on starting to workout again | designlovefest

towards the end of last year i had a lot of health things come up, a weird blood test result, an ear infection, strep and then strep again that all stretched out for a couple of months (this is joanie, by the way). needless to say, it was very time consuming both emotionally and physically and kept me from doing a lot of my normal routines that i was used to, including working out. i was taking walks and going for hikes but not pushing myself in order to let my body heal and rest. working out has been a big part of my routine for the last 5+ years so it was hard to give it up but then once i was out of the habit of doing it, it was hard to get back to it.

on starting to workout again | designlovefest
on starting to workout again | designlovefest
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i’m thankfully back to full health now and jumping back into exercising. bri and i have been doing bar method 3-4 times a week (remember when we had the DLFgetfit column?!) which i’ve really been enjoying. it’s hard though when you haven’t been exercising to start again, you feel disconnected from your body, things that you used to be able to do with ease are challenging, you get sore fast and stay sore longer, you’re more critical of your body and your performance and it overall can feel discouraging. but, the thing i do know is that i’m a better person to myself when i work out. i feel more positive, i sleep better, have more energy, drink more water, stretch more and feel generally less high strung which are all really important things for my sanity.

one thing that really shifted for me after months of being unwell is the privilege of being able to move your body and having the energy to exercise. instead of focusing on not wanting to exercise it has shifted into feeling grateful that i have the health to be able to do it. i definitely took for granted being able to jump out of bed every day and take a class and not being held back by sickness or fatigue.

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all this to say, if you’re in a workout rut, feel too scared to get back on the horse, feel embarrassed by how out of shape you are or lack motivation to start moving again, start small and know that small and consistent efforts equal change and that moving your body is an important part of being a balanced person. i also think it’s only fair that i get to add some fun new workout gear to my closet. i basically only workout in lululemon yoga tights that i bought in college so i’m open to anything you have and love. i’m really into the colors of outdoor voices and it feels like there are so many new companies popping up all the time with cool gear!  – joanie

on starting to workout again | designlovefest
 Stella McCartney leggings


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    Holly says:

    It is so hard to get back into exercise after taking time away from it (forced or not!) and I am currently in an exercise rut & this has given me another push back into it. Thanks for the inspiration, let’s get moving!

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo

    Justene says:

    You should check out Avocado (shopavocado.com). They have some really great gear!

    Courtney says:

    This resonates with me so much! I have been overweight my whole life but started taking daily walks back in September and eating a little better and lost nearly 40 pounds. Frankly, the weight loss doesn’t excite me nearly as much as the general feeling that my body and I are on the same team.

    Glad you are feeling better! Cheers to a healthy 2018.

    vidmate free says:

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    jess says:

    your advice to start small is great, i really needed to read that! i’ve been a bit lazy lately, i used to work out heaps but stopped and i’m definitely not in the mood to work out hard these days! i was also exercising for the wrong reasons when i was in my 20’s, these days i just want to be healthy, especially if i want to be a mum in the future!

    also, i think you guys would love this aussie brand: https://pe-nation.com/

    Stephanie says:

    Been trying to get back into the routine of exercising again, but it’s so hard especially after the holidays and because I’ve been so lazy haha but with all this cute workout gear everywhere maybe I’ll get motivated to get back it again! Love those Stella McCartney leggings!



    Eva says:

    These are awesome picks for new workout clothes. I would LOVE to have Stella McCartney stuff, but I worry it’s too expensive, so I haven’t even looked! I tend to keep my workout stuff super simple, black leggings and a white tee or tank.


    lynn says:

    I joined a really expensive gym to get myself motivated to work out for the first time in years – it really works! Even though sometimes I only go there to shower…

    bri says:

    haha, I used to have an Equinox membership and it felt like SUCH a luxury to go there! The steam room and cold towels alone were enough to get me there.

    Lauren says:

    I just bought a pair of Athleta Salutation tights and I am OBSESSED. They are so comfortable. They’re not great at moisture wicking for hot yoga, but should be awesome for any other class. They have a great return policy and stand by the quality of their gear as well. I’ve exclusively worn their sports bras for years.

    One of my favourite things to do when I’m getting back into working out is doing videos at home (not big on running!) but I used to do at home Winsor pilates videos when I was in high school (early 2000’s…) but they are all on youtube now and they are such an awesome quick workout, and easy to follow.

    bri says:

    i love workout videos! i live on a top floor apartment so can’t really jump around but a pilates one would be fun!

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