carrot coconut soup | designlovefest

i’ve been wanting a vitamix forever, seriously. and when i heard that they starting making them with a copper finish i basically freaked out. the recipe options with a vitamix feel endless, i’ve used it for pestos, smoothies, soups, nut butters. etc. today we’re going to show you an easy (and vegan!) soup recipe that we made in the vitamix that requires only one pan and no stovetop heating! AAAAAND, enter below for a chance to win your very own! 

carrot coconut soup | designlovefest
carrot coconut soup | designlovefest

i’m a big fan of coconut, both for its taste and health benefits. the beauty of this recipe comes from the sweet flavor of the roasted carrots paired with the spice of the ginger and the creaminess of the coconut milk. it’s totally dairy, sugar and gluten free!

what you’ll need:
• 2.5 lbs of carrots
• 2 cups of vegetable broth
• 1 cup light coconut milk
• 1.5 cup full fat coconut milk
• 2 tablespoons fresh, peeled, and chopped ginger
• 4 teaspoons of salt
• 2 teaspoons cinnamon
• 2 teaspoons allspice
• 3 gloves of garlic
• 1 white onion

carrot coconut soup | designlovefest
carrot coconut soup | designlovefest
carrot coconut soup | designlovefest
carrot coconut soup | designlovefest
carrot coconut soup | designlovefest

• wash your carrots (no need to peel) and place on a cookie sheet along with 1 roughly chopped white onion. lightly coat them with olive oil and sprinkle 1 teaspoon (of each!) cinnamon, allspice and salt over the carrots and place in the oven at 425 degrees, take the onion out after 20 minutes and then finish roasting the carrots for another 20 minutes. remove from the oven and cool slightly. they should appear slightly charred!

carrot coconut soup | designlovefest
carrot coconut soup | designlovefest

• now to assemble the soup – pour 2 cups of veggie broth and 1 cups of full fat coconut milk and 1 cup light coconut milk into the bottom of your blender, add the onion, garlic gloves, ginger, and carrots on top. finally, add 1 teaspoon of all spice, cinnamon and salt. place the lid and turn the blender on and to setting 1. leave it here for a minute. then taste the soup, add salt, ginger, cinnamon and all spice as desired. return lid and turn blender to “soup” mode. this will take about 6 minutes and you should see some steam start to rise from the blender when it’s done.

carrot coconut soup | designlovefest
carrot coconut soup | designlovefest

• remove lid, pour soup into bowls, garnish with oregano and roasted chickpeas (1 can of garbanzo beans, toasted in olive oil, sprinkles with salt and roasted at 375 for 15-20 minutes). to make the coconut milk design on the top, use a spoon and drizzle a bit of full fat coconut milk in horizontal lines on the top, and then take a knife and pull it through the lines vertically.

and there you have it, easy as pie soup that tastes like the best version of a fall day!

carrot coconut soup | designlovefest



1) visit the Vitamix site and take a look at the recipe section. if you’re looking for the Vitamix with the copper finish it is available exclusively at Williams Sonoma!

2) leave a comment below letting us know what you’d love to make in your Vitamix.

one winner will be chosen at random on tuesday march 15th. open to US residents only. this price is valued at $650+. by entering this sweepstakes you agree to the official terms and conditions. one entry per person, multiple commenters will be disqualified. 


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    Cathérine says:

    I am in love love love! The Vitamix just has to move into our kitchen. I would love to make the Cranberry Nut Bread and 10,000 other lovely treats.

    Best wishes,

    Lori says:

    The soup look ace! but ust wanted to send a quick not to say happy international women’s day! I think you’re an inspiration and here’s a shout out to you http://www.wildandgrizzly.com/2016/03/celebrate-international-womens-day.html

    Lori x

    as says:

    Lots of soups and smoothies.

    nancy janicki says:

    The cauliflower hummus looks delicious! Would love to make that with a Vitamix!

    Lauren Noferi says:

    Ditto on the cauliflower hummus! Sounds amazing!

    Linda Delgado says:

    Almond cookies are my fave! Love your site!

    JP says:

    Cauliflower hummus and hot soups

    I would so up my hummus game!!! I would love to be included in this giveaway! It would definitely change things for me! =)

    Josie says:

    Oh man. I’m all about the vegan recipes on the site, but especially the Pineapple Freeze. Anyone else reminded of Dole Whips???



    Geraldine says:

    The vegetable meatloaf!! I am so intrigued by this recipe- can’t wait to get into the kitchen and make it! The all green smoothie looks like a winner as well!

    Elisabeth says:

    Wow this is amazing! I have wanted a Vitamix forever, and the copper finish one is beautiful!! I would love to make Cranberry Nut Bread to start, followed by this soup! xoxo

    Sarah says:

    The edamame dip! A perfect way to transition into Spring. And so easy with the Vitamix! https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Incredibly-Edible-Edamame-Dip/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce

    Brooke Berger says:

    I would love to make the cauliflower hummus or the tortilla soup or anything really! what a remarkable blender that can do so much!!

    Marlena says:

    I would love to make the cauliflower hummus, smoothies, soup, salsa. I’ve been wanting a Vitamix for so long!

    Colleen says:

    This is so beautiful! The possibilities are endless, but I would first make a soup to show myself how awesome the vitamin is 🙂

    April V says:

    I would love to try the potato cheddar breakfast bake! It looks so delicious!

    Beth says:


    Jenni says:

    Whole fruit margarita. Obviously. 😉

    Linh says:

    This recipe looks delicious! The soup seems like it would be so comforting, and making soups in a blender is the best idea all the time. https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Roasted-Butternut-Squash-Soup-with-Honey-Pecan-Butter/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    christine p says:

    I’d make green smoothies!

    Kelly G. says:

    Holy giveaways!!! Been wanting a Vitamix for ages! So easy to make healthy meals. The potato, artichoke, and leek soup looks delicious https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Leek-Artichoke-Potato-Soup/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    Erica says:

    The thing that I love about the Vitamix as a kitchen tool is that it lends itself well to cooking in every season. Not like a popsicle mold that’s only going to help you out in summer, you know? But speaking of summer, I would love to make this smoothie: https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Summer-Splash-Smoothie/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    Jessica says:

    The Tuscan Tomato White Bean Soup looks delicious, and perfect for the lingering chilly nights we’re still having as spring approaches!


    Catherine says:

    I so need this in my kitchen!! I’m currently craving some springtime inspired food, like the Potato, Artichoke and Leek Soup https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Leek-Artichoke-Potato-Soup/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    I’m definitely going to try your recipe too!

    Amy says:

    The Irish Coffee looks de-lish! 🙂

    Meredith says:

    I would definitely make butternut squash soup. It’s my favorite thing to make in a blender (second favorite: hummus), and this would make the process SO much easier.

    Hope says:

    I have heard wonderful things about the Vitamix. I love this site with the recipes-endless ways to stay healthy. I would try many,but let’s start with a high fiber recipe:https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Antioxidant-Rich-Smoothie/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    Katie See says:

    I would definitely make the Frozen Irish Coffee 😀

    Juliana says:

    A dream in the form of a blender, love this! I would make this soup and the apple kale smoothie bowl 🙂

    Alecia says:

    Oh my eyes are in love. I’ve wanted a Vitamix for so long. My kids and I make smoothies everyday in our sad baby food maker 🙁 I’d make Cauliflower Hummus every week too!!! <3 <3 <3

    Meg says:

    The cauliflower hummus looks amazing!

    Amanda says:

    That copper finish is beautiful! I would love to make the Eggplant Cannelloni with Pine Nut Romesco Sauce…looks amazing 🙂

    Lauren R. says:

    Love the copper color! I would totally make the Just Peachy Smoothie!

    Anne N. says:

    Strangely, I’ve never owned a Vitamix Mixer or big blender! Now after this post, I clearly can see I need one! I would love to make the Watermelon Gazpacho and pair it with their Whole Fruit Margarita for a summer picnic!

    Lilly says:

    I would love to make a green smoothie with spinach, banana, protein powder, frozen berries and tart cherry juice. Yum!!! Such a pretty appliance!

    Rosi says:

    The copper vitamix is lovely! I want it! I’d made the Watermelon Gazpacho and the Fresh Tomato Sauce for sure!

    I have gone through about five cheap blenders over the year…I want a Vitamix SO badly! I drink a green smoothie for breakfast 4-5 a week, plus being vegetarian I eat a ton of soups – so honestly I would probably use it at least once a day!

    Lauren S. says:

    I have always wanted a Vitamix, and especially love this one! I would make marzipan to give my dad for his birthday, and a Grasshopper for me 🙂

    jasmine Elizabeth says:

    Some of that cauliflower hummus! and guacamole ALL DAY

    Amanda says:

    That carrot ginger soup looks amazing. I’d also try the all green smoothie.

    Jennifer says:

    The Blackberry Herb Fruit Puree recipe looks amazing!

    Jessica says:

    I would make smoothies every morning! The blender I have now is super cheap and LOUD. I’m sure my neighbors would also appreciate it if I got the upgrade… HA!

    Beth C. says:

    The question should be ‘what wouldn’t you make’ b/c there’s so many amazing-looking recipes to choose from! I’d start with almond butter and then the frozen irish coffee (’tis the season).

    Heidi Windorff says:

    What’s not to love it’s functional and aesthetically pleasing! With Spring here and summer creeping in I got to go with the Just Peachy Smoothie, Blackberry Herb Fruit Puree AND Whole Fruit Margaritas!

    Khrystyne says:

    All the smoothies! Especially the All Green Smoothie, it’ll be a delicious treat and help me stay on my wedding diet!

    Nicolette says:

    So many delicious things! But I think I have to go with the peanut butter cup shake

    Victoria C. says:

    I don’t know if I could pick just one! But I would love to make the Lime Curd Tartlets with Summer Berries in my Vitamix for Easter!

    Allie K says:

    So many smoothies and soups! All the Green Smoothie looks great.

    Molly says:

    I’ve never thought about making dressings or sauces in a Vitamix (for some reason). I’m going to try the Lemon Grain Salad with Kale Pesto. It looks simple and amazing!

    With summer on the way and a bun in the oven, I’d make a smoothie every day in this Copper Vitamix. The All Green Smoothie would help power me through a busy wedding season (I’m a floral designer) and keep me and baby healthy year round with purees and smoothies galore!

    Kate Farnsworth says:

    I would love to try the Avocado Hollandaise! If only just to stare at that copper Vitamix while I make it….

    Christine says:

    Ooooooh! I would be over the moon to win a Vitamix. I would make the Lemon Grain Salad with Kale Pesto, for sure.

    Ashley says:

    Summertime whole fruit margaritas sound delightful! I’d be pumped to make these all summer long 🙂

    Sarah Rondeau says:

    this blender is so chic. I make smoothies every day so I would make the Summer Splash Smoothie. Sounds so refreshing, especially as we move towards summer/spring!


    Rose says:

    I would make lots of smoothies!

    Nicole says:

    With the copper Vitamix I’d make smoothies every morning and lots of soups on the winter!

    Duyen says:

    Definitely the Potato Cheddar Breakfast Bake. Potatoes are my weakness 😉

    Laura says:

    Thank you for your recipe – I’m on the Whole30 right now and it works within it’s constraints and that’s always great news 🙂 That Vitamix is beautiful, and just because I can’t have it the first think I think I’d make is that Chestnut Ice Cream. Mmmmmmm.

    Kate says:

    The Frozen Irish Coffee sounds divine! 😀 Also, THE COPPER FINISH IS TO DIE FOR

    felicia says:

    Yum, the green smoothie!

    Aileen says:

    Ooh that copper is so pretty! We mostly make smoothies in our blender, but I like the idea of trying something else. I don’t know why I’ve never thought of making homemade dressing! The lemon garlic dressing looks tasty.

    AH! I would love to make all my vegan recipes, almond milk, smoothies, and SO much more!!

    Jenni says:

    Pretty! 🙂 This Potato Cheddar Breakfast Bake would be great on St. Patrick’s Day! YUM! https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Potato-Cheddar-Breakfast-Bake/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce

    Lindsay Doyle says:

    I would love to make the Parsnip Pear Soup! All of the recipes look amazing. I’m inspired to do more cooking. The copper is so beautiful too!

    Jamie says:

    Ha, I’ve been DREAMING of owning a Vitamix. The copper model is so beautiful! I would definitely make this sweet potato flatbread all the time: https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Sweet-Potato-Flat-Bread/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    Chase says:

    I would love to make the cauliflower hummus. The copper vitamix would match our new kitchen perfectly.

    Alexis says:

    The curried carrot soup looks delicious. I work from home and could use this every day for lunch.

    meg says:

    First i’d make Mango Salsa like my mom used to make me when i was younger!

    Julie says:

    What a beautiful Vitamix! this blender has been on my dream kitchen counter for years 🙂
    I thought the coconut cranberry squares sound awesome! https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Cranberry-Coconut-Squares/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    Liz says:

    A Vitamix has been o my dream list for ages — I once made an okay hummus recipe similar to the cauliflower hummus on the Vitamix website, but I bet if I had a Vitamix to make it in it would be unbelievably creamy. I hope I get the chance to try their version out!!

    Kristen says:

    A Frozen Irish Coffee of course!!!!!!!!!! Love the copper vitamix! This would match perfectly with my kitchen. Loved your feature!

    Marie Taylor says:

    Cauliflower hummus looks amazing!

    megan says:

    the edamame dip is the most beautiful color! i’d love to make that!

    Amy W says:

    I would totally all these recipes but this Leek, Artichoke and Potato Soup sounds extra delicious: https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Leek-Artichoke-Potato-Soup/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    nellie says:

    apple pie smoothie? lemme at it! smoothie recipes like WHOA on this site. expecting my first baby and also would use the vitamin for baby fooooood :::)

    Lisa says:

    Spinach and Vegetable soup sounds yummy! My grandmother had a Vitamix….it did not look like this bad boy.

    Caytlyn says:

    The Blackberry Herb Fruit Puree recipe looks pretty good, I would probably make smoothies everyday! yum. Thanks for the chance to win this bri!

    Janel A says:

    Of course I would make ALL THE JUICES! Whole fruit margarita, Tropical Cooler,
    Summer Splash Smoothie. But the Watermelon Gazpacho would be like… amazing, I bet.


    Marie says:

    I’d like to try this kale pesto recipe. I put pesto on everything, but I normally just buy it. It’d be nice to make a big batch myself! https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Kale-Pesto/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    Maria says:

    Lavender Berry Limeade or Leek, Artichoke and Potato Soup. So many great flavors!

