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one of my favorite things on earth. PHOTO BOOTHS! i have waaaaaay more strips than i can count. so many funny memories. make out sessions. tipsy times. traveling adventures. they capture such great times, don’t they?? here’s a list of some of our favorite photo booths around LA!

LA photo booths | designlovefest

THE EDENDALE: a great silver lake spot for casual birthdays. a cute back patio to gather all of your friends and snap away in the photo booth with a cocktail in hand.

LA photo booths | designlovefest

THE CHA CHA LOUNGE: it’s dark, it’s hipster. but it can definitely be fun if you’re in the mood for big booths and bad beers. fun fact, natalie met her husband there! ps. i always liked the coloring best in their photo booth.

LA photo booths | designlovefest

THE ACE HOTEL: this weekend, have a mimosa brunch here and then spend a little too much $ in their lobby photo booth. it’ll be fun.

LA photo booths | designlovefest

MOHAWK BEND: i would say to go here after dinner for beers and photos. it’s a 100-year old transformed theater!

LA photo booths | designlovefest

THE CHURCHILL: great spot for post-work drinks, or have dinner at son of a gun down the way and come here after for a picture and a cocktail. their outdoor patio is cool, too.

LA photo booths | designlovefest

THE DARKROOM: more low key then most of the bars in this area, they have surprisingly good food and there is space to spread out and hang out. eat, drink and be merry!

LA photo booths | designlovefest

THE SHORT STOP: a true dive! let your hair down and DANCE at this hole in the wall, it gets packed so be prepared to wait. and it’s grimy but that’s all part of the fun.

LA photo booths | designlovefest

and remember when i did a birthday photo booth crawl three years ago HERE with a bunch of crowns for all my friends? that was the best. learn how to make the crowns here.

LA photo booths | designlovefest

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    Linda says:

    Love photobooths!!

    what’s in my travel makeup bag

    Linda says:

    ^ whoops sorry about that comment, accidentally clicked paste and posted the comment without realizing!

    Jenny says:

    This ‘About Town’ idea is so great. It would be amazing if you did one that featured places around town that are kid friendly! We are traveling from Vancouver,Canada to LA in the spring with our one year old boy, and know nothing about the city.

    what do you do with all your photo strips? 🙂

    victoria says:

    can we go to all of these?

    Payton R says:

    What a cute post! I absolutely love photobooths. Whenever I come across the pictures I’ve taken in them, it gives me THE BEST nostalgic feels.

    Tiny darling

    Kylie Garner says:

    Ohh really nice. I love photobooths, thank you for the link on how to make crowns.

    Dale Chong says:

    Thank you. I’ve been looking for the best places with photobooths!

    The great thing about photo booths is that they allow you to choose how the image is printed. Plus you can make some pretty funny faces in them while dressing up at the same time. I’d like to see what I can do about getting one for a party I’m hosting. Do you know who rents them out?

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