pom pom skirt DIY | designlovefest

finding a cute holiday tree skirt that is unique and doesn’t break the bank is a real challenge. that’s why we created this velvet tree skirt DIY that you can make on your own and use for years to come! we also have a DIY on the poms too so you can make that pretty little garland that’s hanging on our mantel!

pom pom skirt DIY | designlovefest
pom pom skirt DIY | designlovefest

we partnered with the SoCal Honda Dealers who understands that the holidays can be a stressful time and are hosting all sorts of fun events in southern california this holiday season to make things a little easier. like their annual Christmas tree lot buy out where they give away trees at four locations in Los Angeles and Orange County. you can follow along with them on facebook to find out when and where their #RandomActsofHelpfulness are happening!

now, let’s make it!

pom pom skirt DIY | designlovefest

what you’ll need:

• square piece of velvet or fabric of your choice
• 2 square pieces of fabric of your choice 1″ smaller than your first fabric (this is optional. We’re using velvet, so we need some extra weight to help the body of our skirt)
• yarn
• clover pom pom maker size medium
• fabric glue or thread and a sewing machine
• scissors
• saucer
• measuring tape
• chalk pencil

pom pom skirt DIY | designlovefest


how to make it:

• Start by folding your fabric in half, then fold it in half again (quartering it into a square).

• Place a saucer about 3″ over the folded corner. Trace it with your chalk pencil and cut. 

• Round the bottom of the skirt by determining the length of your skirt and slide the 0″ end of the measuring tape across the cut corner, making at the measuring tape across the cut corner, marking at the same distance (22″ for the velvet skirt) all the way around until you have a round outline. Cut through all the layers.

pom pom skirt DIY | designlovefest

• You now have piece of fabric that is sped like a big donut if you open it up and lay it flat.

• Do the same for the other fabrics you might be using.

• Sandwich your fabrics together and pin them so they remain in place. Cut from the edge to the donut hole in the middle so you have an opening to get your skirt around your tree easily.

pom pom skirt DIY | designlovefest

• If you’re layering your fabrics, you can use fabri-tac to place all the fabric together. We made the velvet 1″ larger so we could just wrap the excess velvet over and under all the sandwiched fabrics. You can also sew here but since this is not an item that gets a lot of wear, gluing will be fine and save you a lot of time.

• Now make some pom poms! see the DIY post for those right here!

pom pom skirt DIY | designlovefest
pom pom skirt DIY | designlovefest

• Once you have all your pom poms made, you can play with how they lay on the skirt. Once you decide where they’re going to go, you can either glue or sew your poms on.

pom pom skirt DIY | designlovefest
pom pom skirt DIY | designlovefest
pom pom skirt DIY | designlovefest
pom pom skirt DIY | designlovefest

Boom. Now you have a fun, bright, cheery new skirt for your Christmas tree. Enjoy!

pom pom skirt DIY | designlovefest

project by: gina gordon
photos by: ivan solis
(this blog post is sponsored by the Southern California Honda Dealers association)


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    Jessica says:

    So lovely! I adore you glittery wrapping paper x

    Jessica — NinetyCo

    Joanna says:

    Incredible timing!
    I bought fabric for a tree skirt just two hours ago!

    Joanna says:

    By the way… I am from Greece and your slippers look very Greek to me!

    designlovefest says:

    they are! wish i had more of them!

    Natalie says:

    Love this as an extra way to add some fun to the tree!

    – Natalie

    Nikki says:

    The DIY project I have been waiting for, I have been searching for a cute/fun tree skirt for years!


    designlovefest says:

    they are so hard to find! hope yours turns out great!

    Shelly says:

    Bri, where are those fabulous slippers from?!

    designlovefest says:

    a friend brought them back for me from Greece!

    Samantha Lee says:

    I have been wanting to make a tree skirt for years – but my sewing skills are basically non existent. This looks like something I could totally do – and is super cute. Right now we just have a blanket wrapped around our tree base, haha.

    Diane says:

    Amazing idea! Perfect timing! Thank you!

    paige says:

    I always love y’alls holiday DIYs…they are the best–keep em comin!
    PS where are you glittery HOHOHO letters from on your mantle!?


    Colleen says:

    Decorating for Christmas with two cats is quite the challenge… has the Pom Pom skirt been kitty tested?

    designlovefest says:

    hi colleen, unfortunately, it has not been kitty tested!


    Leah Lauren says:

    So fun and easy! Also your lovely assistant definitely needs more wrapping paper for her present 😉

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