    Haley says:

    I’d be all about this Mediterranean soup at pretty much any time of the year! YUM! https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Mediterranean-Soup/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    Kati says:

    Peanut Butter and Jelly Rolls with Berry Dipping Sauce hands down! These will be perfect for our next friends gathering. How fun! 🙂

    Lynne says:

    I’d make the Tuscan Tomato and White Bean soup first! I’ve always wanted one too!

    s.montgomery says:

    I’ve heard the best things about this company! I would love to make this carrot ginger soup…those two flavors would wow I’m sure!

    Jessica says:

    I’d make the Cauliflower Hummus!

    Anne says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I would love to make the cauliflower hummus! https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Cauliflower-Hummus/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce

    Liz B says:

    Would love to make that cauliflower hummus!!

    Megan Hakala says:

    HOLY MOLY. This is my dream kitchen tool. The Frozen Irish Coffee sounds super yummy, perfect for next week, and definitely with alcohol! :o)


    Sophie says:

    I would love to make banana ice cream and roasted red pepper hummus in my vitamix!

    Danielle says:

    OMG! I love the copper!

    I would totally make this soup recipe – and all the soup recipes. I’d also be making pancake batter and smoothies for sure. 🙂

    Lindsey says:

    oh my gosh, I’ve been DYING for a vitamix for the longest time! i would use it for so many things, but i especially want one for smoothies. it’s so much easier to eat veggies when that’s how you’re having them. 🙂 i think this green smoothie sounds amazing! https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/All-Green-Smoothie/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce

    Jamie says:

    The blackberry herb fruit puree sounds incredible! I’ve wanted a Vitamix for the longest time – the copper is beautiful.

    Alison says:

    love the copper!! I’d make soup and smoothies for sure, but love this boozy one too:

    Susana says:

    Oh my heart be still. I’m just imagining all the smoothies, dips, and so many treats that this Vitamix and me could create!!! I would definitely make that edamame dip, that wonderful looking potato cheddar breakfast bake, and that simple tortilla soup. And those smoothies l want to make all those green smoothies, the passionately pink smoothie, and the pumpkin pie smoothies. AND the spiked spiced cider, nope can’t forget that. This soup looks delicious by the way!

    michael earley says:

    All Green Smoothie definitely.

    Carlotta says:

    I have wanted a Vitamix for a long time. I am a huge soup lover and the possibilities with a Vitamix would be endless.

    Dana says:

    I would love a Vitamix to make smoothies and soups!

    Alison Wu says:

    I would love to make Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Lemon Thyme Dipping Sauce if I win the Vitamix.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity! XO

    I want to make the cauliflower hummus! I HATED cauliflower as a kid, but have since grown to love it.

    Jennifer Potts says:

    All of the cauliflower hummus!!!

    Morgan says:

    I love the frozen Irish coffee idea Vitamix has perfect summer Sunday brunch idea ?!?!!

    A. Greco says:

    Great recipe post! I would make the cauliflower hummus!

    Sarah says:

    I would love to make that shrimp chowder!


    Would LOVE to make it in that beautiful Vitamix!

    Tierney says:

    Cauliflower hummus! My daughter is currently in love with both and can imagine the sum of their two parts would be just divine!

    Tina o says:

    For me, Leek, Artichoke and Potato Soup. Sounds delish 🙂

    Kerry says:

    Now that the weather is warming up, I’d love to host a backyard bbq and serve whole fruit margaritas!

    Marissa says:

    The cauliflower hummus!!

    Shayda Bakhshian says:

    Love to learn more fun smoothie’s and the cool blueberry smoothie pancake mix! However This would be the perfect gift for my amazing sister!!!!

    Caitlin says:

    I love the idea of the cauliflower hummus!

    Rachel says:

    The raw chocolate orange torte to start out with!

    Rose Johnson says:

    I’d love to make the curry soup along with all my soups and daily smoothies and juices. Love the design, would so love to be chosen!

    I’ll be making that blueberry banana orange smoothie. Everyday!

    cassidy r says:

    it’s a real tossup between the whole fruit margaritas and the lemon grain salad with kale pesto. (maybe the two together?)

    Lindsey says:

    We’ve been eyeing a Vitamix for a couple years now. We would make baby food for our new addition and this dip for us!

    Jen says:

    That homemade hummus looks easy and amazing!!

    Lavender Berry Limeade sounds delicious! I’ve also heard that VitaMix is great for homemade baby food so I think I’d give that a try as well!

    Kristina Lagasse says:

    I would love to make zucchini pancakes in my vitamix!

    Agnes says:

    I don’t know how it would get better than frozen Irish coffee in a vitamix! Would love this little copper beauty.

    Morgan says:

    As a mom of four there is SO much that I would love to make in a Vitamix. Soups and smoothies would probably top that list. (I LOVE the copper finish! So pretty!)

    Besides making Simple Green Smoothies every morning I would try the edamame dip too. Looks delicious. Oh, the things that copper beauty could do!

    Ashleigh B says:

    I would probably cry if I won this haha. Making soup in a Vitamix would be so awesome and easy. I’d probably start with the Simple Tortilla soup!

    Sarah B says:

    I would love a vitamix to use in my healthy eating! Also to make that delicous soup.

    Jess says:

    I would LOVE to make the cauliflower hummus with an amazing new Vitamix! https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Cauliflower-Hummus/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce

    Genevieve B says:

    I want to make soups and smoothies this summer in my new kitchen!

    Thanks ❤️

    Nikki says:

    First off, copper is my favorite!!! This would be such a lovely addition to our kitchen. Secondly, my boyfriend and I are really trying to be more health conscious and cook our meals at home. Winning the vitamix would definitely be good incentive to do that!

    Christen says:

    I would pick the All green smoothie yum!

    Dominique says:

    Always love a good acai smoothie and love this soup you’ve done. Their cauliflower hummus sounds great but I want to try making cashew butter! Not just any blender works. A copper Vitamix is aspirational!🌟

    Anna says:

    Honesty, the butternut squash bake and the peanut butter cup smoothie (not together!) would be my first two items made, they remind me of childhood and celebration!

    Ashley says:

    I would love to make that cauliflower hummus! Yum!! Also, would love to use it to make healthy baby food for my little one when she starts eating in a few months! Hope to win!!

    Lynn Gomez says:

    Incredible edible edamame dip looks so good! And the copper is just beautiful!

    Kat Korpi says:

    My mom was a Vitamix fanatic when I was a kid. I remember her making so many fantastic things using it and I would LOVE to follow in her footsteps <3

    My current obsession is with sweet potatoes and (as I've recently given up gluten) this flatbread looks amazing!


    Heather says:

    Edamame dip!

    Nina K says:


    I would love a new copper vitamix! I’ve made the cauliflower rice, and last night I roasted some cauliflower and it was SO good. I’d love to try the Cauliflower hummus. It’s such a great veggie and its versatile.

    Heather P says:

    The Sweet Potato Soup with Seared Tomatillos sounds so amazing! MMMmmm I had no idea how many different types of meals you could make with a Vitamix. The copper is gorgeous!

    Amanda says:

    Green smoothie!

    Elyse Herman says:

    I have recently decided to become a vegetarian (I emotionally cannot handle eating animals any more) and I LOOOOVE the idea of using the vitamix to make yummy veggie dishes!! The artichoke-potato soup looks delish! Yummy, light and perfect for spring! https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Leek-Artichoke-Potato-Soup/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    Caroline says:

    Oh Whole Fruit Margarita – come to mamaaaaa!! And smoothies, and frozen banana “ice cream” and every soup on earth, and I basically would reroute all cooking to somehow involve this beautiful machine I’ve lusted after for a good long while!

    Sam T says:

    What a gorgeous copper finish! would love to make my daily smoothie in this!

    Emily Berensohn says:

    The cauliflower hummus looks amazing! I would LOVE to win this vitamix so I can try it out!!!

    Nicoel says:

    Ah it’s beautiful! I’d definitely try making my own almond butter in that.

    Emily Ash says:

    Would love to own a Vitamix!! I would definitely try out the Incredibly Edible Edamame Dip, following with this soup! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

    Candice Stringham says:

    So many of the recipes look amazing! But I would love to try the Leek Artichoke Potato soup. https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Leek-Artichoke-Potato-Soup/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe But let’s be honest you had me at Copper Blender! I’d love to have that in my kitchen.

    Allee says:

    Any of the smoothies, also the peach Bellini sounds pretty yummy.

    Karrie Myers says:

    The Frozen Irish Coffee looks delicious, but on the healthier side, so does the All Green Smoothie! Mmmm! I would love to win this! I don’t even have a blender and this would be perfect! Plus the copper would go perfectly with my decor!

    Erin says:

    Soup and juice, and especially cauliflower hummus! Top it with some curried onions and cauliflower (see: Alon Shaya).

    Carly S says:

    As a student, I rarely get the opportunity to get enough servings of vegetables during the day. I’d love to make the green smoothie and pack all those nutrients into my breakfast!

    Mele says:

    Chimichurri! Best summer grilling sauce. Love your site!

    Spicy Kale with Polenta would be on my menu. Actually anything with polenta! Fingers crossed

    E says:

    Cauliflower hummus!

    Jordan says:

    I’d use a Vitamix for homemade almond and rice milks!

    Esther Garrity says:

    My mother used to make us this delicious peanut porridge. I have been unable to replicate the texture. Smooth and nutty. Maybe a Vitamix could help me re-experience my childhood.

    Casi says:

    I would love make the edamame dip with my new vitmix 😉. While I would give it a go now our mini food processor can’t hold anything more than a cup!

    I would love to make the Tropical Escape Smoothie! Perfect for the middle of a Minnesota winter! Your soup looks pretty dang good as well!

    Rcshao says:

    I would love to try all the soups and smoothies. Yum!

    Sydney Harvey says:

    I would love to make my sons baby food in this amazing vitamix! Along with yummy soups and smoothies for myself!

    I would love to make a vegan fruit frozen dessert! Yummmm!

    I would have a green smoothie for breakfast EVERY morning!!

    Lindsey L says:

    Yum! The Lavender Berry Limeade looks so refreshing. I would love to make that this summer and drink it on my rooftop.

    I would make green smoothies like no ones business! Fav is spinach banana pb smoothie every single day. I need one so bad-for my health and my taste buds!!!

    This vitamin would be huge! I just started a summer day camp and this would bring our “Food Exploration” class to a new level. A big part of our camp is on health and well being, and being able to make kids favorite recipes with healthy, whole, fresh ingredients from scratch, would be a game changer. There’s no shortage of things we could make at camp- salsas, soups, dressings, sauces, hummus, dips, vegan mac & cheese- ooh I’m hungry! Thank you!

    LowMe says:

    This copper vitamix is a dreeeaaammmm! I’ve wanted one for so long. They have a recipe for acai bowls that I would try ASAP. Also all the soups! And hummus! Gah so much I could do.

    Haley Peterson says:

    Copper 😍😍! I think my daughter would gobble up the edamame dip! I would also love a vitamix to make fresh salsa from my garden this summer!

    CROS Claire says:

    I am vegetarian and a huge fan of hummus, I am recently re discovering the cauliflower and I am looking forward to trying this recipe!! https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Cauliflower-Hummus/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce

    Alexa says:

    I am obsessed with this Copper color! My go to is a great green smoothie, I’d love to make one with this Vitamix!

    Max says:

    I’d love to make the Leek, Artichoke and Potato Soup, as well as the Cranberry Coconut Squares! It all sounds so good!

    Caroline Delacruz says:

    I actually used to make raw vegan carrot coconut ginger soup. How cool! It’s so delicious. If you want to try it raw, what you need is: 3 cups carrot juice, 2 cups coconut meat, 1 tablespoon of cayenne pepper, 4 tablespoons of honey (or agave), 4 tablespoons of ginger juice or a knob, and a tspn of Himalayan sea salt. BLEND.
    If you’re raw vegan like I am, you know how hard it is to live that lifestyle without a vitamix. I would make so many different recipes. ESPECIALLY the super splash smoothie and the tropical cooler… I mean YUM. I had to become a raw vegan due to health concerns, I won’t bore you with the details but it has been hard and discouraging honestly when there’s not much I can make without good equipment. This machine will help me break out of my raw fruit and veg rut and hopefully I can start making sauces and creams and try different things out if I win. My blender is 10 years old and I’m in desperate need of an upgrade. If I win, I’d be ecstatic, but I’m sure my health would be so happy it’d materialize and want to kiss ya on the mouth and maybe slap your bum! Hahaha. All of those recipes look amazing.

    Monique G. says:

    I would definitely make the California salsa. It takes about -0 minutes and my family eats salsa with everything. Can’t go wrong!

    Patricia says:

    I would love to make my favorite childhood smoothie: Bananas, apples, papaya and almond milk;)

    Devon B. says:

    Would love to make this soup, looks delicious! But I’d also make / try lots of new healthy morning smoothies, using the Vitamix green smoothie recipes on the site! Yum! Also, this Vitamix is gorgeous!

    Laurel Goldammer says:

    Oooh! The Kale and Leek soup sounds amazing and of course any of green smoothies!! 💕✌🏻️

    Monica Navarro says:

    I would love to make the all green smoothie! I think I’d add a little matcha to the recipe and make that my new breakfast! It’s a whole lot healthier that my current breakfast made of pasiteries and coffee! #goals

    Pankita says:

    I would love to make the Incredibly Edible Edamame Dip! Light, refreshing and completely healthy for a spring weekend treat!!

    Sina says:

    I have started Laing smoothies for breakfast- so this would be WAY better than what I am currently using to make them!

    I’m love with this mixer!

    And can’t wait to make this soup

    Nicole says:

    Kale white bean soup!

    Celeste K says:

    The frozen Irish coffee is calling my name for sure!

    Leah Eldridge says:

    Cauliflower humus

    I’d love to be able to make the all green smoothie. I have struggled with getting the right amount of fresh fruits and veggies into my diet living in a food desert without a car, and I’ve found that green juices are best for my sensitive stomach. I’d love to have such an incredible machine to aid me in my health and wellness journey.

    andi says:

    Lemon Garlic Dressing alllll the waaaay!!!
    Or just dressings in general, this seems like a great tool for this type of thing.

    Lauren says:

    I could get down with some cauliflower hummus or of course a green smoothie!

    Jung Amaral says:

    I would be thrilled to make my own hummus – the cauliflower hummus recipe looks amazing – though I am also a warm liquid person and am excited looking at all the soups to puree! Peaking at both the curried carrot ginger coconut and the white bean Tuscan soup and crossing my fingers for a shot to win!

    Maddie Mohn says:

    I would make some hummus or pesto! My mom and I love making those items and need a better blender to do so!

    Anonymous says:

    I would love a Vitamix to make fruit smoothies and sorbet for myself and my very picky little man. He is very sensitive to tartness and refuses most berries. I had him try a little berry sorbet a friend had made in her own Vitamix and he LOVED it. I’ve been wanting a Vitamix ever since.

