feliz bedding giveaway | designlovefest

enter to win a bedding set from feliz bedding! they have some really fun patterns and prints. aren’t these brush strokes the cutest? the whole collection is perfect for mix and matchingโ€”it’s colorful and fun but all blends together really well.

bedding giveaway | designlovefest
bedding giveaway | designlovefest

we love the simple polka dots too… what are your favorites? click through below the enter and let us know! good luck everyone!

bedding giveaway | designlovefest
bedding giveaway | designlovefest
bedding giveaway | designlovefest


here’s how to win…

1) visit the feliz bedding siteย and take a look around!

2) leave a comment below with links to your favorite items!

one winner willย receive a bedding set of their choice. the winnerย will be chosen on may 4th at 10am PST. use the code FELIZDAYS for 20% off through may 1st. open to international readers, yay!


Add your own

    Elisabeth says:

    Oh my this is perfect, I’m moving next month and need new bedding! There are all very cute, this one is my favorite: http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-charcoal-on-white-cotton

    Jelena says:

    Gosh, these are perfect. Thank for international giveaway.
    This is my favourite: http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton-1
    and all cushinos are amazing, I can not decide!

    so cool. i really like the thread lightly mixed with the polka dots. love this giveaway!!

    Samantha says:

    LOOOOVE the Sprinkle Sprinkle in Gold: http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton-1

    Just moved to a new apartment and I could use some new bedding!

    Lindsey says:

    Getting ready to transform my little lady’s bedroom into a BIG girl room. The Copacabana Sheets in Grey/Pink Fleck would be perfect! Thank you for the chance to win!

    Sarah Kleinman says:

    Love the sprinkle sprinkle in charcoal!!

    Line says:

    I am moving next month and would love some new bedding for my new home! Love this set: http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-fluro-pink-on-white-cotton?variant=7899840387
    Thanks for international giveaway. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Megan says:


    Love the San Telmo! I have dark haired pets so non white bedding is a must for me!

    Olivia says:

    I loooove the Cha Cha Cha in pink & gold http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton, the soft pink color is amazing! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Alex C says:

    Love the Cha Cha Cha in pink and gold with the gold polka dot sheets!

    Caroline says:

    I love the sprinkle sprinkle in gold or charcoal!! Thank you for the giveaway! http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton-1

    Bianca says:

    Love the simple white-black dotty bedding ๐Ÿ™‚
    my absolute favourite

    Allison Romero says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! I love the Sprinkle Sprinkle White & Grey set! http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-white-grey-cotton

    Love the copacabana sheets! I already have a polka dot duvet so these would go together nicely

    Rebecca says:


    This bedding is so beautiful and it reminds me of snow falling. I am moving overseas next month and have nothing and this would be an amazing bedding set to start my new life with. Xx

    Eleanor says:

    I have such a thing for polka-dots or speckles on sheets, so this was a tough/fun decision! Love these, playful but still calm. http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/copacabana-sheets

    Kate Davis says:

    ahh these are all so amazing! This one is definitely my favorite: http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/san-telmo

    Mackenzie says:

    I can understand why these are sold out. Love the crisp white with the pops of bright colors http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/thread-lightly-embroidered-white-cotton

    Sacha says:

    This bedding brand is really cute! Very fresh and modern. I love the cha cha cha set in aqua/gold as well as the sprinkle sprinkle in gold!



    Jill Stinson says:

    There is something about this bedding that just makes my heart happy!


    Brittany Horowitz says:

    I absolutely LOVE this one – http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/thread-lightly-embroidered-grey-cotton – the colors are so pretty but also the design is simple, which I prefer.

    I also love this one – http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/san-telmo

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    maggie says:

    i love the cha cha cha in aqua and gold! it’s so playful but still clean and sophisticated enough for an adult..or almost adult, such as myself: http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/cha-cha-cha-aqua-gold

    kirby says:

    thread lightly white duvet is the cutest! want.

    Chelsey says:

    I love these! It would look great mixed with colored sheets and cute pillows. http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-fluro-pink-grey-cotton

    Caro says:

    Wow! What a great shop! I love the sheets and covers! http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-charcoal-on-white-cotton
    They all look great though!

