justin and i are headed on a longer trip to italy in about 4 weeks so i’ve been heavy in the planning zone over here (which i love to do). we’re doing a mixture of airbnb + hotel. some driving, some planes, a few trains. we want to experience a LOT in the month that we’re there. justin has never been to europe and i’m so freaking excited to show him some of my favorite spots and eat tons of pasta. i’ve pretty much mapped out our month, but would love your advice on sicily (no idea where to start) and any recs you have in these spots! ok, here’s our plan so far…


we fly from LA to rome and are here for about 4-5 days. remember my post when i went to rome a few years ago? you can see it here.  there was so much i didn’t get to see, so i’m happy to go back!


then we are going to take a train to naples and either take a 1.5 hour car or a bus to our hotel in positano (what do you suggest?) it’s pretty pricey in this area so we are just going for two days before we head to capri.


we’re going to take a ferry to capri and we rented an airbnb in anacapri for two nights. again, more expensive and i don’t think we need tons of time there. but everyone says it’s gorgeous so i’m excited about this one!


here’s where i’m a little lost. we are thinking of taking the ferry back to naples from capri and then taking a flight to sicily. i’ve never been there and i have no clue what area to stay in. we have about 5-6 days allotted for sicily so maybe we divide it into two spots? however, we’re moving around so much (and repacking!) it might be nice to just stay put and relax somewhere? thoughts? did you love sicily? do we skip it and go somewhere else?


then we were going to take a flight to florence and spend 3-4 days there exploring the capital of tuscany. i’ve never been so i would love your fave spots! our airbnb is pretty close to the boboli gardens.


i think we are going to rent a car and explore tuscany for a few days after florence. we can enjoy a few wineries and a quieter setting. some friends are on their honeymoon near siena and they’re trying to get us to crash it, which sounds fun.


our last stop in italy! we are going to ditch the car in siena and jump on a four hour train (i bet it’s so beautiful out the windows!) to venice. i fell in love with this place the last time i was there and i can’t wait to experience it with my guy. so romantic!

would love to hear your comments, thanks so much everyone!! and wow i hope we can get along for this long! haha. any tips!? xx bri

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    Caitlin says:

    Since you are heading to Venice I highly suggest checking out Burano! It is an incredibly colorful, incredibly beautiful place that was one of my favorite spots in all of Europe.

    bri says:

    yes! good idea 🙂

    Erin says:

    Definitely hit the Mercato Centrale in Florence for lunch! This was my highlight of Florence – reminded me of the Ferry Buliding in San Francisco, but so many more food vendors!!

    Katie Weltner says:

    Positano and the Amalfi Coaost is beautiful but crrrraaaazy. There’s only one road along the coast and it’s super windy and narrow. The bus we took into Positano was totally packed full of people so it was a pretty unpleasant ride – if you can do it in a car, you’d probably be happier! Just remember to take a deep breath and think about the beach umbrella you’re about to sit under. 🙂

    Oh, and to get from town to town, you can take a bus or take a boat – I’d recommend going by boat at least once! The views are epic and like I said, the roads are crazy.

    We enjoyed Fornillo beach in Positano, which was just a 15 minute stroll from town but much quieter.

    I heard Da Adolfo is a nice restaurant accessed only by boat, but we never made it there.

    bri says:

    good advice, thank you!

    Jackie Rueda says:

    Bri, do that, take the water taxi, it will be beautiful and so much less stressful (diving there is not easy and parking can be a problem). Visit Amalfi from Positano. If you can, skip Napoli and go to Sorrento, it’s gorgeous! Have you considered a half day in Procida? Look the photos on my blog:

    Katie Weltner says:

    OH and if you don’t eat a pizza in Naples, YOU WILL MISS OUT! It’s the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life, and my husband runs a pizza restaurant so I’ve had a lot of pizza. We tried it from like 5 different places in town and loved them all. Naples itself is dirty and not worth much time, but the PIZZA!!! Please get one for a train ride.

    bri says:

    ok will do!

    Kimber says:

    I highly recommend visiting Matera. It’s one of the oldest cities in the world and it’s history is amazing. I read an article on the history channel website before I went that got me really excited to visit! Also, anything in the Puglia region is amazing, if you can make it that far.

    Cristina says:

    When in Florence make sure to visit the Boboli Gardens/Pitti Palace, Academia Gallery, Uffizi Gallery and The Duomo. You can climb the stairs to the top of the Duomo for an amazing view of the city! La Giostra and Trattoria Mario are great places to eat as well as the Oil Shoppe for on-the-go sandwiches. Perch No! & Vivoli for gelato!

    Zinnia says:

    I just got back from Amalfi Coast, Capri, Rome and Tuscany. We learned: 1. stay at least 4 nights in one spot to really explore and relax. Anything less than that you really do feel like you are packing and unpacking and it’s not restful. 2. Positano is beautiful but it is really crowded. Recommend Ravello or Amalfi rather than Positano–unless you like crowds and thousands of tourists. We stayed at the Santa Caterina in Amalfi and it was amazing. 3. The road is insane; take the ferries/boats from one place to another rather than driving. 4. Capri: gorgeous. We didn’t stay there but visited for a day and for me, that was enough. It’s small and lots of visitors. The boats, yachts, marina and water-life is fun to see. I don’t know about Anacapri, we saw it from the boat but didn’t disembark. Capri has lots of beautiful people and the very high end Italian designer shops. It’s beautiful and definitely worth visiting. 5. Florence: our hotel had bikes and we used them to ride all over Florence. Vivoli is famous for its gelato but there are lots of other places too. You might like the Santa Maria Novella Pharmacie where the perfumes, soaps, foods, are made following the recipes of the priest/nuns of the past. There will be long lines for Uffizi and David so try to arrange tickets ahead of time through a travel agent or something! The Pitti Palace was not crowded and was beautiful inside and out. Also great views of the city. 6. For us, Siena was a day trip and that was enough but the countryside is exquisite. You will love it. 7. We had caprese salad and prosecco every day. And are continuing to do so after returning to the States! Have fun–it’s impossible not to.

    Allyson says:

    Wow! You’re really going ALL over! Yes, the views out of the train between Florence and Venice are stunning. Siena is gorgeous. There is a bus option between Florence and Siena if you want to avoid a potentially stressful drive, but I see the benefits of that freedom too!