    Lauren says:

    I am celiac so I eat at home 90% of the time. Being able to make soup so easily would be a dream. But after looking at their recipes their gluten free date nut bar sounds amazing! I would make my own nut butters too!

    Thank you!

    Kate Shirley says:

    I would LOVE to make the Raw Chocolate-Orange Torte!! I have wanted a Vitamix forever and copper is my obsession. Hoping to win this beauty and get to be extra creative in the kitchen!

    Leslie says:

    The Spinach and Vegetable Soup sounds right up my alley. Delicious and nutritious. The perfect springtime meal.

    Makenzie says:

    Edamame hummus dip looks yum! Love vitamin and love this finish.

    Jesslan says:

    Oh my word! So many good recipes! I would totally make the curried carrot soup. Looks amazing!

    M.E. Selker says:

    I would make the All Green smoothie since we are on a cleanse for Lent.


    Would love to win a Vitamix!!

    Melody says:

    I would love a Vitamix to make fruit smoothies and sorbet for myself and my very picky little man. He is very sensitive to tartness and refuses most berries. I had him try a little berry sorbet a friend had made in her own Vitamix and he LOVED it. I’ve been wanting a Vitamix ever since.

    Nicole Wakefield says:

    I would first make the mango whole fruit margarita since I only have a small one cup blender that isn’t too good. While drinking margaritas, I would then make the jalapeno cornbread! Yummy. Great post!
    1) https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Whole-Fruit-Margarita/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    2) https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Jalapeno-Corn-Bread/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    Anonymous says:

    Wow!!! So many recipes!!! Not good to look at when you’re on a distilled water fast !!! I’m drooling .. Like a LOT ! Do I have to pick just one recipe ?!?!CAULIFLOWER HUMMUS PLEASE ! We’ve been looking at buying a vitamix so to win would make us thrilled outta our tree !!!

    Jenni Campbell says:

    I would truly love to make the edamame dip for my son – he loves brightly colored food and with this vitamix the possibilities are endless! 💚

    Hilary says:

    So many great recipes! I’ve been dreaming of one for so long!

    Oops I forgot to leave my name and email 🙂

    Kristin Moersch says:

    I would make the Curried Carrot Soup. Looks so yummy!

    Katy Galvin says:

    I would love to make the “acai bowl”. I always see them on Instagram, but there is nowhere in Philly that sells them! They have great health benefits and are so aesthetically appealing. What a great way to start the day.

    Here’s the recipe:


    Anna Metrailer says:

    The spinach and vegetable soup sounds perfect for a rainy spring evening and that copper vitamix would cheer up any kitchen!

    Jennifer says:

    I’d make the edamame dip. Looking for healthy dips for my kids’ lunch boxes!

    Tess Eves says:

    That vegetable meatloaf looks divine! This copper Vitamix is the DREAM.

    Beth says:

    I’d make the watermelon gazpacho!

    If I were To win this vitamix I would make this curry ginger soup atleast once a week! Me and my boyfriend LOVE curry, this recipe looks so quick and easy!

    Kathryn Stouffer says:

    I would love to greet spring by making the Whole Fruit Margarita in a beautiful Vitamix !!! Perfect for spring flings and dinner parties !!


    Maggie says:

    Cauliflower Hummus, for me! Sounds perfect for the (slightly) warmer weather.

    Zoe says:

    The Warm Apple Ginger Smoothie would rock my world!!

    s says:

    cauliflower hummus!

    Claudia says:

    Curried carrot soup

    Morgan Myer says:

    I would LOVE to make the acai bowls. I became addicted to them at a local juice bar but I can’t always afford them at 10 bucks a pop. Plus make at home is always better 🙂 fingers crossed!

    I’m dying to make the Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Lemon Thyme Dipping Sauce!!!! Bae

    Haley says:

    Oh, no that edemame dip recipe might be my demise. It looks amazing!

    Ann Finkel says:

    I’d make the green smoothie! Gotta have one green smoothie a day!! 🙂

    Morgen Brunner says:

    I really want to try the curried carrot soup on
    the Vitamix site…and I also want to try this amazing looking coconut ginger carrot soup…id love to mix it all up in my new copper Vitamix 😃😃

    Emily Pinto says:

    The copper is so so gorgeous! There are a ton of amazing recipes- I’d love to make the Endive Salad with Roasted Pears, Hazelnuts, & Blue Cheese and homemade Cranberry Dressing!

    Hannah Elias says:

    I would make cauliflower hummus with this beautiful vitamix.

    Cara andersen says:

    That frozen Irish coffee is calling my my name!!

    Angela Day says:

    My son, 22 months, is a very picky eater. Trying to find something quick, easy, and wholesome for him can be a challenge. He does love my zucchini carrot mini muffins. So I would try a new method and use the Carrot and Raisin Muffin recipe from the Vitamix website

    Mary says:

    I have been craving hummus, and the cauliflower hummus recipe looks delish!

    Alyse Daniel says:

    First up would be a big batch of Whole Fruit Margaritas for me and my girls!

    Annie says:

    Spring has got me in the mood to make some Cranberry Coconut Squares- they look like the cherry blossoms outside my house!!

    Patricia E says:

    Frozen Irish coffee or the green smoothie! But everything looks great!

    christine says:

    The whole fruit margarita sounds wonderful. I’ve always coveted a Vitamix – thanks!

    Maxime says:

    I would love to make that cauliflower hummus!

    This Vita Mix would be great for so many things I already make by hand! Cauliflower Romesco sauce, artichoke parsley pesto, infinite salad dressings, the possibilities are endless.

    I love that the site provides recipe ideas for easy and healthy weeknight dinners.

    Fingers crossed!

    The edamame dip looks AMAZING!!!

    Tina says:

    The cauliflower hummus sounds amazing!!

    Kristin says:

    Cauliflower hummus 😍

    Claire says:

    I would love to make the peanut cashew butter, and so much smoothies and hummus and …. I would do so much :D.
    Thanks for this amazing giveaway!
    I would love a Vitamix and a copper one… it is the best!

    Emily Barringer says:

    oooooh cauliflower hummus sounds amazing🙌🏽🙌🏽

    Katherine Bowden says:

    So beautiful! I would make all the baby food puree’s for my little lady, and maybe some whole fruit margaritas for me 🙂

    Annie says:

    I would live to win! I would use this everyday to make anything from green smoothies to soups to hummus!

    april says:

    omg i’ve been dying for a vitamix! I didn’t realize everything you could make in them. Since i’m a hummus addict I would definitely be trying one of the hummus recipes first. I would also make this Carrot Ginger soup.

    Crossing my fingers I win!! 🙂


    Amy says:

    I would love to make smoothies and that edamame dip! Since my mini food processor just broke I sure would love this awesome blender!

    Kait says:

    I 100% would make a mango sorbet. Then I would make every other fruit flavor I could think of! Kiwi, strawberry, pineapple…so many to choose from!

    Chloe says:

    I would love to make edamame dip or acai bowls in that beautiful copper bad boy! 🙂

    If I won this dreamy blender I’d make cauliflower hummus and and a boatload of green smoothies to share with all of my favorite people! Cheers to health 🙂 and winning!

    jess huang says:

    the sweet potato soup sounds mighty delish! thanks for the opportunity to win this 🙂

    Katie A says:

    the sweet potato flatbread would be amaze for a spring dinner party! with a blackberry goat cheese popsicle for dessert 👌🏼 xo, katie

    Valerie says:

    I would love the vitamix to be able to make cilantro jalapeño hummus with extra garlic !!!!

    Namrita says:

    broccoli cheddar soup, yum!

    Jill Bragdon says:

    A copper Vitamix is even better than a normal Vitamix! I’d love to make green smoothies! They are my new breakfast go-to! <3

    Alyssa M says:

    I would love to start making my own salad dressings. The spicy honey vinaigrette and classic Caesar dressing sound great!

    Katie says:

    Loving the leek potato and artichoke soup recipie. I’m ready for spring but happy soup season doesn’t have to be over!

    I would love to make the Just Peachy smoothie for spring time! I would love to own one of these, my fiancé Brett and I are getting married on October 21st of this year and we would love to start our marriage happy and healthy! Thank you 🙂

    Marlys says:

    The Pineapple Freeze looks absolutely delish!

    Trish says:

    Curried carrot soup, for sure!

    Vanessa Nalangan says:

    I’d love to make cauliflower hummus! Yum!

    Cindy says:

    I would love to make the Squash Frittata! Link below: https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Squash-Frittata/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce

    I would probably change a few things, but I’m excited about all the possibilities I could have with a Vitamix!

    Emily says:

    Imma hummus lover- so the roasted red pepper hummus would be a must.

    kale pesto, cashew milk, green smoothies! basically anything!

    Meghan says:

    Frozen irish coffee is calling my name! Just in time for St. Patty’s Day.

    Lena says:

    Cold strawberry is soup is what I would make in my new Vitamix!

    Lin says:

    Frozen Irish coffee please! Yum.

    Lori Osborn says:

    Green smoothies because my sweetie will not eat veggies, only drink them!!!

    Heather says:

    Carrot ginger soup!

    Melissa King says:

    I’d love to make the cauliflower hummus!

    Lorrel mikels says:

    Making soups, smoothies and hummus for my family. We go through a ton of soup during the colder months and I hate our current blender. It does not blend to a smooth consistency. I would love love to have a vitamix and start making some fantastic meals.

    Anonymous says:

    Hello Summer….Whole Fruit Margarita!
    Yes Please

    Lisa G. says:

    So many good ones! Would definitely first try the cauliflower hummus. Thanks!!

    Jordana says:

    The kale and leak soup sounds amazing! I’d love to make that, and tons of healthy smoothies.

    Taryn Suddick says:

    I would love to make soups and gelatos and so many dips!!

    Erin says:

    Frozen Irish Coffee 😍

    Ellen F. says:

    Love the copper vitamix. I would make lots of hummus, and whole fruit and veggie smoothies!

    Jessica Namynanik says:

    That curry carrot soup sounds amazing! That’s what I would make for sure!

    Nalani holliday says:

    What am I going to make?everything! I will throw away all the other contraptions in my kitchen the blend whimpily, chop with little gusto, purée without purpose…I mean really! Why did I get all these half motor power things! I need full force to make my own peanut butter….to crush those carrots…and to smooth out those strawberries! I can’t wait! Soups, smoothies, dips and chopped stuff for everyone…I need to get a bigger dinner table for all my new foodie friends.

    I would absolutely love to make the almond butter from the almond tree in my garden! And, well, just about every other recipe too.

    Natalie says:

    I would love to make a curried carrot soup. It’d be so very tasty!!

    So many great recipes! I’d love to try Black Walnut and Sage soup.

    Sarah Grace says:

    All about the smoothies and soups, anything that lets me pack in as many veggies as possible! Would love to try making my own hummus though!

    Catherine says:

    That soup looks amazing! I would use it for hummus and sweet potatoe soup and lots of smoothies!

    Ashley Renick says:

    Cranberry nut bread for sure!!! These things are the best appliance you can have!

    Kristin says:

    Copper Vitamix = dream come true.

    The first thing I will make will be Incredible Edamame Dip.

    Whitney says:

    Mmmmmmmm…tortilla soup. I’ve always lusted after a Vitamix!!

    Dani B. says:

    The ‘Just Peachy’ smoothie from the Spring section! Because I cannot wait for the weather to warm up and to have stone fruits back! The smoothie sounds so delicious. I love Vitamix, very envious of my mother’s as it works like an absolute champ. Also, the copper is the best colour!!!

    Margaret says:

    I’m a huge green smoothie person, but the peanut cashew butter looks delicious!

    Stef Heleva says:

    My husband would love if I fed his sweet tooth and belly some of the Soft Sugar Cookies! After a sugar high, we would detox the next day with the edamame dip! Didn’t realize how versatile the vitamix is! 🙂

    Hayley says:

    The edamame dip looks amazing. My child loves edamame and this would be perfect.

    Sarah says:

    Currently obsessed with Brussels sprouts, so that Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Lemon Thyme Dipping Sauce caught my eye! But I’d love to be able to mix up soups, sauces, and smoothies without having lots of chunks that never get blended in.

    Sammy says:

    I can’t believe how many different things you can make using a vitamix! I would have to try the Gingersnap Cookie recipe. I am a sucker for sweets and would have never thought to use a blender for mixing! I use my food processor all the time for avocado sauce, hummus, soups but sadly it just broke in the middle of my highly anticipated now half blended banana ice cream, sigh. This would be a much needed upgrade!Love your page, happy Tuesday 🙂

    Susanna May says:

    I would definitely start with the Incredibly Edible Edamame Dip, then green smoothies every morning! Great Giveaway!

    Joanne Lee says:

    Would love to try the squash frittata!!

    Amy Harris says:

    There are so many things that a Vitamix can do, I had no idea that it would heat up a soup just by blending it! Wait, you can make browines in a Vitamix? I’m in heaven! I would also love to try to make the no-nut butter or pumpkin pie smoothie and who wouldn’t love something called a cranberry lime sparkle! YUM!

    Tiffany says:

    The whole wheat bread or pineapple-zucchini bread would be fun to try in a vitamix!

    Megan Meagher says:

    Edamame dip all day long. That looks bananas.
    Yay for design love fest!!

    Claire English says:

    This recipe soup recipe sounds so tasty! What I would love to make with my new copper Vitamix (this would match my kitchen perfectly by the way!) is the Apricot Fruit puree. It would remind me of my grandmother because of our summers picking boxes of apricots from her apricot trees.

    Rachelle Ranck says:

    The all green smoothie looks so refreshing! I loooove the copper Vitamix!!

    Tiffany says:

    Yum! Edamame dip and Cauliflower hummus!!! Plus my daily protein smoothies. Would love to win this beauty!

    Jennifer says:

    With all the rainy weather NorCal is getting right now, the leek, artichoke and potato soup sounds amazing! And the whole fruit margarita for when summer finally arrives!!!

    Bess Bird says:

    The copper Vitamix would look stunning as it whirled up “It’s Easy Being Green” or “Glowing Green” in my marigold kitchen!

    Brittany Huff says:

    I must make this https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Squash-Frittata/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce along with all the other beautiful treats in their recipe section! I could probably swing it now in my miniature food processor, but it would be a dream to knock it out in one go with the Vitamix- not to mention I’d feel awfully stylish with its beautiful copper base!

    Ashley Lemieux says:

    smoothie bowls!!!!

    Sam says:

    Oatmeal Cranberry Pancakes (for the win! …I hope)

    Danielle says:

    I’ve been wanting a vitamix forever especially dealing with autoimmune stuff and other health issues- i would live to make the cauliflower hummus and edamame dip along with the green smoothie and your carrot soup!

    Kathryn Berg says:

    Oh my god! The vitamix site is a wormhole that I would be happy to spend all day in. My favorite recipe so far is the Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes–yum!

