! I will be hosting the event with my friend jen {the co-founder of!} and we will have all sorts of fun supplies to make some of these beautiful strings of your own.

we encourage you to also bring some of your own items to add that personal touch: photo strips, postcards, little notes. these will make it that much more special!

make sure to rsvp to [email protected]. can’t wait to see some of your faces there! let me know if you are comin! OH! and there’s no specific start & end time to the craft so feel free to come anytime between 6-9!