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the closets in my new room are white and simple (see here)…but that doesn’t mean the door handles have to be. we replaced my shiny silver round handles with these colorful painted ones and it made a huge difference! these would fancy up a dresser as well…now let’s make them.

what you’ll need:

• unfinished wooden drawer pull (available at most hardware stores)
• ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape
• gold spray paint
• multi surface craft paint in desired color palette
• paintbrush
• spray clear coat (optional)

how to make it (follow along with animated photo below!)

• tape exterior edge of drawer pull taking care to smooth the tape as you go along
• run a piece of tape across the top of the pull at an angle
• spray 2 coats gold spray paint on exposed area, let dry
• remove tape and either : A. run tape across the top at a different angle or B. cover the gold area and then run tape across the top
• brush several coats of colored paint over the exposed area. depending on what you have taped off the colored and gold sections will overlap in different ways.
• remove all tape after paint has completely dried
• spray with clear coat if desired. we love the contrast of the bare wood and painted surfaces so we did not coat ours, but if you’re concerned with wear and tear then you might consider a coat or two.

i like to display my bright necklaces on them…

it’s time to fancy up those drawer pulls and closet doors, people. do you have fun ideas for door knobs?

project by: natalie shriver for designlovefest
photos by: kimberly genevieve
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this project was sponsored by this project was sponsored by ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape



this kitchen is where we spend A LOT of our time. it opens up to our dining room and living room, and some of my favorite moments are me standing at the stove while justin sits at the bar and entertains me, or when i can watch and interact with everyone mingling on the couch.

before i moved in the previous owners had taken the kitchen from what looked like this…

and completely transformed it so when i moved in, it looked like the below photos. it’s SO impressive what they turned the space into! after living here for a few years i wanted to add some personal touches and updates to the room. my good friend sarah sherman samuel has such amazing taste and helped us bring some new life into the kitchen. (she also designed our patio HERE and our dining room HERE)


the first thing we decided on was the CABINETS! they were already ikea cabinets with silver pulls and luckily sarah has this gorgeous line of semihandmade doors that fit perfectly with what we currently had (best ikea hack!) this subtle update made such a big difference in person.

the brass handles elevated the design and made it feel much more like my personality. i love how they age and grow with character over time. sarah also designed these handles for park studio! she’s a multi-talented gal alright.

these are the specific shapes we used: the half moon and the ottawa

we also added a semihandmade floating shelf for some extra storage up top!

and how about the backsplash! cannot forget that. i went so back and forth, do i go crazy colorful? all white? pattern? all marble? we finally landed on this brass inlay tile from tabarka studio (they have some seriously awesome tile) and sarah designed this unique way of laying it out. i LOVE the end result and the shine it has in the morning light. it really ties the space together.

our little kitchen nook we kept simple and full of light. the table is from yliving and the chairs are from article (they are actually really comfortable and work outside too). the light above the table is from ikea. maybe someday i will add some benches for more storage, but for now i love the simplicity!

you can see sarah’s process on her blog and domino did a fun write-up about it here too! these small changes and some styling made such a big visual difference and make me happy on a daily basis. slowly but surely making each room in this house very special to us. thank you sarah for your help and beautiful taste!

and thank you tessa neustadt, my favorite interior photographer for capturing these stunning photos! she has A+ taste too, check out her instagram here.

let me know if you have any questions! xx bri



i’ll admit it’s a challenge to keep your home organized. even when the house is clean and organized it feels like that fresh organized feeling fades within a few weeks (even days sometimes!). the new year is a great time for you to focus on getting the clutter out of the way. it’s a daunting task to start, so the next few weeks i’m sharing some ideas for getting organized by room. take one thing that needs done and work away at it for the weekend, then move to the next one. whether it’s your makeup that needs organization, your pantry, or your closet–choose one space each weekend to work on. i’m starting with the pantry and kitchen since mine is a total mess right now. lot of storage solutions and inspiration for you to get organized your pantry sorted for the new year below! stay tuned next week for the next space i’m organizing. – erika

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bedroom update | designlovefest

i always have a hard time actually FINISHING a room. i move in, get 1 or 2 new things and then just stop there. with this house, i am making an effort to polish the rooms with the details at the end. hang the pictures, get a new mattress (mine was yeeeears old), update your bedding, install new closet doors, hang the pendant light, paint the walls…it’s a slow process but feels really satisfying once it’s done!

bedroom update | designlovefest

have you heard of leesa mattresses? it’s so cool that you can order it to your doorstep in a small box, unwrap, and it expands right in front of your eyes. verrrrry easy and also ideal for small spaces. i also like that even though it’s covered up by sheets, the pretty grey and white stripes are on there. i appreciate those design details. not to mention it’s comfortable and gives me a more even sleep position instead of rolling into the middle of my mattress every night!

bedroom update | designlovefest
bedroom update | designlovefest
bedroom update | designlovefest

try the mattress out for 100 days and return it without any hassle if you aren’t into it! and they’ll take it back with ease, without a whole laundry list of rules you have to follow to get your money back. use the promo code DLF for $75 off your purchase if you’re interested in trying it yourself.

bedroom update | designlovefest
bedroom update | designlovefest

another detail i added are my new wooden closet doors with gold handles (shop here). i worked with a contractor to build the new doors. there were those ikea sliding fabric panels when i moved in, and i wasn’t really a fan of the color and how masculine they felt. i wanted something easy on the eyes and a little more unique than just white doors. i’m really into the raw wood look in decor right now, so i just went for it. i love how they look with the new light too (from ikea!) i added a wood trim at the top to cover up the track and keep it clean.

bedroom update | designlovefest

there are a few more things i want to do in the bedroom before it’s fully finished, but it’s getting there!!

(this post is sponsored by Leesa, a cool company that makes a really comfortable mattress). use the promo code DLF for $75 off your purchase! 

photos by ivan solis