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i’m fairly certain we all have those recipes that we reach to when we aren’t feeling inspired in the kitchen, or we’re having people over or we just want something tried and true. i have mine, which i’ll share below, but i’d also like to know what your go-to recipes are, family favorites, things that are predictable but not boring, that you can make on a semi-regular rotation without really getting sick of them. i find myself gravitating towards things that allow for leftovers, pasta bakes that are just as good re-heated, soups that last all week, things like that. here are my go-to recipes and i’d love to know yours! – joanie p.s. after i put this list together i realized that a lot of my meals are not healthy but these are genuinely what i make! i’ve always adhered to the rule, eat what you want, just don’t eat it all! 

sweet potato shephards pie from spoon fork bacon: i’ve simplified this by using dried herbs, double the shallot and skipping the turnip and using water instead of veggie broth and it’s still excellent. keeps well, and is really satisfying. i’ve made it over a dozen times and it’s always good.


go-to recipes | designlovefest
image via spoon fork bacon

Katsudon from the woks of life: sounds exotic but once you make this once you’ll realize how approachable it is. and it’s reallllly good, i highly recommend trying it.

Jon + Vinny’s fusilli alla vodka: the first time i made this was a couple of months ago and i’ve made it 4 + times since then. it’s super easy, inexpensive and a no fail recipe. i double the parmesan but everything else i do exactly as they say. i thought that using a high quality tomato paste was important but i’ve used the 89 cent option from the store and it works just as well.

go-to recipes | designlovefest
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Squash gratin: my sister introduced me to this recipe and it became a household favorite. it’s basically fancy mac + cheese with veggies. the ton of added kale makes me feel better about the loads of dairy in this recipe. we’ve added chicken sausage to it before which is also good if you’re wanting something with meat. this holds up really well and is great re-heated with hot sauce.


go-to recipes | designlovefest
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chicken curry: this recipe that we shared on the blog awhile back and that we still get DM’s about to this day. easiest meal in the world, and soooo good!

cast iron pizza: i keep trader joe’s frozen pizza crusts in the freezer and pop them out when we’re in a pinch. it’s easy, completely adaptable and who doesn’t love pizza?!

chicken noodle soup: a tried and true recipe for me. i’ve been making this for 6+ years and still love it.

go-to recipes | designlovefest

and that’s about it! i’d love to hear your go-to recipes!


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    Eva says:

    These look so yummy, especially that Fusilla alla Vodka. BUT I’M ON A DIET NOW…UGH! Lately my Go-To’s have been Trader Joe’s salads, roasted veggies with farro, and more salads. Weightloss sucks. LOL

    Eva | http://www.shessobright.com

    Lauren says:

    Thanks for sharing! Most weeknights I end up making grain bowls. They’re really easy, especially if you prep. Saute veggies, adding a bit of sauce at the end (I use TJ’s soyaki sauce), serve over rice or quinoa and add 2 over easy eggs with hot sauce on top. Easy, healthy, delicious! I also love the below recipes.






    bri says:

    oooh, these are so good! thanks for sharing. i love minimalist baker!

    Susan says:

    Siracha Turkey Burgers from Sippty Sup!!!

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