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i always like to hear when someone buys something that ends up exceeding their expectations or surprising them with it’s usefulness. so, i thought i’d make my own list of things i added to my life in 2018 that i’ve grown to love and use a lot. and i’d love to hear if you have something to add, big or small! bri tells everyone to buy this stainless steel scraper for their kitchen and at $7, it’s definitely worth buying. useful for everything from scraping your cutting board clean to picking up onions all in one swoop and adding them to a pan.  -joanie p.s. these are not in any particular order! 

Parachute linen quilt $280 – this is a recent addition to my bedroom but i’m loving having a quilt and not just a heavy duvet in this summer heat. it’s also supremely soft and cozy which is a requirement for me and bedding.

Blinc eyebrow mousse $24 – we had a 5am call time one morning for a shoot and bri whipped out her eyebrow gel as the only make up she was putting on and it really made an impact. defining the brows is important and this stuff is great. it doesn’t smear and it has a nice texture, not too heavy.

Lunya joggers $118 – i know i’ve mentioned this before and spending a $100+ seems crazy for sweats but these pants are the best. i wear them at home, if i’m taking a red eye flight i pair them with boots and a long jacket. or just for running out to get coffee on a Saturday. so comfy and still chic.

LACAUSA tee $55 – my favorite t-shirt of all time. it comes in so many colors and i want them all. the perfect mix between tailored and having a relaxed vintage feeling.

Madewell bralette $28 – having a bra with support that doesn’t have an underwire is a game changer. i have big boobs and didn’t think it would work for me but this style does.

Ugg slipers $85 – our whole apartment has wood floors which get really cold and i can’t tell you how nice it is to slip into these. bringing them on vacation is also a great idea, especially for an airbnb house rental. so nice to have a pair of your own slippers!

Sezane denim jacket $145 – i love a denim jacket and this one is a slightly more sleek take on one. it’s a little longer and has been my go-to recently.

Bialetti Moka Pot $35 – stove top espresso is a game changer, i can’t tell you how much we use this is in our house. worth the $35 for sure!

Ember mug $80 – definitely the most nerdy item on my list and i was certainly skeptical before trying this mug but if you’re like me and don’t like cold coffee, but like to sip it all morning and don’t want to re-heat it in the microwave 3 times, this is for you. it’s certainly more techy than i generally am but i use it every single day and there’s no deny that!


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    Not exactly my style and I think it can definitely make some people look a bit silly. But on the right person these can look wonderfully cute.

    red ball says:

    Obsessed with circle glasses <3

    I got ugg slippers for Christmas last year – they still look good as new and they are so warm and comfortable – like you – our place has all wooden flooring, so they’re a must-have to keep my tootsies warm!!

    Rebecca | http://www.peppermintdolly.com

    Amanda says:

    I love this series. It’s nice to see not just what people buy, but what they actually love. I also have UGG slippers; I don’t think I’ll ever buy a different brand and I’ve never been an UGG girl.

    Sunny says:

    If I ever buy a $55 plain tshirt, slap me and take me too a food bank for a reality check!

    Anonymous says:

    Love this, so chic and cool.

    Annie Slocum | happy wheels

    Love the list. Gotta give the a try. Thank you for sharing.

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