    Ansley says:

    I love it all!!!! How would anyone pick!? The Dark grey cover with geometric shapes is amazing, so is the aqua version of the swashy print you shared in the post (LOVE that one). Also the Yeah/Nah pillows are so great, I’ll probably be ordering those with the discount code haha.


    amy says:

    Yes please! Love the mix of grey and white cotton with fluorescent pink dots http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-fluro-pink-grey-cotton

    tasneem hussain says:

    My favorite set is sold out, but a close second is the gold sprinkle:


    Maddy T. says:

    Love the thread lightly embroidered!

    Lia says:

    SPRINKLE SPRINKLE CHARCOAL – GREY COTTON!!!! It’s beautiful and so are you!

    Amy in KC says:

    I am OBSESSED with gold dots, so Sprinkle Sprinkle Gold is my favorite!

    Vel says:

    Love the gold sprinkle sheets and the BLUE WATERCOLOUR MOUNTAINS CUSHION or the PINK!

    Lindsey T says:

    So whimsy! Love the Rose and goldhttp://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton

    Josie says:

    Oh my gosh! Love the “Thread Lightly” collection, and it seems like a lot of people agree! The linens are sold out!


    Kristen says:

    polka all the way!

    richele says:

    as a little girl I had multi-colored polka dot sheets they were my favorite. [I still have a scrap of my sheet that I couldn’t part with] so I’m very happy to see the pink and gold dots!!

    I think the sprinkle sprinkle with fluor pink dots are my favorite [my husband might say otherwise]

    Gabrielle says:

    I am totally in love with these “Fiesta” “Siesta” pillow cases. Fun pillowcases are such an easy and unexpected way to update a room that is starting to feel stale.



    Vanessa says:

    Love the San Telmo pillowcase and I would pair it with the Sprinkle Sprinkle White-Grey duvet!

    My apartment it tiny but oh so eclectic. These “Buenas Noches” sheets are such a fun spin on traditional bedding – not to mention they have a pop of orange (my fave color!), and have a Spanish saying (I speak Spanish). I can picture them in my room now! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Grace says:


    Love love love this site! This bedding would be amazing in my new apartment!

    Michelle Richardson says:

    Honestly I LOVE everything on that site! But I think my favorite is the CHA CHA AQUA GOLD! http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/cha-cha-cha-aqua-gold

    Mal says:

    I love the Sprinkle Sprinkle Gold–it’s so simple yet festive and livens up a room!

    jody marie says:

    the thread lightly duvet and the cha cha cha sheets–match my heart! color but calm and a riot underneath!

    Jo Marie says:

    THIS: Sprinkle Sprinkle Charcoal in Grey Cotton http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-charcoal-on-grey-cotton
    Still playful but relaxing at the same time. And the siesta pillows <3

    Michelle says:


    Marta says:

    I love sprinkles. Can’t decide which colour i prefer (charcoal or gold?!). Both would fit perfectly in my new apartment.

    Brandi Rios says:

    i love this sprinkle sprinkle with the white cotton, perfect for my new space!


    Stefanie Gladden says:

    my favorite is the THREAD LIGHTLY EMBROIDERED – WHITE COTTON http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/thread-lightly-embroidered-white-cotton

    Rachel says:

    Beautiful Bedding <3 I have to go with the aqua and gold bedding, I love it paired with the sprinkle sheets!


    Joy says:

    I love this one! I’m thinking about what colors and look I want for my dorm room this year and these are the perfect colors.

    Hayden says:

    Everything is so cute! I would love to freshen up my bedroom with these fun bedspreads!

    Merrie McCulloch says:

    Cha Cha Cha! Pink and gold on white cotton. Just so so beautiful. Way to brighten up a wintery Melbourne bedroom ๐Ÿ™‚

    Jeannie Lim says:

    Thank you for the chance.

    Nika says:

    We sleep together with our little son… :).. so we’ve chosen this one ๐Ÿ™‚ – http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton
    Thank you.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Grace Wenzel says:

    OMG. I’m moving into a new apartment this summer and this would be the perfect way to start a new palette!

    Taylor says:

    LOVE! These are the perfect mix of clean and simple while still being fun. This one is great: http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/san-telmo

    Kayla says:

    I’ve been looking to upgrade my full size bed to a queen size bed, and this would make that transition easier: http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/cha-cha-cha-aqua-gold?variant=8227710787

    Michelle Flook says:

    These large aqua polkadots are definitely my fave! http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/copacabana-sheets

    Kelli says:

    Seriously need this! Oh my gosh too cute for my spare room that I call my room because my husband does not like girly things in our room…(roll eyes)http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-fluro-pink-on-white-cotton?variant=7899840515

    Fiona says:

    I think my fave is the San Telmo… It’s very hard to decide!

