parachute bedding | designlovefest

my husband calls me the queen of zen so there is no question that i take my bedroom (mostly my bed) very seriously. we live in a small apartment in los angeles where every square foot counts so we’ve focused on keeping our space simple and classic. i fell into parachute sheets last year when we received a set as a wedding gift and i’ve never looked back. their sheets are the softest, best quality and never treated with chemicals. they’ve since become the DLF office favorite so when they asked us if we wanted to announce the launch of their new blush line of linens the answer was a resounding yes.

parachute bedding | designlovefest
parachute bedding | designlovefest
parachute bedding | designlovefest

their sheets are garment washed so the color is subtle and reads differently depending on the light. not even my husband minded the pink hue. we already had a lot of color going on in our room but i love how the pink tied in with the chair in the corner and the mint side tables. i also love that all of their pillowcases have a back envelope closure – it makes the bed look that much more pulled together without the extra fabric.

parachute bedding | designlovefest
parachute bedding | designlovefest
parachute bedding | designlovefest

we previously had the white sateen sheets on our bed  and the accent pillows perfectly transitioned to the new sheets (pillow on the right is from NOON, center pillow from Minna, and far left is one we picked up in Argentina).

parachute bedding | designlovefest
parachute bedding | designlovefest
parachute bedding | designlovefest

so there you have it, our tiny piece of bedroom heaven!

parachute bedding | designlovefest

they also just started making towels which bri has been raving about. (bri chiming in here, get the towels for real, i love them) i’ve added them to my birthday list! what’s your secret to a zen bedroom? i’m always looking for new ideas!
photos by: ivan solis

(this post is sponsored by parachute, a home textile company that we love and support). 


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    Lily Higgins says:

    where are those cute lamps from? I love it!

    designlovefest says:

    hey lily, the lamps are from a store in los angeles called sunbeam vintage. they are vintage replicas so i think they have more!

    Melanie says:

    Wow…I really need to take some inspiration from your whole room!! It’s so light and beautiful! Your bedding looks just like a cloud!!

    Katie says:

    Where are those awesome nightstands from?

    designlovefest says:

    hey katie, they are from CB2!

    Annie Slocum says:

    Love Parachute sheets and towels! I haven’t tried the linen sheets yet- love the blush color!

    Jade says:

    Looks soooo comfy!!

    Nikki says:

    Great color, works so well with the pops of mint green!


    Christina Gliati says:

    The secret of a zen bedroom is tidiness,not too many things, light colors like the one you used. Some say for not put a tv but I for not to for this. I watch tv from the bed, lol!!! Great room Joanie. Kissse!

    designlovefest says:

    thanks, christina! Xx

    Your bedroom is gorgeous! I absolutely LOVE the color palette and your MINNA pillow 😄


    designlovefest says:

    thank you! i love Minna pillows, all of her designs are so cool!

    Kasey says:

    I’m trying to decide between the sateen or percale sheets from Parachute. Any thoughts?

    designlovefest says:

    i have the sateen and linen but i know people who have the percale and love them! i think the percale is more breathable for warm nights and the sateen seems a little heavier! if you’re using them as summer sheets i’d go with percale!


    Mary Brown says:

    What a lovely idea! The way of designing the bedroom with bedding and linen just awesome. I Love it.
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    Julia says:

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