our wedding invitations was such a special process to us, so i can’t help but share the details with ya! i’ll admit that the invites were probably the most time consuming wedding detail and there might have been a moment there where i wanted to just send out a mass text “come to our wedding!” but i’m SO happy with the end results. it was worth the efforts (and the money)! i couldn’t have done it without the help of my dear friend audrey from urbanic paper boutique! we had brainstorming meetings together, she guided me on the printing process, and even helped me assemble them. thank you aud!!

ok, now! let me breakdown our wedding invitations…


once i had my ring, my dress and the venue…the inspiration and theme began to come alive. i put together a mood board for all of our vendors (using my fave easy gomoodboard) including the designers for our invitations. i wanted it to have this southern romance, old new orleans vibe with hints of art deco, Gatsby and old hollywood.

my friend sent me this image and i fell in love with it! we hired mike willcox to design the artwork for our invite and he was a joy to work with. here is a few of his sketches in progress…


mike really dove into our sentimental details and love story and made something completely custom to us that we will treasure forever! so many hidden meanings in the design…

we ended up with this color story…

he added a nice texture on the print file too. i hope some of our wedding guests frame this little piece of art!


for the lettering we decided to print gold foil on semi-transparent vellum paper and have the design align with the artwork underneath it. we chose nick misani because we loved his art deco vibe and gorgeous linework! he was so kind and amazing to work with. he also designed the lettering on the front and back of the envelopes and a few details that we ended up printing on cups and napkins!

i love watching his progress video…


for the actual printing, we hired czar press and they did a fantastic job. everything was cut perfectly, and printed nicely. then it was time to assemble…

we knew we wanted to find vintage stamps (especially magnolias for the louisiana flower and to match my new wedding tattoo!) so happy we found liz at vintage postage shop. she curated all of our vintage stamps in the colors that would match and they turned out AWESOME! added that special touch to the envelopes.


gosh, i was so scared these were going to get lost in the mail after all those months of work! but hallelujah, they made it!

a few tips:

• make sure to weight your invite and make sure you have the updated amount of postage on it! when in doubt, add extra!

• i took the invites to three different post offices before i found a really sweet woman who said she would hand-cancel my envelopes! canceling eliminates those black-tar type markings that usually go across the top right of an envelope to cancel your postage stamp. i gave her a tip and was so happy she helped me out with this. go to your less busy post offices to try!

• we tied the suite together using this knot & bow gold and white string

• if you are going to put in all the efforts on design, stamps, etc…go for the nicer quality paper. it really makes a difference in the way they feel.

• we went with a standard A7 size so we could easily find envelopes to fit. basically everything was designed to a 5×7 size.

custom stamps made them really really beautiful and tied everything together. again, it’s all in the details!

• for the printed names on the envelopes (we didn’t do any hand lettering on them) we made an excel sheet with everyone’s names and addresses and then exported it for the printer.

• we decided on doing an electronic RSVP and led guests to our website to cut down on paper. i am not really sure what the good answer is here because only half the guests RSVP’d, but i have a feeling it might always be like that?

• all together our invites were around $2,000. shocked me initially. but we decided that since we are both designers it was really important to us to show up with a quality paper invitation suite. and really this is something special that we got to share with all of our guests and save forever.

• we were going to have a stamp made for our return address but really happy we just ended up printing it on the back because i hear stamps can be too messy and unpredictable. we had our designer nick create this at the same time as the invite details.

let me know if you have any questions! xx bri


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    Audra says:

    These are absolutely beautiful! I love the color scheme and the typography. So awesome that you got to work with such talented artists.

    Alison says:

    So in love with these! As a stationery designer, I just love to see how you brought so many talented artists together, and invested in your stationery! I feel like it can be such a keepsake, and yours especially is so stunning – I’m sure you will treasure it forever. <3

    Felicia says:

    Wow your invites turned out amazing! I love the artwork for your invite! It is so beautiful and I love how everything on it has special meaning to you both. The stamps are so pretty too! I love gorgeous letters and your invites are just that 🙂

    Jordan says:

    Love these! I love the array of stamps!!!! How did you know how many vintage stamps are needed to actually mail?

    audrey says:

    you nailed it girl!! i have seen a lot of good stuff, but just like everything else that you do, – these were above standards of amazingness. xo

    Margaret says:

    Everything turned out amazing! I especially love the colors. The lettering is divine! Do you remember which post office said they would hand cancel in LA? I always try new ones and once the one in Atwater said they would hand cancel but they ended up going through the sorting machine anyway 🙁

    Jo says:

    Wow! Did you get any friends and family discounts? Honestly, for all the artwork/printing methods you used I am surprised they came out to only 2k! (I work in the industry 😉 )

    Jesse says:

    My thoughts, too! I was so shocked to see that number!

    Steph says:

    Agreed! I own a stationery studio, and this would have easily been double.

    Jacqueline Solivan says:

    LOVE!!! When you say only half RSVP’d…does that mean the half that didn’t couldn’t attend or still showed up but not accounted for in the RSVP. That’s the part that stresses me out lol

    Amy V says:

    So beautiful and meaningful! I have two questions 🙂 It looks like a large guest list, how did you collect everyone’s addresses, did you just request via email? And also, only half RSVP’d?? Yikes I’d be scared to have half empty dinner tables! That seems a bit rude of them. Maybe the added step of going online turned people off or they forgot? The easiest from a guest perspective is probably ticking a box and sending postage prepaid, but that’s a lot of extra cost for you. Not exactly a win/win situation there

    Bea says:

    To collect everyone’s address, you can use postable.com. It’s very simple. You simply just send your guests a link, they fill out a form, and your address book is built.

    Milly Egan says:

    So beautifully put together. From the mood board through to Mike’s artwork and the vintage stamps.

    Kelly-Anne says:

    Gorgeous Invites!!!!

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