cool chicks | designlovefest

i guess i was very inspired by the jenny lewis concert considering this is my second post stemming from it. i just kept watching her in awe of her coolness! and thinking about how much confidence it must take to get up there and perform. which led me to looking up other cool chicks from the past and present…just thought i would share.

above is nikki lane

cool chicks | designlovefest

stevie nicks

cool chicks | designlovefest

jenny lewis

cool chicks | designlovefest

amy winehouse

cool chicks | designlovefest

nina simone

cool chicks | designlovefest

fiona apple

cool chicks | designlovefest

st. vincent

cool chicks | designlovefest

catherine ribeiro

cool chicks | designlovefest

gwen stafani

cool chicks | designlovefest

tina turner

who’s style do you admire??


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    I have to share that just last night I was watching old footage of Nina Simone and, holy crap, what a force of nature. Had to pop on a record today and relive a little of that! Intense. So sad. Powerful. Beautiful. (And I just posted it on IG…ha!). Also, check out What Happened, Nina Simone? if you haven’t already. Really good!

    bri says:

    i liked that doc, so good!

    Allison says:

    what a great list!

    (pppsstt…. not sure that’s Feist, though I could be wrong 😉 )

    Allison says:

    Also! to add to the list – Kate Bush 🙂


    Emma says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s actually Catherina Ribeiro :’)

    mh says:

    CORRECT… it’s certainly not feist 🙂

    bri says:

    ah, thanks ladies! feist is great too 🙂

    Jenny says:

    Great list!! Bjork!!

    Bunny White says:

    I second Kate Bush and Bjork, and add Tori Amos, Chan Marshall (of Cat Power), and Florence Welsh! From this list I’m feeling the St. Vincent look, missing that 90’s Gwen something awful, and continuing to heart throb over Stevie Nicks. So many badass babes!!

    bri says:

    good additions!!

    Erin says:

    Umm can I say Bri Emery without being to fan girly?
    Don’t discount yourself Bri, you’re one kewl d00D!

    bri says:

    ha, blushing, thank you!

    Amy V says:

    Debbie Harry! Florence Welch, Nico, MIA, Cat Power, Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.. praise!

    Alice says:

    Not a single woman here I don’t LOVE. Winehouse particularly 🙂

    I’d add Jane Birkin – without a doubt. x

    Sara says:

    Patti Smith should be up there too…but thats just me 😉

    Mickelle says:

    Oh man, I ADORE Jenny Lewis. I’ve watched her several times in concert over the years and she is just flawless. I only hope to be as cool.

    bri says:

    flawless in the perfect description. angel voice!

    Sarah Alves says:

    Nina Simone… YESSSS… Have you seen Before Sunset with Ethan Hawke and Julie Delphy? There’s an amazing part that includes Nina Simone’s music that is truly unforgettable to me. OMG, watch plz. Well, actually you must start with Before Sunrise and then go from there. So good.

    bri says:

    i love that movie!!! actually both.

    arin says:

    chicks for the W! we run the world 😉 http://www.heartofchic.com

    Hannah says:

    Olsen twins…hands down.

    Kirsten says:

    I am a huge Jenny Lewis fan, she is seriously the coolest!!!

    To me Debbie Harry and Brigitte Bardot are the epitome of cool!

    Oh my goodness, what a great group of amazing women. Hard to choose just one or even two.

    my blog says:

    Wow because this is great job! Congrats and keep it up

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