    That cauliflower hummus! 😍😍 with some home made chips. Power couple!

    Kate says:

    Holy cow. Have been dreaming of a Vitamix since I used my friend’s a few years back. Would love to try cauliflower hummus – https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Cauliflower-Hummus/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce

    Emma says:

    Lemon parm popcorn seasoning, FTW!

    Candice johnson says:

    Whole fruit margarita!! Hello Spring!

    Amelia says:

    I am such a sucker for soup. I make it all year round. And every time I try whip up a smooth creamy soup with my immersion stick blender I think “Ugh this would be so much smoother with a Vitamix!” Haha I really do. The recipe for black walnut and sage soup would be especially perfect in a Vitamix. Creamy bold and full of porky goodness!

    Catherine says:

    This finish!!! I am obsessed with this color and with all of the Healthy and unique recipes to experiment with! My husband and I have always kept our eye on one of these yet don’t have the funds right now. The edamame dip looks delectable considering how much I love edamame! This would be a dream to win one! <3

    Courtney says:

    I would totally make bacon cheddar soup! Sounds delicious and seems so simple in the vitamix!

    Liz says:

    Oh, what an awesome giveaway! I’d love to make the squash frittata and the frozen Irish coffee.

    The Edamame Dip looks incredible!

    Lindsay says:

    I would make the cauliflower hummus! I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!! Amazzzzing!

    Audrey R. says:

    I’ve been obsessed with wanting a Vitamix for forever too! There’s this green goddess smoothie that I used to get all the time from the raw food restaurant in town and have tried over and over to recreate it at home. Thing is, my KitchenAid blender just doesn’t juice things like Kale down enough. So, the very first thing I’d make would be that amazing green goddess smoothie.

    Norma Romo says:

    First off, i would definately try making this appetizing looking soup! Along with smoothies that i have in mind to concoct together! i’ve been wanting a Vitamix for-eveeeer (smalls from “sandlot”) I really hope to win this! (fingers crossed!) BTW, love your blog!!

    Sandra Hansen says:

    I would love to make cream soups and pestos! My mother had a Vitamix and we had lots of healthy smoothies 🙂

    Karla Cavaleri says:

    Cherry tart juice and watermelon gazpacho 💖💖. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Amanda Jane says:

    That curried carrot soup…. I could live off of it! XO

    Mia says:

    It would be wonderful to have a Vitamix to make fresh pesto with all the beautiful basil I have in my garden.

    Lauren K says:

    I’d love to make many beverages with this stunning machine, but the Caramel Espresso Frappé is seriously speaking to me right now!

    maria anne says:

    I would LOVE to finally get a vitamix and blend my own nut milks, like this almond milk:


    my current blender just isn’t cutting it. I need it to make all the things!!!

    Nika says:

    Holy cow, a vitamix would open up so many worlds in our kitchen. The recipes look mouthwatering good and I could really use some of the ‘cauliflower hummus’ right now!!

    amber briggs says:

    I love making smoothies in the morning! I would make green smoothies with strawberries in them everyday!

    amber briggs says:

    And also Cranberry Coconut Squares because I love trying out new recipes!

    dana says:

    omg those peanut butter blossom cookies sound AMAZING. I might need one right now!

    Rosemary Quinn says:

    Frozen Irish Coffee for St. Patrick’s Day!

    Liz A Puckett says:

    The incredibly edible edamame dip looks amazing but so does everything else! My husband and I have wanted a Vitamix for years!

    Kimberly C says:

    That Vitamix is gorgeous!! I love the copper!! I’m longing for the warmer weather and the Tropical Escape Smoothie would definitely put me in that state of mind until it’s officially here!! 😊

    Ruth says:

    First I would make the Potato Cheddar Breakfast Bake for my girls brunch and then the Carrot Ginger Soup!

    Kristin, Don't Forget the Flowers says:

    Nut butters!! Yummy!

    Jessica B says:

    I would love to try the Squash Frittata!

    Emma Salisbury says:

    I would love to try a few of their hummus recipes! Yerm

    Lucy Lundstrom says:

    Yay!! I would love to make the curried carrot soup!

    I was already in love with Vitamix (and biding my days until I could afford one), but a COPPER one!? Swoon! I love making smoothie bowls in my sister’s Vitamix when I’m visiting her, but with my own, I’d like to try this Lemon and Chia Dressing (https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Lemon-Chia-Dressing/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe). It sounds so refreshing on a summer salad! And just about every other recipe on the site. Please, oh please, pick me!

    Niti says:

    I love love this copper one! I would love try that smooth edamame hummus and ginger carrot soup!

    Reyna says:

    Oh that blackberry herb fruit puree sounds soooo yummy!

    Lauren Baber says:

    All of the hummus!

    Emily Smith says:

    Is it sad that what I really want to make is homemade condiments, like the ketchup and hummus?! #lifegoals #BriForMartha’sReplacement

    Abby Clements says:

    I would love this! I make a lot of smoothies but can never get the spinach/kale fine enough in my blender. The vitamix would be so great for that! And I really want to make this soup now!

    Sarah Greenwald says:

    Zucchini soap for summer! Sounds super refreshing and light with some garlic butter baguettes for dipping.
    Vitamix blender would be such a great addition to my kitchen!

    Nichelle says:

    It is easy to go green with Vitamix, and since St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, I would go green the Irish way with the Frozen Irish Coffee recipe, yum.

    Olivia Chilcote says:

    Gosh, Vitamix has been on my wish list for years! I’d use it everyday! If I had one, the first day I would make their Glowing Green Smoothie for breakfast, the Thai Spring Rolls with Dipping Sauce for lunch, and then maybe the Japenese Miso Shiitake Soup for din din. Like I could choose so easily though. They have so many delicious sounding recipes. I’m SO hungry now, thanks you guys!

    Liz Liebeskind says:

    I would love to make the frozen Irish coffee. It sounds so amazing right about now.

    Cindy U says:

    I would love to make the curried carrot soup! The copper is so nice!

    Lexie says:

    Just threw out my broken blender this morning, and how beautiful is this copper vitamix!?

    I use the blender to make a green smoothie for breakfast every morning, and I love making paleo recipes, so the cauliflower hummus and many of the soup recipes sound awesome!

    Thanks so much for this opportunity. I’ll be trying this soup out very soon!

    Anne Sokol says:

    This thing is to die for!!! Smoothies are the thing, all the smoothies;)

    Casey says:

    Love the copper color. I’d be all about healthy smoothies!

    Karah says:

    There are so many good ones to choose from! I would love to make a mocha mint shake https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Mocha-Mint-Shake/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    Karen says:

    I love snacking! Making my own hummus would make this into a healthy habit! Can’t get over the copper finish! 😍😍

    Farah says:

    Leek, artichoke and potato soup! Yum.

    Lydia murty says:

    Mmmm! I want to make it all. Especially the cauliflower hummus, this carrot soup, and green smoothies of course. Yum!

    Krissy T says:

    After making a few juices, I would try the cauliflower hummus. That copper color is beautiful!

    Juni says:

    Curried carrot soup! That sounds so delicious.

    Liz says:

    There’s a copper vitamix?! Wow.

    I would have to try the Frozen Irish Coffee. It sounds deliciously indulgent!


    Alisha says:

    Cauliflower Hummus?! yes, please!!

    Natalia says:

    Having a Vitamix would make my vegan lifestyle much easier. I’m a big fan of soups, smoothies and hummus-inspired, protein-packed dips and spreads. I would be so happy to add this to my kitchen tools. Would probably never leave the countertop!! Thank goodness for the lovely design and copper finish.

    Elizabeth A says:

    I love this recipe, it reminds me of a similar one I’d like to recreate that I had while on a trip in Paris. It was a carrot soup with vegetables and spices!

    Laura says:

    The green smoothie & cauliflower hummus look amazing. Not only is this blender powerful and versatile but it’s SO aesthetically pleasing!! Love.

    Ally says:

    I have been wanting a Vitamix for YEARS! I have made do with my portable Oster blender and a food processor, but have been DYING for a Vitamix. Especially in this beautiful Copper. I make a smoothie religiously every morning and this would really make my day so much better 🙂 can’t wait to try the recipe below:

    Alexandra says:

    Summer brunches would be extra fresh with Frozen Irish Coffees! https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Frozen-Irish-Coffee/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce

    Rachel says:

    I’ve got to try that cauliflower hummus and the potato cheddar breakfast bake.
    I’ve been wanting a vitamix for a while now, and that copper one is so pretty.

    I’d make the cauliflower hummus and Irish frozen coffee…but not at the same time.

    Bonnie Watson says:

    I’m dying to own a Vitamix!!! I want to make lots of green smoothies like the one they posted, as well as soups, but butters, and lots and lots of smoothie bowls!

    sarah says:

    I have always wanted a Vitamix. There are so many recipes to choose from! I love making soups. The Cabbage Soup and Kale and Leak recipes look amazing. The copper design is beautiful.

    Chelsea Ofoia says:

    With St Patty’s Day around the corner (a favorite holiday of mine!) I would make that fabulous Potato Cheddar Breakfast Bake with a Frozen Irish Coffee on the side💚🍀 💚🍀💚🍀

    Nicolette says:

    My mom has one and she always makes the best tomato soup in it. But the recipe for the Thai pumpkin soup sounds delish! https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Thai-Pumpkin-Soup/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe
    And the copper color is so cute!

    Terah Ram says:

    I would make this black bean soup! Perfect for this chilly weather. They have great recipes for smoothies too!

    Sara says:

    Such a great giveaway! I have wanted a Vitamix for a long time and would love to try recipes like the pesto and Easy Being Green smoothie with my three year old daughter:)

    Kassy Dean says:

    The cauliflower hummus sounds delicious! I would also love to make the curried carrot soup. Yum!

    Renee says:

    Wow! What a generous giveaway. As usually, you guys knocked it out of the park! 🙂

    Renee says:

    Eeek! I meant *usual NOT *usually. That typo has a totally different meaning!

    Shelby says:

    The curries carrot soup sounds amazing! I’ve been wanting a vitamix forever!!! Mainly so thag I don’t have big chunks of spinach in my green smoothies anymore! Haha

    Angela Moody says:

    Carrot and Raisin Muffins and nut milks!

    Bry says:

    Oooo I’m all about that cauliflower hummus!

    Maura says:

    Love the smoothie bowls! I always get these out, but never make at home. A vitamin would change that for sure!

    Francie says:

    I’d love to make an all green smoothie bowl with a vitamix so I can get a taste of California right here in Tulsa 🙂

    Caroline Croskery says:

    I would love to make that cauliflower hummus from their list of recipes!!

    Julie Ann says:

    Edamame dip! Yum.

    Beccalee says:

    Smoothies, soups and that iced Irish coffee 😄

    Alice Ferreira says:

    YUMMMM the recipe you posted sounds amazing! I would love to try that one and this other one: https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Curried-Carrot-Soup/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce
    Pretty much anything with carrots! I’ve been getting over a cold this past week, and carrots have been part of almost every meal in the hopes to get better.
    Awesome giveaway! Thanks!!

    Absolutely would love to dive into this recipe as well as some of vita-mix’s curried carrot soup! And who can go wrong with multi-veggie hummuses like beet and edamame. I already start my day off with green smoothies so this would be a real morning treat to win! 😍 All of the healthy things, all the time!

    Christiana says:

    I would make a frozen laté everyday with this beauty.

    Priscila M says:

    Looooove smoothies! I would love to try this one with this awesome giveaway!!
    Really hoping I win this one! 😉

    margaret says:

    COPPER?! ahhhh i thought i really wanted a vitamix but now i REALLY want a vitamix. and i’d love to whip up that green smoothie. i’ve been using my hand blender which is convenient and clean up is great but man i’d like a vitamix.

    Natisha says:

    Love love love! I’d make the Sweet Potato Soup. Hungry just thinking about it!

    Leah H says:

    I would go straight for the “Summer Splash Smoothie”! After this winter, I’m unbelievably ready for warmer days and this smoothie sounds amazing.

    Briana says:

    Blended coffees all day everyday now that spring is near and it’s starting to warm up! This Caramel Espresso Frappe would be a perfect afternoon treat

    Jackie Chakar says:

    I would love to make the dark chocolate raspberry fondue!

    Julia says:

    Curried Carrot Soup
    How steamily you tempt me
    Spooning with my soul

    (contest entry via haiku… because… #workcanbeboringsometimes)

    Christine Eadie says:

    Baby food! My littlest one is almost ready for solids and I’d love to make homemade baby food this time, like the tomato brown rice purée.

    Whitney says:

    I’d love to make frozen Irish coffee for St. Patty’s day!

    GG says:

    Definitely would love to make the cauliflower hummus — amazing!!

    Allison says:

    Smoothies all day. I’m basic like that.

    Meredith says:

    I’d make soooo many soups—the parsnip pear soup sounds delish!

    Ashley says:

    Leek Artichoke and potato soup!

    Emilie says:

    I have a compromised immune system and a gamut of digestive issues, so I try to eat clean and as well as humanly possible, 24/7 to keep my energy and spirits up! The Lemon Grain Salad with Kale Pesto recipe looks so delish and a perfect way to get some vital nutrients 🙂
    Lovely giveaway!! xo!

    Carolina says:

    I’m interested in eating healthy and making more home cooked meals. This Vitamix would be an absolute blessing. I would not take for granted using this phenomenal kitchen essential like Vitamix. All the receipts look so good. I would make the: Potato Cheddar Breakfast Bake, Cauliflower hummas, and plenty of delicious smoothies! There are endless recipes I would make.

    Christiana says:

    I’d be the happiest gal is the whole world – for breakfast lunch & dinner!!

    Salsas, soups, smoothies, sweet snacks & beyond!!


    Alaina says:

    I would definitely make the blackberry herb fruit purée for me and my little one! 🍑🍇 Also, I’d figure out how to copy Watermelon Water.. Because omg have you tried that stuff!!?

    Tania Mangum says:

    I could really use this giveaway!! Hummus is where its at! Would love to try this recipe: https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Cauliflower-Hummus/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce
    Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!Pick Me!!!

    Raquel says:

    SO MANY THINGS! I live in a community house with 16 adults, two toddlers, and two babies. We make dinner for each other 4 days a week, which is the best thing we’ve decided to do as a group. You work hard once a night and tge rest of the days dinner is made (and cleaned up) for you! So I’m sure this would get used EVERY day, for our dinners, as well as baby food! I’d probably make a fruit+yoghurt mixture that would become popsicles as the very first thing, so that all of us, including the kids could celebrate!

    Christiana says:

    One of the more supreme give-aways I’ve seen 🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    thanks for giving the chance to have this beauty in my home.