    Tiffany S. says:

    You’re going to have such an amazing time!! My fiancee and i just got back from spending two weeks in Rome, Venice and Florence (and Lake Como) and we loved it so much that we are planning to go back next year. I did hours and hours of research before we went and ended up going to 99% of the places i had my ‘to go’ list. Here are some of our top recommendations for food/drinks:

    1) Pane e Salame for lunch – near the Pantheon and perfect for charcuterie, sandwiches, wine and beer
    2) Ristochicco for lunch – near Vatican and has delicious pasta and pizza. so many locals were there so we knew it was going to be good and it did not disappoint! (Make reservation)
    3) Dar Poeta for lunch or casual dinner – in Trastavere neighborhood and their marinara pizza is to die for (my favorite in Rome) Has a Highland Park/Silverlake type vibe.
    4) Roma Sparita for dinner – in Trastavere neighborhood. From your last Rome blog it looks like your a fan of cacio de pepe and theirs is the best – they serve it in a parmesan bowl and it was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s “Rome” episode on No Reservations. So good! (Make reservation)

    1)Hotel de Russie patio for apertif hour. Obsessed with this place. Perfect patio for drinking aperol spritz’s and people watching (which we did before hitting up dinner the 3 nights we were in Rome) Plus it’s near Via Margutta, one of the cutest (instagrammable) streets in Rome

    2) If you end up making it over to Trastavere neighborhood for dinner, once you’ve finished dinner head down to the river and there are so many open-air restaurants that are playing music and perfect to grab an after-dinner drink – we had so much fun drinking and meeting locals here!

    Vatican, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica / Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill (be sure to get tix in advance for everything)

    1) Antico Forno for pizza – so, so good! In San Polo
    2) All Arco for cicchetti – various small bruscetta and it’s ridiculously good. Perfect for lunch. We ate here both days we were in Venice. In San Polo

    1) Hotel Terraza Denali rooftop – amazing view for drinks!
    2) Osteria Bancogiro – come here around 4/5pm before the tide comes in and it’s all locals drinking at an outdoor bar and sitting on the canal watching the gondolas go by. we’d grab gelato or a snack nearby (and of course a spritz) and sit here for hours!

    1) Peggy Guggenheim Collection – was so beautiful! You can get tix on site
    *We stayed in a fantastic Air Bnb if you are looking for one!

    1) All’ Antico Vinaio – near Uffizi Gallery. OMG THE BEST SANDO EVER. You have to go here. I still dream about the proscuitto sandwich I had with truffle sauce and arugla.
    2) La Giostra – we ate dinner here twice. so romantic, the food is delicious and we fell in love with the staff. So many people recommended this place to me and it was above and beyond my expectations.
    3) Gelato at Edoardo – best organic gelato i’ve had in my life. line is so long but worth it. so good!

    1) Grab some bubbly and light bites and have a picnic at Boboli Gardens! There’s a beautiful fountain right in the middle. We brought a deck of cards and had a blast.
    2) Grab pre-dinner drinks at Hotel Continele rooftop. Just over Ponte Vecchio from where you are staying.

    1)Uffizi Gallery + Accademia – get your tix in advance

    Enjoy your trip! xx

    Ellie says:

    Buy wine in grocery stores, leather in Florence. They will bargain with you. Also tapestry. Watch out for gypsies.
    Catacombs in Rome.

    Paige says:

    Oh my gosh, DRIVE TO POSITANO. It’s like Big Sur on Italian steroids. The drive from Naples to Positano is the very best moment of my life.

    Sarah says:

    I spent a semester in Florence and my favorite restaurant was Trattoria Bordino
    Via Stracciatella 9R
    50125 Florence

    I spent my 22nd birthday there and it was magical. It is probably near where you are staying (at least on the same side of the Arno), It’s an evening place and kind of hidden – you can walk by it during the day and not even notice that it’s there. The street it’s on dead ends into a staircase.
    I’m super jealous!! You are going to have so much fun!

    Maggie says:

    I was just in Bologna, Siena, and Venice! I was hoping to get to the Murano Glass Factory, but only had a limited amount of time. All so so beautiful. I was on the opposite end of the spectrum and found myself wandering around. Hope you have a beautiful time!

    Sharon says:

    I’m so excited about your trip! My family has just decided to go for the first two weeks in October so I’ll be learning from your experiences. You may enjoy this link. http://www.anaffairwithitaly.com/186/Features/1250/Juliette-Arent-Squadrito-Interior-Designer

    Rainbeau says:

    Duuuuuuuude! This is going to be such an awesome trip. I just spent a week in Capri and I am now a believer. You’re going to love it! (I hope.) I always opt to take the Alibus in Naples (goes between the airport, main train station & the port), it’s easy, quick, clean and only €4… Naples cab drivers can be the worst.

    Marlene says:

    I’m here now doing a similar trip!! Just a few suggestions:
    1) double check all the A/C in your accommodations. Rome and Florence are now routinely 100F a day. You don’t want to get caught without it!
    2) rent a scooter on Capri for 40 euros for the whole day. It’s worth it one of the days. Reserve online before you get there: http://www.capri.net/en/e/rent-scooter-capri
    3) Reserve a dinner to try florentine steak if you’re into that. I recommend I’Tuscani 2: http://ituscani2.com
    4) For the uffizzi, accademia, Vatican, coliseum etc I would def reserve tickets online beforehand. The lines are ridic and a waste of time!

    Have an amazing trip!

    Victoria says:

    Italy is always a good idea with all those beautiful places <3

    Amy V says:

    Sicily – visit Taormina! I’ve been twice. It can be busy in high season with tourists but worth it. Perched on a hilltop, this picturesque old village has the remains of an amphitheatre with ocean views. You can walk down the hillside to the ocean for a swim.
    The Godfather Part II filmed their Italian bits here and a tour takes you around. Not the kind of thing I’d normally do but we had a day to spare and quite enjoyed it.
    You can walk on Mount Etna, at least you could when I was there, it’s an active volcano that erupts pretty frequently so they may have stopped now.
    The Valley of the Temples has ruins of an acropolis but the nearby town Agrigento is not particularly pretty. Neither is Palermo in my opinion, it’s a trading city.
    I would spend most or all of my time in Sicily in Taormina.
    Have fun!

