hope everyone had a relaxing weekend with friends + family! we’re having a little post Memorial Day sale (because we went fully off the grid for the weekend), 25 % off both our new business of social media workshop and also the social media workshop using code happy25. we just launched the business workshop this year and for those of you who have already watched and sent us such sweet emails, we really appreciate your feedback and love that you love the class. i can’t tell you how good it feels to put your heart into something and have people respond to positively.

what’s the difference? 

the business workshop

we get so many questions about running the business, ideas, client work, inspiration, invoicing, contracts etc and this workshop was born out of those questions. it goes over things that aren’t as glamorous as just taking and editing a pretty picture. it goes into what i do when i’m stuck in a rut, stating motivated through the years, how i come up with my shoot ideas,  as well as the business side of designlovefest. it’s goes over everything from how we invoice, tips on looking at a contract, negotiating your rate, how to know what to charge a client, etc. this is an overview class that is packed with information. it’s going to feel dense at times, we recommend that you watch it at least twice through.once, without stress and pressure to take it all in and then again to take notes and go over things that might have peaked your interest. this class is for anyone who has been curious about the business side of DLF, what goes into the day to to day operations and how you can take the things we’ve learned and apply them to your current business or your dream business you’d love to start one day. it goes without saying that there are many ways to be a small business owner, this class is specially designed to share what has worked for me over the past 8 years and the lessons i’ve learned along the way. we aren’t lawyers or accountants, we’re two people who have been working really hard to build an authentic brand and that have seen an increased interest in sharing about how we built this business and how we keep it running. we’re answering many questions that we’ve received from our readers and we hope that you find the information valuable and that we can help you on your own small business journey.

you can purchase the class here. use code happy25 for 25% off! 

and the social media class

do you want to learn tricks about how to use instagram, facebook, twitter and pinterest for your growing business? as freelancers, these are the outlets we use to get our name into the world. to let people know who we are and what we offer. social media can be your greatest asset and also your greatest detriment. there is a split second window to make an impact and this course will teach you how to capitalize on those tiny moments.

join us for a 1.5 hour video seminar taught by bri emery, who has grown her social following to over 1.5 million people. she will be going over all of the tricks she has learned along the way. which platforms work best for what content, how to grow your following, present your photos, promote your business in an organic way and reach your target audience. this class is open to all levels – it doesn’t matter if you have 5 followers or 100,000. previous attendees of this class have experienced social growth of more than 400% in the months following the seminar!

you can purchase the class here

use code happy25 for 25% off! 



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    Alison says:

    I just tried to purchase the social media course but the coupon code is not working! I’m getting a code that says it’s invalid… am I doing something wrong?

    bri says:

    hey alison, i’m checking on that right now! i’ll let you know asap when it’s back up and running!

    bri says:

    the code is working again and we’ve extended the sale to monday! use code happy 25

    Jordan says:

    Would love to purchase but the coupon isn’t working?!

    bri says:

    the code is working again and we’ve extended the sale to monday! use code happy 25

    seo says:

    looks extremely immense and stylish.

    Elisa Leone says:

    Purchased a class, got a receipt from PayPal only. But No email from designlovefest with login info to take the class 🙁

    Help 🙂

    bri says:

    hey elisa,
    can you email me at [email protected] with an alternate email address we can send it to? it shows the email was sent to you but returned to us so it might be blocked by a spam blocker since it has external links. thanks!

    Elisa Leone says:

    Will do! Thanks so much!

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