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i made one of these posts for 2018 and wanted to update it for 2019. i find it to be helpful when people share what they own and use often. some of these items are things i’ve had for years and weren’t well used and then become an MVP this past year or they’ve always been well used and deserve another mention or they are new to me. i live in an apartment so we’re careful about what comes in as we don’t have a ton of space/don’t want clutter. i had fun putting this together and hope you find it helpful. here are some 2019 favorites! – joanie

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maybe my top pick for the entire year is the dyson V7 cordless vacuum. we got it on black friday sale and use it almost every day. it’s super light and cordless so it’s basically the high powered version of sweeping. it also comes with attachments so you can use it in your car or on the ceilings, furniture, etc. we got the least expensive version and it works great. highly recommend!

bri got me a new work bag this year for my birthday. for the past 6 years i’ve been using the transport tote madewell which i love but isn’t great for keeping lots of things organized as it doesn’t have dividers or lots of pockets. we combed through tons of options and landed on the cuyana zippered satchel i have it in forest green which appears to be sold out but i also love it in the stone and cappuccino color. it fits everything from my wallet and phone in the zippered pouch to my laptop and workout clothes.

nothing takes your at home coffee or tea game to the next level like a milk frother. i like to either make a latte (with the bialetti for espresso which is $40)  or matcha latte with homemade almond milk and it always comes out super creamy. i’ve had a frother for 5+ years and it still works great. the one i own isn’t available any longer but this one is similar.

i’m active and have flat feet so my sneakers matter. i love the addidas ultra boost and had previously found them on sale but wasn’t able to last year and i’m not willing to pay the $180 price tag. so i switched to these new balances and have been super happy. they come in four widths which is really nice. watch for a sale, i got mine 30% off, they often do markdowns!

i’m not just saying this because i love geri, which i do, but her Saie Beauty mascara is one of the best i have ever tried and it just happens to be non-toxic. it doesn’t irritate my eyes, or flake off, it makes your lashes insanely long. i use it with their eye lash curler.

my brother gave me airpods for christmas last year and i thought they were a sweet gift but kind of unnecessary for my life. but they turned out to be a daily used item for me. it’s so nice to be able to workout without worrying about yanking your headphone cord, going for walks and tucking your phone in your back pocket, watching something on your laptop and being able to move around, they really are so useful.

true botanicals is still my favorite skin care products but i can’t afford them on the regular so i explored cocokind skincare and i was very pleasantly surprised. the price point is very reasonable (you can also buy it at whole foods when they have their 25% off skincare sale). so far i have used and love the facial repair oil (i use daily), the cleanser and their highlighter. i also started to use a gua sha daily, especially on my jaw area and it helps so much with tension.

i have three kitchen related items to mention: first, is the omega juicer. my aunt gave this to me and it is simply the best. i have always shied away from juicers because of the hassle of cleaning them up but this one is so easy to use and simple to clean. in the summer i was using it everyday and now that it’s a bit colder a few times a week. my favorite easy juice to make it celery, apple, lemon. second, the le crueset cast iron dutch oven, another item i have had for almost 10 years and use multiple times a week for everything from making rice, soups to braises in the oven. this is a life piece and it holds up so well. and third is two of my favorite cookbooks from last year, the night + market cookbook and repertoire.

at the start of last year, i signed up for melissa wood health online steaming workouts. i still kept my pilates studio membership until the end of the year when i decided to cancel it (and save a lot of money) and just stick with melissa’s workout. i pay $10/month vs the $160 i was paying for my other membership. i love everything about her workouts, the pace, her voice, how effective they are (i always start shaking right away), and the fact that i can do them at home. she makes you feel very empowered and proud of yourself even if you just do 15 minutes of movement. i also recommend getting the 1lbs ankle weights she uses.


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    This is the first time I’ve heard of gua sha, thank you for the nice list.

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