my mom is a true hostess and always goes above and beyond whenever she has guests making them feel welcome and totally comfortable in her home (she even does it for me when i come back for a visit). i really appreciate that quality about her and it’s something that i’m working on in my own home. making it a warm and inviting place where people feel like they can truly relax is a priority for me and i partnered with our friends at parachute to share some of my favorite tips for hosting overnight guests.


the set up//

• my love for parachute is no secret, i use their bedding and towels and they recently launched bathrobes as part of their collection. i pretty much live in mine when i’m home so leaving one out for guests who stay with me is a nice little luxury that mimics a hotel experience (who doesn’t love hotel robes?!) also, soft, cozy sheets, i prefer linen because it’s hot all year round in california.

• i like to leave a little note on the bedside table with the wifi code so they can have access whenever they’d like and don’t have to ask.

• a little vase of fresh flowers, trader joe’s has great year round (inexpensive!) options.

• something sweet like a bar of chocolate or jar of candy.

• a candle, incense, or palo santo to keep the room smelling nice (don’t forget the matches).


• a full towel set (bath, hand and face) of their own. if you’re sharing a bathroom with your guests i like to offer them a different color set then my own so they don’t have to worry about them getting mixed up. i love the white and stone color options.

• an eye mask and ear plugs. my guest room gets really bright, really early so the eye mask is nice.


• large toiletries that they may not have been able to travel with or that enhance their stay like bed linen spray, facial mist, a pretty perfume and a nice hand lotion.

• a pitcher of water and glasses because no one likes to have to wander around for a late night glass of water.

• in the guest bathroom my mom always has an extra toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, a comb, and advil. people often forget things when they travel!

are you hosting guests for the holidays? i’d love to hear your tips for making your home inviting. also, if you’re looking for holiday gift ideas, parachute put together a guide that can help you tackle even the most difficult recipient, even the girl who has everything doesn’t mind a fresh set of sheets!


photos by: ivan solis

(this post is sponsored by parachute, a home textile company that our entire team loves and supports). 



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    Nikki says:

    What a beautiful guest room, love all the special touches!


    heidi says:

    I have people visit all the time and my biggest hostess tip is skip having any decorative pillows on the guest bed. Guests don’t know where to put them when they go to sleep. While they look nice, they create an awkward situation for your guests. Keep the bed simple, comfy and inviting!

    I also like to have a charging station (with a variety of cables at the ready) in the guest room so there is a logical place to charge their devices.

    designlovefest says:

    i love the charging station idea, never thought of that before! Xx

    Melissa Porras says:

    My parents have a really great side lamp that also has an outlet and 3 USB outlets. She also has a phone cable (we are all iPhone users so that’s easy) which makes it super convenient. In the closet she keeps a mini fridge with a few snacks, beverages and room for some of there own things (in my case I keep extra treats for my child).

    designlovefest says:

    a mini-fridge?! that’s next level!

    Julia says:

    Wow, looks like you have such a relaxing setup for your guests! If I had a guest room I would love to leave out the items you listed and keep a nice, calm place for them to sleep. Unfortunately the only guest space I have right now is the couch haha 🙂

    Julia – http://bunnybaubles.com

    Kellie says:

    This space is absolutely amazing! I love everything about it.

    Thanks so much for this post, we are hosting my other halfs whole family for boxing day (second Christmas) and I want to go all out and make it special! love the idea of the little touches in the bedroom like fresh flowers and a pitcher of water. Because we are hosting dinner, i’m looking forward to bringing in some of my familys tradition. Like tables gifts, and personalised gingerbreads. So excited for Christmas now.

    Renee says:

    What’s the story of that rug?

    designlovefest says:

    the rug is available here!

    Kristy says:

    I love the marble tray, where is that from?

    designlovefest says:


    Minna says:

    This guest room is so gorgeous! Would love to be a guest at your place haha– the little touches like flowers (TJ’s is totally the best) and chocolate really are such a nice welcome for guests. This makes me excited for the holidays!

    joey says:

    Gorgeous room! Where is that bench from below the window?

    bri says:

    it’s from a shop called Rove Concepts!

    JH says:

    Anyone know where the planter holding the cactus in the corner is from? Or similar looking ones? I’ve commented on her posts asking a few times but have never heard a response.


    bri says:

    it’s from a cactus shop in LA called ponderosa cactus!

    Annie says:

    Love to see our Blush Linen Bedding in this post! If you’re lucky enough to have a host like Bri, say thank you with these unique Gifts for Your Host… http://blog.parachutehome.com/gifts-for-hosts/

    Anonymous says:

    Beautiful room! Where is the throw pillow from?

    Anonymous says:

    Cute! What’s Ben linen spray? 😉

    designlovefest says:

    ah, good catch!

    caroline says:

    Your mom sounds like my mom! She always has a little something sweet out and a set of fresh towels, fresh linens.
    x0x0 Caroline http://thecarolove.com/

    designlovefest says:

    moms are the best!

    Anne says:

    Lovely room! Do you know the color of your wall paint and trim? I’m looking to paint my interior walls in a similar way, with just a little contrast between the whites of the trim and wall. This looks fantastic!

    Taryn says:

    Beautiful room! I love the artwork above the bed. Can you tell me where you bought it?

    Thanks 🙂

    I have visited your website which is beneficial for me keep sharing next also.

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