    Silvia says:

    Hi! I recently spent two weeks on the Amalfi coast, which was plenty of time to see everything. You are absolutely right that 2 days will definitely be enough to see all of Capri. It’s fairly easy to get around using the busses on the island, but I would suggest you don’t rely on them too much as they are sometimes overcrowded and the drivers will reject you. I took a boat ride around Capri, which lasted for about 4 hours. If you get sea sick at all, I would definitely recommend taking medicine before you hop on the boat as it gets very rocky, especially around the area of the Blue Grotto (which is a must-see but awfully touristy and quite the rip-off imo).
    I would recommend taking a train from Naples to Sorrento, then taking a bus from there to Positano. Sorrento is absolutely GORGEOUS and a must-see stop on the way to Positano. Sorrento is sometimes overlooked because Positano gets all the attention, but I thought it had its very own magic (and very good restaurants by the water). I don’t think there are any trains from Sorrento to Positano as Positano doesn’t have a train station. Either way, the bus ride will absolutely be worth it because you get to see the beautiful scenery. Again, if you experience motion sickness, definitely pack enough medicine as the bus rides are absolutely crazy! Make sure that you decide for a hotel that’s not too far up the mountain (either side of the city is fine just as long as it’s not too high up) because the stairs will KILL you – especially if it’s really hot. Please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail if you have any more questions.
    Enjoy your time!!!

    bri says:

    ok i am going to consider adding more of that coast and maybe skipping sicily. i think sorrento etc sounds nice to wander around

    Anonymous says:


    La Specola, Natural History Museum, Florence (Renaissance-era wax anatomical models, but it’s probsbly not for everyone).

    Carlo Scarpa in Venice: Olivetti, Queirini-Stampalia
    Beautiful gem of a church: Santa Maria dei Miracoli
    Biennale until late Nov (many palazzi are free to enter without having to buy Biannale ticket)

    Buon viaggio!

    Anonymous says:

    PS. If you are going in September, the flea markets in Venice should be starting up again. There is a really good one near Santa Maria dei Miracoli but they move around.

    There is also a good, reasonably-priced vintage clothing market in Piazza Santo Spirito in Florence. If you are into this stuff, Google “mercatino” wherever you are…

    Hi Bri!!!

    So glad you are going to Amalfi, I go almost every year with my boyfriend since he has family there!
    I made a little illustrated guide about the Amalfi Coast that can be super helpful:

    The botanical gardens in Naples is stuuuuuning, if you have time, go check it out. I totally agree with the people saying to take the ferry rather than driving in the Amalfi coast. Not only you will get to see gorgeous views, but also you wont need to find a parking spot (specially in towns like Positano/Amalfi can be a pain).

    Capri is amazing, and 2 nights will be enough. I had the best dinner of my life in the restaurant Da Gesolmina (beautiful views, organic and local food, flawless service – they pick you up in Anacapri city center and drive you to the restaurant!!! ) – For lunch, try the restaurant Il Geranio, has the best view of the faraglioni rocks, and the best risotto of my life.

    Also in Capri, dont hesitate to take the cabs. Splurge a bit, and enjoy these 2 days. The cabs are not that expensive, and its SO MUCH FUN!

    Really looking forward to see what you do during your travels!!! Lots of love, Jackie

    bri says:

    love your illustrations! thanks for the tips. i think we might explore more around that area, you have convinced me!

    OMG! So glad to know that!! Have a wonderful time!

    Ops, forgot to tell you about Furore beach!!!! It’s a secluded Fjord between Positano and Amalfi, and its incredible!

    Diane says:

    Oh, Italian coffee and spaghetti! Enjoy your trip!

    Dear Bri If you are going to Sicily have a look on Blossom zine https://goo.gl/mNs5s3

    I went last summer to do this special issue, is all about SICILY, I think you’ll find a lot of inspiration

    with LOVE Dana

    Amanda says:

    No advice from me but please do a detailed guide on your trip once it’s completed! My boyfriend and I have dreams of a month long Italy vacation when we finish our grad programs in a few years!

    Ria DAversa says:

    In sicily: fly to Palermo, take the one hour train to Cefalu. We stayed at Hotel Calette, right on the water.

    Laura says:

    FLORENCE- I love that you guys are staying in the Oltarno. It’s a great neighborhood away from the craziness of il centro storico, but a super-short walk to the action and sooooo cute. Here are some of my Florentine favorites:

    Boboli Gardens – The Pitti Palace is ok, but the gardens are amazing. Grab some snacks and spend an afternoon there.

    Santa Croce – Burial place of everyone famous. Michelangelo, Galileo, Machiavelli to name a few. Plus there’s a famous leather-working school in the area and the grounds are beautiful.

    Piazza della Signorina – Grab a snack/gelato and people watch

    Best Gelato – Gelateria Dei Neri, Gelateria Artigianale, Vivoli

    Best Pizza – Il Pizzaiuolo, Il Gatto e la Volpe

    Best Lunch – 4 Leoni (get the pear & peccorino pasta)

    Romantic Dinner – La Giostra (you’ll need to make reservations)

    Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella – amazing. Just go.

    Piazzale Michelangelo & San Minato Al Monte- This is a nice walk up into the hills past some amazing villas to a giant Piazza with spectacular views of the city. Most city panoramas are taken from this vantage point. Keep going up towards San Minato Al Monte which is a lovely little church on the hillside. This is a great way to get out into the Tuscan countryside without really having to leave the city.

    Museums – A good idea in Florence is to buy museum tickets for a set time. You can usually go to the museum first thing in the morning and buy a ticket for later that day in order to skip the line. I think you could also do this online? The lines suck. Try to skip them if you can. The Bargello is a lesser known museum and very underrated.

    This entire trip sounds amazing!!

    Carly says:

    Hi Bri!

    I used to live in Italy and typed up an Italy Guide when I got home to send to my friends/family that were going to visit! I hope this helps in some way.

    Don’t be overwhelmed! You will still have an incredible time even if you don’t hit things on this list. Italy is an incredible country and you will have a fascinating experience no matter what you do! Expect long lines most places. Don’t get frustrated though—most things are worth the lines 🙂

    *Don’t forget to validate your train tickets, or else you will get fined on the train! Italy is an unpredictable country, so just go with the flow in regards to transportation. You can walk to almost everything in Florence! It’s a small city that is literally a living museum.

    Try to take it all in!

    Italy Guide!