    I’d also make every color smoothie imaginable. For starters – the green smoothie featured on the vitamix site. 🤓😛

    connie says:

    That cauliflower hummus looks amazing!

    Kim Duvall-Hoehn says:

    Ginger Carrot Orange Soup, Cauliflower hummus and edamame dip! Yes please! I’m also drooling over the copper finish, sooooooo pretty!

    Yvett says:

    Where to start!!! Cauliflower Hummus, aguas frescas, margaritas.

    Evane Corder says:

    Love the copper finish on this! I’d definitely make some soups like their leek artichoke! I’m a soup fiend and I’d love to try making more at home! 🙂

    Roselie says:

    Mmmm… Would love to make the edamame dip among many other things!

    Nicole Bennett says:

    Hummas, dressings, soup & smoothies 🙂 We have a garden every summer. I’d love to use it on our home-grown organic produce!

    Michelle says:

    OMG this vitamix is a total dreamboat. Every recipe on their site looks incredible but I was really drawn to the Carrot Raisin muffins..yum!

    Merri says:

    All green smoothie please! Vitamix is the number one kitchen essential when eating plant-based. LOVE IT.

    Becca says:

    What would I NOT make in the Vitamix? I’ve been holding off on buying one because I have so little counter space, but the copper finish is perfection. Green smoothies, cashew milk, coconut milk…and that Vitamix pizza soup looks like comfort food heaven.

    Marla says:

    Pesto & smoothies. My son was just asking for a Green Smoothie yesterday. This would be perfect.

    Oooo the lavendar berry limeade looks so delicious! That would be perfect for a patio party. What an amazing give away! I’m getting married in April and my copper is kitchen theme. Would LOVE to have this beauty! Thanks, DesignLoveFest!

    Kristine says:

    As a Minnesotan, hot soups help get me through the winter. The Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Honey Pecan Butter (!!!) sounds heavenly. <3

    Leah Gwin says:

    I would love to be able to make Vitamix’s Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Honey Pecan Butter recipe! Soups are always so much better when blended, but right now I do not have a good enough blender to do so. Vitamix would be able to help me so much on this!

    Eliza says:

    The Lemon Grain Salad with Kale Pesto look fantastic and just the thing to easy into spring with!

    Britney Myles says:

    Since hummus was one of my late grandfathers famous creations he would whip that up no matter the occasion, Haha. I was already recreating the dip for his goodbye ceremony this coming end of March. Now I think I will put a twist on his recipe with the cauliflower, and the curried carrot soup would make a lovely following. Thank you for this giveaway, you never disappoint!

    Gabby says:

    That All Green Smoothie! Looks so good and that Vitamix would be amazing in my all copper kitchen!

    evey says:

    i’ve been dying for one of these~! i would want to try out the almond cookies 🙂

    Wendy Benoit says:

    Ohhh the cauliflower hummus has my name on it! Too bad Vitamix is way too expensive and out of my reach 🙁 Been dreaming of getting one for a while to the point of looking for some open box deals on Amazon.

    Amber H. says:

    I would love to make any and all of the baby food purées. Anyone else make your own baby food? I am a new mom to a two month old little girl. What were your littles favorite combinations starting out?

    Molly says:

    Would make some gazpacho to enjoy on this warm(ish) day in NYC!

    Talia Dahms says:

    In addition to your carrot & ginger soup, I’d love to make Vitamix’s curried carrot soup!

    Casey Bell says:

    I would make so much edamame dip! Yum!

    Jamee Sailor says:

    Cauliflower hummus — I’ve never heard of that before!

    Kiki C says:

    Cauliflower hummus for sure!

    Meegan says:

    So interested in the Incredibly Edible Edamame Dip! I love Edamame and I never thought of pureeing it! ♥

    Daniela H. says:

    My husband and I love all things breakfast related. I would love to make fluffy buttermilk pancakes and homemade fruit syrup with a Vitamix for my family!

    Monique Robert says:

    This Vitamix would change my life in a big way! I am highly allergic to all nuts except for almonds (including peanuts)…. And it is next to impossible to find almond butters and other foods that haven’t been tainted by another kind of nut. I would LOVE to make my own spreads like almond butter, hummus, and sauces like pesto, which always seem to be riddled with things that could send me into anaphylactic shock. I could eat anything I wanted with this beautiful piece of equipment!!

    Angie M. says:

    I would like to try the sweet potato pie!

    Anonymous says:

    My mom has been using Vitamix daily and I’m saving up to afford to buy one as well. Hoping I win this contest 🙂
    I would love to try this recipe:
    Cheese-Filled Crêpes with Blueberry Coulis

    Carrie D says:

    My mom has been using Vitamix daily and I’m saving up to afford to buy one as well. Hoping I win this contest 🙂
    I would love to try this recipe:
    Cheese-Filled Crêpes with Blueberry Coulis

    Jenny says:

    Gorgeous blender and delicious sounding soup! I love anything curry flavored 🙂 Great contest – thanks for hosting (hope i win!) xo.

    Amanda Messervy says:

    I have wanted a vita mix for a long time, but hasn’t made the cut when on a student (with a family of 3 kids) budget. I would love to make hummus and soups and healthy snacks and smoothies. The cauliflower hummus recipe looks amazing. And so does your Thai carrot ginger soup!

    Erika says:

    Hi there! My 18 month old, Rueben is obsessed with Edemame. He’ll pick through my salad just to find them:) I’d make the Incredibly Edible Edemame dip and eat it by the spoonful! Such great protein! Thanks!

    Annie says:

    Yum! I would love to make the Cauliflower Hummus!

    courtney says:

    The leek, artichoke and potato soup sounds awesome! I would also love to make morning smoothies with a vitamix using vegetables and fruits that aren’t normally in my diet. Sounds like fun — not to mention this puppy is COPPER!

    Amy Handley says:

    I would so love to add a Vitamix to my kitchen!

    I think the first think I would make in it is the whole fruit margarita to celebrate owning a vitamix!

    Love the new copper colorway!

    Freza Paro says:

    After a winter of living like a hermit and building my own freelance design business, I’m looking forward to summer as a time to host dinner parties in my garden for my friends (who have patiently and kindly been waiting for me to emerge from my cave). I’ve already Pinned the Watermelon Gazpacho as a light first course for these garden summer suppers!

    Kyla says:

    All Green Smoothie! Breakfast, lunch, or dinner! ❤️❤️❤️

    alexis says:

    A friend just made me this soup and it has me really wanting a vitamix myself. Artichokes in soup – yum!

    Rozina says:

    I would make SO many things – starting with the All Green Smoothie!! And the copper finish is stunning!! 🙂

    kaley says:

    I would love to make salsa and yummy frozen coffee drinks!!

    alexis says:

    the potato cheddar bake!

    Kristin says:

    Ever since finishing chemotherapy I’ve been wanting to try adding green smoothies to my diet and vitamix is the best around for that!

    Jenna says:

    I live on soups and smoothies and the vitamin would make my life a breeze! I’d love to try the avocado bean soup recipe!

    Anh says:

    All green smoothie. I’ve been craving green smoothies my whole pregnancy!

    Becca says:

    peanut butter cup shake! edamame dip! all of the things!

    Jackie says:

    Frozen Irish Coffee, hands down. Yum!

    Laura says:

    Ahhh..Vitamix, how I love thee! What a beautiful little machine, dying to have this one. Also, great recipes. Lavendar Berry Limeade..hello summer!

    Erin says:

    All of the Spring Recipes are right up my alley with all this nice warm WI weather! I think the Blackberry Herb Fruit Purée sounds so good and seems really easy to make. 🙂

    Elyse Foulger says:

    The edamame hummus dip looks amazing 😍 I used to always buy it at trader joes, but I sadly now live somewhere that’s has no trader joes (or any healthy, good grocery store for that matter), so it would be so nice to make my own healthy snacks and meals at home!

    PS your blogshop at home was a lifesaver! It’s helped me so much with my new business!

    xoxo Elyse

    Ellie Thomson says:

    I would love to try the All Green Smoothie Bowl! Looks great topped with berries and coconut flakes.

    Jane Wieberg says:

    Acai Bowls have been on my radar for a while now. There are so many beautiful and delicious looking photos of people’s acai bowls on instagram. I would say I would be most excited to try all the different acai recipes out there using the Vitamix.

    Desiree says:

    A Pine-mint smoothie. Every day! 🙂

    Keya says:

    Um ice cream! And everything. Vitamixs’ are magic.

    Lauren says:

    So beautiful!I want to make the Leek, Artichoke and Potato Soup!

    haley f says:

    The Apricot Ancho Barbeque glaze! Perfect for outdoor summer parties

    Oh my goodness, there are so many amazing choices. But I would love to make the “Japanese Miso-Shiitake Soup”. I feel like the Vitamix would make all of the difference and get me on the healthy path that I’m looking for. The copper Vitamix is beautiful! Thank you! <3

    Jenni M. says:

    Oh Spring is just about here and that Leek, Artichoke, and Potato Soup is looking so right!


    Kennis says:

    I would make avocado bean soup and edamame dip!

    Kari says:

    I’ve never had carrot soup but this looks so yummy!

    McCall Vargas says:

    The all green smoothie for sure! My husband and I have been on a journey to get healthy and have been talking a lot about saving money to invest in a vitamix to start juicing and incorporating more fruits and veggies into our daily meals. It would be so awesome to win something like this! Love all your posts and snaps, thank you for the daily inspiration!

    Laura says:

    The frozen irish coffee sound so delicious! 🙂

    Maggie pollard says:

    So many goodies!! Edamame dip for me!

    Lisa Cruz says:

    I would love to make the Squash Frittata with my new Vitamix in Copper❤️ Crossing my fingers to win!

    milla says:

    Blackberry Pot de Creme. Hands down! We actually made vegan mac & cheese last night and kept thinking how a Vitamix would totally make this creamier, smoother and easier! Thank you for your consideration!

    Phillip Sherwood here. If I won a new Vitamix the first recipe I would attempt to make would be a roasted Salsa Verde de Tampico. My mouth is already watering. 😋😋

    Whitney Comstock says:

    I’m generally not a breakfast person because I’m a savory girl over sweets girl, and I feel like breakfast tends to favor those with a sweet tooth. However- the potato cheddar breakfast bake looks scrum-diddly-ump! Needless to say, this would be the first recipe I would christen my vitamix with XD

    Kate says:

    I’m pretty sure very meal would be blended… not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing…

    Molly Peach says:

    I’ve been eying that Vitamix!! Also love the soup recipe.

    These cranberry coconut squares look amazing..

    elaine says:

    that acai bowl looks so perfect right now! i think i would just make soup and smoothies all day with this.

    Lisa Ogdie says:

    OMG! Cooper finish, endless possibilities, I would be in heaven!! I think the first thing I would make is Leek, Artichoke and potato soup: https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Leek-Artichoke-Potato-Soup/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    And then I would move on to Cranberry Coconut Squares: https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Cranberry-Coconut-Squares/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    Jane says:

    Wow! The copper finish is GORG! I would make fresh salad dressings and smoothies all day every day. Some tomato soup at night and maybe (ok definitely) a chocolate milkshake or two. Nom nom.

    Sam says:

    OMG! I want a Vitamix so badly!!! I would make the Spiked Honeydew Sorbet and a TON of other things! https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Spiked-Honeydew-Sorbet/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    Ana V says:

    I would make a zillion smoothies from all the ingredients I could get my hands on – starting with this one! https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Apple-Pie-Smoothie/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=smoothies&sc=recipe

    Kelly D says:

    Nice cream! Banana ice cream all day everyday, frozen bananas, peanut butter, cocoa, splash of almond milk. The best! Also, the copper finish is amazing, when I can afford it, I want to get the copper KitchenAid mixer

    Tammy says:

    The Cauliflower hummus!!!! Yummm!

    Catherine says:

    cauliflower hummus for sure! Great post – the copper is stunning!

    Augusta says:

    YUM!! This soup looks fantastic! The Mushroom Bisque on the Vitamix website looks deelish, too. As does ALL of the hummus recipes! 😋 As a holistic esthetician, I’m always sharing with my clients how important eating unprocessed foods is for healthy skin.

    Brie Sexton says:

    Oh man it would be so cool to own one of these! I am ready for spring weather/food so these fruity squares look great.


    Carrie says:

    Omg my blender hurt broke on me and I miss it so bad! I’m a smoothie fanatic and would loooooooove this gorgeous mixer!!!!

    Gabrielle says:

    The leak, artichoke & potato soup sounds so delicious! I am moving into a new apt. soon and want to revamp my recipes with the new place!


    Julie says:

    I’d make the cauliflower hummus. Yum!

    Carrie says:

    Omg my blender hurt broke on me and I miss it so bad! I’m a smoothie fanatic and would loooooooove this gorgeous mixer to make the Good Morning Green Smoothie!!!

    Becka B says:

    I would loooooove to make my green smoothies with it!

    Jordan Troublefield says:

    Potato Cheddar Breakfast Bake for this brunch Queen! I bet it tastes even better made in a copper Vitamix!

    Megan says:

    The just peachy smoothie looks delicious.

    Erika says:

    Briefly got a chance to borrow my grandfather’s vitamix and totally broke the plunger..yikes. So, if I got a chance to win this I would try and make their raspberry ice cream recipe and share it with him to redeem myself.

    Rosie says:

    Cauliflower Hummus, I made it this weekend in my food processor, and I just couldn’t get it creamy enough. I would also make all the dips!

    Holly says:

    I’m really curious to try making the edamame dip!

    Gretchen says:

    It’s so pretty! I’d love to use that baby to make hummus for days! And almond milk because my current blender just isn’t up to the task.

    Erica D says:

    Whole fruit Margarita! 🍹 Yessss.

    Colleen Clark says:

    I’m about to move in with my boyfriend and he LOVES pasta. Would love to have the Vitamix so that we can try their spinach pasta recipe together!

    Erin says:

    I want to make all the hummus!

    Melissa says:

    I make a smoothie every morning for myself and my children. I would definitely try out the All Green Smoothie recipe!

    Grace Clements says:

    I would enjoy making the green smoothie every morning to start my day!

    Chelsea says:

    I have been wanting a Vitamix for YEARS. Loving the copper finish on the one from West Elm. If I had a Vitamix, I would make so many things but especially the Spicy Hummus and the Acai Bowl.



    Christen C. says:

    Bri, that soup looks so yummy! I would love to try it. If I was lucky enough to win (I’ve been coveting a Vitamix for ages) I would make different smoothies all the time. Due to health issues, my doctor has put me on protein and vitamin rich smoothie every single day. I use a small bullet blender currently… but it does limit you on what you can fit and how well it blends. But I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Vitamix and all the wide variety of things you can make with it. Can’t wait to see what other recipes you try out! I’d love to try this “All Green” smoothie: https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/All-Green-Smoothie/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce

    Frozen Irish coffee🍀☕️🍾

    Yana says:

    Smoothies and soups.

