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just got back from a great weekend trip to Vermont (my first time!) the fall colors were really starting to show themselves and everything was so green and lush. the air was crisp in the morning and warm in the evenings. we ate dinner at honey road in burlington, had massages at the Woodstock Inn and generally just lazed around, it was perfect. it felt nice to get out of the city for a bit but i’m always happy to come back to LA. i still feel excited when we land which i guess means i’m living in the right place! and then i headed pretty much directly to colorado to see my aunt in denver and then a family wedding in telluride. the colors in colorado were out of this world, i feel so lucky to have been able to soak in so much fall already! – joanie

musings | designlovefest

we’re in that clothing transitional period where layers are important because the days start out cool but the afternoons are hot. my favorite way to lean in is a bodysuit/tank with a skirt and a cozy sweater on top. easy to take on and off as needed. i’ve been wearing this skirt on repeat. and have my eye on lots of sweaters at & other stories, like this one and this.

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my mom made her refried beans while we were in Vermont which are the easiest and best thing to have on hand. make a big batch and they’ll last for the whole week for burritos, quesadillas, to eat as dip, etc. for those interested, this is her recipe, you can soak the beans over night before cooking or cook straight away without soaking:

2 cup dry pinto beans
1 stick Butter
1/4- 1/3 pound Monterey Pepper Jack cheese, grated
1 package taco seasoning mix
1/2 teaspoon salt

1. Pick through the beans making sure there are no little stones in them. Put beans on a big pot and add about 3 times as much water.  Cover, bring to a boil, then reduce heat to low and simmer until soft (about 3 hours), always making sure you have enough water.  When done, pour off all but about 1 cup of excess water, (save this water to add back in if you want beans thinner). Mash beans in the pot with a potato masher and add rest of ingredients and let the butter and cheese melt,  Stir and mash until smooth, adding or taking away as much water as you need to to make it a nice consistency.

i’m turning 32 next month and already setting my intentions for my new year. i know people always say that life gets better with age but i’m really finding that to be true. i’ve felt like the last three years of my life i’ve really started to get to know myself and to discover who i am really am, apart from what the people around me want me to be. there is so much pressure all of us (women especially) to hit certain milestones (marriage, baby, working mom!) that it can be easy for a people pleasing person like me to really lose sight of who i am and what i want. i’m getting more okay with letting people down and trying to be my true self in all situations (it’s hard!).

musings | designlovefest

i’ve been really loving the deliciously ella podcast. i love the way she talks about health, happiness, career and life. there isn’t an ounce of shame attached, just inspiration.

i hadn’t fallen down the rabbit hole that is The Real Real until recently and it sure is addicting. as someone who gets a big thrill out of vintage/thrifting shopping this site is super fun. i love picking out things for people i love, like my mom and sister and i’m excited to start christmas shopping. my recommendation, if you’re looking for the deals, is to not look at the editors list or things like that but to look for brands that maybe you love and aren’t as popular or to search by keywords, like purple silk dress.

i finished A Gentleman in Moscow and now i’m reading Trick Mirror by Jig Tolentino. if you had a favorite book or two from this year that you’ve read or re-read send them my way. i love personal suggestions rather than scrolling forever on good reads.

what’s on your fall playlist? i’ve been listening to Big Thief a lot, a band my husband introduced me too. i like kinda chill music most of the time and their great. we’re going to see their show at the end of the month.

we have some crow canyon home splatter pieces in the DLF kitchen and we love them. I’m particularly fond of their simple rimmed dinner plates that come in great colors and their insanely cute cups and mugs. use code DLFCCH10 for 10% off if you place an order.

madewell is having a site wide sale and i think i say this every year but i love their boots. i own this pair and these and i live in them.

and finally, how freaking cute is bri in this green dress? i love how she took a prairie style dress and made it city with the sunglasses, bag and sneakers.

musings | designlovefest


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    Evi says:

    I love yellow!!! It makes me so happy!

    Anja says:

    Thanx for the colour in this rainy autumn time 🙂

    So yellow, so puffy. I feel like if I had that in my house I would get ants…

    Totally enjoyable one!! Thanks a lot!

    Anonymous says:

    aaaah Vermont is my HAPPY PLACE.

    We usually do Stowe every October but I’m pregnant this year so I had to sit this one out. it’s the BEST escape from LA’s late summer/early fall HEAT.

    bri says:

    it really is, feels like a world away! those warm afternoon and cool evenings are the best. Xx

    192.168.l.l says:

    Yellow is really the color of this year. Love these photos~

    Ola A. says:

    What a nice post!

    Angela says:

    Yellow tone creates a warm atmosphere in the apartment. Beautiful creations.

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