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we held our new york blogshop at shio studio. it was our first time teaching there, and we loved it! our decor and florals were done by our friend michelle edgemont who teamed up with patina rentals to provide the room with those awesome tables and chairs and cute seating areas.

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those confetti push pops from thimble press were a major hit. what a genius idea!

we loved these colorful cheers cards from thimble press

our ladies also got these “i love you more than all of the stars” scarves by coveted things and pretty pink mouse pads from think & ink studio.

our goodie bags included fun letterpress cards by iron curtain press and those cool gold tassel necklaces by jill makes.


we got our water bottles from bkr in feminine citrus colors to go with our decor. and how cool is this rug that patina rentals brought for us? i reeaaaaally wanted to keep that.

our students went home with sea salth spray from captain blankenship and pretty soap from vice & velvet.

malvi sent us these marshmallow treats for us to get our sugar fix. you can microwave them too!

if you’d like to join one of our upcoming blogshop classes…

los angeles in person (october 25-26 is almost sold out)

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each time i come back to the city i fall just a little more in love with the sights, the sounds…everything. but this time, something happened. i actually thought to myself, “i could live here.”  and really meant it. between riding the subway on my own, meeting friends for amazing meals, and wandering around brooklyn…this was one of all-time favorite trips to the big apple. of course having one really awesome group of students in our NY blogshop class didn’t hurt, either.

patina vintage rentals’ studio is just one of those magical places. it is bursting with cool stuff (all available for rent, new yorkers!) and always proves to be the perfect place to hold class. i love mixing and matching their pieces to create our classroom.

glitter and rye created these floral arrangements with protea! they have such an interesting and unique shape, you can barely believe they are real.

most of us here at blogshop are pretty big confetti fans, so we had to give each student a pack of this silver & gold party confetti from knot & bow.

i think it would be fun to wrap a gift in these maptote bandanas. they make them for several different cities and they’re a fun memento.

and you know how much we love bkr bottles. they are definitely a part of the blogshop brand now.

i think these line posters are so cool. they make art out of mass transit routes in major cities, and we thought it was fitting to give each student the new york city poster to hang. simple, clean design.


mishel valenton makes and sells these gorgeous and colorful prints in her online shop, aeropagita.


the type a press line fox + anchor paper makes these sweet mini bow-covered coasters that i like in black and white.


these art-deco style hair pins are by r-ki-tekt, and i’m a sucker for gold and sea foam.

one thing i look forward to in NYC: eating radish! they never fail to bring a beautiful presentation. this time we enjoyed strawberry ricotta flatbreads as a snack.

a while back truffle sent me this travel document pouch and i thought it would be a great thing to give our blogshoppers for when they travel, or to hold important things. they made us custom notepads and tucked in a red le pen to write down important thoughts.

those custom arrow framed and hanging pieces on the wall were handmade by our stellar decor team, glitter and rye!

and this iridescent rainbow house…well come on, look at it. 2of2 on etsy makes these tiny guys. we gave one as a prize to a student, but i would love to have one on my vanity.


thank you NYC, and really, i can’t wait to come back in august.

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i’ve been thinking a lot lately about what makes me happy. i tend to be hard on myself and go into months that feel more negative…but it’s so amazing when you can pull yourself out of a dark time like that and see the light on the other side. we all have very simple things that make us happy. today i had one of the best days i’ve had in a long time, and for no particular reason. it was just filled with simple pleasures. sometimes all it takes is one really good DAY OFF.


it may sound cheesy but i find endless inspiration in capturing photos on my phone. i spend a great deal of time looking around to find the perfect way to tell a story and editing photos in different fun apps. it’s just one of those things i love so much. i spent all day walking around looking for beautiful things, instagramming along the way.

while i LOVE exploring new cities…there’s something so special about going back to a city and visiting those same restaurants you’ve been to a handful of times. don’t you agree? it feels sort of rebellious, like you should be trying something new, but don’t have the self restraint. but i’m sentimental. today i ate at FOUR of my favorite new york restaurants and loved every minute of it.

today was a really good day. -bri

visiting new york? here’s what we saw. thanks for showing us around, shoko!

