it’s a new year. which usually means a lot of pressure for me. i remember many years feeling a lot of worry when i didn’t have “the perfect plan for my business in january.” ridiculous, i know. this year, i decided to treat my break exactly like a break. i did spend some time refreshing the people that i follow on instagram…going out and looking for new inspiring folks (which i highly encourage.) i also tried to mentally map out what makes me feel creatively excited right now. it doesn’t mean i have to plan anything, it just means i want to identify my thoughts. i also want to spend more time this year explaining my inspiration and process to you guys. i think it will be fun.


which lead me to this. i’ve been noticing/feeling/being drawn to a lot of 70’s inspiration lately. retro font baseball tees with high necks and simple colors. the perfect bell bottoms with cool seams on the butt. shapely turtlenecks. suede scalloped skirts. i love it all!


stoned immaculate is a brand i follow on instagram and i love almost every single image. they are a wonderful representation of my new personal style direction!


and then i found their tumblr and felt happy.


what’s inspiring you right now? it can be anything!


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    Huub Ricardo says:

    Oh cool that you’re posting on a Saturday. I’m now inspired by the mid century-modern furniture pieces. My husband doesn’t understand my change of love for furniture, making it hard to get the stuff in the house 🙂 . Damn that man. It made me want to change my blog, so I’m working on that now. I’m in expectation of a studio tour of your new workplace 🙂 hint hint … have a lovely weekend

    Logan says:

    I’m loving suede too right now! I haven’t picked up a suede skirt just yet, but I’ve definitely been rocking turtlenecks 3/5 days of the work week!

    With the new year, I’m really inspired to keep on being less apologetic for being ambitious, passionate about what I like, and less worried about what people’s perceptions of me are. I think I did a great job of that in 2015, but I want to do even more in 2016! If anyone’s feeling like they’re in a bit of a rut, I highly recommend watching Deathproof by Quentin Tarantino (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1028528/) for a bit of a pick-me up and a reminder that women are the coolest. You have to watch it to the end, though!

    Catherine says:

    its always good to refresh your inspiration! i find that i am always changing what i like every 2 years or so and i need to sort of clean out what was once super amazing to me. Luckily i dont think ive ever tired of your style 🙂 i love stoned immaculate and the 70s trend! i find it quite hard to find a really good pair of denim flares though… most places who sell them don’t have that really cool 70s cut that makes you feel like your one of Charlie’s Angels.

    robin says:

    Have you seen the Saint Motel video for My Type? Totally on point with this shoot. I’m inspired by graphic tees right now and can’t get enough-places like supermaggie. My girlfriend in Portland has a great insta scene at salt_lock and #documentingyrscene and of course inspired by all the wonderful things she shares there. Hours of inspiration on insta – will you share some of your faves?

    I’ve definitely been noticing the suede skirt trend, and I’m loving it! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    I am loving this 70’s look and am right with you – I feel that I had to have sat down in 2015 and mapped out my blog and business goals for 2016. Not the case however, I am just going to flow until the time is right and I am in the right zone! All the best for 2016 x

    women says:

    not good style . change it

    Danielle says:

    Love everything about this roundup. I’ve always been partial to those muted 70s brown and mustard patterns.

    Rebecca says:

    When will you be announcing the winners for all of the give aways? Could you let your followers know if you will contact the winners individually or on yoir website so we aren’t waiting? Thank you!

    bri says:

    hey rebecca! all of the winners were emailed already. thanks 🙂

    Rebecca says:

    Thanks for letting us know 🙂

    Molly Garvin says:

    YES! I totally feel this 70’s vibe too! The floral prints and suede from the era are going to come back… I can feel it. Love this!

    Woah! I’m really loving the template/theme of this blog. It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s hard to get that “perfect balance” between usability and visual appearance. I must say that you’ve done a great job with this. Additionally, the blog loads super quick for me on Chrome. Superb Blog!

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