hey guys. how’s it going? i am just sitting on the couch after being away in palm springs this weekend. man, it feels like i have been gone an insane amount lately. it’s definitely been a phase i’ve been going through. a search for independence, a time to see as much as possible, and a time for escaping. i’ve been thinking lately about the place i am in now. i’ve been single for about a year and a half now. there have been dates or short things here and there…but mostly i’ve been in a real solo phase. mostly i think that’s really good, some days i think i’ve almost gotten too used to being alone (like how will i share a bed again? ha) i’ve just been in a closed off zone. self-protective i guess. dating can be tiring, and awkward and i just haven’t really felt ready for it. it’s a lot of work to be proactive about it. i can even admit it’s been nice to not have to check in with anyone while i’m away. BUT, i do feel myself opening up to the idea again. so we shall see.

i’m headed to one of my best friend’s weddings that i am in on thursday and then i’m going to try to stay in los angeles for a while. you can’t really date when you’re never home! the wedding is at a lake house in louisiana. i’m excited to celebrate with lake days, crab boils, and late night dance parties in the hot weather. there’s supposed to be some single hotties there too ha.

i’ve been working this week on a new product that’s coming out late summer! been doing sneak peeks on snapchat…

ok, back to tv and couch time. enjoy your sunday chill zone too. thanks for listening to my rambling. xx bri


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    Rondelle says:

    Thanks for sharing this post! Your comment that it’s a lot of work to be proactive about meeting boys really resonated with me. I’ve been single for seven years now after my divorce at 31. Even my kids tell me come on mum it’s time to find a boyfriend haha. Not sure if it’s the effort needed or the self protection thing that has held me back all these years but I think I’m feeling ready to dip my feet into the pond again. Good luck to you too x

    bri says:

    good luck to you. we all start when we are ready. good that you are noticing that you are starting to be.

    Caitlin says:

    zOMG you entirely too perfectly just described my single and [not so] ready to mingle status! 🙌🏼 but seriously, being in a relationship would require giving up some of my mattress real estate and that’s just not something I’m ready for yet. 😁❤️

    bri says:

    have fun sleeping like a star for a while! ha

    Seri says:

    Thanks for sharing, Bri!
    I think it’s just a matter of time before you meet some special guy… Since I am very independent, too, I didn’t feel like rushing to dating again… I just loved being with myself and enjoying all that being single means! Then someone came for me and I’ve been experiencing something really magical ever since: feeling truly and completely free within true love. It had never happened to me before. Relationships felt good but also like some sort of compromise with myself…
    I hope you can feel this way soon!

    bri says:

    looking forward to that, thanks for sharing. xo

    Steph says:

    Good luck and have fun with the hotties this weekend! You deserve it 😉 Plus I also feel you on the need for independence and traveling while being single. It’s been over a year for me too and I’m so thankful to be in Socal for this time. <3

    bri says:

    yes! it’s the best to be in socal. so easy to road trip so many places!

    Diane says:

    Still transforming! Been there, it is a lot of fun. You should date in a new home. Fresh!

    Jessica says:

    I hear ya, Bri. I was in a long relationship and we broke up around a year and a half ago too. At 34, I’m still trying to figure out who I am and what I want. I’m still in close contact with my ex and am feeling like perhaps it’s hindering me from moving on to that next step, DATING. Ugh. It never seems like a good time to start. Are you using websites? I’m in Los Angeles as well. Any pointers? It’s tough adulting sometimes.

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