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angel food cake | designlovefest

i have to start by saying that Ivan had never had angel food cake!! i couldn’t believe it. i hadn’t had it for years before last week and had never made it from scratch. i forgot how wonderful it is; light, fluffy, subtle almond and vanilla flavor wrapped in a thick layer of whipped cream. it’s strawberry season here in California again (YAY!) and this cake felt like the perfect way to celebrate. i included a picture of how we cooled the cake below because i remember watching my mom doing this when i was a kid and being utterly confused why the cake pan was resting upside down on a soy sauce bottle (also, the fact that this cake has to completely cool before taking it out of the pan is torture), but it’s an important step, don’t skip it! – joanie

angel food cake | designlovefest

Angel Food Cake
recipe adapted from allrecipes. com 

• 12 egg whites at room temperature
• 1 1/4 cup cake flour
• 1 3/4 cup white sugar
• 1/4 salt
• 1 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar
• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
• 1 teaspoon almond extract

angel food cake | designlovefest
angel food cake | designlovefest

now, i’m going to be honest and say that i overworked the egg whites this time around, you want to whip them and then immediately, gently fold in the dry ingredients. this cake is delicate so treat it with care!

• start by sifting together your flour, sugar and salt, do this five times and set aside.

• beat your room temp egg whites until stiff peaks form, then add cream of tartar and the vanilla + almond extract. gently fold the egg whites into the dry ingredients and pour into an un-greased tube pan (make sure the inside of your pan is really clean and really dry!).

• place pan in a cold oven and turn oven to 325 degrees, cook for about 1 hour, ours needed 55 minutes. until cake is golden and bounces back when you push on the top.

• place the pan upside down on a bottle (as shown above) until it is completely cool. once cooled, use a knife and run it along all the edges to loosen, turn the pan upside down on a plate and hit the bottom until the cake falls out.

angel food cake | designlovefest
angel food cake | designlovefest
angel food cake | designlovefest

we topped ours with whipped cream (to make – just beat whipping cream, a splash of vanilla and a bit of white sugar until soft peaks form!) and sliced strawberries but it would also be great served with ice cream!

angel food cake | designlovefest
angel food cake | designlovefest
angel food cake | designlovefest

happy strawberry season!

angel food cake | designlovefest
angel food cake | designlovefest

photos by: ivan solis
styling by: joanie cusack



we’re all looking forward to a relaxing weekend ahead filled with lots of food! if you’re still scrambling to come up with ideas on what to make we’ve got a few suggestions below. all of the recipes we share on the blog are really straight forward and don’t require a ton of prep which makes them perfect for a weekend where all you really want to do is chill with family/friends and drink wine. hope you have a great holiday! Xx

roasted beet salad
mini chicken pot pies
roasted chicken dinner
upside down cake
meatballs and cauliflower mash
winter soup
fall pasta
hasselback potatoes
roasted cauliflower salad
leftover turkey sandwiches



image via faring well
image via faring well

i try hard to not let any food that i purchase go to waste in my refrigerator by going bad/expiring. it always feels insanely wasteful to me to throw out perfectly good food that just got forgotten for a bit too long. obviously, it happens and there are moments when you leave town unexpectedly or you literally just don’t look far enough in to see that bunch of kale in the back. it’s kind of a fun challenge/game to come up with great meals that use up items that are on the brink of going bad. here are few of my go-to recipes that are very forgiving and are perfect for using up forgotten fridge items.  for myself, what i mostly find that i’m scrambling to use up is produce, cheeses, dairy and sometimes meats like bacon, chicken, etc so most of these recipes include those items, heavy on the produce! -joanie

save the food | designlovefest

#1. trader joe’s frozen organic pizza crust – we keep a package of these in our freezer at all times. because what’s more delicious and easy to prepare than a pizza! i make the whole thing in my cast iron, i start by preheating it to 425 with the cast iron in the oven. set the pizza crust out while the oven preheats. then pull out the cast iron, put the dough directly in the oiled pan and top. i generally don’t have tomato sauce on hand so i use olive oil as my base. for the cheese, you can mix anything you have. i’ve used everything under the sun. if it’s a soft cheese, like fresh mozzarella or goat cheese i put it on top of all of the toppings. i literally pull out all of my produce that’s about to go bad and go to town. zucchini, tomatoes, fresh herbs, roasted veggies like sweet potatoes and cauliflower, caramelize some onions, chop up some garlic, top with bacon/chicken/steak, etc. the options are endless!

