traveling to colombia | designlovefest
traveling to colombia | designlovefest

hi guys! i just got home late last night from colombia. man, what a trip! 5 jam packed days full of exploring, dancing, eating, shopping, adventuring for my best friend’s bachelorette trip. we went to cartagena in the old city and it was seriously beautiful. it feels like a latin american new orleans with all of the bright colors and gorgeous balconies everywhere! i felt completely safe and would definitely recommend visiting. we flew into panama and then took a 1 hour flight to cartagena…

traveling to colombia | designlovefest
traveling to colombia | designlovefest
traveling to colombia | designlovefest

we rented a villa to hold all 18 of us (can you believe we somehow didn’t have any drama with that many girls?!) i loved having a home base where we could hang out in the pool and lounge areas late at night. (probably way too late a couple of nights) we ordered pizza and did a lingerie shower one night for cammy and it was really fun. we also took a salsa class there!

traveling to colombia | designlovefest
traveling to colombia | designlovefest


traveling to colombia | designlovefest
traveling to colombia | designlovefest
traveling to colombia | designlovefest
traveling to colombia | designlovefest
traveling to colombia | designlovefest
traveling to colombia | designlovefest
traveling to colombia | designlovefest

one of the days we took a boat about 45 mins to an island and spent the day there. the water was SO clear on the island (not so much in the city) and oh my gosh the boat ride back was so choppy and everyone was laughing hysterically as we bounced up and down…and the paranoid freak in me was losing it inside. i was sure we were gonna flip. but a funny memory to look back on.

traveling to colombia | designlovefest

really am going to miss those flower filled balconies! (ps cammy and cologne own a company called show me your mumu and we all were wearing it since it was so perfect for the HOT weather. so that is where most of the clothes and bathing suits you see are from)

you gotta try the ceviche place called la cevicheria

traveling to colombia | designlovefest
traveling to colombia | designlovefest
traveling to colombia | designlovefest

you can also book a trip here with el camino travel

such a lovely place!! xx -bri


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    beks says:

    Sorry to be a jerk, but I wish you would capitalize properly. Its not “cute” and makes your posts hard to read 🙁

    bri says:

    sorry it’s difficult. i’ve always written that way and feels most conversational and natural for me.

    mel says:

    funny, i was literally just thinking as i read this post “i am so glad she writes in all lowercase just like me!” can’t please everyone 🙂 love the pics and all your travel posts!

    Signe says:

    always loved you do it all on your site your way … also the details as lowercase types – never change ;o)

    Janel A says:

    do you girl. not hard to read one bit!

    Jackie says:

    Looks like an amazing trip! I’m always curious about your travel pics – are these iPhone or DSLR? Always gorgeous!

    bri says:

    just iphone!

    jenny says:

    Every time you post your travel pics, my “places to go” list gets a bit longer. Love all the colorful pics & happy vibes!

    same thing happened to me as well lol
    love all her travel posts!

    Cynthia says:

    I love these photos! They all look so joyful 🙂
    Likely By Sea

    Kylie Garner says:

    Beautiful place – I love all your pictures!

    VerbalGoldBlog says:

    You’ve captured everything about the trip beautifully and I am so beyond jealous!

    Ashlee says:

    Looks so amazing! I’m obsessed with Show Me Your Mumu! l I was also delighted to see Candice King also on this trip (I’m a bit of a Vampire Diaries fan girl). My instagram feed was filled with a double dose of pretty!
    You’re making me want to skip ahead to summer right now!

    Sophia Castano says:

    What a great time! I sent your Thailand trip series to my sister, and she loved the monkey boats you recommended.

    Jocelyn says:

    Bri, I really, really think you should have your own travel show! Your vacations are the dreamiest I’ve ever seen, and you appreciate so much of the culture and the beauty around you. Your travel videos slay me. I watch them like 100 times a piece. Possible new career path? (Not that I want you to give up your blog, but maybe as an addition!) 🙂

    This is amazing! I was following along on Instagram and couldn’t wait to read your post about the trip. The colors are all so beautiful, too!

    xo, Anna Elizabeth

    Chelsea says:

    So random, but I saw one of your friends wearing a palm leaf print romper in the video of your trip you posted on instagram. Do you know where she got it?!?

    Chelsea says:

    actually, just noticed it was a two piece… but still wondering where she got it 🙂

    designlovefest says:

    it’s from show me your mumu!

    Danielle says:

    bri, i’m heading there in 3 weeks all by myself! this makes me SO excited!

    jilly says:

    where can we get thise flip flops? were they embellished by the bride to be as gifts?

    Katiuska Padrón says:

    Hi Bri, you mind me asking you where did you find the villa for 18 people? I’m trying to find something very similar for my small and private wedding in Cartagena. Thanks.

    April Rivas says:

    Hi Bri! I’m a little late to the game but was wondering what island you guys went to. I’m heading there soon… Thank you!

    Anja says:


    Loved this post! Heading to Cartagena in Feb and trying to find an island or beach away from the city to visit for a night or two. Do you have any recommendations?

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