    Places to go:
    -The Duomo-the main cathedral. Go in, but also climb to the top! It’s about 463 steps. Should cost between 8-12 Euro. Incredible views of the entire city.
    -Galleria dell’Accademia-the museum that holds Michelangelo’s David. Long lines, but worth it if you want to see this masterpiece!
    -Ponte Vecchio-the main, prettiest bridge! Filled with a ton of expensive jewelry shops. It’s super crowded so watch your belongings.
    -Piazza Signoria-the government district, holds the Palazzo Vecchio that also has great art. There is a fun bar in that piazza called Old Stove.
    -Uffizi Museum-has the world’s BEST art, go in there! You must buy tickets to enter (maybe look into buying them online in advance to jump lines), and expect long lines. However, some of the world’s best and most famous art is housed in this museum. Absolutely one of a kind!
    -Boboli Gardens/ Pitti Palace are amazing and inside the Pitti Palace (where the ‘de Medicis lived) This is located on the other side of the Arno River. If you cross the Ponte Vecchio, continue walking straight (follow the crowd) and you’ll eventually see this massive palace! The gardens are located inside.
    -San Lorenzo Market- the biggest market where you will find all of the souvenirs, leather goods, everything! Located in the San Lorenzo area, near Il Mercato Centrale.
    -Mercato Centrale is a great place to get fresh Italian goods and it’s a great place to walk around! Located near San Lorenzo Market.
    -Medici Chapel is a really cool sight to see! It holds Michelangelos and the actual church is stunning.
    -Santa Maria Novella Church, which is located by the train station
    -Piazza Michelangelo has the city’s best views, it’s only a little hike up! I highly suggest going at sunset!
    -Piazza Reppublica-restaurants, carousel, expensive shops
    -Piazza Strozzi-check if there are any cool exhibits going on!
    -Piazza Santa Croce- awesome cathedral and is a happening place at night! William Pub is a cool place for a drink. However, there are many famous artists are buried in this church and their tombs are works of art in themselves.

    *Italy has this thing called Aperitivo, which is our American happy hour. If you buy a drink, you get unlimited access to their food buffet. I really enjoyed a place Colle Beretos, which is located in Piazza Strozzi. Italians use this as a pre-dinner, but Americans load up on food! Super good deals! Another good aperitivo place is called Kitsch.

    When you are in Italy, everyone gets his or her OWN pizza (and you have to finish it like a true Italian!)
    -The BEST pizza in the city (in my opinion), is on the other side of the river in Piazza Santo Spirito (where I went to school!) The place is called Gusta Pizza— AMAZING!!! The Calabrese pizza is my favorite—you can’t go wrong with any choice though!
    – Wine will be amazing anywhere
    -Il Gato el Volpe (Via Ghibellina, 151r) has great food—amazing gorgonzola gnocchi and they are known for their balsamic!
    -Antico Noe – Santa Croce – great sandwiches…If you are walking from the Duomo along Via Dell’Oriuolo, walk until you get to Eby’s Bar (another great place for lunch or
    dinner) – it will be on you right, and it’s a little passage way. Go in the passage way and you will see it on the left
    -Acqua al Due, Via della Vigna Vecchia 40/r– great menu, reservations are needed.
    -La Giostra (Borgo Pinti 10r) is an upscale restaurant that is absolutely out of this world. You will need reservations and I would even book them way in advance! The previous owner/head chef of this restaurant was a descendent of a Medici prince!
    -Dantes has good food too! This is located on the other side of the river as well. (Usually have an unlimited wine deal…the perfect place to get a good buzz going!)

    DO NOT get the gelato that is piled high and in bright colors in the tourist areas (in any city)—they are super expensive and filled with air and food coloring. Instead, go to gelato shops like Grom and Le Parigine where the gelato is in containers that you CANNOT see—that’s the real stuff! GELATO: Grom (near the Duomo), La Carrera Gelato (the other side of the river by Gusta Pizza…on Ponte Carrera), Le Parigine (Via dei’ Servi), Vivoli (Via Isola delle Stinche 7r, near Santa Croce )

    -FOR THE BEST PANINO: I Due Fratelli (Via dei Cimatori, 38)—absolutely OUT of this world and only 2.50 euro each!


    There are 2 main metro lines, (Ligne A and B), each ride is only one euro, may make sense one day to pay 4 euro for the all day pass if you’re doing a lot during the day and night, everything is closer than it seems and so you’ll be mostly walking.

    SIGHTS (some main suggestions)
    – Trevi Fountain
    – Colosseum and Roman Forum/ruins (pay for local tour guide selling tours in front of Colosseum – we did one that was 21euro, price of admission plus 10euro, definitely worth it to get a guided tour of Colosseum, then time to walk around it yourself, then a guided tour of Palantine Hill and Roman Forum)
    – **go see the Colosseum all lit up at night
    – Spanish Steps- watch your belongings here!
    – Piazza Navona – really nice at night, fun bars
    – The Pantheon is really cool to see!
    – Vatican Museums (where you see the Sistine Chapel)—see if you can purchase tickets in advance online
    – Saint Peter’s Basillica – must see Michaelangelo’s pieta (sculpture of mother and child) in St. Peter’s Square
    – Borghese Museum
    – Via Veneto (Main Ave. – like 5th Ave in NYC)
    – Synagogue – really nice, pay 4 euro and get a tour
    – Cross Tiber River to Trastavere area (fun at night) – great pizza is on Via Arenula near the bridge to Trastevere- Pizza Art- it is seriously the best pizza ever


    – You MUST eat at Dar Poeta—some of the best pizza in the city!!
    – There are a few pubs/bars in the Campo de’ Fiori area (which is also cute during the day, sometimes there is an outdoor market there)
    – -Ristorante Ciao Bella
    – La Scala
    Tre Scalini – in the Piazza Navona -original Tartufa (excellent)
    – Get fresh fruit/veggies in Campo De Fiori, its right near the Cornell Palazzo
    – AMAZING sandwiches at the far left side of Campo De Fiori- Forno Campo Di Fiori
    – La Taverna Del Ghetto- great, inexpensive restaurant in the Jewish ghetto near the Synagogue; try the fried artichokes while in the Jewish ghetto
    – Coffee place near the Pantheon, Tazzo D’Oro
    – Amazing salad place near the Palazzo- L’Insalata Ricca
    – Best gelato is to the right of Campo De Fiori- Blue Ice; more convenient gelato at Duomo near Via Sant’Anna
    – More great pizza is on Via Arenula near the bridge to Trastevere- Pizza Art- it is seriously to die for and a definite must
    – Bakery between Palazzo and Campo De Fiori- large wooden sign says Panificio, get the foccacia; they also make great eggplant parmigiana, pizza and sautéed veggies and you can get food to go or eat in the back

