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thanksgiving is a week away and i’m already looking forward to a big meal followed by a nap. i’m making this almond cake that i mentioned a few weeks back and a side dish that i haven’t yet decided on, i want to make something with non-traditional flavors like fish or soy sauce. one of those memory photos popped up on my phone of thanksgiving two years ago in england and it made me miss the rainy, grey days with big fires and rich food. the first three photos are from my stay at the pig hotel (which we loved) and the bottom photos are from the soho farmhouse which i’ve never been to but looks charming.  –joanie 

so many sales to shop next week. i’m eyeing 20% off at parachute home, 30% off at H&M (check out this post for some favorite sweaters), and 30% off at adidas which is always when i buy a new pair of running shoes, i love the ultra boosts! i like to bookmark what i want before the sales start so that i can shop quickly and go back to enjoying family time.

musings | designlovefest

these knives from food52 are so beautiful and would make a great fit. and as far as knives go, are very affordable for Japanese steel. i love the pink and orange color best. if you’re going to upgrade one knife in your kitchen i’d 100% say the chef knife, it’s definitely my MVP.

if you want to contribute something to thanksgiving but don’t want to cook/bake, order a caroline’s cake! my mom sends me one every year for my birthday and they are truly delicious. my favorite is the carmel cake and coconut cloud.

musings | designlovefest

my friend just launched a travel company called allcall where you can buy curated itineraries for destinations for just $8/day. your trip is basically fully laid out for you without having to do all the time intensive research. lots of fun destinations in there already like aspen and tulum and bri’s guide to new orleans!

bri made this vegan curry last week (you might have seen on stories!) and i loved it so much i made it this week. our edits were japanese sweet potatoes instead of russet potatoes, two cans of regular coconut milk, and i left out the cumin seeds and did a teaspoon of cumin powder instead and doubled the turmeric. i feels very nourishing but also comforting.

the net-a-porter sale just started, i always pick up a few things every year. in my opinion, it has one of the best sale selections. i’m on a big sequin kick and had a birthday gift from my mom to cash in on so i bought this dress to try for New Year’s Eve. i also love this emerson fry dress and this one from mango. nothing more festive than wearing something super sparkly to ring in the new year!

musings | designlovefest
musings | designlovefest

we took a ceramics class last weekend at still life and it was so much fun! i highly recommend looking up a studio in your area and seeing if they offer an intro class. it’s a good outlet.

and finally, i need a good holiday chill on the couch book recommendation. i’m currently reading the healer within, which i love but it isn’t really a fun, easy holiday read so send your recommendations my way!

musings | designlovefest
musings | designlovefest

source for the bottom four photos is trendland



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    Lynne says:

    I have to recommend the book Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow! It is a real page turner, and so surprisingly exciting!

    bri says:

    thank you!! i’ll check it out!

    CFS says:

    These are really beautiful pictures. Great design and style! Stunning Decoration. I’d like to see more! Thanks for the share.

    Bibi says:

    Amazing set of dishes, I must say:). Thanks for sharing, it is so romantic, you juts made my day:)

    Taking a ceramics class! What a great idea, don’t know what I hadn’t thought of it yet. Thanks!

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