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i’ve always wanted to get a tattoo…but could never pull the trigger on what to get. or where to get it. i change my mind SO much that i was always scared i would regret my decision. (like the time i almost got my sorority symbol on my ankle. yiiiiiikes) i knew that if i wanted one in the future, the design or symbolism would just come to me naturally. yesterday, i saw a snapchat of a girl who had this picasso line drawing on her arm and i immediately was drawn to it. i like the simple, thin lines. now to decide if i really want to go through with it, and if i go the picasso or the matisse route? what do you guys think…do it or skip it?!

tattoo | designlovefest
tattoo | designlovefest
tattoo | designlovefest
tattoo | designlovefest

also a huge fan of matisse and he holds a special part in my heart after i went to his exhibit in amsterdam last year. seriously such a genius!!

tattoo | designlovefest
tattoo | designlovefest
tattoo | designlovefest
tattoo | designlovefest


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    Jackie says:

    I have a Henri Matisse quote on the inner side of my hooper left arm. It says “Creativity takes courage” I’ve seen Picasso’s art as tattoos before, but I have yet to see Matisse’s work in a tattoo. I say for go for Matisse!

    Jackie says:

    Upper, not hooper lol

    s says:

    i got the picasso peace dove (4th picture down) on my hip when i was 19. its small. 12 years later i don’t regret getting it. the timing of all my tattoos coincide with major life shifts. that alone makes me not regret them – little reminders of big moments.

    Kayla says:

    I agree completely (my full comment’s below). I wanted a tattoo that no one could automatically assign meaning to (it’s just flowers) because more than the literal thing that it is, it’s about me at that moment. And yes, this alone makes me not regret it.

    Amanda says:

    i’ve been really wanting a tattoo also. i have felt overwhelmed with the commitment, so it has taken me years to figure out what i want, and where. i love the simple line drawings as well. i know what i want now, but i’m trying to find the right style and artist. good luck!

    Katie says:

    Ooooooo! I love this idea for a tattoo, Bri! I’m exactly like you, I’ve always wanted one but never pulled the trigger. So glad I didn’t in college. I almost went the cliche Japanese word kanji route. Whew! Now I really want one again.

    Mariele says:

    tattoos are the bomb! find something you love and you won’t regret it. It doesn’t have to have some big, personal meaning! It can just be beautiful 🙂

    Nicole says:

    Im an impulsive person by nature and have often found my knee jerk reactions aren’t always the best. So, to keep me from making serious disasters out of my hair and body I developed a system… for tattoos I say get what you want sketched out on paper and write on that paper where you would like the tattoo placed on your body. Date the paper and put it away for six moths to a year. If, after your allotted time period you still want that exact tattoo and placement, get it. If you don’t want it, frame it and hang it or place it on your night stand as a reminder of your ever changing style and mind. I smile at mine everyday and appreciate that I always continue to change and grow. Good luck xoxo

    Ellen says:

    These are so beautiful. I have the word ‘Hallelujah’ tattooed on my wrist in my handwriting. I had it done near the beginning of the wrist/handwriting trend and occasionally I worry that it’s so overdone, but I love my tattoo and don’t regret it at all. Similar to you I had always wanted one, but never knew what or where…it all of a sudden came to me and I started writing Hallelujah on my wrist in sharpie for days, weeks, months so I decided to go for it!

    trish says:

    love it! Now i want the Picasso dachshund tattoo.

    Victoria says:

    It cost me a fortune to get my tattoo surgically removed, which was only possible because it was in a place with enough skin to cover the removal. It scarred badly but I’m still happier with the scar than the tattoo.
    I have a friend with tattoos who now hates hers too but she can’t get them excised and laser wouldn’t do it.
    I say buy a print.

    Melanie says:

    I want a tattoo too!!!