    – Go to the Sunday Market in Trastevere (Porta Portese), its enormous and they sell everything from Antiques to fake bags to vintage stuff and new items too
    – The neighborhood past Campo De Fiori is very artsy and has amazing boutiques, just keep walking… mix of art galleries, jewelry stores, glass store (Sciam, Vetro Soffiato) and more
    – Great shopping on Via del Corso (all the way down to Piazza del Popolo) and Via Vittorio Emmanuel; also cute little stores around the Pantheon and around the Jewish Ghetto

    -Maison and Groove are 2 good clubs
    -Bars around Piazza Navona

    Random Info
    -Make sure you go to Ostia Antica, about a 30min train ride outside of Rome- its like Pompeii but better
    -See the Pantheon at night (outside)
    -See the church of El Gesu, it’s got a breath-taking ceiling- you can’t tell which parts are 3D or pa

    Places to go:
    -Piazza San Marco
    -San Marco Cathedral
    – The Rialto Bridge
    – Guggenheim Museum
    – Jewish Ghetto – Cannaregio (take a water taxi there) – Jewish Museum (Museo
    – Islands – Murano, Burano, Torcello (you can take a tour, about $15)
    – Glass Stores everywhere (try to bargain, some will and some won’t)

    Definitely don’t miss Sicily! I just returned a few weeks ago. Taormina is a great starting place because it’s beautiful but really touristy, but I didn’t mind. The Greek theatre is Gorgeous and Isola Bella.

    Is you’re going to Capri, you could also hit Ischia and Procida NOTE: lots of pink buildings!! You’ll probably be the only American there, but that’s ok! So was I! The people were really sweet. Angela Merkel vacations in SantAngelo part of Ischia and there is an amazing Thermal park with natural hot springs.

    Josie says:

    I’m dying. It’s only been a few months since I was in Italy and I’m already ready to go back. In Florence, since you’ll be on the Oltrarno side, go to Ditta Artiginale on Via Dello Sprone for great coffee and really cool space. For the love of God, don’t climb to the top of the Duomo. Climb to the top of the Piazzale Michelangelo to get better views and a relaxing place to get a drink rather than being jostled by all the other tourists at the top of the Duomo (not to mention avoiding the nightmare, claustrophobic Duomo stairs). Back on the Oltrarno side, Piazza Santo Spirito is a great place at night to sit outside and drink and dine. And while you’re there, go to Osteria Santo Spirito and get the truffle cheese gnocchi. Vivoli for a great gelato in Florence. And the Santa Maria Novella Farmaceutica just off the Santa Maria Novella piazza (near the SMN train station) is a large beautiful 600 year old pharmacy with gorgeous soaps, lotions, etc. Can’t wait to absorb everything you do in Sicily. Next on my list!

    Brian says:

    Studied abroad in Florence…so lots of tips 🙂

    In Amalfi:
    Get a cannoli!!

    Also they do hand made leather sandals – I bought a pair and I wore them to ruin – i loved them. they will make them to fit your feet! They hurt at first but once you break them in it’s amazing.

    In Florence:
    Go to the Museo Opera Del Duomo – It’s the museum of the workyard of the duomo. It has a lot of pieces that were in/on the duomo but not anymore. Plus some originals.

    Go to the Ferragamo Shoe Museum! It’s totally amazing and not super well known.

    Go See the David – the real one – at the Accademia.

    **Tip: get your tickets in advance for museums.

    Fiesole is a short local bus ride up a hill and you get to see all of Florence! There’s a cute little cafe that overlooks the whole city from a cliff.

    Places to eat in Florence: Art Bar for Aperetivo, Tratoria Pandemonio, Aqua Al Due.

    Go to the Mercato Centrale – it’s really fun, fresh food out and theres

    In Siena:
    Go to Nannini – it’s a bakery and they make the best cookies called ricerelli. They’re almond cookies – so yummy!

    Erin says:

    I lived in Florence for awhile.. it’s the most incredible place. Definitely make a reservation at La Giostra one night for dinner- their pear and pecorino ravioli is incredible. One wonderful hole in the wall spot for lunch is “i due fratellini”- a gem!! Gotta see the leather market… full of great finds. Piazza Michelangelo for the views. More delicious food: Ciro and Sons is good and so is Camillo Trattoria. There’s a tiny place for appertivo called Art Bar- the drinks are literally overflowing with fruits and plants. Have a great time!!

    Nikki says:

    Ahh, what a dream! I am actually going to Rome for the first time in just a few weeks, so your Rome guide will definitely come in handy! Ciao ; )


    Alice says:

    You must go to the Biennale in Venice 🙂

    Alicia says:

    You might want to pick up this book: _Palmento: A Sicilian Wine Odyssey_ by Robert V. Camuto for a great look at Sicily from a guy who spent more than a year traveling the region.
    Have fun!

    Carrie says:

    Chiming in on Florence (My favorite city in Italy)

    I would highly recommend the central market in Florence. We had the best roast beef sandwich there!


    Also this restaurant is right up your alley. My sister and I went twice it was so good and so pretty.


    Lastly would highly highly highly recommend the Farmacia Santa Novella. I saw they had a shop in LA and it was crazy expensive. Everything here is affordable and great for gifts! (The rose water is only like, $12 a bottle)


    Anonymous says:

    You are missing the Cinque Terre in your planning!!! Don’t, it’s a grouping of 5 villages set into the mountain cliffs. You can hike, train or boat between them and they are gorgeous! We stayed in Vernazza.

    Josie Ableman says:

    I just got back from an Art History study abroad and spent a lot of time in Sicily. I loved Siracusa and from there you cross a foot bridge to the island of Ortigia. I loved going around the food markets and walking around the island. I would also recommend taking a guided boat around the island, because there are a lot of cool caves to see, especially at sunset! Also, Palermo is a great city in Sicily as well.

    When you are in Florence, please go to Gusta Pizza! It’s right by the Pitti Palace. Also hike to Piazzale Michelangelo right before sunset for the best views of the city.

    Have the best time! Ciao!

