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this could be called stocking stuffers or just smaller, meaningful gifts that won’t take up all the room in your suitcase but will still give the receiver a general feeling of glee!

Pom pom beanie $4o (25% off that price today!) – because who doesn’t love a fun hat to wear all winter long!

True Botanicals face mist $48 – a major office favorite around here. this mist gives you an instant refresh and a bit of hydration which is seriously needed these time of year. spritz it on right before you put on your make up!

Massage gift certificate – every single one of us is going to need a massage after the holidays are over so set someone you love up with a gift certificate to treat themselves. if you’re in LA our favorite go to spot is The Now which offers really reasonably priced massages in the most relaxing setting.

Glossier cloud paint – i love all of the glossier products. i’m really not a make up girl and their products let me bump up my look for a night out without having that heavy i’m wearing make up feeling. their cloud paint is a gel based blush which blends really beautifully into the skin. i also love their boy brow.

Blackbird incense $28 – i own this incense and love it. you don’t need an incense holder. they come in little pyramid shapes and several delicious scents. it’s one of those things that someone might not buy themselves because it’s $28 but would be delighted to receive as a gift.

Mini Tool kit $28 – everyone needs a few tools hanging around for the occasional ikea assemble and such. we have this little kit at our office and it works great in a pinch.

Cape scarf $55 (25% off that price today!) – i know i post about these cape scarves all the time but i do think they are the perfect gift. excellent to bring while traveling on an airplane, perfect to throw on over your shoulder at the beach or to toss in your bag when you leave the house for the evening it might get chilly.

Honestly Hazel eye gels $36 – no one is above the occasional tired + puff eyes and these little hydrating gels do the trick. especially with all the holiday cocktail parties in our future.

Weekly meal ideas $7 – there is something really depressing about january and trying to muster up the energy to dive back into our normal routine. so i love the idea of gifting someone these weekly meal planning recipes. every friday they would get set 5 new meal ideas emailed to them for the week along with photos of each dish, prep-ahead tips and a grocery list. and it’s only $7/month. i personally really enjoy cooking but coming up with something to make is not always the easiest so this idea seems genius to me.



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    Eva says:

    That true botanicals mist sounds SO nice! And the cloud paint was a product I really liked – I did not think it would be as pretty as it is when I first saw it, but it’s great!


    bri says:

    the mist is SO nice! Xx

    Sophie says:

    I’d love tory out Glossier’s cloud paint. All of their products are amazing. I’m sure the cloud paint will be fabulous.


    nasir says:

    My younger brother birthday will come on 1 Jan 2018 and i want to give a gift him. Please tell me how can i chose a good gift

    alyanaseeb says:

    I really like this gift. I big brother will come on 1 FEB, 2018 and will you help me which type of gift i will give him.I have no idea but lease help me in that case?

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