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i had a really good time going through a bunch of blog photos on my laptop yesterday. i might have even teared up. while wearing this. i’ve been trying to take a couple extra days off this week (since spending time with family is cool and all, but i wouldn’t necessarily call it relaxing. in my case at least.) here’s a look at some of my favorite moments & posts in 2013…

my trip to stockholm (and italy with two of my best friends). seriously changed my perspective on a lot of things. and started a martini kick.

my living room got a serious makeover here.

i was able to create some beautiful posts with my best friend. this valentine’s day “single gals party” was a favorite. good bonding action and i’m always learning from jen.

i love doing the style shoots. (like this topshop 60’s shoot above) while they are more work than just shooting an outfit out on the sidewalk, they are just so fun. recreating a time period or a vibe and watching it come to life. good times. or that time i went brunette!

the backyard mixology party was so relaxing and came out just how i imagined it. and the video too!

this guy. he’s always a highlight of my year. i don’t go into a lot of details about our relationship (my dude is the private type) but i really love him. like i said earlier today, freelance life for both of us has been hard. we both probably need to sleep more and spend more dinners not talking about work. but there’s nothing better than watching him working on a cool project he loves. i can’t wait for thailand. adventure awaits us. the photo above is from our trip to barcelona in march.

one of my favorite memories for SURE was the designlovefest palm springs trip. we had a girls getaway and made this video. gosh that was the best.

speaking of girlfriend time. my birthday party this year, when natalie made us all birthday crowns, we rented a limo and went on a photo booth tour. how am i gonna top that this year!?

working with benefit cosmetics! reenacting my four dream jobs: the jazz singer, the florist, the detective and the circus performer. 

getting a studio for designlovefest. moving out of the space with all my guy friends wasn’t easy but i really love having a place to create, shoot, think, and spread out. (here’s photos from my last office, it was pretty tiny!) and yes, the napping tent gets used from time to time after too much travel. hiring my first full-time employee was also a big milestone for me.

it’s always a highlight to watch all of the blogshops happen. i still get a rush before the students arrive, setting everything up perfect for them.

and this was only a few weeks ago, but it was AWESOME! gift wrapping party with close friends here.

thanks for reminiscing with me! xo bri 




we put so much love & time into our DIY column around here, and it really makes us smile when we see that one of you has loved a project enough to make it! i mean, just look at this adorable kid’s party based on this birthday crown post….we almost died when we saw it.


so let’s have a little instagram contest, shall we?


here’s how to win the crafty prize! (CLOSED)

1. follow designlovefest on instagram.

2. upload a photo to instagram that shows which designlovefest DIY craft you made! for instance, a photo of the finished project, or you making it. tag it with #designlovefestDIY so we can count you in. and you have 2 weeks, so feel free to browse the archives and make one this weekend!

you can enter as many time as you wish. have fun with it! what’s in this winning prize pack, you ask? natalie and i are going to wrap up some of our favorite goods and send them your way…it’s sort of a surprise. but we promise you will love it! (especially you craft-lovin folks)

i will choose one winner on june 13th, 2013 at midnight PST, and we will announce the winning photograph on june 14th, 2013. look out for your photo on my instagram that day, too! open to us residents only. value over $250+

UPDATE: winner is @mschumaker!

 (photos top to bottom by: kimberly genevieve, little hiccups blog, jen gotch)



this year i imagined my birthday party to be good food, a small group of close friends, tequila and a lot of laughter. other than the fact that we rented that limo last minute and went on a photo booth tour…it was pretty much exactly that.

i hosted the party at heirloom LA. they have a cozy salon where people could come in, sit, stand, dance…whatever they wanted to do. it was such a treat to have their lovely waiters pass around tiny delicious appetizers, cocktails, beer & wine the whole evening.

we served wine & champagne from one hope wine…they give back half of their profits to various charities which i thought was really cool. each bottle comes with a bracelet on top with the cause printed on it. there was plenty to go around!

the flowers were from my favorite shop in silver lake, clementine floral works! teri put together some perfect arrangements for the party…she definitely knows my go-to colors! we had smaller vessels spread around the room randomly and a couple of larger centerpieces on pink turn tables! i wanted to keep the decor very simple (well, besides the 20 birthday crowns of course) with all of that rustic wood, i thought i would just let the colorful flowers stand out. you have to stop by clementine if you’re in the area, they make parties so much better.

the menu that heirloom LA put together was out of this world. here’s a look at what we ate…

i love attending parties with pass-around appetizers…they feel so much more relaxed to me…everyone just walks around and chats and is intrigued when a new plate of food comes around. also, this scenario is non-committal in case you aren’t thrilled with who you are sitting next to at dinner.

we had a bunch of appetizer options and each one was better than the next. don’t they have such wonderful presentation?

bonnie’s photos of the food are unreal. i could never make food look like that! my favorite dish of the night was this tuna tataki with tomato ceviche below…

after we finished up our photo booth shenanigans we greeted more friends at the party and just spent some time catching up with each other. a lot of my friends are freelance and travel a ton, so i was so thrilled that almost everyone was in town and could make it out that night.

crowns for all!

i love this picture of arian. that guy puts me in such a good mood.

i decided the week before to have this party, and i am so glad i did. it felt overwhelming to plan it, but i just kept it super simple and it ended up being one of my better birthday parties. and it’s all about the music too! the flashdance put together a swingin list of songs to keep the party going.

looking through these photos just make me so happy. so much love in one room.

and tequila too.

at the end, my friend cassie said a few sweet words about our friendship. this gal is amazing, and i loved how bonnie captured the moment perfectly. what a night! see all of the photos over here on my facebook!

