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we are incredibly excited to launch our 4th workshop – the money talk workshop! in the fall of 2020 we launched a financial column on instagram. we couldn’t have expected the feedback that we received, countless messages filled with financial stress, worry and questions and a through-line of please do more of this, we need it.  money plays a huge role in all of our lives, whether we want it to or not. we created this workshop to meet you where you’re at, no shame or judgement.  you don’t need to prepare anything before hand or get your ducks in a row. come as you are. we hope you enjoy this course. – bri and joanie

money talk workshop | designlovefest

class description:
This workshop is for anyone who has ever felt scared, isolated, lonely or stressed by money. If you’ve felt like you’re too far behind, can’t catch up, making financial mistakes that you don’t even understand or like you have no where to turn with your financial questions. This is for anyone who wants to gain clarity and peace when it comes to money.
We believe that judgement and shame keep people from experiencing true freedom and peace in all things but especially in money. We designed this workshop to be as calming and grounding as possible. We want you to experience a sense of release and connection when watching this workshop.

 This workshop is not a quick fix. We are not going to tell you what stocks to buy, how to make millions overnight or some secret way to beat the system. It is simply about getting to know the financial side of yourself. And that might be something you’ve never thought of yourself as having. We believe that empowering yourself to take control of your own finances and to face conversations and decisions about money from a place of confidence instead of fear is the answer. 

what should i expect out of this workshop?

decreased money anxiety
increased peace around finances
the ability to speak about money with less stress and tension.
the ability to log on to your bank accounts without panic
clarity around your own feelings and experiences with money
clarity around your own financial picture, debt, savings, retirement and what you want from your money
guilty free spending
less contentiousness with your partner and money
real and sustainable change, slow and steady.

class details: 

when: once you purchase this class you will have access to the information for for as long as the class is hosted. we currently plan to sell the workshop for one year. This class has a run time of 75 minutes, you may watch this class as many times as you like.

downloads: there are some interactive slides with questions and journal prompts on them. all of those slides are available to be downloaded and saved as a PDF on your computer so you can reference them at anytime.

where: anywhere in the world. please ensure you have a high-speed internet connection. this class currently does not have closed captioning, this is something we are working on.

price: $79 U.S. dollars (introductory price for the first week of launch!)
tuition includes: individual streaming permission
what’s required:
• your own computer, mac or pc
• a reliable, high-speed internet connection to stream video

money talk workshop | designlovefest


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    Anonymous says:

    It’s a bit random to offer a course when you have been MIA on here for 5months.

    bri says:

    Instagram is our main platform now! We post on their daily if you want to follow along https://www.instagram.com/designlovefest/

    Anonymous says:

    I just have to say that the weird sheet hanging behind Joanie doesn’t look super profesh. Sort of shocked by how bad it looks visually when you guys are usually so on top of it??

    discountsau says:

    This blog is informative and excellent. I love reading your blog. Gave me a lot of useful information. I visit your blog regularly.

    bydiscounts says:

    there are some interactive slides with questions and journal prompts on them. all of those slides are available to be downloaded and saved as a PDF on your computer so you can reference them at anytime.

    Very very thanks. This blog is informative and excellent.

    krunker says:

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    Chiana J says:

    Money talk workshop is really interesting way to discuss the financial issues and share the ideas of how to get rid of the stress world puts us under. For example, I need I need help paying my rent asap and I have no idea what to do and where I can take money. It is really useful to read the information online and find the solutions that perfectly suits to the specific case. I hope that your workshop will be continued this year.

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    Anhanii says:

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