    Tracey says:

    I had the absolute best time on this winery/bike tour in Tuscany. It was beyond beautiful. The wine and cheese was out of this world. The owner Mario is the nicest guy. He’ll pick you up from your airbnb in Florence. It was literally one of my top ten travel moments ever. Ha! Here’s a link to the exact tour that I did: http://www.ibiketuscany.com/tours/view/wine-ride

    In Rome, there are two neighborhoods with cobblestone streets and lots of cute shops and cafes: Trastevere and Piazza Novana. Have fun!

    alex says:

    Italy looks like an incredible place, make the most of the trip! x

    amcb says:

    skip sicily ! went for a wedding and didn’t love it. more industrial of an island

    Joni says:

    You have to go to Vietri! It’s a little pottery town in Naples right on the Amalfi coast. One of my favorite places in the world. Tons of little shops PACKED with brightly colored, hand-painted pottery. Make sure you get a sfogliatella (shell-shaped pastry) while you are there.

    Hillary says:

    This isn’t a fun tip, but I think it’s an important one. As someone who has spent a lot of time in Italy, I always remind myself on the plane over there that Italy is not run as efficiently and logically as America and many other European countries. It’s a glorious, wonderful place, and sometimes that release from things like perfectly on time mail can be freeing. Different from America doesn’t equal bad–I mean, why travel if every place is just like here? But sometimes there can be an exhaustion that accompanies things like the fact that people don’t always line up–they often just form big crowds and push onto trains. Or some stores and offices just don’t keep regular times. Inevitably, the moment you need sunscreen every store in town will be shut. But if I just take a deep breath and see it as an opportunity and not a problem, things usually seem to run smoother. Hope this helps!

    Elizabeth says:

    I have a friend who just bought a summer house in Sicily and she saids it’s the most unspoiled part of Italy. I saw an episode of Anthony Bourdain in Sicily and the food looks incredible. I say don’t worry about an itinerary during that part of your trip. You will probably enjoy just relaxing and resting from the major cities. Bon voyage!

    Bojana says:

    I don’t agree with the majority of people here. Yes, Sicily is not as fancy and immaculate as other parts of Italy, but why not see the realness? I went to Sicily a few years back and had a great great time. It takes only 90 minutes by bus to go from east coast to Palermo, so try not to miss Siracuse (its old town Ortigia is just amazing), Cefalu (the photo you have up there), Scopello. The beaches around Trapani and Favignana are amazing. Also, if you like pistachio, they mix in in everything, so you’ll love their gelato and pasta. Don’t forget you can climb an active volcano in Sicily 🙂

    Negative points: It is a bit dirty and the locals are loud, but that’s all part of Sicily’s charm. Feel free to write if you need more info!

    Sophia says:


    Went with my mom to Florence in March and it was wonderful. We highly highly recommend a cooking class we took through Airbnb experiences, however you can also take it through the company LovexFood directly. Here’s the link to their site http://www.lovexfood.com/
    It was easily the best part of our trip as Luca and Lorenzo are incredible people with big hearts that welcome you into their beautiful home to hand make pasta. Every detail is well thought out and you leave feeling like you learned something and simply pampered.

    The other thing we did was go to an Asmana Wellness Center outside of town and that was really fun/relaxing. They have a million different saunas and baths and a beautiful pool with bar, after spending a ton of time walking it was a great stress relief.

    Finally, we went to the Mercato Centrale which is the easiest of the list of recommendations to enjoy. It is wonderful because on the second level are a million options of good Italian food to choose from and enjoy. The pizza was really good, but by far the most incredible thing was this pear pastry they sell at the coffee bar. It was maybe the best pastry I’ve had in my life. We noticed that the pear gelato when handmade was also just mind blowing.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip! I have used your travel advice to explore Berlin, London, and Paris and it was absolutely incredible. If I ever I travel I check your search bar if you have visited that city to see what you recommend. My boyfriend and I loved Sketch in London and the Liquidrom and Markethalle Neun were really great recommendations. Also, recommended your Thailand advice to my sister and she and her husband had a incredible time playing with monkeys. She said your recommendation was the best place she stayed at.

    So thank you for making these travel posts. I am in love with them. I go to school at UT and I’m thinking of one day going to Marfa for spring break based off that girls get away travel post you made. Your honest reviews are the best.

    Sophia says:

    If you are ever in London I highly recommend trying Secret Cinema. Seems like something you would love. I went with my boyfriend and it was possibly the most incredible experience I have had ever as I got to live one of my favorite movies Moulin Rouge. Everyone was decked out in elaborate costumes and the evening was full of dancing and laughing and singing. A mixture between theatre, cinema, dance, and amusement park. Definitely check it out.

    japkica says:

    Be careful when driving around Italy. I’ve been on a short trip in Florence this spring and we got 2 fines for driving in the restricted traffic zone. We were following the instructions of our navigation, but it still took down some alleys we shouldn’t go. So, watch out for the street signs! They can be very high or partially hidden so you really need to pay close attention. But apart from that, enjoy your time!

    nicole says:

    Hello Bri!! To get to the Amalfi Coast you should hire a driver. Not only will he be able to tell you all the stories and the history, he can pull over anytime so you and yours can eat, pee, grab a cocktail or take pictures. Another great reason why is so YOU can ask your driver questions. Our driver recommended the most amazing restaurants, shops, and experiences to us. We used http://www.youritaliandriver.com/ Pasquale is smart funny and a safe driver. He and his family are wonderful people. Email him soon to set up your rides because he books up fast.

    Capri is a beautiful place. Unfortunately, boats bring in thousand of tourists to the small island every day and it turns into an anxiety ridden experience during the day. The early morning and evenings are better. I’m glad you are staying a few nights but that is really all you need on Capri.
    Have fun XOXO

    Paola says:

    I lived in Florence for a year during college and while there are many, many lovely places to eat and drink, one of my all time favorites was a little unassuming deli– Salumeria Verdi in Piazza Santa Croce. Owner, Pino, and his family run the shop. You’ll find the most amazing made-to-order sandwiches, cured meats, and salads. My go-to was always pesto, mozzarella and prosciutto on focaccia. You can purchase food in one room and enjoy with a bottle of wine in the next. Try one of his many amazing Chianti’s. And it’s all so affordable.

    In Siena, my husband and I had the most memorable pasta of our life at the very cute, hillside restaurant, Pizzeria Marlborghetto while on our honeymoon. Order the Tagliolini Fatti in Casa Tartufati (Home Made Tagliolini With Truffle Sauce)….it’s making my mouth water just thinking of it! This pasta has become to gold standard of pastas for us and in seven years, we still have not met its match. Also, if you happen to be here by or before August 16, you might enjoy some of the Palio di Siena festivities. Palio is an annual horse race between the neighborhoods in Siena. The final race is August 16th but there are nightly parties which are SOOOOO fun and unexpected as they just happen spontaneously in various areas. Lastly, we stayed in a 13th century convent that had been converted to a hotel called Il Chiostro del Carmine. Not a luxurious experience but a very interesting one if you’re into history. Enjoy your trip!

