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i know these are very difficult times for every business and i’m really wanting to highlight and focus on businesses that are taking care of their employees during this period of unknown. there are many that are going the extra mile and our dollars that we spend on shopping can help to support their efforts. i was really encouraged to read a statement from blu dot yesterday, a furniture company that we love here at dlf, that they are continuing to pay their entire team even though their retail stores are closed.  i know things are changing on a daily basis and it feels scary and unknown. i’m trying to think small on the little things i can do to help. i’m proud of all of us for navigating this time, it isn’t easy and however you’re getting through is just fine. xo, joanie 

a few more local businesses that i want to highlight and also re-mention that are continuing their efforts:

shout and about which is a great gift and card shop near our office is closed but offering free online shipping on all orders. a great time to stock up on cards for upcoming mother’s and father’s day.

my friend alyssa owns a beautiful online home store called hoppe shoppe that is a curated mix of new and vintage. she also does a great job of sourcing independent designers. she has amazing taste! i loveeee both of these sets of bookends, 1 and 2.

lykke wullf makes the coolest two piece outfits. bri has one and it’s seriously rad. they’re having a sale. this bright orange jacket is so cool. i find myself drawn to wearing more bright colors during this time, brightens the day.

i mentioned before but the left bank, which is my favorite second hand store, is doing virtual shopping through their instagram stories. they are committed to paying their employees during this time and could use our support through purchasing their cool pieces (that are all very reasonably priced!). 

heirloom LA is doing incredible work supporting local farmers and offering pick up and delivery. you can order through their site.

i’ve picked up to-go from proof bakery several times and they are allowing other artisans who don’t have store fronts to sell their goods in there which is amazing.

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lunya is a great local to los angeles shop that sells beautiful lounge wear. i’ve had these joggers for a couple of years and still wear them daily.

parachute home is another female owned local business that we’ve used and loved for years. they are currently having a sale on many pieces. i have my eye on this flannel quilt.

maru coffee which is in our neighborhood and is delicious is now selling their beans online with free shipping over $40. their coffee is top notch.

our friend hillary who is the owner and designer of bliss & mischief is having a sale and free shipping.

and of course, keep supporting your favorite restaurants! and if possible, instead of ordering through one of the apps, order directly through the restaurant as the apps take a portion of their sales and every penny counts!


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    N says:

    thank you for doing this, bri <3

    Rebecca says:

    Damn didn’t know that about everlane either what a shady move to pull on people now. On the other hand the clothes at lykke wullf are beautiful. Like the warm 70s colors and photographs. It’s nice to look at this kind of stuff to distract oneself a few times a day, thanks for this!

    Laura M says:

    Just a query…it might be a style thing but why do you not use capital letters?Just curious!

    bri says:

    hi laura,
    yes, it’s a style thing! bri has been doing it since she started the blog 10 years ago and it became part of our brand. everything is lowercase from blog pots, to instagram captions and the emails we send!

    Anna says:

    Hi Bri, thank you for your posts and the brightness you bring to Insta and the web! Last week, you posted a story about the tie-dye napkins/towels you use, but I can’t seem to find the link. Could you share that designer’s website? Stay safe and healthy! Ty!

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