    Jennifer G says:

    Don’t do it! Buy yourself some diamonds 🙂

    amber bartlett says:

    tattoos are fun, when they are beautiful. i feel like it’s a lot around personality. i have moments with my larger tattoo where i think holy shit ITS PERM. but its fleeting and never terrible. i picked something larger and more pleasing to my eye, with less meaning. I felt that id rather attach meaning as i desire than to get a portrait of my grandpa that’s really ugly. ha. does that make sense? either way, i love showing it off and i think it adds to my body, it makes me feel MORE beautiful and even adds a little Bad Ass pepp to my step 😉

    Felicity says:

    Skip, skip, skip. I thought, at 30, I was mature enough to get one without regretting it. I was wrong, and after paying an obscene amount to get a tattoo from an amazing artist, I’m now paying an even more obscene amount to get it removed.

    Kayla says:

    Know that probably like any other feature on your body, you will have a love/hate relationship with you tattoo. Some days you’ll think you should have just stayed “plain” and this is like a permanent accessory that doesn’t go with your outfit or your mood or you wish something about it was just a liiiiiitle different. Other days you’ll think “yes! this is me! I’m so glad I went for it!” No matter what, it will be a marker of a moment in time and a little souvenir of who you are right now — every time I see mine on my arm, I think of the woman I was that year, which was a huge transition year that was. THAT’s what it’s about — not even the literal picture that it is. I was (and now always will be) a woman who “went for it” and my tattoo is a reminder of that leap I took (not the tattoo — the other shit that happened around that time). I think I’m ready for another one….and I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this is another year and time when I’m making shifts in life and I feel myself changing…I want to put a little pin in this moment.

    Jen says:

    I have that Picasso peace dove (4th picture) on the back of my neck.. had it for over 10 years, still love it 🙂

    Josette says:

    Completely obsessed with the girl with the flower headband. That would be so beautiful!

    Kayron says:

    I can’t commit to a bumper sticker, much less a tattoo (even something as pretty as these)! I have a friend who got something similar, though, with brown ink that makes the design look like henna. It’s a bit more subtle and very beautiful.

    Devon says:

    I have le papillion (the butterfly) line drawing by picasso on my ankle. It’s so simple and pretty that I immediately fell in love, and have no regrets about it!

    Stephanie S. says:

    I was convinced once that I really wanted a rook piercing and went as far to ask a reputable professional piercer near my hometown if my ear geometry was right for it. prior to my trip home I had been saving images for weeks of rook piercing inspiration. But I wasn’t able to make it to the appointment for logistical reasons.

    shortly after returning to the city I go to school in, I went on a pre-scheduled solo trip abroad for 3 weeks and forgetting all about wanting the piercing (and I now realize how much of a pain it would be to have piercings in both ears).

    So, moral of the story: make yourself wait to see if you actually want one or if you just need to shake up your life in another way.

    you could also try tracing one of the above designs on yourself in sharpie or even henna to see if you like it before permanently committing. OR you could get a tattoo in really light colored ink or that blacklight/glow-in-the-dark ink?

    Anna Weylandt says:

    Ive had the same dilemma !! these are very tempting.

    Jane says:

    These are so pretty! I have some tips for you:
    After you pick your tattoo and the placement, get something like henna and use that to put it there. Then, you can have a while to like it or hate it.

    Anonymous says:

    Picasso <3

    Ana Beatriz says:


    Joanne says:

    Skip it – the mere fact that you’re debating shows that you are not 100% – you’ll probably regret it at some point. If you get one, make sure it is something that is in your heart…

    Maddy says:

    yes bri yes! i love these beauties too. i still love all my tattoos because they’re souvenirs from moments in my life. DO IT

    Betsie says:

    I read an interview with a great tattoo artists (I wish I could find it!) a few years ago, and his advice was to go for something with intrinsic aesthetic beauty over something with deep meaning. What is meaningful to you will change over time, so try to choose something that you will enjoy looking at. I have two pretty large tattoos (both of images that I think are timelessly beautiful, and that have vague meaning to me), and I think it’s pretty useless to think about them in terms of regret/don’t regret.

    My only other advice: schedule an appointment with a good artist.

    Dawn Moore says:

    Matisse. Beautiful & Simplistic.