    Jenny N says:

    Uh, hello sprinkle gold sheets!!!

    Lauren Frampton says:

    Absolutely love this brand and http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton would look amazing in my new apartment!!! Would love to win this please!

    venea says:

    I literally want, everything. so unique and vibrant!!!! my favorite is the siesta pillowcases, and this sheet set:



    Consu says:

    This is definetely my favorite one! Cha cha cha Aqua & Gold is just perfect and bold for my room and soul! haha <3


    Colleen Clark says:

    The cha cha cha white on linen. So dope.

    Anna says:

    The Sprinkle Sprinkle in charcoal manages to be energetic, cute, and soothing all at once, which is a great combo! http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-charcoal-on-grey-cotton
    That said, the http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/jellyfish-pillowcase-navy-and-white is almost unbearably cute too. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Christina says:

    I love the charcoal sprinkle… http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-charcoal-on-white-cotton
    But the copacabana gets double-sided bonus points!! http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/cha-cha-cha-aqua-gold-grey-cotton

    Just wish international shipping was a little lower!

    Marlow Garner says:


    Obsessed with all of their bedding! I think these charcoal sprinkle bed linens are perfect for my bedroom. I think my kitty and puppy will love them too!

    Aurelia Tijerina says:

    Would love this for Bellas room. Perfect transition bedding for a pre-tween who is ready for a fun sophisticated room! http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-charcoal-on-white-cotton

    Kara says:

    I really love everything but in particular the cha cha cha in pink / gold white cotton set

    Kara McGuire says:

    omg….. kind of obsessed with everything! eek! but this pattern is the jam


    its sold out of this color… but I am hopeful!

    Blair Boring says:

    This stuff gives me life.. My sheets don’t even fit my bed much less look this dang good!!! Holy guac
    NEED this like woa:

    Honestly this doesn’t even need an explanation Bc who on earth wouldn’t want this + a plate of tacos n a marg in bed:

    Kaylee says:

    My boyfriend and I just moved in together and have WORLDS APART tastes. I think this will suit us perfectly!


    LeAnn Nguyen says:

    omg i haven’t been so excited about bedding…i am dying to win this contest!!!! currently sleeping on a twin size bed so i’d love to win this one (that is, if single = twin size) – http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-fluro-pink-on-white-cotton

    thanks so much!

    Anonymous says:

    I love the Cha Cha Cha – Pink and Gold http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton
    and I also love the Sprinkle Sprinkle Charcoal and White Linen http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-charcoal-on-white-cotton

    I love it all to be quite honest, but those are my top two favs!

    I am obsessed with your blog! Keep up the great work!!

    I love the Cha Cha Cha โ€“ Pink and Gold http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton
    and I also love the Sprinkle Sprinkle Charcoal and White Linen http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-charcoal-on-white-cotton
    I love it all to be quite honest, but those are my top two favs!
    I am obsessed with your blog! Keep up the great work!!

    Sallie says:

    So in love with these charcoal and gray linens: http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-charcoal-on-grey-cotton

    And these white embroidered linens are beautiful: http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/thread-lightly-embroidered-white-cotton

    I’m moving in with my partner soon and we would love a beautiful bed to start off!

    Alexandra says:

    Absolutely in love with Feliz’s designs, especially there ‘cha cha cha’ set in pink and gold, and whats even better about this spread? its sustainably produced fabric. Keep rockin’ it ladies

    Alexandra says:

    Absolutely in love with Felizโ€™s designs, especially there โ€˜cha cha chaโ€™ set in pink and gold, and whats even better about this spread? its sustainably produced fabric. Keep rockinโ€™ it ladies


    Love everything on their site, but I would say:
    CHA CHA CHA- Pink and Gold is my favourite.
    So purrrrdddyyyyy โค๏ธ


    Ooops forgot to copy link.
    CHA CHA CHA- Pink and Gold is my favourite.
    Love it love it love โค๏ธ

    Angela Wyatt says:

    I looove this fluro pink sprinkle sprinkle and those “yeah” pillows!


