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does anyone else oddly feel like time is moving quickly? we’re definitely in a time wrap right now during this period of quarantine. the days are long but the weeks go by fast, or at least that’s how it feels to me. it also feels like things are a bit more “normal” compared to last week which felt like change and stress everyday. people are adjusting to staying home, sharing more positivity on social media, there is a lightness that is shining through and it feels good. humans are amazingly adaptive and resilient. we can move from stress and agitation to peace and happiness quickly.

week 2 | designlovefest
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of course, my days still include a range of emotions like everyone else but i’m trying to focus on finding peace in the rituals of staying in. coffee in bed in the morning, the light peaking through the curtains, meal planning, books on my kindle, facetiming with my family, cooking dinner every night, watering my plants, 30 minute walks outside, a weekly trip to the grocery store. there is a feeling of we are all in this together which is unique to this time and i’m focusing on soaking up that feeling while it’s here, neighbors that usually look away when we pass by are now saying hi, people stepping up to buy groceries for others, donating money, volunteering their time… it’s pretty cool.  how are you feeling? all feelings are always valid but especially now, give yourself some grace during this intense time of transition and unknown. – joanie

p.s. in honor of how much time we’re all spending at home, enjoy this photo round up of some really cool kitchens from around the web! 

a few things that have brought me joy the past weekish:

did you see that we launched presently a couple of weeks ago? i can’t wait until we can keep cooking and creating videos but in the mean time, this matcha latte is my daily go-to, it’s so good.

i haven’t been shopping but i’m adding one of these Babaã sweaters to my wish list, my sister has one and i love it. they come in so many pretty colors, like this plum blossom.

this lemon chicken soup from pinch of yum is SO good. i couldn’t find orzo so i used white rice and shallot instead of onion. the lemon egg mixture you add at the end really takes it to the next level.

week 2 | designlovefest
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i ordered these peanut butter cups from perfect bar and they are so good. i find an excuse to have them every day.

i try to do at least one melissa wood health video every day, even if it’s under 10 minutes. it makes such a difference in how i feel. it’s like yoga/pilates combined and it’s only $10/month. she has a calming voice and she brings you back to yourself.

my husband says i stomp around the house, which is a little bit true. these slippers help and are also very comfortable.

the only make up i’ve been wearing is this glowy super gel from saie beauty and i love it.

anyone play euchre out there? my mom and sisters and i have been playing virtually in the evenings some times. it’s a fun and low key way to connect. we use trickster and there lots of other card games they offer.

i know many people are going through tremendous financial difficulties right now and my heart is with you. if that is not you, and you are able to either order take our or purchase gift cards from your local restaurants and food establishments please, please do. the hospitality industry is taking a huge hit right now and it breaks my heart to think about all these people who pour their heart and soul into their restaurants struggling so much. they are the people who have facilitated wonderful memories for all of us. they have cooked us delicious food, cleaned our tables, washed our dishes, worked nights and holidays and were the backdrop for us to have evenings out and to celebrate special occasions. they need us right now. personally, my husband is not working right now so we’re cutting back in areas that we can but we are also focusing on 2-3 small businesses a week that we can support through ordering. even if you order one pizza and leave a nice tip, that makes a difference. or ordering a CSA box to support your local farmers. and if you don’t want to do take out, buy a gift card and start thinking about how fun it’s going to be when this is over and we can leave out houses and go out to eat!

week 2 | designlovefest
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happy weekend to all!


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