image via naturally ella
image via naturally ella

#2. frittata – another favorite and something that keeps well is a frittata. again, i use my cast iron and start by sautéing my vegetables. any veggies that i have laying around! i first put in the things that take longest, mushrooms, onions, sweet potatoes, etc. and salt and pepper them (if i have bacon, i’ll cook up a few strips of that and than drain out half the oil and sauté the veggies in the bacon grease, it’s so good!) and then add softer items like tomatoes and greens towards the end as they require very little time to cook.whisk together 10 eggs with a splash of milk and a big pinch of salt and pour over the cooked veggies, top with shredded cheese and put in the oven to cook for 15-ish minutes. the center should feel hard to the touch and bounce back slightly when you push on it.

minimalist baker roasted veggie bowl
image via minimalist baker

#3. roasted veggie bowls – it’s as simple as it sounds. i use brown rice as the base and roast up veggies like sweet potato, onion, carrot, mushrooms, cauliflower with avocado oil, pink salt and garlic. 425 degrees until some of the veggies look charred, about 30 minutes. top with hummus, pesto, garlic spread or tahini and a squeeze of lime. this is a very easy and satisfying dinner! you can also top with an egg if you’re looking for more protein.

#4 fruit – for fruit that is going bad i either make a bread/muffin or wash and freeze for smoothies. for spinach or fresh greens, i will sometimes make a veggie egg dish by steaming the greens and topping them with a fried egg and hot sauce. greens steam down into a really small amount and can easily be snuck into a meal.

save the food | designlovefest

#5 meatballs –  if i have any ground meat around that’s going bad, lamb, beef, chicken or turkey,  i make meatballs! i mix it all in one bowl, start by adding the meat, then an egg, 1/4 cup of breadcrumbs, some shredded zucchini if you have on hand, salt, pepper, two chopped cloves of garlic, any fresh herbs you have around or dried work great too (thyme, oregano, basil, red pepper flakes, cumin, etc are all great), some shredded parmesan cheese (if you have it!) and 1/4 cup minced white onion. you can either fry on the stove top or bake at 350 for 25 minutes.

now it’s your turn! what’s your go-to meal when you’re trying to save food from being thrown out?




we’ve never done a wine pairing post on the blog and since that has been my go-to drink these days i thought it might be fun to create a post with suggestions on what to serve with certain types of wine. (i learned from this too!) we partnered with Mirassou Winery which offers a variety of california wines at a really affordable price (their Pinot is my favorite!). we had so much fun putting this together this fresh fourth of july inspired lunch, hope you enjoy!


we worked with three different varietals from Mirassou, Chardonnay, Moscato and Pinot Noir. some people believe that certain wines should only be enjoyed with particular foods but we believe in a more broad spectrum of possibilities. a lot of the foods we served were interchangeable which helps to create a really fun atmosphere at your party of sharing, passing and sipping.


the Mirassou Chardonnay is fruit forward with a little hint of oak. we paired it with grilled nectarine bruschetta that had a creamy goats milk cheese and pistachios and it was heavenly. the creaminess of the cheese was perfect with the slight acidity of the wine. Chardonnay is also great with all types of cheese as well as seafood. one of my favorite ways to enjoy it at home is with fish tacos, try it- trust me.






i love coming across new (to me) sites that inspire me. how have i never seen the blog adventures in cooking?!? she has got it going ON.

aren’t these photos gorgeous? the moody lighting, pops of color, & ridiculously good looking food.

check out all of her recipes here! what are some sites that have been inspiring you lately?