hotel tonight | designlovefest

i recently stayed at the proper hotel in san franscisco, designed by kelly wearstler. i was extremely impressed and inspired by her design choices. i booked the hotel through one of my favorite apps, hotel tonight. i really like using their app and was thrilled when they asked if i wanted to work together as i use them all the time (did you know you can now book up to 100 days in advance!) i love staying at unique, design focused hotels when i travel to get inspiration for either a project i’m working on for the blog or something at home. i’ve been working on finishing up the interior at my house and so i’m always checking things out when i go someplace new. the app is also great for last minute trips, when justin and i were in europe we randomly decided we wanted to go to Amsterdam and i booked the Hoxton (which is a really cool spot!) on the app and we flew there the next day, such a fun spontaneous trip!

hotel tonight | designlovefest
hotel tonight | designlovefest
hotel tonight | designlovefest
hotel tonight | designlovefest
hotel tonight | designlovefest
hotel tonight | designlovefest

i love how there were so many mixed patterns and textures everywhere. i actually felt excited by all of the unexpected details throughout the space. the perfect velvet couches, retro vintage rugs, art deco style furniture, amazing art curation, unique lighting…it was really inspiring! and don’t forget to check out the rooftop bar for even more design ideas. this space has definitely encouraged me to take more risks with colors and patterns in my own home, and proven again that kelly wearstler is SO talented.

hotel tonight | designlovefest
hotel tonight | designlovefest
hotel tonight | designlovefest

i took some notes in my head on some design elements that inspired me during my stay…

hotel tonight | designlovefest

inspired by all the fun design elements at the proper, i came back and added a velvet chair with an animal print throw here in my living room. i love how cozy and laid back it makes the space feel now and has an unexpected touch. i’ve been with a designer, tiffany, on finishing the living room and she’s doing a great job making the room feel feminine and masculine, unique, and most of all it has personality! (more on those room resources soon!) i’ve been slowly designing each room with more thought over the past few years. next up is my bedroom…

hotel tonight | designlovefest

my bedroom has been a place where i’ve played it very safe. mostly out of laziness, time, and the fact that it’s totally fine the way it is. bright, airy, easy. but i would love to add more visual interest to the bedroom and have the decor be a little more intentional and sophisticated. i think it would be really cool to add a patterned couch or chair to the window and create a separate space there. i would love to add some fun pillows or a quilt on the bed that made a statement. maybe instead of a chair or couch it would be cool to have a desk area by the window like this?

hotel tonight | designlovefest
hotel tonight | designlovefest

although i love these too…

hotel tonight | designlovefest
hotel tonight | designlovefest

i really admire how kelly seamlessly integrates many different periods of furniture into her rooms. it’s always the perfect mixture. i will be keeping that in mind as i work on my bedroom.

i always love when traveling brings new inspiration, and this definitely did that for me this time. it’s fun to do a solo trip from time to time too, i booked this with really no agenda and no travel companion and it ended up being a really inspiring time at a beautiful property. highly recommend the proper hotel and hotel tonight!


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    vex 3 says:

    This hotel is very luxurious and very nice, comfortable furnishings are reasonably priced. Thanks for sharing the article

    April says:

    If you like this hotel’s design, check out Black Lacquer Design.Caitlin Murray is a close friend who is so talented, adorable and fun. Her designs are unreal!

    Eva says:

    How stunning!! I absolutely love Wearstler’s designs – such color and style. My favorite is definitely that teal couch, it looks so cozy!

    Eva | http://www.shessobright.com

    Diana Lopes says:

    Absolutely love the decor look for this hotel. The bar looks absolutely fantastic.

    Anna Andsten says:

    What an inspiring post! I have been loving Art Deco style lately with velvets and beautiful colors. The hotel looks amazing with all interesting patterns on fabrics. And that wooden floor I love too! You made your living room look very nice! Small changes can make a big difference.
    Thank you for your inspiration!

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