    Ansley says:

    I think a Matisse tattoo would be beautiful no matter what it was or where you put it because it means something to you. It honestly bothers me quite a bit when people judge others for tattoos or tell people not to get them. People get tattoos for themselves to represent something meaningful in their lives, they’re not for everyone else. If you love it that’s all that matters!

    Danielle says:

    I can’t help with the tattoo decision but, I love that quotes.

    Kim says:

    Jesus fucking christ. Just get the damn tattoo and shut up about it.

    Lindsey says:

    Skip it…Cool idea but seems trendy.

    I want a tattoo too! But I don’t want to get a tattoo for the sake of getting a tattoo. I want something to mean so much to me that I can’t help but think, wow, I want to keep this with me forever. If I were second-guessing about whether I should get some sort of design, I probably wouldn’t go with it. But for some other people, tattoos don’t need to have some kind of deep symbolic meaning. Having a tattoo that has a deep meaning doesn’t make you any better than someone who has a tattoo for the aesthetics. You do you! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    Jenna B says:

    DO IT!

    I waited for 6 years (after getting the initial idea) to get my first tattoo and now I can’t imagine myself without it. Just make sure you research the tattoo shop and let them know this is your first one! I have two pieces now and both of my artists were incredible and patient. They answered any question I had and made me feel so comfortable and safe in their hands. Good luck! I can’t wait to see the final result. 😀

    Okay, I’m OBSESSED with these!!! You should totally do it!!!

    Diane says:

    Am I the only one against getting a tattoo? I like those but I am against doing that to me. I love my skin ‘naked’.

    You should definitely get a tattoo that has significance to you. I have Hebrews 13:5 tattooed on my rib 🙂 I know that’s supposed to be one of the most painful spots for a tattoo, but it really wasn’t that bad!!

    Bailey says:

    Have you seen Estee Lalonde’s tattoo? It’s a very similar style to what you have in mind. She did a YouTube video about it, if you’re interested. I say go for it!

    Jessica says:

    I personally don’t think a tattoo has to have any kind of deep meaning to you. I just want beautiful art on my body. Alice Carrier in Portland does AMAZING botanical work if you’re into that (@alicerules on instagram). So pretty. The only thing holding me back is the cost of a good artist, but I’ll get there eventually. I also don’t think you should let other people’s experiences talk you in or out of anything, do what you want. You only live once!

    Janel A says:

    I have found that with my tattoos (I have 3) that they are exciting at first, like i-cant-stop-staring-at-it exciting, then they become apart of you, much like a birthmark that doesnt get much thought after a while. No regret, no remorse, just you.

    With everything – be true to your feelings

    Jade says:

    I remembered that my first art book was from matisse. That is such a good ideia to have a tattoo like this! the camel is adorable.

    that second tattoo is of picasso’s camel. I live in Winston-Salem and a nickname of our city is “Camel City”. A group of people all got that tattoo in honor of our city 🙂 cool to see it on your blog.

    Alyssa says:

    i think it would be fun! i’ve been wanting to get one as well and still deciding what to have done. i’ve also been very drawn to the simple drawings. i think that it is a lot more subtle and even if i were to do a big one, if the lines were thin and the whole thing weren’t colored in, it would be very tasteful.
    i’ve been looking at the same style of drawing, just more floral-y, but these picasso and matisse are brilliant! if you like a drawing by picasso, get picasso. if you like a drawing by matisse, get matisse. the connection you have with matisse’s work is great and if it will help you love it even more then that is a good reason to get matisse. but if you’re in love in love with a picasso drawing, i don’t think you would regret getting one over the other.
    good luck! can’t wait to see it if you decide to get one!

    Steve says:

    Would the face with dove work for a guy?
    I would add a Q ❤️ (queen of hearts) above the dove on the left side!
    I want it to remind me to pursue love vs lust or money!
    I was considering a Q of Hearts playing card tatoo but this would be much cooler? It would go on the inside of my right arm?
    Would like some feedback. Steve

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