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something i take pretty seriously is being prepared, especially when i travel. i have a list of items that i bring with me on the plane so i can stay hydrated, stress free, and comfortable. knowing exactly what i’m going to bring and having a ritual of sorts is really helpful in maintaining some sort of control over my crazy travel schedule.

i’ve been really open on my blog about the fact that i deal with anxiety on a pretty regular basis. i’m able to manage it successfully most of the time but there are circumstances, like travel, that increase my anxiety and stress level (a lot). i’ve wanted to manage it as naturally as possible through therapy, breathing exercises, etc. and one thing i’ve found that is really helpful to me are products from a brand called Rescue. they are made from a mixture of flower remedies and are all natural and non-habit forming which is really important to me. they offer a variety of products but i personally think the rescue remedy spray and the pastilles work best for me.

travel essentials | designlovefest
travel essentials | designlovefest
travel essentials | designlovefest

i originally heard about Rescue from a mom friend of mine who used the products to calm everyone in the family down during stressful situations and she recommended i give it a try. stress is inevitable so i always have something on hand to help me manage it so it doesn’t become debilitating and keep me from being able to live my life. have you ever tried Rescue products? do you get stressed when you travel? what are you tips and tricks to trying to stay calm? i’d love to know.

travel essentials | designlovefest
travel essentials | designlovefest

and here are a few of my other travel favorites: bkr water bottle, socks, mophie charger, yokoo scarf, caudalie beauty elixer spray and moisturizeraēsop hand sanitizer (smells so good!), bose noise cancelling headphones (these are an investment but i’ve used bose headphones for years and bring them with me on every trip), the cutest ban.do phone case, aēsop hand cream, passport cover, clear pouch, lip balm, and my essential oil roll on. to check stores that stock Rescue products around you, click here. i also purchase on amazon! 

travel essentials | designlovefest
travel essentials | designlovefest

(this post was created in partnership with Rescue, a company i personally support). 



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    Danielle says:

    Where is your bag from? I NEED IT IN MY LIFE!!!

    Sarah says:

    And where are your jeans from? LOVE!

    Amanda says:

    I also really LOVE your jeans and bag. Where are they from?

    bri says:

    the jeans are free people and the bag is mansur gavriel! thank you 🙂

    My mom uses the products whenever she is stressed.
    They are so helpful.

    Nikki says:

    Thanks for the recommendation! Where is that bag from?!


    looove this type of posts, the pictures are so pretty, and love the other product recommendations too.
    and yes, i’ve used rescue florals before to calm me on stressful situations – which reminds me it might be time to get some more.
    xx j

    Maggie Patton says:

    So just how well do the rescue drops work? I’d love to give them a shot for stress at the end of some workdays.

    bri says:

    i definitely feel like it lowers my stress levels, worth a try!

    paige says:

    ok, was going to ask about the bag but I see you’ve already answered it! I’ve been hunting for the perfect backpack but to no avail! and that one is soooo dreamy…..

    also, I second what Joana said–I love this type of post– so pretty and I always love your product recommendations and point of view on these types of things!


    Helen says:

    I also have anxiety, so I’ll have to look into rescue products for next time I travel. I love that they are natural and not habit-inducing–two key points for me! Thanks so much for sharing this Bri!


    Natalie says:

    I love that Aesop lotion. I’ve been seeing those pastilles over blogs everywhere – really starting to feel like I should try them

    – Natalie

    designlovefest says:

    you definitely should! they’re a lifesaver. i like the one they have for peaceful sleep, too.

    Sheila Cody says:

    Bri, hi!
    I’ve followed your Instagram postings for some time now because you share such lovely images – it feeds my spirit. BUT you piqued my interest further with your travel tips. So I searched out your blog posting. I” going to try the Rescue products on an upcoming trip. What helps me is being prepared- for me that means lists, & thinking through placement of travel essentials…..like having my wallet in easy reach but not visible, quarters, singles, & five dollars bills for tipping drivers; TJ’S frit & nutmeg snack packets in my carryon -outside pocket! I have several good reading materials to have in my hands for distraction during ttake-off. I do the breathing exercises – they are a powerful tool for relaxing my body & mind. Imagery combined with the belly breathing is great. Picturing myself in a place of great beauty helps.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Belinda says:

    Where is that clear pouch from??? Im the weird one jajaja…

    Anna Rosa says:

    Wow I take Rescue Remedy drops since I was a kid. They got me through all my studies and breakups 😉 really helpful! I would swear that the brand was called Bach though…good to know that I’ve been saying wrong all these years! Haha 🙂

    Sina says:

    Originally, rescue remedies were invented by british doctor Edward Bach, so you’re right 🙂

    sue says:

    yes, our dear old friend stress… i started having panic attacks about 7 years ago… out of nowhere… i adopted a two prong approach to deal with them: a) rescue remedy (i don’t care if it’s real or a placebo effect… it totally worked for me) & b) arming myself with the knowledge that my panic attacks did not stem from any physical ailment (i.e., i just thought i couldn’t breathe, but in actual fact was breathing well & fine… clearly, as still alive to type this), i could reason with myself that it was mind over matter… basically, i refused to let myself buy into the panic… i nip it in the bud & tell myself that i’m mentally stronger than the panic itself… it also helps to know that you can only control that which you can control… everything else in life will be what it will be…

    Stephanie says:

    Wow thanks so much for the rec! I also suffer from anxiety from time to time, I will be going on a trip next weekend and I will definitely try out Rescue! Great post 🙂



    Fe says:

    Where did you get your scary please !!!!! Loving it !!

    Anonymous says:

    Meditation is a great way to deal with anxiety and our overloaded minds in general. I use on a daily basis Headspace. It sounds difficult to just close your eyes and expect magic, but their guided meditations are an amazing and down-to-earth way to get into the practice!

    Diane says:

    I love your bag! Absolutely right about the things we need! I have a couple more!

    Aimee says:

    They even make a rescue remedy for pets! I give the drops to my dogs before we travel, or before I think they might have stress (e.g. hearing 4th of July fireworks)

    Katie says:

    Super cool! Those chews look yummy! I have been looking for a nice backpack for foreverrrrr! Love the pink one!

    Jillian says:

    Can you share where the clear pouch is from? I think the link is broken so we can’t see where it is from. 🙁 It’s so cute!


    Source for clear pouch? It’s adorable.

    gabrielle messina says:

    Have you tried Bach flower remedies for stress? Natural and I find them to take the edge off. And beautiful classic packaging!

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