    Amanda says:

    Sounds like a great trip. Any chance you could do a post on how you and your partner share travel expenses??

    Emily Williams says:

    Wow! I am so jealous. Italy for a month. Can’t wait to read about your experiences! I always love reading your travel posts. I think my husband and I are going to go there next year.

    Something I’ve always wondered about because I’ve had trouble with this when traveling to other countries (I might just be overthinking this and it’s probably not even that hard), but do you have trouble setting up an international plan with your phone carrier? Which carrier do you have and do you have any tips on how you go about this before you travel?

    Thanks! xx

    Patricia says:

    Yes go to sicily! It’s beautiful and a perfect place to unwind! There is a small island between Sicily and Naples called stromboli, which is a beautiful picturesque place if you’re willing to spend the time to get there. When I was younger my friends and I took the ferry from naples to stromboli we arrived in the dark and ended up sleeping on a beautiful private, secluded beach. Waking up to that sunrise is one of my fondest memories of travel in Europe. On sicily I really liked Taormina and Syracuse. Honestly, it’s all beautiful, you can’t really make any wrong decisions (but I do believe Sicily was less expensive, so that’s a plus!) Also: look into Lucca (close to Florence) it’s such a lovely place. Oh and if you make a stop in naples, go to Pompeii, because it’s every bit as impressive and more as you think it could be! Look forward to following your adventures!

    Valerie says:

    Your trip sounds lovely, as for Sicily I would recommend La Settima Luna Hotel or Principe di Salina. I am pretty sure Jamie Oliver just stayed at the later so there is definitely good food 😉 Also I would suggest to book soon since its high season in Italy and most places are fully booked already. Enjoy!

    Marissa says:

    I just went to Italy in early June.

    In Rome I stayed in the most beautiful apartment.

    We then took the train to Naples and then a car to Positano (definitely the way to go).
    When I was looking for hotels in Positano I was shocked at the prices. A family friend then recommended Hotel Poseidon.
    It was the most lovely hotel. I am so happy we stayed here and I cannot wait to go back again and again. The owners and the staff are amazing and the grounds are so beautiful. It’s very affordable to Positano. Really well located too.

    Positano is magical. It’s the most beautiful of all the Amalfi towns. Before I went I thought, there’s no way it can be that beautiful. It is and more! Your love of color and design….you’ll love it.

    Also, take a day and charter a boat to take you around to capri and beyond. The sea is magical to swim in. . That was one of my favorite days. http://sealiving.it

    Have a blast!

    Erin says:

    I don’t know anything about Sicily but when we went to Florence during our honeymoon trip we regret not spending more time holed up in one of those tiny Tuscany towns. We did a bike ride through the wine country and a day trip to Siena – it wasn’t enough. Leave plenty of time for getting lost on those windy roads and taking long afternoons at the wineries.

    Paola says:

    I spent my honeymoon in Sorrento and it was wonderful, not so crowded and expensive like positano. We had a room over the cliffs with a breathtaking view at the hotel bellevue Syrene http://www.bellevue.it/en. From there we took daily trips to Capri, Amalfi, Naples (best Pizza) and what I really loved was: Pompei! An absolutely amazing place.
    In Sicily I liked Taormina, the aeolian islands and Mt. Etna. Lovely, but not too impressive.
    As my parents are from Venice, this is actually my favourite city, love it since ever, especially Burano. I suggest also the venetian backside, there are some unknown gems like Treviso, Padova with the scrovegni chapel und the venetian villas, along the Brenta-Canal, also Verona, lake garda and the dolomites are worth a visit.
    Hope you’ll enjoy your trip!

    Stephanie says:

    I would definitely add Lake Como to your list! My husband and I went a couple years ago and stayed in Varenna, which ended up being a perfect home base to explore Como and the surrounding towns. If staying in Varenna, make dinner reservations at Ristorante la Vista – delicious seafood with an amazing patio overlooking the lake.

    zsofia says:

    Best museums that you shouldn’t miss in Rome the Galleria Borghese and in Venice the Peggy Guggenheim

    If you don’t skip Sicily go up to the Etna it’s a very particular experience, Catania and Taormina are very-very beautiful towns

    And I would consider Bari and the surrounding area (probably instead of Firenze)
    Alberobello – google for the “trulli” very cute old town, Monopoli, Brindisi, Lecce, Castellana grotte, Ostuni…

    I would probably plan more relax time as well…for Naples 1 day trip is perfectly enough there is not so much to see, the best thing is really to wander around the center and eat everywhere

    Great places to eat/drink in Rome

    – Fishmarket
    Vicolo della Luce 2

    – Eataly

    – Pizzeria Via del governo vecchio, 114 http://www.pizzeriabaffetto.it/
    – Pizzeria le coppelle

    – ristorante del fico
    on the same square Piazza del Fico there is a great little mojito

    – gusto

    – fish market

    – hamrugeseria https://www.facebook.com/BurgerMarket

    – antica birreria peroni http://www.anticabirreriaperoni.net/index_en.htm

    – porto fluviale http://www.portofluviale.com/

    – salotto 42 (aperitivo) http://www.tripadvisor.it/Attraction_Review-g187791-d619259-Reviews-Salotto_42-Rome_Lazio.html

    – freni e frizioni http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g187791-d1024859-Reviews-Freni_e_Frizioni-Rome_Lazio.html

    jen says:

    Just got back from Venice, Lake Como and Padua. Stayed here in Venice and it was best part…Airbnb on the Grand Canal. https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/7314165?location=casa%20zucchi%20venice%20italy#reviews

    Try not to stay in the touristy areas..there are hordes of people. It’s crazy and I did not enjoy it. The places off the beaten path were the best. You will love Murano/Burano because of the colors.

    The best part of my most recent trip was Padua. It was hot as hades but incredibly beautiful and there weren’t a lot of tourists. After Venice and Lake Como, it was a lovely respite.

    I’ve been to Italy a number of times because I was lucky to have a best friend that lived there for years.