    Caitlin says:

    Cha Cha Cha! In aqua and gold, goes perfect with all my ocean prints. Plus you cant help but smile saying CHA CHA CHA!


    Gold!!!! YUM! All the way with this gold—the bicycle pillow slips are awesome too!!


    Tessa says:

    I love ALL of the polka dots, wouldn’t you just wake up happy with these? http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton-1

    Francine says:

    So much great stuff!!! I adore all the sprinkles, but the thread lightly embroidered one is a favorite: http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/thread-lightly-embroidered-grey-cotton

    The woven storage baskets would make organizing/storing fun and elegant! Another favorite:

    Cassandra says:

    http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton-1?variant=8222411459 My absolute favorite is the sprinkle sprinkle gold!! Perfect for my guest room ๐Ÿ™‚


    I like Gold Sprinkle Sprikle the best because sprinkles are for winners!! They’d go great with my light pink bed frame!!

    Dani says:

    Exciting that this is an Australian brand. I love discovering new homeware brands here in Aus. Amazing patterns and colours! My favourite are: http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/thread-lightly-embroidered-grey-cotton

    Sonja says:

    My favorite is the pink cha cha cha sheets!

    Emily says:

    I’m liking the thread lightly in white cotton. Simple, but fun!

    Samantha S Goode says:

    I’m loving all of it! Especially the Thread Lightly Embroidered in white & the Sprinkle Sprinkle Gold Flat Sheet. Would go wonderfully in my bedroom!



    Kate says:

    I love the polka dots too, but pink and gold how could you possible go wrong… http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton?variant=7913648323
    It’s so hard to find good quality patterned sheets…I love feliz…pick me please xx

    Bernadine S. says:

    Wow, these are gorgeous sheets. New sheets to sleep in are always one of the best things. This looks and sounds especially fun.

    Kathleen Hector says:

    I’m really digging the Sprinkle Sprinkle White Grey bedding!


    Hannah Dollery says:

    Ah I love the cha cha cha set! Reminds me of dreamy pastel bananas. http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton
    Also the white/fluro pink sprinkle sprinkle! Such fun combos! http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-fluro-pink-on-white-cotton

    Holly C. says:

    What a beautiful site! Thanks for sharing! This one is my favourite for our new bedroom!


    adrienne lowry says:

    yeah nah- it relates to the every day in the best way! simple yet timeless prints compliment each other to add the perfect amount of style to any room. or better yet, it’s rad.

    Kayla says:

    Sprinkle sprinkle in gold is a dream! But I also love them all!

    Julie Cook says:

    OMG! I fell in love with all their things really, so hard to choose! Thanks for highlighting them and giving us a chance to win on my birthday!
    The sprinkle sprinkle line got me really especially with the neon pink: http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-fluro-pink-on-white-cotton, but I love it in charcoal also: http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-charcoal-on-white-cotton.
    And the bike is great: http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/sale/products/bike-doona-fluro-pink-silver?variant=14429773510.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

    Natalie says:

    Eek! Such a fun collection!! Especially the “cha cha cha pink & gold” – LOVE

    Jessica says:

    Love that these guys are from Australia!

    Gemma Murray says:

    – Pink and Gold double cha cha cha covers and pillowcases ๐Ÿ’•(http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton?variant=7913648259)

    – With the double Sprinkle Sprinkle gold flat sheet ๐Ÿ‘‘

    Absolute dream ๐ŸŒˆโ˜๏ธ๐Ÿ›Œ

    Rachel says:

    looooooooooove the san telmo doona cover! and love to see more great aussie brands on designlovefest! http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/san-telmo?variant=17174645702

    Francesca says:

    Hello there beautiful! Thank you for making me discover this brand, I’m an interior decor fanatic and unique bedding is difficult to find!
    So hard to find a single favorite one from the site, everything looks so lovely! Maybe I’ll go for Thread Lightly Embroidered – White cotton ( http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/thread-lightly-embroidered-white-cotton )

    Jumping Julia says:

    I am such a massive, massive fan of Jane and Mel’s playful, socially conscious work. I’d just ADORE cha cha cha-ing off to sleep tucked into this gorgeous design.