    Alison S. says:

    Oooooh I’d love this copper beauty to be my first Vitamix! I’d make their Pineapple Freeze first (and maybe throw in a splash of rum 😍) https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Pineapple-Freeze/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    Alli says:

    Love it! I gave up alcohol for Lent so right about now I’m dreaming of fresh and fruity spring cocktails to indulge in once Easter comes along… The whole fruit margarita sounds perfect for this Texas gal! Also, I would add a splash of gin or vodka to the frosty basil lemonade recipe and of course I’m loving the recipe for a pisco sour on A Beautiful Mess today!

    Dawn says:

    My kids request smoothies for breakfast, snacks and really, anytime of the day! We’d make the All Green Smoothie because it’s a great way for us all to get our veggies. Thank you for the chance to win!

    Ari D. says:

    Wow! I’ve never tried jalapeño in a smoothie. Would love to try Alan’s Going Green Smoothie.

    Kristyn says:

    I am a hummus addict, so I’d be all over the roasted red pepper hummus.

    I’m obsessed with the copper finish on this. Pretty enough to leave on the counter all the time!

    alyssa says:

    this blender is beautiful. i’ve been into making nut milks and this would definitely speed things up. my mom has one and i used to make nut butters for her with it.
    compared to my current blender, well, i can’t make nut butters in my current blender. i also make vegetarian dishes a lot, creaming cashews in particular. i’d love one of my own to make meals for my family with.

    Maggie says:

    I would love to make pineapple juice! I have been craving some tropical fruit to remind me of summer!

    Joy says:

    Apart from this soup, which looks awesome, I’d use my blender to make salmorejo — the lesser-known cousin of gazpacho that is even MORE delicious and my FAVORITE thing to eat allllll summer.

    Kayla says:

    I would use it to up my dressing game and to make the best summer cocktails.

    valentina says:

    I’d love to make the raw chocolate-orange torte – and many other things!

    Sarah Strole says:

    I love anything coconut and the Strawberry Cocnut Agua Fresca sounds delish!

    Rachel T says:

    Hollandaise sauce for eggs benedict and frozen mimosas. Girls brunch must haves!

    Brittany says:

    The copper is so dreamy! This would live on my counter, it’s wayyyy too pretty to hide in a cabinet. I would love to try the cauliflower hummus. I would also definitely use it for a daily smoothie.

    Cynthia says:

    …and salad dressings and smoothies !

    Cristina O. says:

    I want to make almond milk! But frankly, I’d even just make blended air if I had this gorgeous thing lol!

    Jackie says:

    I would love to make soups, smoothies, hummus, dips…the list goes on! 🙂

    Laurie says:

    The watermelon gazpacho looks refreshing!

    teagan says:

    Soooo good! The Hummas looks great! Lets be honest margs would also be made in that bad boy.

    Kathryn Knox says:

    The cauliflower hummus and edamame dip look amazing!

    Mark says:

    Definitely the edamame dip!

    Christie says:

    I am an avid smoothie fan! I’d make amazing powershakes!

    Jocelyn says:

    Wowza! The “Summer Splash Smoothie” sounds so delish & refreshing!! I’ve already got summer on my mind and would love to rock this recipe for my family & friends!! 😀

    Scott Shelley says:

    I am on the Paleo Diet so I would love to make my own almond milk and a mix of my favorite nuts into a chunky mixed nut butter.

    Mike says:

    All Green Smoothie: ALL THE WAY.

    Lauren Peters says:

    I would love to make the cauliflower hummus and acai bowls! Yay for vitamix!!!


    I’m thinking the cranberry coconut squares or the apricot fruit puree may be the way to go. maybe even mix the two for insanely diverse flavors. either way, vitamix, you would be well suited in my kitchen.

    Lindsay says:

    Raisin Almond Breakfast Spread sounds amazing!

    Mercedes says:

    Avocado and chocolate are good for you, right? I’d love to make these avocado fudge balls!


    Joyce says:

    green smoothie🌱

    Nikki says:

    I would love to make EVERYTHING in this beauty!!!!

    carly G says:

    I would make so many smoothies, soups, and delicious breads with a vitamix!

    Martha G Espinoza says:

    So many things I can make! Yum! Of the recipes on the site, if I had to just pick one, I’d make the Lemon Garlic dressing. Perfect for summer and BBQ’s.
    On my own, I’d make my mom’s mole. She’s made it several times in her Vitamix, comes out perfectly!

    Kirsten says:

    Oh, I’d love to make the blackberry herb fruit purée!

    Jen says:

    I would love to make the Spinach Artichoke Fondue! Store-bought is never the same and this recipe looks delish! (I also love that you can filter by dietary needs on the Vitamix site!) https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Spinach-and-Artichoke-Fondue/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    Stefanie Gladden says:

    I would love to make the Crunchy Apple Salsa recipe!

    Raquel says:

    i’d love to make my own hummus!

    adrianna says:

    All Green Smoothies! Yum!

    chloe says:

    oh mannn i would love a vitamix! soups and smoothies all day long. First on my list would be Muhammara—https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Muhammara/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    Julie says:

    Raisin almond breakfast spread!

    Amy says:

    I’m looking forward to trying my hand at homemade Mayonnaise!

    Derek says:

    Love the Vitamix but have never purchased one yet. Maybe some day! I’d love to make health ice cream — Strawberry or Peach! And of course, the smoothies! Love the copper color also!

    Leisha Evans says:

    Love this recipe ~ went out and grabbed all the goodies .. Thank you for the opportunity

    chanel says:

    Squash frittata! SQUASH FRITTATA!

    Marble Bell says:

    I’d make green smoothies every day and finally be that person who makes green smoothies every day!! 🙂

    Cara says:

    Apricot Fruit Puree, just in time for spring!

    Nornee says:

    I love all the soups, but I really want to try the Sweet Potato Flatbread and Cauliflower Hummus! Thanks!

    Maria C. says:

    I will make all our favorite smoothies daily such as kale,orange & pineapple etc. I will use this to blend my spices for marinating and brining foods. For sure this will be very useful and helpful in my kitchen. This will definitely makes my job in providing great & healthier foods/drinks/desert etc. for my family a lot easier & faster.

    Maki Katsumoto says:

    if i won’t this vitamix i would make…every breakfast, lunch and dinner. Smoothies, soups, sauces, butters, MILKS!, I could probably find something to make for each meal for a week.

    Sam McNeal says:

    BBQ Rub

    Becky says:

    I’d love to try out different healthy recipes for soups, smoothies and spreads!

    Bethany says:

    Spinach-banana-sun butter smoothies in the morning, and hot carrot curry soup at night!

    Rebecca says:

    A cooks dream – a copper Vitamix. The color is devine!
    My families favorite is praline icecream!
    Vegan and dairy free.
    This would be a perfect recipe for my Vitamix.
    Love this one. (-:*

    Becks says:

    Lots of vegan soups!

    Ashley Carroll says:

    I’ve been wanting to upgrade by tired old blender to the Vitamix for awhile now. Plus the copper is just lovely!

    I would start with an oldie: hummus! I have always wanted to play around with different variations of this timeless favorite. Thanks designlovefest!

    Christine says:

    I would make amazing smoothies to get me energized in the morning!

    Cathi says:

    Let’s be real – what couldn’t I make with a VitaMix? Being winter still, I think about soups. What a great way to add some body to a plant and vegan broth based soup? Yum, yum!

    I would definitely devote some space in my very small kitchen for a VitaMix

    alyssa says:

    sure smoothies, soups, and hummus will all be good in their own right, but a whole fruit margarita sounds amaaazing during hot summer nights.


    Marian McMillion says:

    What a fun giveaway! Would love to try making a coconut curry in (hopefully) new vitamix!

    victoria says:

    two hands up for the cauliflower hummus for the kids!

    Tara says:

    If I had a Vitamix, I would make breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Oh how I have dreamed of getting one. Envious of my coworkers who make yummy smoothies every day. So, I would have to say I would make the All Green Smoothie for sure! Thanks for the fun giveaway!


    E'lin Grace says:

    I’d love to make a Butternut Squash Soup with my very own Vitamix 750 Pro.

    Mariyana Petrova says:

    Love it! I would do smoothies, soups, and almond milk.

    Andrea says:

    This would be wonderful. I love all the smoothie and soup options. The leek, artichoke, and potato soup sounds amazing and I’d love to make it in a Vitamix.

    Kelly Furlong-Rezac says:

    love to see this beauty from W.S.!! So many great recipes on the site. I have blenders from W.S., but not this awesome. I would make lots of smoothies and Cauliflower Hummus!!

    Nicole Dao says:

    would love to make the vegan raw chocolate orange torte! yum!

    Alex Oliva says:

    Would absolutely luv to have this to make my grandfather his soups! He is too old for hearty chunky foods – so soups do the trick. Squash soups and black bean soups are his favorites!

    Kristine Saura says:

    I’d love to make kale tropical smoothie!!!

    Alli Bordo says:

    I so need this in my life! Vitamix is amazing, but I haven’t been able to shell out the dough for one. I’m getting married this fall and I’m in full ‘wedding diet’ mode. I’m sure this little beauty would help me eat healthier by preparing deliciously healthy recipes like the curried carrot soup (yum)!

    Marie says:

    Raisin Almond Breakfast Spread. Obsessed with the bronze finish!!!

    Lori says:

    Acai Bowls! My kids are in love with them. Thanks!

    Vanessa says:

    can i choose two? the pineapple freeze and the cauliflower hummus!!

    MB says:

    definitely the smoothies! specifically the all green smoothie – adding greens to my diet is something I am consciously working on.

    Brad says:

    Cabbage Soup

    dawn says:

    After teaching 7th grade all day, I need to come home to a Vitamix and make whole fruit margaritas with it.


    Yes, please!

    Dillan says:

    Pizza sauce, this soup, pesto, smoothies… mmmm 🙂 The copper color is so pretty too!

    jjmcgaffey says:

    I make pesto, soup, and smoothies in mine – want to give one to my sister! It’s wonderful for smoothies – I can drop in a chunk of frozen, unpeeled ginger and get nothing but that spicy ginger taste – no lumps or strings. Yum, and so easy!

    Jessica says:

    I have always wanted to make my own almond milk, and this blender would be the perfect one to use!

    Kimberly says:

    Edamame dip! I love edamame and never knew that was an option! Looks amazing!

    Jess says:

    Yes please for the frozen Irish coffee!

    I would make green smoothies & love the copper finish one!

    Heather G says:

    I would love to make almond milk from scratch.

    Whitney says:

    Those whole fruit margaritas and all of the yummy salsa recipes!!

    Maggie says:

    I like to think I would use it to make nutritious, veggie-based soups and dips but tbh that frozen Irish coffee is calling my name…

    eun strawser says:

    i’d use a vitamix EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. cooking strictly vegan meals for a family of 5 requires a lot of mixing!!

    Kristen Wheeler says:

    The broccoli cheese soup looks yummy but I’d also use it to make baby food!

    Kaelyn Pilar says:

    Margaritas. All day long, I would make margaritas.

    Raye says:

    I’ve been really into making acai bowls at home lately- this would make the process so fast and easy!

    Emily K says:

    The Cauliflower Hummus looks super good, I would totally make that if I had a vitamix!

    Brooke says:

    This blender would look so cute in my kitchen! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! I’d make butternut squash and marzipan in this!

    Krystle says:

    Definitely coveting that copper finish! Would love to make the gnocchi and basil pesto with this baby. 😛https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Gnocchi-with-Basil-Pesto/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    Scout says:

    I love making vegan foods, and a lot of times they require a blender or food processor. So how about…hummus, nut milk, bean burgers, smoothies, soups…yum.

    Doris says:

    Frozen Irish Coffee! I’d be generous with the alcohol!

    Royal Knox says:

    Hummus and world peace would be made all day everyday if I won this vitamix!!!

    emily says:

    all the smoothies and milkshakes

    Becky Groska says:

    There are SO many things I’d love to make in a Vitamix, but I love the tortilla soup. There are great recipes on the Vitamix site, as well as in other places.

    Stefanie says:

    I would make chicken tortilla soup and whole fruit margaritas!!

    Kim smith says:

    Love to make smoothies and soups and gazpacho for my kiddos!!

    daniela says:

    NEED to try the Lemon Grain Salad with Kale Pesto! <3 <3 <3

    Jena R says:

    I would love to make the soft pretzels!!! I’ve wanted a Vitamix for so many years. This would be amazing!!

    Carly S says:

    OMG a copper one?! So beautiful. I would definitely make that soup!

    Hope Ptak says:

    Frozen Irish coffee for me!

    Christi says:

    oh man! all the things. But especially I would love to make that cauliflower hummus! yum.

    jessica says:

    SO GOOD!
    The Blackberry Herb Fruit Purée sounds incredible.

    Alicia says:

    I’d love to make the Summer Splash Smoothie!

    kirby says:

    this would be great to make so many soups, this one included!

    debbie p says:

    I would love to make Lots of soups and smoothies.

    Margaret says:

    The recipe for the cauliflower hummus sounds too good to be true. Even better is a COPPER Vitamix… I’m in love!!

    Susie Greer says:

    Your soup recipe looks delicious and so do your pics!
    Ginger is very anti-cancer (more effective than chemo for many cancer cells),is anti-inflammatory and tastes yummy.
    I am going to make this! And as a twist, will make a second batch adding turmeric!
    Here’s to Healthy Goodness!!

    michelle says:

    i’d actually have a daily morning smoothie and not just talk about it! and basically everything in that spring recipes tab but in particular, leek artichoke and potato soup. YUM!

    Kimberly Brad says:

    I would make healthy meals every single day to better my health, 1 head cabbage, cut into pieces3 medium carrots, coarsely chopped1 cup celery, coarsely chopped2 leeks, coarsely chopped2 cloves garlic, minced1 tbsp Dr. Fuhrman’s VegiZest or other no-salt seasoning blend, adjust to taste2 cups carrot juice6 cups low-sodium or no-salt-added vegetable broth1/2 tsp nutmeg1/8 tsp cayenne pepper or to taste5 cups chopped kale leaves or baby spinach1 cup raw cashews or 1/2 cup raw cashew butter Creamy Cabbage Soup

    anelieze says:

    Cauliflower hummus! I’d like to win this for my mom. <3

    sue says:

    Watermelon gazpacho—smoothie! Any veggie/fruit smoothie actually 🙂

    JoAnn Yi says:

    I would love to make the green smoothies! Have been trying to get more veggies in my diet (:

    Jessica says:

    Ahh I’ve been dying to make soup in a vitamix, but I don’t have the $$$ right now. The drawing is the day after my bday, fingers crossed!