    In Tuscany, Villa Bordoni is 1000% worth the splurge. http://www.villabordoni.com/en/ Best food I ate in all of Tuscany. Also go to Panzano and eat at Dario Cecchini’s place. http://www.dariocecchini.com/dariocecchini/en/

    For the Amalfi coast, we also stayed in Amalfi and drove or ferried to the various towns. I know people said drive there but it.was.terrifying. I was with my friend and her Italian boyfriend and I thought we were going to die about 4 times. You can use a car service, bus, or van to get there from Naples and enjoy the experience vs. being stressed about getting hit by a bus. Depends on your level of anxiety about twisty roads and no guard rails. (mine is low, if you hadn’t gathered).

    Also, do not miss Ischia. Capri gets all the hype but Ischia is a hidden gem. There’s hot springs, rocky beaches and not many tourists. It was my favorite part of the Amalfi trip.

    I can’t wait to see where you go. You will love Italy. There’s no way to have a bad time!

    amy says:

    a suggestion from an italien….don’t drive in Naples and surroundings areas 😉

    amy says:

    a suggestion from an italian….don’t drive in Naples and surroundings areas 😉

    Siobhan says:

    Just returned from Sicily and loved it! We flew to Catania and did the South East part. Agree with the other commenter who said Taormina is amazing, however for me this had the feeling of a city break rather than relaxing holiday, it’s really hectic. We planned on staying there then changed to Syracuse at the last minute and I’m glad we did. We visited Taormina for a day and I think if I’d stay there 1-2 nights max then move on. Also, do not drive there. It’s insane, narrow winding roads, no parking and CRAZY driving. Driving in Sicily is pretty intense anyway (same as the rest of Italy it seems) but this place made even my exceptionally calm boyfriend lose it! I think most hotels recommend parking outside the town.
    I’d recommend Mount Etna – we drove, then go a cable car up and walked back down (took ages, fell over a few times as the rock is very soft but fun!). This only took us part way, you can get a mini bus from where the cable car stops all the way to the crater at the top! there are loads of organised tours to Etna so easy to do if you don’t want to freestyle like us.
    Syracuse (east coast) was lovely, the only thing that disappointed me slightly was the food. However we were very un-strategic in our restaurant choices and did no research so maybe were just unlucky. We also are so spoilt for choice living in London, we think maybe we have unrealistic standards! Syracuse is on the coast but it’s rocky outcrops and lidos for sunbathing rather than beaches. There are beaches in shortish driving distance eg Fontaine Bianche which is busy with Italians and tourists but lovely!
    Much as I had a great holiday I probably won’t go back to Syracuse, I’d try Palermo and Cefalu as I have several colleagues who’ve been there and loved it.
    I was adamant that I didn’t want to get a car, but everyone I know who had been said there was no way of doing Sicily without and they were right. If you’re going you need to travel around and see the place
    so you just need to brave the crazy driving!

    Although the food didn;t blow me away i would definitely make sure you try the local specialities! Pasta Norma, Pasta with pistachio pesto (my fave!) and of course cannoli! oh and Nero D’Avola wine – I wish we’d done a wine tasting while we were there, but a bottle of this on the balcony at sunset was pretty great!

    I’ve also been to Sardinia and if you would like something with a quieter vibe you could consider that…stunning scenery and beaches and I didn’t feel like I took my life in my hands every time I got in the car there! I went somewhere in the south near Cagliari/Pula, but have heard good things about lots of other parts too.

    Have an amazing trip – Italy is so much fun!

    Seri says:

    Hey Bri! I’m Italian so I may be *slightly* biased but Italy is truly beautiful and has so many things to offer, my favourite being art/architecture and food.
    Some quick suggestions – I noticed you received many already:
    – in Rome you HAVE to eat at “FELICE” (Testaccio neighbourhood). It has the most amazing food and it’s fairly priced (imo it’s even almost cheap for the quality of their food). Famous Italian actor Roberto Benigni is known for eating lunch with his wife there 
    – in Florence (my personal favourite Italian city) you can’t miss on Piazzale Michelangelo, where the view of the city is wonderful. Since you’re staying at Boboli (also wonderful), I suggest taking a walk through the rose garden (Il giardino delle rose).
    I know that the loads of tourists will make you want to give up visits to the many museums in town but you just have to pay a visit (At the very least to the Uffizi). If you can, you should absolutely visit the Corridorio Vasariano, too.
    Also, you’ll love the Santa Maria del Fiore Dome. The Cupola (famous architectural work by Brunelleschi) is covered in fresco paintings by Vasari on the inside, and you can climb up to the top (suggested if you’re not suffering of claustrophobia: the path and stairs leading up are narrow (that’s because it is the original passage also used during the construction of the dome) and usually verrry crowded. Piazza del Duomo is where you’ll find the S. Maria del Fiore Cathedral, il Battistero (baptistery), il Campanile – the Bell Tower (a work by Giotto). If you don’t want to climb up to the Dome, the Bell Tower is a good alternative: you can enjoy a pretty much similar view of the city (although not as tall) without the panic attacs: the staircase leading up can be described as airy in comparison with the Dome one.
    My very favourite church, though, is the Basilica di Santa Croce. Michelangelo and Galileo, among many others, have their graves there.
    Also, another must-see is the Ponte Vecchio. Many little artisan boutiques are located there.
    Firenze is quite a small town/city after all, and the city centre holds most of the landmarks. You can easily walk around.
    – you’d miss out big time if you don’t travel to Sicily!! That’s a marvelous land, so rich in both natural and architectural treasures! The best way to visit this island is travelling by car: this allows you to 1. ofc choose your itinerary based on your interests and time 2. discover all of its beauties, passing through the landscape.
    If you can’t squeeze this trip in your journey but still want to see it, I suggest visiting Palermo (so decadent and romantic – there’s nothing like this city) and/or Taormina. These cities will take your breath away. Wonderful beaches are very close to both of them, in case you’ll be on the lookout for some relax.

    Also, if you are landing in or near Milano and have a spare day, I highly suggest visiting Bergamo (you can reach it in 1 hour max by car/train/bus), especially what we call Città Alta (that would be the upper side of the city): it’s so beautiful!
    Sorry if it seems like tmi, I really tried to not to overdo but there’d plenty of other things to suggest ehehe
    Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any help!

    Hope you’ll love it here and wish you a great time!


    Ps. Sorry for any grammar errors, I didn’t proofread 🙂

    Seri says:

    Forgot to say that anywhere you go, where possible, you should buy tickets in advance (for museums, palaces, churches) in order to gain time and often skip the line 🙂


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