1. pies ‘n thighs for chicken biscuits. AMAZING.
2. brook farm general store. think beautiful tea towels & white enamel pots.
3. marlow & sons for ice cream & looking at their pretty notebooks. (love their brunch too)
4. catbird, beautiful dreamers & mociun. all three are great shops to stop into! pricey, but fun to look.
4. the wythe hotel in brooklyn…stylish, rooftop bar, amazing design details.
5. wandering around williamsburg, people watching. (i love bedford ave)
6. maison premiere has a gorgeous garden, champagne juleps & $1 oysters for happy hour! go early.
7. mary’s fish camp. i go here EVERY time. lobster rolls & beers on a humid evening in the west village.



we always love returning to new york, and we switched it up and taught in brooklyn this time. we were blown away by patina studios, where we hosted the classes this trip. a vintage furniture rental house, you can imagine the awesome props and pieces we got to use while we were there…

also, you can get updates & more photos over on our facebook!

bring on the sherbet-colored bkrs. this is one of my favorite color combinations yet.

i highly recommend these paper back instagram photo books by artifact uprising as reminders of special events or trips.

it’s no secret i have an obsession with pouches, so i thought it was necessary to have these striped guys from splendid to hold some of our goodies.

this clean and modern NYC skyline greeting card by hello lucky is totally frame-able.

i like to keep a lot of tea towels like this one around not only to clean up after dinner but also to use as backgrounds for instagram photos. fog linen makes some with really great simple patterns. the cobalt one is my favorite.

the decor this time around was just stellar. how cool is this photo backdrop installation by michelle edgemont? we had a lot of fun taking pictures in front of it. and those flowers? perfection.

i’m a big fan of delicate rings these days, and these colorful stackable square ones are from by boe.

keeping along the delicate theme and adding my love for hearts we have these bracelets from fresh tangerine (photo by @techlovedesign)

really digging the triangle glitter stickers in this craft kit by inkkit. there were twig pencils and doilies and more tucked away in a glassine bag.

artist jen garrido’s shop jenny pennywood makes small journals that look like watercolor paintings and each student got a pair (they retail at anthropologie along with some of her other work.)

this striped hair tie by emi jay for splendid is actually in my hair right now. you’ll usually find a few of these on my wrist or holding my hair back.

hello lucky also makes these letterpress cards with a illustrated new york scene that we gave to our students.

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STYLED 23 | designlovefest
 (featured above is haley boyd who started marais shoes and has super chic personal style, her instagram is worth following)

in recent years i have become increasingly aware of where i spend my money. everyone gets to control their individual spending and that has power. we each get to decide what/who we’re going to support with our dollars and that’s a big deal, it’s our voice. everything from where you buy your food, wine, clothing, household items, etc. now, i’m not going to tell you that i don’t shop at Zara every now and then because i certainly do and i also can’t afford to be shopping independent boutiques all the time but i have shifted to making more conscious choices, shopping at the farmer’s market, supporting los angeles based designers (we have so many amazing ones) and trying to buy furniture made locally. and i’d like to start including some of those people and products into this column. i’m still going to include a mix of everything but i really believe that it’s important to empower and support small businesses whenever possible (and that doesn’t just mean LA, all small businesses!).  – joanie

Clare V Sweatshirt  ($125) –  in love with this mustard color and the simple lip designs. this is a great looking crew neck sweatshirt which happens to one of my favorite styles. it has an old school appeal to it.
True Botanicals – bri and i both use products from their line and they really are the real deal. their ingredients are incredible and everything is made with such care. they are based out of Mill Valley and their products are expensive but they really work. they just came out with an antioxidant booster that we’re excited to try!  i also love botanics organic face oil as a less expensive option.
Janessa Leoné straw hat ($300) – i own two of her hats and i wish i had ten more. all of her hats are handmade and her colors and styles are all so chic. i purchased both of my hats on sale through need supply so keep a look out!
Handwoven vintage blanket ($259) – obsessed with the colors on this wool blanket and the mission behind their store. they are a social enterprise that curates handcrafted goods from women artisans across the globe. they are all about supporting woman artists who are disenfranchised and helping them create sustainable lives through their work and art. they also have great pillows!
Marais jane mule ($235) – i have been buying shoes from this company since they were located in NYC but they are now in LA and they focus on small production shoes in the best colors and they are all locally made.
Ceramic bowl ($60) – my love for ceramic bowls knows no end. i could collect a million of them and jus have them sitting all over my house. they are all so beautiful and special! this one is from lawson fenning (the bowl is made in Brooklyn) which has two los angeles locations and an online store and it’s trouble. every time i go in there i want to redecorate my entire place.
P.F. candle Co. ($18) – another LA company and we burn their candles non-stop around our office (even in the summertime!).
Intentionally Blank slides ($55) – i just ordered these and i’d recommend you’d do the same, they are on sale for $55 and i plan to wear them with cropped jeans all fall long.  i own another pair of shoes by this company (based in LA!) and i love them and wear them 3x a week.
Parachute striped duvet – i love their sheets and this stripped set is calling my name!


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