(photos by bonnie tsang for designlovefest – see the birthday crown DIY here!)



LA photo booths | designlovefest

one of my favorite things on earth. PHOTO BOOTHS! i have waaaaaay more strips than i can count. so many funny memories. make out sessions. tipsy times. traveling adventures. they capture such great times, don’t they?? here’s a list of some of our favorite photo booths around LA!

LA photo booths | designlovefest

THE EDENDALE: a great silver lake spot for casual birthdays. a cute back patio to gather all of your friends and snap away in the photo booth with a cocktail in hand.

LA photo booths | designlovefest

THE CHA CHA LOUNGE: it’s dark, it’s hipster. but it can definitely be fun if you’re in the mood for big booths and bad beers. fun fact, natalie met her husband there! ps. i always liked the coloring best in their photo booth.

LA photo booths | designlovefest

THE ACE HOTEL: this weekend, have a mimosa brunch here and then spend a little too much $ in their lobby photo booth. it’ll be fun.

LA photo booths | designlovefest

MOHAWK BEND: i would say to go here after dinner for beers and photos. it’s a 100-year old transformed theater!

LA photo booths | designlovefest

THE CHURCHILL: great spot for post-work drinks, or have dinner at son of a gun down the way and come here after for a picture and a cocktail. their outdoor patio is cool, too.

LA photo booths | designlovefest

THE DARKROOM: more low key then most of the bars in this area, they have surprisingly good food and there is space to spread out and hang out. eat, drink and be merry!

LA photo booths | designlovefest

THE SHORT STOP: a true dive! let your hair down and DANCE at this hole in the wall, it gets packed so be prepared to wait. and it’s grimy but that’s all part of the fun.

LA photo booths | designlovefest

and remember when i did a birthday photo booth crawl three years ago HERE with a bunch of crowns for all my friends? that was the best. learn how to make the crowns here.

LA photo booths | designlovefest

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last but certainly not least! our 4th post with rent the runway. this pink jill stuart gown put many hearts in my eyes!

this 70’s cape dress is perfect with just a simple bracelet like this one. it doesn’t need much!

i may have climbed up on the neighbors roof for this one! jesse had me spinning right near the edge which was pretty terrifying, but happy she got the shot she wanted! ha. i loved the hair look that ashley created for this dress and wanted to share some tips on how you could create this on your own with just a couple of steps.

how to go from messy to silky smooth without washing: 

“During the photo shoot I had to transform Bri’s hair from messy textured waves to this sleek retro look. The trick is to add a moisturizing styling foam (i use this one!) to dry hair and round brush out the hair section by section. This gives the hair a voluminous sleek look without having to wash her hair and it will hold really well throughout your evening.”

when i was looking through the site, i was immediately drawn to this elegant black sequin gown. the lace bodice and tulle skirt were incredible! paired with a black cat eye, a red lipstick (the color is  #4 “in danger” by ysl!) and an up-do hair style. the perfect hostess look for a glamorous evening with friends. ashley created this up-do really quickly and with a few simple steps that she outlines below. such an easy-do for a night out!

from day to night hair: 

“Whether your hair is straight, curly, wavy or messy during the day you can transform into a night time bombshell in just a few steps!  

1. Lightly spray hair with a texturizing spray (i use this one!). For thicker or straight hair spray a little extra.

2. Choose a side or center part. Your preference.

3. Tease hair at the crown and sides with a teasing brush (like this!) and then using the same teasing brush lightly brush to control teasing.

4. Gather all hair at the nape of the neck as if you where creating a low pony. Then fold, twist and pin using hair pins.

5. Using your teasing brush refine shape and finish with a light hairspray (this one is great!).”

hopefully after seeing all of these dresses in the past 4 posts you are just as convinced as i was that rent the runway is amazing. i will definitely be using it for birthdays, weddings, hosting and attending events. i signed up for the unlimited program where you pay $99 a month and get to keep 3 items for as long as you want, and when you return them you get 3 more. just genius!

thanks for your sweet comments about the looks! i hope you find some pretty dresses to get all dolled up in too!

in collaboration with rent the runway
photos by: jesse chamberlin
second shooter: michael newstead
hair by: ashley hall
makeup by: kelly shew
location: a one fine stay home