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it’s no secret that i’ve recently gotten very into cooking so when my friend barrett asked joanie and i if we wanted to be apart of a cookbook club we were in! it’s actually a little bit intimidating to be a fairly new cook and have to prepare a dish for everyone (most of the people being really skilled in the kitchen). but i took it as a learning opportunity and a chance to challenge my skills and grow my understanding of cooking different types of food.

the way the cookbook club works is that we meet once a month and there are six members and we each rotate who hosts. whoever hosts gets to pick the cookbook, hopefully it’s one you love or something you have been wanting to try. a book that people will like adding to their collection. the idea is that everyone selects an item from the cookbook to make and than you all share in it together. it gives you a chance to really understand the cookbook and for people to make comments on it, if they liked the recipe layouts, if the end result was worth the effort, if they’d change something in their recipe moving forward, etc.

cookbook club | designlovefest
cookbook club | designlovefest

i went first and picked “Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking” i decided to make the breaded shrimp skewers and joanie decided to make the bread salad. normally we’d meet at my house but we decided to head to descanso gardens instead to enjoy the long evening light and the outdoor music.

verdict? the bread salad was delicious but oddly labor intensive. it’s one of those recipes that once you make  you’ll know in the future which steps you can skip. i loved that it used anchovies in the dressing, it made me feel fancy. and the quality of the bread really reallly matters. i bought whole wheat focaccia from the farmers market and it was delicious. also, only make this when tomatoes are in season, that’s the majority of the salad. but overall delicious, i’d recommend making some variation of it! – joanie

shrimp skewers – there were very few ingredients in this recipe so each one counts, a lot. they turned out to be super moist from the bread crumbs and pretty easy to make! i would definitely recommend it. i also tried the tomato and onion sauce from the book and it was great! seriously everyone’s dish turned out so delicious, i was proud of us! – bri

cookbook club | designlovefest
cookbook club | designlovefest
cookbook club | designlovefest
cookbook club | designlovefest

our next book is the Jerusalem cookbook and we’re meeting on wednesday! we’ll keep you posted on how it turns out. any suggestions on books we should try?? you should do it with us! xx bri



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    Sophie says:

    I’ve heard amazing things about the Jerusalem cookbook. I definitely need to try some recipes out.


    Sophie says:

    I’ve heard amazing things about the Jerusalem cookbook. I definitely need to try some recipes out. Please let me know if you like it.


    raychel says:

    Jerusalem is the best and you MUST make the pasta with yogurt, peas, and chile!!!

    bri says:

    thanks for the recommendation! that sounds amazing!!

    Iva says:

    Second that recommendation, it’s a phenomenal dish! The butternut dip was also good and I trust Ottolenghi on anything with eggplants.

    Lauren says:

    How cool! I’d love to see if you guys find a great vegetarian cookbook as I’m trying to incorporate one meal a week into our rotation. The William-Sonoma books have all been so good to me (a little pricier to build their recipes) and perfect for hosting.

    Janel says:

    You have GOT to try the Thug Kitchen cookbooks and Oh She Glows. Those are my go-to vegan/plant based cookbooks right now. Thug Kitchen is amazing, funny and real. Oh She Glows is way practical for everyday. 🙂

    Lauren says:

    Awesome! Thanks 🙂

    Kaila says:

    I taught myself to cook by making everything in Jack Bishop’s A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen and still reach for that book a few times a week. Really accessible recipes & killer flavor combinations, It has my sisters & friends hooked too!

    Janel says:

    THUG KITCHEN! I recently switched to a plant based diet and everything in this cookbook has been OUTSTANDING plus, the guys are vegan so no meat, eggs, dairy. HALLELUJAH!

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    Lala says:

    Hippie Lane The Cookbook is a good one, wholefoods based and GORGEOUS pics. I’m a sucker for pretty pictures and eating food. Haha! Also Bowls of Plenty is yumtastic too. I like simple and fun cookbooks. Like to keep it exciting. Love this idea, it’s a great excuse to eat and host “yum yum fiestas” (that’s what I like to call food parties.)

    run 3 says:

    On weekends with family and friends, it’s great.

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