with thanksgiving being later this year it feels like christmas came faster than ever. here is our it’s not too late gift guide for any gift that you still need for your own list or to gift to others! 10 picks from me and 10 picks from joanie. it’s fun to see our selects side by side, i always gravitate towards color and home gifts and her towards neutrals and fashion. happy shopping! Xx

1. Clare V. is one of my go-to gifts. she has such cool pieces and they transcend age, something for my mom and my sister. i loveĀ this tie dye sweatshirt for myself.

2. these earrings by lightbox are the ones i wore on my wedding day. they are classic and can go with everything from a wedding dress to jeans and a t-shirt. they’d be the perfect gift for someone celebrating something special in their lives or to mark a big occasion.

3. mud australia makes some of my favorite kitchen items and this serving dish is the perfect size. i have it in mint and can attest that it makes a great gift.

4. i spent more time in my kitchen this year than ever before and i love the idea of gifting something for entertaining or making a great meal at home. this olive oil tastes amazing and would be the perfect hostess gift to bring to a holiday party.

5. hawkins new york is one of my favorite stores to wander around and look at home decor items. it always smells amazing and they have great styling. i picked up one of these candles a few weeks ago and it’s a good one. candles are always a welcomed gift and the thing to give to someone who you’re not sure if you should give them something but you want to just in case they get you something.

6. kip&co makes some of the coolest bedding and i love this throw pillow for a couch or bed.

7. the great jones makes some beautiful cookware. i’ve put this dutch oven to the test and it passed with flying colors.

8. i love this cloud robe from parachute, cotton is great for post shower or bath and the rose color looks pretty hanging in the bathroom.

9. and a cool bathmat from cold picnic.

10. a sweet and simple vase from Hay is a great gift. add fresh flowers to go the extra mile.

1. H&M has been killing the outwear game and i love the simplicity of this shirt jacket with the length, oversized pockets and versatile caramel color.

2. i fell in love with this emerson fry dress the minute i saw it. it’s sold out in most sizes now but definitely on my wish list.

3. i love my uggs and wear them all winter long in my wood floored apartment. i like that this fuzzy pair.

4. we gifted this lightbox necklace to everyone who attended our brunch earlier this year and i’ve worn mine almost every day since. it’s the perfect layering piece and goes from day to night. anyone would be lucky to get this as a gift!

5. a lot of people on my list are getting baggu as part of their gift from me this year. i keep one in my car for last minute grocery trips or pack themĀ  for trips, they always come in handy.

6. this might be a dorky gift but i ask for running shoes every year. the ultraboosts are my current favorite shoe and they have so many fun color combos.

7. when i got married i asked the make up artist to use subtle make up and this is the lip color she used and i’ve loved it and worn it ever since. it’s easy to pull off and a sweet simple gift.

8. this cashmere travel wrap is not cheap but it’s the best, coziest thing to use while traveling. my aunt gifted it to me years ago and i love it and it’s held up really well. it also comes in lots of great colors.

9. i need a morter & pestle in my kitchen and i love the simplicity of this one.

10. cute, lightweight, water proof these boots are perfect for the winter or a rainy LA winter.


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