    Emma says:

    Wow just discovered this brand through this post and all of their items are so so cute!! I love their duvets (especially this one http://www.felizhome.com.au/products/cha-cha-cha-aqua-gold-grey-cotton?variant=7972876099z ) If I could, I would pair it like the photo with these pillows http://www.felizhome.com.au/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-charcoal-on-white-cotton?variant=6549542275
    This bed linen would look gorgeous in my room ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Madison says:

    I absolutely am in love with this design and have been looking for a good quality fitted sheet a while now. Thank you so much for showing me this brand, I am in love!


    Ellie says:

    I am so so in love with the Sprinkle Sprinkle Charcoal on Grey Cotton! Can picture it perfectly on my bed ๐Ÿ™‚

    Blythe Ivory says:

    I’m currently in the midst of re-doing my bedroom for a more simplistic and minimalist vibe but I absolutely adore this set!


    perfect pops of colour and pattern

    also these pillow cases!!!

    Katrin says:

    The polka dots of all colors are beautiful, but considering my bedroom, I might decide for the Plain Organic Flat Sheets in white or grey:

    Orla says:

    I love all of these! If I had to choose, then like others I am in love with the sprinkle charcoal bedsheets on the white cotton:


    I would use this as a base and then accent it with some neon, like the pink spotted white sheets: http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-fluro-pink-white-cotton-flat-sheet

    Everything is wonderful!

    Nina says:

    OMG! Feliz has the most beautiful beddings i’ve every seen <3 <3 <3
    I would love to pimp my bedroom with this perfect set:


    Lovely greetings from Germany!

    Nina says:

    OMG! Feliz has the most beautiful beddings i’ve ever seen <3 <3 <3
    I would love to pimp my bedroom with this perfect set:


    Lovely greetings from Germany!

    Natalie says:

    love! love! love the CHA CHA CHA – PINK & GOLD – WHITE COTTON! http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/frontpage/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton

    China Mykal says:




    This is the perfect combination to me. LOVE that there are soo many brilliant ways to combine these different patterns. No matter what your personal style is.

    I am going to tell you a story, if not just to try and tug at your sympathy strings in this whole bedding contest…

    I have been carefully scouring the internet and local shops for new bed linen that I feel is the perfect match for my new adult life I’m settling into after a recent cross country move for a wonderful job. I figured, I will take my time, find the set I really love (many of your suggestions from previous posts are on this not so short list). I figured, I could take my time, really find the knock out bed set I’ve been dreaming of…. Who doesn’t have time to wait for the perfect fit (pun intended) right?

    WELL! NOT ME. Not anymore. The other night, after going through a round of antibiotics and medical eye drops, my beloved dog quite literally exploded from his rear end all OVER MY ENTIRE BEDROOM. This includes every shred of bedding, nearly every wall…and even myself….

    It was horrific and I felt so terrible for my sweet, sweet dog who is still not able to look me in the eye from his shame. Poor dude, he couldn’t help it. But, needless to say…. my search for the perfect new bedding has been given a very necessary shove into the immediate.

    This bedding is just so fun and beautiful and I am sure would make my dog feel so much better about the decor of our bedroom and bring him some sort of peace from what may have been the most embarrassing moment of his life.

    Angela says:

    Love the Cha Cha Cha!

    Joy Allen says:

    Obsessed with the Doona duvet, and I would love the sprinkle sprinkle white sheets.

    Danielle says:

    I love the palm and watercolor mountain print cushions and wall art!

    Regina says:

    Sleeping under the sprinkle sprinkle in gold-white would feel like magic!

    Geneviรจve says:

    I’m redoing a bedroom next fall and those bedding sets are so gorgeous, it’s inspiring!

    I really like the Sprinkle Sprinkle Fluro Pink set (http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-fluro-pink-grey-cotton)

    Also, I know it’s not a bedding set, but they sell fabric bundles?! That is really cool. They could become such gorgeous bags! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Katryna says:

    I would love to spruce up the bedroom! The thread lightly set is the perfect color for the garlarnds I just got for my room! http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/thread-lightly-embroidered-white-cotton and the sprinkles are just adorable http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton-1

    The Sprinkle Sprinkle Fluro Pink – Grey Cotton is beyond super quiche it would look amazing in my room!!!! http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-fluro-pink-grey-cotton

    Jessica Phillips says:

    Really love the Copacabana Double sided Doona – perfect for my beachy theme but a touch more fun than something plain!

    Asha says:

    My favorite is the sprinkle sprinkle white-grey cotton bedspread (http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-white-grey-cotton)! It would look so good in my new place!

