tortilla soup | designlovefest

my aunt gave me the cookbook “repertoire” by jessica battilana and i’ve been loving it. i’m really picky when it comes to cookbooks i’m willing to add to my collection because i don’t have a ton of space and i want ones that i’m actually going to use. her recipes are approachable, beautiful and fit for a weekday dinner or entertaining. i made her Tortilla Española and for today’s recipe post we made her tortilla soup. there are a zillion recipes out there for tortilla soup, this one is super approachable and could be bumped up by roasting your own chicken and making your own chicken stock or make as we did, the short cut way! the only thing i’d add would be some spice in the broth. we also made our own fried tortilla strips but you could skip this part and use chips. although, the fresh strips really take it up a notch – joanie

tortilla soup | designlovefest

what you’ll need:

• 1 rotisserie chicken shredded
• 1 large onion, peeled and chopped
• 1 15oz can of whole kernel corn
• 3 cloves garlic, peeled and smashed with the edge of your knife
• 5-10 tortillas
• 1 32oz container of chicken broth
• 1 15oz can diced tomatoes
• olive or avocado oil


• 1 avocado diced
• 1 bunch of radishes thinly sliced
• 1 cup diced Cotija cheese
• 1 bunch cilantro chopped
• 1-2 limes

tortilla soup | designlovefest

• to make tortilla stripes place the tortillas in a single pile and cut into strips. heat oil on medium in a pan filling it about 1-2 inches high. place the tortilla stripes in small batches so that they don’t overlap each other and fry on each side until golden brown. place fried strips on paper towels and set aside.

• in the same pan,  toss the corn until slightly charred (trader joes sells fire roasted corn in the freezer aisle if you want to bypass making it yourself!)

• in a large pan heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil on medium heat, add diced onions, a big pinch of salt and cook down until translucent; about 8 minutes. add 3 peeled and mashed garlic cloves and continue to cook for an additional 3 minutes, tossing occasionally.

tortilla soup | designlovefest

• remove the onions and garlic and place in a blender with the canned diced tomatoes. blend until smooth. heat 1 tablespoon oil and pour the pureed tomato mixture in, cooking down until most of the liquid is gone and it starts to thicken like tomato paste about 6-8 minutes, add the broth and bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer and taste, adjust seasoning as needed. next add the shredded chicken and the roasted corn. continue to cook for an additional 20 minutes on a simmer. remove from heat, add salt and pepper to taste.

tortilla soup | designlovefest
tortilla soup | designlovefest
tortilla soup | designlovefest

• prep all your garnishes, and set out on in bowls so people can top their soup as desired. we highly recommend a big squeeze of lime before serving!

tortilla soup | designlovefest
tortilla soup | designlovefest
tortilla soup | designlovefest
tortilla soup | designlovefest
tortilla soup | designlovefest

images by: ivan solis
styling by: joanie cusack 


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    Oh my goodness – my Hubby would massacre this dish – will definitely make it for us to have, especially now it’s super chilly where we are – thanks for sharing!!

    Rebecca | http://www.peppermintdolly.com

    lilly karter says:

    Such as really nice post. I have really impressed. Thanx for sharing this post.
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    hali says:

    about to try this with jackfruit instead of chicken… eek wish me luck!

    bri says:

    good luck! let us know how it turns out. Xx

    Hali Mason says:

    So good! Used the cans from TJs and it worked perfectly. Now i’m making it for a Mexican food friendsgiving tomorrow and am back to re-read the recipe. Many thanks for the inspiration!

    Karin Grow says:

    Only thing this is missing is cumin!

    bri says:

    yes, you could definitely add cumin! our office isn’t big cumin fans but it would be good in this!

    Nina says:

    This was so good! I added a couple adobo peppers for spice! Definitely going to be making it again!

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