styled on a budget | designlovefest
 polka dot jumpsuit $23

i did a survey at the beginning of the year asking you what you wanted to see more of in the styled column and one piece of feedback i got was more affordable options. some people commented that anything over $50 was totally out of reach for them and that it can be discouraging to see shopping round ups that have mostly $50 + items, which i totally understand. there are stores that have lower price points like Forever 21, H&M and Zara but they have such a big selection that it can seem totally unmanageable to go through and find the hidden gems. i want this column to be about the hidden gems and so the below round up is pieces that have all come from Forever 21.  i also wanted to say is that if you’re on a budget and not wanting to spend a lot of money on clothing i think that shopping consignment stores, ebay and places like depop can be a great solution. i do a lot of my shopping second hand as it’s better for your wallet and the environment and it can be overwhelming at first but overtime you’ll get used to what keywords to search for and if there is a favorite consignment store in town that you can visit. being in LA, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to these types of stores but once you start looking you’ll find that almost every city, big and small has a consignment store or two. Xx, joanie

styled on a budget | designlovefest

the reviews are really positive on this wide leg jumpsuit and i’m not surprised. it’s the perfect sophisticated shape and the button detail makes it look much more expensive. $33

styled on a budget | designlovefest

pretty wrap front dress in a soft yellow. it’s short but the dress itself isn’t cut to be tight so i think those two balance each other out well. $45

styled on a budget | designlovefest

pretty wrap dress to get you through the summer! $33

styled on a budget | designlovefest

digging the daisy print on this little blue number and the soft ruffle at the hem. $25

styled on a budget | designlovefest

ruffled tulip dress, love this in the classic white or the red for a little pop. $28

styled on a budget | designlovefest

this striped button front dress is 100% cotton which is really nice for the warmer months. $25

styled on a budget | designlovefest

this is very 90’s and very cute paired with sneakers. the length is short so may not work for everyone but i the dot print with the buttons is very sweet. $20

styled on a budget | designlovefest

this floral print wrap dress would be a go-to all summer. i like that it’s in rayon which is a really light weight fabric and lays nicely against the body. $28

styled on a budget | designlovefest

i like the low cut back mixed with the longer length on this pretty red number, it makes it really wearable all summer long to events like weddings, showers, etc. $23

styled on a budget | designlovefest

the most colorful option i included but i think the multi-color works on this wrap dress because the silhouette is so simple. $20

styled on a budget | designlovefest

i love this gingham jumpsuit and the way they have it styled. this is a great summer piece, love it with the shirt under or without and would be easy to dress up with slides and a jacket for the evening. bri just ordered this so we’ll keep you posted on how it fits. $28

styled on a budget | designlovefest

this wrap dress is low cut so i’m thinking you’re either going to need tape or to pin it but it’s such a pretty romantic piece and i love the open shoulder look. also very 90’s but very of the moment right now.


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    Taylor says:

    LOVE this round up. Affordable and adorable.

    Jacqueline says:

    Fantastic picks! You’ve got just about all my favourite trends this season here. I love the yellow dress, and it’s all so affordable.


    LeAnn says:

    Wait what?! I’ve been living in LA forever and have NEVER been to a consignment store, Joanie! Can you please do a round up of the best stores to town!? Omg that’d be amazing!! Thanks! 🙂

    bri says:

    YES! i totally will do that.

    J. says:

    So nice to think of those of us on a budget! Nice post, Thank you.

    sarah says:

    such great finds, Joanie! feels like i can’t afford NOT to get them!I’m going to surprise my daughter with at least one.

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