    Katie says:

    These jellyfish pillowcases are so great! Love the pop of pink, and it’s not overwhelmingly girly so I think my hubby would like these, too!

    Katie says:

    These jellyfish pillowcases are so great! Love the pop of pink, and it’s not overwhelmingly girly so I think my hubby would like these, too!

    Anonymous says:

    These are so fun!
    Would be great to have them all to mix and match.

    Helen says:

    These are so fun!
    Would be great to have them all to mix and match.

    Marie O. says:

    The Cha Cha Cha aqua/gold sheet set is awesome – the name AND the sheet set!

    Larissa Thomas says:

    With our navy blue bedroom walls the sprinkle sprinkle gold would look amazing.


    I can’t resist pairing them with the ‘yeah nah’ pillow cases.


    Amanda says:

    I’m currently looking to replace my worn out bedding so this giveaway comes at a perfect time for me! I really love the Sprinkle Sprinkle Charcoal! It’s simple but still statement making!

    Bree says:

    Gosh, is there anything on this site I don’t love?! no way! But I gotta say I’ve had my eye on this thread lightly for a while now. http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/thread-lightly-embroidered-white-cotton <3

    gina says:

    Love everything, but these I’m crushing on the most!! What I would give for some new bedding, it’s been years! Cal – Kings are expensive to buy for:D



    Romie says:


    The Copacabana Sheets in Aqua Spot, please.


    Jannet says:

    Happy design in a dark color! The best combination for my boyfriend and I http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/san-telmo?variant=17174645766

    DeAnna Caracci says:

    I’ve never seen these before, I love them all! But the sprinkle white and gold is my favorite!


    Fadia says:

    So beautiful! My favourite is sprinkle sprinkle gold – white cotton!

    Jasmine Spaventa says:

    Yay give-away! The bedding looks so incredibly soft ๐Ÿ™‚ My hubby and I could definitely use new bedding as our 1 year old has dribbled (among other things) on our current…everything LOL

    This bedding is practical:

    This bedding is just fun:

    ML says:

    I just love this! Aqua and gold are one of my favorite color combos.

    Rebecca says:

    I’m crazy about the Sprinkle Sprinkle Charcoal on White. Any and all pillows and dรฉcor would go so with it!

    emily says:

    I LOVE this Duvet!


    Also love the fiesta and siesta pillow cases! SO cute!

    billie says:

    Love the sprinkle sprinkle bedding! Especially the grey with white dots.

    Allyson says:

    I flipped (punny) back and forth and I unilaterally love, Thread Lightly Embroidered – Grey cotton the most.

    Paired with the,Copacabana Sheets in Aqua Spot, that I was torn between coveting in a duvet

    Paired with, who doesn’t love dinosaurs, Dino Pillowcase in Aqua & Grey

    Thank you kindly!

    Christina says:

    I’m in looovvee with this one!! Would LOVE to have this in my new apartment next year ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wow! I would love to have the Sprinkle Sprinkle Gold – White cotton in my bedroom!

    Samantha says:

    The Thread Lightly Embroidered collection in white cotton is absolutely gorgeous! This bedding will have me waking up every morning feeling bright and inspired! Plus I can’t resist a good pun!

    Ali Summers says:

    In love with the Sprinkle Sprinkle Charcoal! It’s a great neutral with personality.


    Kristen says:

    My favorite is the SPRINKLE SPRINKLE WHITE – GREY COTTON design.

    Anna says:

    I love how this gold dotted one (http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton-1) is pretending to be all grown up but is still really fun and colourful! And I love the comfy, rustic look of this charcoal one (http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-charcoal-on-grey-cotton)!
    This print reminding me of the ocean (http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/home/products/blue-watercolour-mountains-print) and all their linen table cloths are pretty great too!
    Would definitely make a nice improvement to our appartment ๐Ÿ™‚

    Delena says:

    I really love the patterns on this Copacabana Double sided Doona, so so cheerful! ๐Ÿ™‚


    Thanks for the international giveaway!

    Amy says:


    Such cute options! I love the charcoal on grey cotton in the sprinkle pattern shown above. Thanks for the giveaway!!

    Ervina says:

    couldn’t decide between grey or whiteeeeee but in the end i guess white suit me the best after all!!

