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we thought it would be fun to share what’s on our personal christmas wish lists this year – starting with joanie, then erika and ending with mine! we each have such different tastes and interests which makes it fun and varied to see what we’re each hoping to find under the tree! hope you enjoy!

my list this year really focuses on being happy at home. after all, that’s where we spend so much of our time. a nice candle, an adult set of pots and pans, art for the wall, a record player…i’m sure sensing a stay at home vibe to my wishlist! xx -bri


shop bri’s wishlist: 1. A vintage inspired pink bralette from Need Supply 2. Maison Louis Marie has my favorite candle scents, i’m happy every time i get a new one! 3. A little pin from Urban Outfitters for my jacket, because moodiness is real 4. These are the pots and pans i put on my wish list from my parents, they are gorgeous! from Mauviel 5. I need art in my house and Tappan Collective has amazing options 6. Glass straws from Food52 because that seems fun to have. 7. Cute wine stoppers from West Elm because my habit of not putting the cork back in a half opened bottle needs to end right here.

8. A beautiful gold dashed spoon from The Object Enthusiast 9. My favorite jewelry designer right now, Annie Costello Brown. love those double flower earrings so much! 10. Helen’s Wine Club is my favorite thing right now. i’m learning more about wine and it’s delivered to the door if you live in LA. i’d love to try more! 11. Those bright mules from Loeffler Randall are amaaaazing 12. I don’t have a record player and this one from Urban Outfitters seems like the perfect fit in my home.




pom pom skirt DIY | designlovefest

finding a cute holiday tree skirt that is unique and doesn’t break the bank is a real challenge. that’s why we created this velvet tree skirt DIY that you can make on your own and use for years to come! we also have a DIY on the poms too so you can make that pretty little garland that’s hanging on our mantel!

pom pom skirt DIY | designlovefest
pom pom skirt DIY | designlovefest

we partnered with the SoCal Honda Dealers who understands that the holidays can be a stressful time and are hosting all sorts of fun events in southern california this holiday season to make things a little easier. like their annual Christmas tree lot buy out where they give away trees at four locations in Los Angeles and Orange County. you can follow along with them on facebook to find out when and where their #RandomActsofHelpfulness are happening!

now, let’s make it!

pom pom skirt DIY | designlovefest

what you’ll need:

• square piece of velvet or fabric of your choice
• 2 square pieces of fabric of your choice 1″ smaller than your first fabric (this is optional. We’re using velvet, so we need some extra weight to help the body of our skirt)
• yarn
• clover pom pom maker size medium
• fabric glue or thread and a sewing machine
• scissors
• saucer
• measuring tape
• chalk pencil

pom pom skirt DIY | designlovefest





this tree came from my desire to flower bomb AGAIN (remember this?!) natalie and i went through a bunch of different flower options and decided our favorite look was to wrap the flowers twirling up the tree. and while it would be amazing to have these as real flowers, then it would only last a day or two! so we decided on a wide variety of silk flowers (we got ours here) to get more bang for our buck and make it last all the way till christmas.

to make the tree, cut the stems down to about 2 or 3 inches so that the flowers can just stick right in the tree. on some of the larger flowers we wrapped them with wire so make sure they stayed secure. but it worked just great to stick them in the tree.

start with the larger flowers to determine the placement of your design and then fill in with the smaller flowers. this will help a lot! also, if you have kids or pets, you may want to wire the flowers that are in arms (or paws) length down at the bottom.

we stuck to a wide range of textures, color tones and shapes to make the tree very dynamic and have a lot of depth. i would say choose 3 or 4 colors for your color story, much more than that and the tree will start to look too busy. we set the tree up in joanie’s apartment and it looked just perfect with her neutral decor!

also, a little tip. silk flowers can be pretty pricey (luckily you can reuse them!) but to cut down on costs you don’t have to wrap the flowers all the way around the tree if it’s in the corner like this! the design gives the illusion of that, and that’s the most important. we spent about $300 on flowers and then we are going to reuse them as a permanent installation in our office during the year. you could go as lush or as sparse as you’s like though. save them in a box and decorate your tree with a different floral design next christmas!

and here’s a little note from joanie…

“we have a constant flux of guests coming over to our apartment this holiday season, so it’s nice to have some treats on hand to serve. our current rotation is Irish coffee and peanut butter kiss cookies. i wish i could say i used some famous family recipe but i didn’t. i used this one, and swapped in butter for the shortening. the trick with these cookies is to nail the ratio of dough to kiss, which is something i didn’t do very well with this batch but, they are still really delicious.”

we hope you are inspired by this floral tree and make your own this year or next! happy holidays from our little team. xo

photos by: ivan solis
styling by: natalie shriver



yesterday was very special. the rue magazine loft shoot went fantastic and we ended the night sitting by our first tree together. the kittens don’t even know what to do with themselves, they’re so excited. i’m sure it will be knocked down in no time, thanks to them. but at least it’s up now. this is actually the first year as an adult that i have had christmas decorations up in my own home (i know i know, it’s terrible. and scroogey) but now i am not sure i will ever be able to skip a year. my mom is gonna be so proud. that woman goes absolutely buck wild when it comes to christmas decor. i hope you all are getting into the holiday spirit too…



montréal travel guide | designlovefest

montreal during the holiday season was the perfect time to visit! it was my first time in the city and i really loved it, not too expensive, kind people, good food and lots to do. i was invited by accorhotels who own a lot of properties across the world. as part of their le club loyalty program, they created the seeker project, a cool interactive quiz that anyone can take where you answer some questions, they show you some pictures and you pick what you’re drawn to and they also take into account your heart rate (which is wild!)  and at the end they tell you the places, based on your answers, that would be the best fit for your next vacation. it can be anything from city to beach to mountains. it’s a fun way to narrow down what you’re really digging for your next trip and even if you’re not planning a trip it’s a really well designed quiz that’s interesting to see. one of the places was the fairmont queen elizabeth in montreal which is where we ended up!

montréal travel guide | designlovefest
montréal travel guide | designlovefest
montréal travel guide | designlovefest

they gave us a really pretty suite that felt really festive and even had a tree in it.  but they have a range of prices for their rooms, i checked base rates while we were there and they start at $150/per night. we stayed on the gold floor which had a free happy hour every evening and a breakfast included as well. the hotel really did offer so much which is nice in a city where the weather can be unpredictable and you might not want to stay indoors.

montréal travel guide | designlovefest
montréal travel guide | designlovefest
montréal travel guide | designlovefest
montréal travel guide | designlovefest
montréal travel guide | designlovefest

we started the night with a fancy cocktail (or two) at our hotel bar, nacarat. the bartenders were so into it and made the experience really fun. montréal actually has tons of cool cocktail bars, i will show you some of our faves in this post. this one was a great one.

full guide below!