    Zu says:

    I would love to make acai bowls and smoothies with the Vitamix.

    Anna says:

    The edamame dip, lots of hummus, & any kind of smoothie!

    loreta says:

    i would make my babes soups, spreads, dips, drinks. i hear nothing but good things about the vitamix. i looked online after so many personal good reviews and my jaw dropped at the price.
    one of my girls loves vegetables and a few fruits. she loves soupie. rosemary chicken potage soup sounds comforting during winter. zucchini soup for the weather we have now. i think she would love that. the other wants nothing to do with them, she gags when she sees or smells certain foods. hiding them in soups or beverages, even ice cream would ease my mind knowing she was eating healthy. she does love hummus. literally eats it with a spoon. it would be gratifying to make it for her, especially having the cauliflower and sundries tomato recipes readily available. my husband loves soups, more so after he had to eat from a straw, having his mouth wired shut for a few months. he is also a bit picky. we are both trying to loose weight so blending delicious foods together would be easier for me on a daily basis. dont ask dont tell, am i right? it just seems like an instrument that makes cooking fun and not a task/chore. you can make so many things with it. i buy lots of fruit drinks and to be able to blend things together; done deal is tops!

    Mary Connors says:

    I am Hoping to Win a Vitamix this year. I love their Recipes for ?Soups Sauces and Smoothie !

    My family loves soups! I love to try and make my own recipes, I look at many different ones and then make my own choices! When my kids were sick they loved my homemade soups! Now they are adults and they ask for recipes! My mother in law has dementia now and she was a fantastic soup maker! When we have her over I make some of her soup recipes and she loves them! She tells me my mom made this! It would be awesome to own a Vitamix!!

    Jessica Fantini says:

    I would love to make the squash frittata and the green smoothie drink and the Irish drink…. I could go on and on. Not to mention how pleasing to the eye the copper color is😊

    Thank you,

    Ann says:

    I love make green smoothies in a Vitamix! Really blends up the vegetables super smoothly. The copper Vitamix is so pretty!

    katie says:

    definitely that frozen Irish coffee! YUM!

    Kristen says:

    Breakfast smoothies deluxe!

    Alaina Patterson says:

    If I won this beautiful mixer, I would make a 3 course meal! Lol Sharp cheddar, potato and leek soup starter. Followed by a crispy roasted chicken topped with chimmichuri sauce. Finally a chocolate bourbon hazelnut mousse for dessert!

    Ok now I’m drooling! Lol Thanks!

    Alison says:

    !!! the tortilla soup! with tacos and margz for a dinner party and then a green smoothie the next morning for damage control…

    Leslie Lewis says:

    I would LOVE to try out the cauliflower hummus! Hummus is definitely one of my favorite snacks and this copper finish goes perfectly with my dream kitchen I’m working towards 🙂

    Tracy says:

    The edamame dip looks beautiful and probably delicious, Id love to try that one out 🙂 Love your site!

    LeanGreenBean says:

    I would love to make the soup you just posted (you had me at coconut milk), but also from the Vitamix site I would make the “Lime Curd Tartlets with Summer Berries,” since it’s key lime season here.

    VEGETABLE MEATLOAF all the way!!!

    Jensen says:

    I just want to make all the soups!

    Amelia says:

    oh man I would love to win this. I would make smoothies!!

    Vera says:

    Dips and hummus but also tons of smoothies and ice cream – yum

    Sarah says:

    There are approximately a miilion things I would make in my very own Vitamix, *every day* (!!), but I think I would definitely have to start with the Chocolate Marshmallow Milkshake. 🙂 Thank you! And thanks for all your amazing recipes!

    Honestly, I would make everything in this thing. I’m especially obsessed with smoothies, dips and spreads, and would be excited to have a strong enough blender to handle thicker substances. Seems obvious, but it never crossed my mind to make nut butters, like I saw on the Vitamix site.
    Thanks for this share!

    Ashley says:

    The raisin almond breakfast spread looks amazing, as does the buckwheat black bean soup! What a fun giveaway.

    Michelle says:

    I’ll be making soup because it’s cool that a blender can make soup

    Jen H. says:

    The copper is absolutely beautiful! Literally the most beautiful Vitamix ever! And the barely beet risotto sounds amazing! With shortbread cookies for dessert. And homemade apple juice as my beverage. But, that’s just for starters 🙂

    Ria says:

    Nothing less than a Margarita!

    Adonna says:

    I love making healthy smoothies! I love vitamix.

    Melissa says:

    That soup looks gorgeous, and so yummy! I’d love my own vitamix to try the Lemon Grain Salad with Kale Pesto. Love your site!!!

    Twinkle says:

    I would love to make my own pureed soups and nut milks!

    Nina says:

    I’ve been wanting a blender for quite some time… Mainly a Vitamix because I know how amazing they are. I’ve been holding off on buying a blender because I want a Vitamix. A friend told me this horror story how they received two blenders on their wedding. They dropped one off at Goodwill and later realized it was an awesome high quality blender… a Vitamix. I died. I didn’t know you could use a Vitamix for so many things! I’d use it to make snacks hummus (obvi), dressings for salads, and soups/dinner. I looked at the snickerdoodle recipe and had no idea you could use the blender for the mix. The potato casserole recipe looks bomb, and the roasted cauliflower w/the lemon parsley dressing looks beautiful/flavorful! I’d make almond or cashew milk because it’s pretty simple and probably less questionable to make (versus purchasing there’s always extra ingredients on the carton). Oh! And I’d make smoothies for breakfast (green smoothie). I want to get fit/healthy and it’d be nice to have this to help kick start getting more greens/veggies in my life. Also Summer’s coming up and it’d be nice and refreshing to have a Vitamix to make some frozen beverages! 😉 I’d be ecstatic to win and would definitely use it!

    Abbie says:

    I’d make ALL the green smoothies!

    Crystal says:

    I would like to make potato cauliflower chowder!

    Zoë says:

    Most beautiful blender ever! I really want to make the cauliflower hummus, as I have been into all things cauliflower lately.

    Beth says:

    I love spinach smoothies – so I’d try the Spinach Cocktail! And the copper is gorgeous!!

    Allie says:

    My homemade muhammara!!! Love the copper

    Johanna says:

    I’d make the All Green Smoothie for St. Patty’s Day!

    Jennifer Kelley says:

    The Cauliflower hummus looks amazing. I’m also expecting a baby in September so i’d use this to make my own baby food. Thanks!

    Deborah says:


    Mallory Wilkerson says:

    The leek, artichoke, and potato soup looks awesome! And this Vitamix is so beautiful! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!!

    Peter G says:

    I would love to make the homemade almond milk. It looks so easy!

    Crystal Yim says:

    I would definitely be making the green smoothie every morning!!

    Mekeesha says:

    I think the frozen Irish coffee looks nice and would be a good replacement from my daily Starbucks. Ha. Also, love the copper for this. So pretty!

    Yuna says:

    The vegetable meatloaf for sure! I can’t wait to try. Its on my list!

    madeline says:

    I would love to make the fresh green smoothie every morning. Would love to have one!

    Sharon says:

    I would love to try some of the dressings, especially the Creamy Raspberry Vinaigrette.

    Julia T says:

    Oh my gosh, the cooper is to die for. I’m on a huge soup kick, but having just a small immersion blender makes it hard to blend anything properly! I would absolutely make this recipe, for starters: https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Broccoli-Cheese-Soup/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe. Broccoli cheese soup is one of my favorites, but it’s hard to find at restaurants and even harder to make without a proper blender!

    Skye says:

    I love the copper vitamix! I would use it to make nut butter. Cashew butter is my favorite. I would also like to try the cauliflower hummus. Looks yummy!

    Dominique says:

    I would make peanut butter and banana smoothies everyday and delicious soups and treats often too!

    Ah I haven’t seen the Copper one until now!
    I would make banana nice cream in the blender as well as my own peanut butter as I need to lay off the dairy per doctor’s orders.

    AH! I would LOVE to add this to my home! I think the first thing I would make is a green smoothie for my smoothie & juice obsessed husband!

    d labat says:

    I would make RVNG’s Oven Roasted Tomato Soup! Yum!

    Maren says:

    What wouldn’t I make?! That’s right, nothing. It’s a freaking Vitamix. But since I have to choose, I’d make the “Honey Orange Cleanse,” or “Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Lemon Thyme Dipping Sauce,” (which now I’ll probably make anyways tomorrow night, without a Vitamix)



    It’s already heating up here in the desert southwest, so I’m looking for light recipes. The watermelon gazpacho looks pretty enticing. I’m sure it would be a blast to make in the Vitamix.

    rebecca says:

    Eeeeeeeeee!I don’t know where to start… the hummus? Some of that curry and carrot soup. Wait, I know! Mango margaritas!

    Kalli says:

    I make a fruit smoothie nearly every day, so it would be great to make them in something powerful and lovely, versus my leaky little food processer!

    Melissa French says:

    I love this vitamix!!! I would love to make this soup you posted or a great butternut squash with a coconut cream!!

    sydney85 says:

    The Vitamix is gorgeous and so wonderful to help in so many recipes. I have a list of things I would so enjoy making. Soups, Hummus and Smoothies. Absolutely the beginning of healthy living.

    Kirsten says:

    A Vitamix would be right at home in my kitchen! I make a lot of vegan soups, smoothies, and soon- homemade baby food for my wee babe! If I had a Vitamix I’d make more homemade almond and cashew milks too!

    Tanika says:

    I want to make the Cauliflower Hummus… Cauliflower to add creaminess?! Only a Vitamix can do that. I also want to make cauliflower flatbreads. And my daughter loves smoothies in her lunchbox but a screw came out of the Nutribullet.

    Kathryn says:

    I would love to make a spicy black bean dip, raw desserts & cashew almond milk! Would also love to attempt to make cheese

    Asia says:

    Wow, winning a Vitamix would be amazing! I’d love to try making more smoothies– maybe get my kids to try an All Green Smoothie 🙂

    That carrot soup looks amazing! I love the roasted chickpeas as a garnish.

    Monica says:

    Ever since I saw their video about making scam led eggs in the Viatmix, I’ve wanted to try it. Oh and lots of raw fruit smoothies for my 2 years old! I love Vitamix! And the copper color is everything!

    Emily Love says:

    I’d love to be able to make this edamame dip or hummus in a blender!


    Anna says:

    I would LOVE to try this exact soup in my new Vitamix… Add it to the list of everything else I can’t wait to blend up: nut milk, pasta sauce, green smoothies, hummus… And on and on

    Mrs Dawson says:

    Green smoothies and hot soups!

    Megan says:

    The cauliflower hummus sounds delicious!

    Hillary Colley says:

    Ooh, I would make the edamame dip from their site with my Vitamix. I’ve never seen/heard of edamame dip but now that I see it…of course! Why didn’t I think of that!

    Nicole says:

    I love the copper finish. In addition to daily smoothies blended to perfection, one thing I love making are almond butters. The vitamix would be perfect for the ultimate smooth consistency!


    JP says:

    Cauliflower hummus and hot soups

    Leila says:

    Love! Making a watermelon gazpacho with a new vitamix for a warm summer day would be lovely.

    amber says:

    i really would love to use the vitamix for making that amazing looking curried carrot soup. something about soup is so healing and comforting that can only be compared to being back in the womb. looking forward to making lots of soup and stews with the vitamix!

    Rebecca says:

    The cauliflower hummus looks great! I’d love to make that, green juices, smoothies and this carrot soup recipe you have shared. The copper finish is so beautiful!

    Coleen Sherry says:

    I would love to make all kinds of smoothies in my Vitamix!

    Autumn says:

    Who knew there were so many recipes?!?! Right this second, I could go for a raw chocolate-orange tart.

    Stephanie says:

    Cauliflower hummus ftw!!!

    dani says:

    The frozen Irish coffee!! But also juices, sweet and tangy…smoothies, hummus, nut butters, dipping sauces, agua frescos, and face/hair masks!! The list goes on : )

    Kristin says:

    Mango sauce! Sometimes you just get bored of eating them fresh off the tree 😉

    Lainey says:

    I’ll have beautiful creamy soups for myself, deliciously healthy organic meals for my dog. Using every part of the veggies from the organic farm share summer through winter!

    christiana perry says:

    You’d make me the happiest gal in the world if I were picked – I recently moved to LA and have no kitchen supplies 🙁 I’d love to have something such as this to help me make my breakfast, lunch and dinner!

    Id like to make that green smoothie 🙂

    Carolyn H says:

    i’d be able to make my morning green juice without so many chunks with the blender i have now. also, sauces! this copper vitamix is my dreeeeam.

    Alex says:

    I don’t know much about cauliflower hummus, but if it’s easy and takes only 5 minutes to make, I need to get on it!

    Lauren Allen says:

    I would love to be able to start making healthy smoothies as we are preparing to start a family!!

    Jennifer T. says:

    I would make buckets and buckets of gazpacho!

    Judie says:

    Love the ease of the Vitamix!!! While it’s appealing to me to make healthy and tasty smoothies quickly, it does so much more! I’d want to make the Refreshingly Green Smoothie to use up a few farmer’s market finds come summer.

    Also, love the idea of toasted chickpeas for added crunchy texture to this soup!

    jackie says:

    I’d probably make the Green smoothie regularly, but the other recipes look awesome! Always a sucker for a curry soup so that carrot one looks tasty! 😀

    Tom H. says:

    Eggplant Cannelloni with Pine Nut Romesco Sauce sounds like a deliciously vegan place to start in the plethora of Vitamix recipes. Your Carrot Ginger Soup intrigues me as well…love a good carrot ginger combo and the addition of chickpeas and vegan emphasis sold me. Thank you so much for a shot at winning this stylish and functional copper Vitamix!

    allie says:

    I would love to own a vitamix so I can fully embrace my new plant based lifestyle. Need it! I would love to make the green smoothie daily, cauliflower hummus to dip my veggies in and this soup recipe looks divine – dairy free too! The copper is too cool 🙂

    Joelle says:

    All Green Smoothie erryday! Want this blender so bad 🙂

    Robin B. says:

    Would love to make the “Incredibly Edible Edamame Dip”
    The Copper Vitamix is gorgeous!

    Kaspiolany Paula says:

    I would absolutely love to make The All Green Smoothie Bowl!! Looks like an amazing breakfast recipe!

    Heidi says:

    Some of those delicious breads for sure!

    Maria McB says:

    The cauliflower hummus looks amazing! The Copper Vitamix just blew my mind. I need this blender.

    This soup looks /incredible/ and the copper (didn’t even know they offered that!) Vitamix looks even more so! Would love to have one in my kitchen.

    sofia says:

    I would make soup SOUP SOUP!!!!