    Susanna says:

    So many lovely options! I love the sprinkle sprinkle charcoal on white for the minimalist colour palette tho. And the Copacabana sheets, love love love!

    Hopey says:

    The “Sprinkle Sprinkle Fluro Pink – White Cotton” is the bomb.com! Ya girl wants that one bad.

    Molly Garvin says:

    the yeah pillowcase is so cute!

    Taylor says:

    oh my, those brush strokes are to die for but i’ve been told i’m a polka dot kid..either way i am totally obsessed! my dorm would be fabulous with this bedding:)

    Taylor says:

    oops, i got so excited i didn’t even enter! haha this is absolutely my favorite bedding i’ve seen, i’ve been dorm shopping and the single brush strokes would already match these adorable pillows i found that are design love fest inspired:) http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton

    Lindsey says:

    Very cute bedding! My fave is probably this one:
    But I love the gold version too.

    Amy V says:

    Cha Cha Cha Pink & Gold is so fun! It would brighten up our bedroom ๐Ÿ™‚

    Maddie MR says:

    This is such a cool website!
    This bedspread is gorgeous, absolutely love it…


    Taylor says:


    Carolina says:

    Love these! I would pick this one for my daughter’s new almost-teen bedroom: http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton-1

    mary says:

    AAAAhhhhhhh! I just love the Sprinkle Sprinkle Charcoal in White cotton! So fun!!!

    Emily says:

    OOh I just love white on white on white.
    I love the sprinkle sprikle charcoal sheets and the round cha cha cha cushion!

    Jade says:

    The SAN TELMO is wonderful! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Andrea says:

    I’m soooo in love thank you so much for sharing this unique & artistic company! My favourite is the Sprinkle-Sprinkle Gold-White Cotton, so simple and feminine.


    I basically want everything! But I especially want the Palm table cloth and the storage baskets! Thanks for the giveaway!

    HB says:

    Yep totally want this Copacobana Double Sided Doona… but that shipping price… http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/cha-cha-cha-aqua-gold-grey-cotton?variant=7972876227

    Lois Fox says:

    I love the whole Sprinkle Sprinkle GOLD collection!!!
    Along with the Siesta pillow cases!

    Melissa says:

    I like the sprinkle sprinkle!

    ElisabethWK says:

    In love with the sprinkle sprinkle duvet! Aahhh!!!

    Yewon says:

    I love the Sprinkle Sprinkle White on Grey Cotton. http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-white-grey-cotton
    Thank you so much for international giveaway!

    Yuka says:

    The sprinkle sprinlkle hold-white cotton is adorable and would make me so happy! http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton-1

    Rachel W says:

    I’m kind of in love with this doona. It’s perfect timing since one of my plans this year is to get a new bedding set! And it’s great to have learned the word doona. http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-white-grey-cotton

    Julia O'Shea says:

    Double the fun with a double sided doona! Mel and Jane have thought of everything. The Copacabana Double Sided Doona would make my room the hottest spot north of Havana.


    Carrie Purcell says:

    I’m obsessed with pale pink lately. I have you to thank for that. http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-gold-white-cotton

    Jen H. says:

    Oh my gosh I love the sprinkle sprinkle white in grey cotton as well as the sprinkle sprinkle gold line!

    Wow! Thanks for your effort in making this giveaway! I’ve been loving your blog lately because of the dress your tech posts! Thank you so much! I really like the http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-charcoal-on-white-cotton bed linen!

    Joni says:

    My favorite: w.felizhome.com.au/collections/frontpage/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-charcoal-on-white-cotton

    Kelly D says:

    Too many to select one to love! This will do for now, plus the name is adorable http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/sprinkle-sprinkle-charcoal-on-white-cotton

    Amy says:

    I love all the fun pillowcases, especially the Yeah|Nah pillowcase.

    Clara says:

    I love the cushions, especially the blue watercolour mountains and the amigo round white/pink ones, so pretty!

    Chelsea says:

    Saw these girls at their booth in Melbourne at a craft fair… failed to pull the trigger ๐Ÿ™ Fingers crossed!!! Should have bought this: http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/thread-lightly-embroidered-grey-cotton

    Dalila Sassi says:

    Thank you soooooo much and i hope that i can win these
    http://www.felizhome.com.au/collections/bed-linen/products/thread-lightly-embroidered-grey-cotton ๐Ÿ‘„

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