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excited to share this shoot with you guys!! i’ve been working with Lightbox Jewelry on an ongoing partnership and this was a shoot that I recently art directed for them. i’ll show you my inspiration, my idea process and the final product!


Lightbox is a line of of jewelry created exclusively with lab-grown diamonds. their whole philosophy is to take something, like jewelry and make it more approachable, playful and fun. because the gems are lab-grown and not rare they are able to offer them at a much lower price point than natural diamonds ($800 per carat!) which makes them a great gift to give to yourself to celebrate a personal milestone, your sister or a friend. i like that they take the “romance” and seriousness out of fine jewelry by adding colors (blue + pink!) and keeping their images really lighthearted and inviting. for this shoot i wanted to enhance the beauty of reflection and the bouncing light that make jewels so appealing. taking the idea of brightness, light and shine and weaving that throughout the images. my mind couldn’t get away from that star flare, so i kinda ran with that idea and tried to incorporate it with the styling, the makeup, the lighting, the textures and the props that we used. i was very inspired by solange and her vibe! here’s some of my inspiration if you want to take a look….

i wanted it to feel playful, lively, and pretty without feeling too young. since they are a new brand i was trying to portray what my first impressions of Lightbox were in an image format. simple yet stunning. sophisticated and modern. i wanted clean lines, tonal colors, and a dreamy setting. jesse always understands how to dive into a concept and have fun with it, i love what she did with these!

we used almost every piece from their collection and had fun creating layers of necklaces and pairing multiple earrings. this moon earring is something we kept returning too, these classic white studs that we mixed with the pink princess cut earrings. we had fun playing with the circle and square cuts and mixing up the colors. this pretty pink pendant was a favorite for sure.

for the necklaces, i love the simplicity of a single stone like the halo pendant but then also having the option of going to town and layering it with different colors and shapes. we loved placing this winged piece below the pendant to frame it. this moon pendant was also perfect for the last look, the navy blue with the stars!

there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to a shoot like this. it all usually starts with an idea, then i have to try to create a moodboard of images and colors that give off a similar vibe that I would like to achieve. i usually have multiple boards, one for the stylist, one for the photographer, one for makeup and hair…basically i try to be as specific as possible with my vision and then let them take it further with their inspirations and input!

i hope you enjoy seeing a little behind the scenes on shoots like this. i truly love putting them together and watching them come alive, so it’s really fun to share some details of the process!

these make me happy! i hope you will check out Lightbox, they are a super cool new company who i’ve loved creating content for… xx bri

(this post was sponsored by Lightbox).

photos: jesse chamberlin marble
art direction: bri emery
stylist: heather allison
makeup: suzie k beauty
production: vacation theory 


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    amber says:

    Bri sooo pretty I love everything about this!!

    Beautiful photos – major well done!

    Rebecca | http://www.peppermintdolly.com

    Seri says:

    This is stunning, Bri
    Possibly one of my favourite works of yours so far! You + Jesse: dreamteam forever.
    So inspiring

    Stephanie says:

    Beautiful shoot love the pictures!



    katia says:

    SUCH beautiful and dreamy photos. Also, thank you for sharing the behind-the-scenes. I think it’s the coolest part about your online presence. You take the mystery out of it and I love seeing how your teamwork works, and just your brain! You’re cool.

    Signe says:

    Where is the blue see through top from??

    bri says:

    it was pulled by the stylist, most likely from a rental house! Xx

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