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i love spring rolls and almost always order them as a starter if it’s an option on the menu. there are of course many traditional ways to make them and they’ve always seemed a bit intimidating to me. mastering the rice paper, the wrapping, the right ratio, etc. we decided to make our own version and make them hearty enough to serve for dinner. i know i always say this but they really couldn’t be easier. don’t let the wrapping keep you from making these, they’re simple and taste good with a variety of ingredients and dipping sauces. give it a go and let us know how you like it! – joanie

spring rolls | designlovefest
spring rolls | designlovefest

what you’ll need:
serves 4-5
• 2 strips flank steak
• 1 package rice paper
• 1 package glass noodles
• 1 bunch of radishes thinly sliced
• 1 medium avocado sliced
• 1 bunch of mint
• 1 bunch of basil
• Persian cucumbers thinly sliced
• peanut dipping sauce
• 3 tablespoons soy sauce
• 3 tablespoons Sriracha sauce
• 2 tablespoons oil
for serving: use any dipping sauces you desire or can find at your local grocery store! 
• peanut dipping sauce
• limes for garnish

spring rolls | designlovefest

• in a bowl, marinate the flank steak with the Sriracha, soy sauce and oil for about 2 hours (you can cut down on this time if needed). once marinated cook in a pan on medium heat. cooking on each side for about 2- 3 minutes or until browned. cover with foil, let sit for about 10 minutes and cut into thin strips and set aside.

• in a sauce pan bring water to a boil and cook the glass noodles for 5-6 minutes. drain and rinse with cold water.

spring rolls | designlovefest
spring rolls | designlovefest
spring rolls | designlovefest

• on a dry clean surface lay out your ingredients to assemble your spring rolls. the sliced avocado, glass noodles, basil, mint, cucumbers, radishes. have a large bowl of warm water for the rice paper. submerge the rice paper until it has softened, about 30 – 90 seconds. remove from the water and lay on the dry surface. layer with the ingredients in the middle and fold over each side longways first and then the ends. cut the rolls in half and dip with your favorite peanut sauce. we also served ours with a sweet habanero sauce as an option.

spring rolls | designlovefest

styling by: joanie cusack and ivan solis
photos by: ivan solis
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    Emily says:

    Do you have any tips for the rolling process? I try to make these fairly often (just the other night actually) but I always end up breaking those darn rice papers! Is there a specific brand you can recommend that’s hardier? Yours look so nice, I’m jealous 🙂

    designlovefest says:

    i’ve found that if i soak the paper too long it ends up breaking apart. try only soaking it for 30 seconds, it will still feel slightly stiff but it will continue to soften. we’ve used two different brands from our local asian market and both worked great. also, make sure you don’t fill them too much!

    Kaitlyn says:

    Yum Yum! These look so good! We make spring rolls all the time, but never put steak in them! I also LOVE radishes, so DOUBLE YUM!
    Haha thanks for sharing!


    Danielle says:

    Ooh these look so good and pretty easy to make! I love radishes at the moment, I’m always putting them in my salads! Danielle || Miss Danielle

    skype says:

    It’s heaven, I really want to taste them

    Nikki says:

    I always love your food images, everything looks so fresh and bright!


    designlovefest says:

    thanks so much, nikki!

    Angela says:

    That looks so yummy!

    wings io says:

    I ate it at the restaurant and enjoyed it. I tried many times but failed. Today saw your guide I learned a lot and drawn many useful things. I believe this time I will succeed. Thanks a lot!

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