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we taught 26 more people photoshop at our friend’s, by the barkers, studio in chicago. the stunning florals & decor were created by field & florist. (they did such a great job!) and man was it cold! sometimes i think “HOW did i used to live here in this weather!? this is crazy.” LA has turned me into a major wuss apparently.

some of our upcoming blogshop classes:

los angeles (sold out) | new york in person | feb online class! (3/4 full!)

*** do you want to be an intern in one of the cities listed above? apply here!

alright, let’s talk about our goodie bags and setup for this blogshop. how wonderful was this jumbo confetti balloon from shop sweet lulu? they make an instant party.

we housed all of our goodies in these wonderful creamsicle drawstring packing bag by the made & found. i’m going to use mine as a laundry bag in my suitcase or for packing shoes.

the students jumped around in the smilebooth in front of a (real!) floral backdrop created by field and florist. they used chicken wire, greens, citrus & flowers! (similar to this strategy)




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today we’re going to learn how to make a super easy, cheap and fun backdrop with jesi haack design. make it for your next party or just to have around the house, because backdrops make everything better! you might have already seen this one appear in a photo or two on my instagram, it was just too good not to share.

what you’ll need:

• chicken wire (4ft by 6ft)
• 3 pieces of 1” x 2” wood, 6ft tall
• spray paint
• hammer
• nails
• napkins
• staple gun

how to make it:

• start by spray painting your 3 pieces of wood and your chicken wire. you will only need to paint one side since the backdrop is meant to lean against a wall.

• next, lay down 2 of your long pieces of wood parallel to each other, then lay the 3rd over top, like you’re make the top of a square. nail the top piece to the top of the other two pieces to create the brace for your backdrop.

• it’s time to stretch your chicken wire. first, flip over your brace so that you are looking at the unpainted side of the wood. unroll the chicken wire and use your staple gun to attach the end to one of the pieces of wood. i would staple down every 3 inches. stretch the chicken wire over to the other piece of wood and pull it as tight as it will go to ensure there will be no rolls in the chicken wire.

• set the entire brace with your completed chicken wire up against a wall. now you’re ready to make your heart!

• place the napkin in your hand, and pull up the center of the napkin to make a point. start by setting the parameters of your heart.  place a napkin where the bottom point of the heart will be and also one where the middle point of the heart will be. then place 2 napkins at the farthest point of each of the rounds of the heart will be.

• then start filling in the full outline of the heart…

• you don’t have to use every single hole in the chicken wire, i used about every other hole. if you see gaps, just fill them in or fluff up the napkins! hope you make & enjoy. jesi

use it as a photo backdrop or as a cheerful element in your office…

project by: jesi haack design for designlovefest
photos by: brittany wood
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photos by jen gotch

i hope you have last week’s stir stick firmly planted in your strong drink, in the sturdy grip of your clenched manicured hand right about now, because this week’s craft is a pretty knock-your-socks-off kind of DIY. what do i think is so special about these wire vases? let me count the ways. first of all, when poking around for inspiration, images of these ethereal shapes began to to find bri and i until we could no longer ignore them (and why would we want to?) secondly, these delicate beauties are so simple to make and cost well under $5 each while delivering such a sucker punch of style.

the cool thing about these vases is that you can make them in so many different colors, sizes and shapes. they look great styled alone, with other cool pieces on a shelf or grouped in multiples (my personal favorite!) when you layer several in different shades and wire textures they create this amazing illusion of movement where the wire overlaps and makes a moire pattern. now, let’s get into the important stuff: how you can make these at home.

what you’ll need:
• chicken wire (sold by the foot at most hardware stores in different patterns and thicknesses.) i used two different sizes of poultry wire and a mesh.
• wire cutters
• interesting shaped glass objects to use as a “mold”
• smaller pieces of wire
• hot glue gun
• spray paint

the steps:
first, cut the wire down to workable sized pieces after you decide what shape you’d like them to be. wrap the wire around your mold object and form it into the desired shape. you may want to wear gloves to avoid being poked!

use the smaller wire pieces or hot glue gun to fasten it into a closed object. bend the wire at the bottom to create a sturdy surface so the object can stand freely. finish with spray paint. now style and stand back to admire their shapely silhouettes and your superior handy work.

see you next week! alex

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