    Sarah Sams says:

    Can’t wait to make the carrot ginger soup and the kale pesto!

    stew says:

    Homemade nut butters

    Cathy Urchisin says:

    I have the best boss in the whole world. It bought us s Vitamix machine at work so we could all use. My dream is to own one of my own but I can not afford to buy. Vitamix is the ultimate!!! No other machine can beat it. Winning this machine would be in perfect alignment with my new healthier self. I am exercising and eating right. Lost 9 pounds already. I would love to make smoothies and soups. Got my fingers crossed !!

    Em Robin says:

    The Vegetable Cakes look delicious and versatile.

    Beth says:

    Ohhhh, the Watermelon Gazpacho. I went right for the summer recipes, because the thought of it being hot and sunny and beachy makes me so happy (I’m in warming-up NYC and so ready for it).

    I would love, love, love a Vitamix!


    Melanie says:

    The curried carrot soup looks delicious… I love everything curry. https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Curried-Carrot-Soup/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce

    Gabriella says:

    This is the most incredible giveaway! A copper Vitamix?! Amazing. I’m really working on eating healthier, so I’d whip up this all green smoothie bowl: https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/All-Green-Smoothie-Bowl/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce

    Carol says:

    I would love this amazing copper Vitamix! I lost 60 lbs but am bored with eating now…..would love to change it up with all this little baby can do! Soups, smoothies, nut butters, OH MY STARS!

    Leticia Journee says:

    Going green smoothies!

    Apple pie ice cream? Who knew???? That is right up my alley….I would love to try that with my new copper Vitamin!!!!

    Katy says:

    How gorgeous!! I would make the frozen Irish coffee every Sunday morning 🙂

    kristen says:

    How cool would it be to make flavored pastas so easily like the Spinach Pasta Dough??https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Spinach-Pasta-Dough/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=&sc=recipe

    I could imagine making sundried tomato, pesto pasta and so many others!

    John B. says:

    Smoothies and soups, all day, every day!

    Elena Hernandez says:

    I would love the vitamix in order to make delicious soups and smoothies in the morning! I just had my wisdom teeth taken out and I feel like a Vitamix would have been so helpful.

    Kelly Ann says:

    I would make errrrrrything!

    Kendall says:

    I think the frozen Irish coffee sounds pretty delicious. I would absolutely love to win the Vitamix. It would be used often!

    dresden says:

    smoothies for sure!

    Jennifer Clark says:

    The frozen Irish coffee, of course! We’re getting a wonderful early-spring day here in NYC and that looks amazing =)

    HB says:

    Ohh dang! I should have put this on my registry 😉 This carrot ginger soup looks SO SO good. But holy crap! I’ve never heard of edamame dip, that sounds delicious!


    Cece says:

    I love the color! I would love to make frozen irish coffees 🙂

    Alice says:

    I love this copper series, so beautiful!! And what this sounds amazing:

    lindsay says:

    I’d love to make fresh nutmilks, yum! And these Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes sound delicious…


    Kait says:

    Strawberry daiquiri?! YUM! I love how their site categorizes their recipes. Sometimes I only have 5 min to get something together, so it’s so helpful!


    Kait says:

    I’ve always wanted a good recipe for almond butter (and a blender that could handle it!)


    Laura P. says:

    I love to make vegan soups, puréed veggies and hummus in my Vitamix. This machine is by far the most used appliance in my house!

    Meg says:

    I’m a smoothie girl in spring/summer, and right now I’m craving the warm weather. I’d love to try their “It’s Easy Being Green” smoothie recipe!

    Martha says:

    The All Green smoothie sounds awesome and I’m sure would be a gateway to more smoothies to come!

    Holly C. says:

    Oh this is heaven! I would die to make raw chocolate desserts, especially the chocolate orange torte… https://www.vitamix.com/Recipes/Raw-Chocolate-Orange-Torte/C-Series/Variable-Speed/Classic-64-Ounce?referer_st=Chocolate&sc=recipe
    And what better than a green smoothie every. single. morning?! More heaven!

    Ro Osborn says:

    I love how they have vegan recipes on their site and how awesome is the copper! I would love to try the lemon grain and kale pesto salad. Yum…


    Crissy Brice says:

    After some health scares I am trying to eat “clean”. I love bread so being able to make my own whole wheat bread while making my own flour would be my favorite reciepe. However I can’t pass up all those smoothies and soups that I could make with a Vitamix. They all look so good and would be so much easier then what I’m doing now. Thanks!!

    hannah says:

    banana ice cream!

    Kate Freeman says:

    I would make homemade hummus! And use it for my morning smoothies before work! I need one so badly!

    What a great giveaway!

    I’d love to make fancy (and healthy) banana ice cream in the Vitamix!

    Rachel says:

    Smoothies and also that cauliflower hummus sounds great!

    Leela says:

    I would like to make all kinds of hummus!

    whitney sinks says:

    I would make a variety of their smoothies, tortilla soup, hummus…. the list could go on and on. I have always wanted one of these but have never splurged on one and I love the copper!!

    Allison Potts says:

    Wow a copper Vitamix, lovely! I would love to make some green smoothies in this beauty.

    Stephanie says:

    Soup soup and more soup!

    Patti B says:

    Wow, that’s a beautiful Vitamix! My parents loved their Vitamix ever since I was a kid. Try as I might, I can’t convince Dad to part with his, even after all these years. Now I’ve found 1,000 reasons that I need a Vitamix of my own–look at all these great recipes! The copper Vitamix would be a perfect upgrade from the old one that still sits in my folks kitchen–my dad would be jealous 🙂

    Sabrina says:

    Oh my gosh, what WOULDN’T I make in a vitamix! I’m excited to take my vegan cooking to the next level and make my own vegan soup in the vitamix, and my own oil free dressings and sauces!

    Franz S. says:

    This is my favorite soup! I have been looking for a great recipe. Thank you for sharing it.

    Laura Cowan says:

    I would love to make nut butters, upgrade my raw chocolate using to Vitamix to finely ground my granulated sugar even more fine, perfect my banana “nice cream” recipes, and also try to make mashed “potatoes” out of celeriac root. It was the original potato sustitute. It’s heartier than Califlower and a bit starcher so it comes out more smooth like mashed potatoes!

    Felicia says:

    Im crazy about hummus… Want to make lots of dips and yummy stuff.

    Vicki Stuart says:

    I’m in love! A beauty and so versatile!

    Liberty says:

    Who knew you could do so much with a blender? right now I could go for the frozen Irish coffee…

    Claire Dieterich says:

    The potato cheddar breakfast bake! Or any of the yummy dips and hummus options

    Vicki Stuart says:

    Oh a beauty! Love to make a tasty fruit smoothie in this vitamin

    Lindsey says:

    I would LOVE to make acai bowls with the Vitamix!!!!!


    I just moved out of my parents’ house into an apartment and need a blender. This Vitamix would be the jackpot!!

    Rachel Easlea says:

    Cauliflower Hummus! Edamame Dip! Soups! What won’t I make in a Vitamix?! I’m crying tears at how pretty the new copper Vitamix is!!!

    Christina Barrett says:

    I’m dying to try the whole fruit margarita or the California salsa!

    Stephanie Wilde says:

    Oh my! I’d love to make any of the hummus recipes!!

    Jennifer says:

    I can’t wait to make hot soups and coffee in my Vitamix! I saw a demo at the Ideal Home Show and I want to make a yummy macchiato coffee 🙂

    Nicole Rowe says:

    This is a beautiful machine! I would make everything. Smoothies, soups, dips, hummus, “nice” cream, nut butters/nut milks, vegan cheese sauces, etc. !!!

    Nancy DeVito says:

    Super creamy peanut butter with honey roasted peanuts!

    Liz V says:

    I would love to make soy milk and other non-dairy milks in the Vitamix.

    Sarah Patriquin says:


    Kristina says:

    Cauliflower hummus! I love cauliflower and have such a hard time making thick blends in my ninja prep container. Would love a vitamix!

    Chelsea says:

    That squash frittata looks amazing!

    Mariah says:

    Cauliflower hummus and curried carrot soup and…and…and… The copper Vitamix would match my copper bottomed cookware! Crossing my fingers!

    Sara Puvel says:

    I love to make some much! Peanut butter is,a house hold favorite, hummus and butternut squash soup. Oh I can forget the finger paint!

    Love love this copper version of the Vitamix! Would love to make dinner in this nightly starting with this amazing looking soup!

    Talie says:

    Two foods I would love to try making in a vitamix include alfredo sauce and my own nut butter!

    Sheila Dunn says:

    I make my smoothies every day in my vitamix but would love to make more soups.

    Vanika Narula says:

    A green smoothie my way..every single day 🙂

    Pamela B. says:

    I would be making the whole fruit margarita! It looks very simple and delicious!

    Gosia says:

    The question is what I wouldn’t make in it 😍 my kitchen is ready for this baby 😊but my wallet isn’t 😜

    Laura C. says:

    I didn’t have to go very far into the website – I would definitely want to try the Edamame Dip the most. However, every day use would be smoothies. What a beautiful machine!

    Crystal D. says:

    I would love to start incorporating a healthier lifestyle for everyone in my family. Vitamix would allow me to do so. I’d love the opportunity to win and start a new journey!!!!

    I would make the “Black Walnut & Sage” soup. As an oriental medicine student, I am always looking for creative and delicious ways to nourish our bodies to keep us healthy.

    I believe that lasting and sustainable health starts from the inside out. The health benefits of walnuts and sage are also so amazing!

    Allie says:

    I would love to make my own almond milk and nut butters!

    Dallas Miller says:

    I would love to make breakfast smoothies in a new vitamix! I love how they blend everything so effortlessly.

    Elizabeth Hallman says:

    I love making larabars and frozen lemonade for the kids! Also, can’t go wrong with a daily shake with almond milk, chia seeds, kale, banana, broccoli, and ice!

    Claire says:

    I’d make a lot of soups; ginger carrot is always delicious. And I’d definitely use it for some blended cocktails!

    Elizabeth Hallman says:

    I love making larabars and frozen lemonade for the kids! Also, can’t go wrong with a daily shake with almond milk, chia seeds, kale, banana, broccoli, and ice!

    Katie says:

    I would love to make soups, smoothies, and sauces!!!

    M Romano says:

    Smoothies and ice cream!

    Kristen C. says:

    The copper Vitamix is gorgeous! It’s unseasonably warm here today so the Key Lime Kiwi Smoothie recipe caught my attention. I’m lactose and gluten intolerant, so the real thing is off limits for me and I miss that flavor.

    Kristina Hawkes says:

    I would love to try some smoothies and taco soup!

    Britany says:

    I’d love to make hummus, smoothies, almond milk, almond butter and pie crust!

    Peggy Underhill says:

    The perfect machine and now a perfect color. It will blend perfectly with hummus, pesto and lovely green smoothies. Not to mention soups, breads and a multitude of other goodies.

    Tina Thorn says:

    I would love to make the acorn squash soup. I think I could get the family to eat this veg if the puree was silky!

    Angela says:

    Blended soup, just like this. 🙂 I’m on a special diet, and blended soups are part of it.

    Jaclyn Houston says:

    I would love to make the California Salsa and maybe a margarita to go with it 🙂

    Lisa G says:

    I would love to make whole fruit margaritas, hummus and tortilla soup.

    Linda Mitchell Melgoza says:

    So many yummy sounding and healthy recipes. I am vegan and diabetic and this gorgeous VM would definitely help me in my getting healthier journey. Vegan soups, hummus, green smoothies that actually taste good – being or on ! Thanks for the chance to win

    Sharon B. says:

    I don’t know where I’d begin…..
    I have an “ancient” model 3600, so I’m only making smoothies right now. I’m always finding chunks of fruit/veggies at the bottom, so I wonder how long my “metal monster” will hold out.

    OK; I’ve decided that I’d try some soup!

    Jennifer wheeler says:

    Hummus!!!!!!!! My kids eat like it’s going out of style plus I don’t have a vitamix. Tons and tons of soups as well

    Bree Narramore says:

    Peanut butter and salads are my thing! If I win a new vitamin I can try lots of great recipes like this one. Cabbage salad with peanut dressing

    Bree Narramore says:


    Lisa Master says:

    I would be so LUCKY to make the Carrot Ginger Soup for my family in the awesome copper Vitamix!!!!🍀💚

    Natalie says:

    Ice cream, hot soup, hummus, green smoothies and….possibilities are endless…

    Lindsay says:

    would love one of these – and the copper is amazing! soups and hummus … that’s where i’d start.

    Suzanne Lemasters says:

    A vitamix is a critical part of a well-equipped kitchen! I’ll make perfect soups, smoothies, coffee, cocktails, grind grains, chop vegetables, shred chicken… Useful every single day!

    April says:

    I would love to try the vegetable meatloaf! Wonder if I could pass it off to some of the non-veggie members of my family :).

    Jennifer says:

    My staple is coconut milk made from my vitamix….I’ve been experimenting with dough batters, dressings, soups, and other recipes. It really helps my all natural lifestyle!!!!

    Julie Gato says:

    I love my smoothies but would love to make more soups! I love the beautiful copper color!!!!!

    Debbi says:

    I’d make Potato Cheddar Breakfast Bake
    But, I never win anything

    Joanna Fassinger says:

    I would love to try the cauliflower hummus! Looks amazing.

    there are so many things a vitamix is useful for! during college i managed a juice/smoothie bar kitchen and i think my favorite part of the day was when i got to drink all the leftovers from the smoothies that didnt fit in our cups! literally, i’ve never met a blender that can make frozen veggies, fruits and nuts SO smooth and consistent! obviously smoothies and juices would top my list, but also make nut milks, soups and sauces. I recently just made up a really great recipe for an alternative “cheese” sauce so mac and cheese using my blender at home but i’m convinced a vitamix would have made it just thaaat much better! congrats to whoever wins this beauty and cheers to making health easy and accessible !!

    Esther says:

    Broccoli cheddar soup

    Chyrl Lehmann says:

    Since St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, I would love to make the frozen Irish Coffee drink and many other libations for the festivities.

    Liz says:

    I make smoothies every morning and just today I told myself, “You can to do better than this $24.99 special!” I’d LOVE to get this Vitamix!

    Tony says:

    Butternut Squash Soup

    Joye Fuess says:

    I would love to make smoothies every morning! I would also love to learn how to make almond milk!

    Linda Takano says:

    The copper color – so good!! Would love to make the cauliflower hummus with this bad boy. A regular blender just wouldn’t get it smooth enough. Oh, the possibilities!

    Heike Dearmon says:

    Love to make all kinds of soups and smoothies.
    <3 to have own this vitamix

    Cara McShane says:

    Raisin Almond Breakfast Spread sounds…..like a dream! Now I can buy a plain loaf of bread and make it savory or sweet, instead of limiting myself with a cinnamon raisin loaf! Yay.