in this day and age of the selfie it’s almost impossible to imagine that you could be rich, famous and successful and NOT have a picture of yourself on the internet. and yet there are the illusive few that manage to do it, and we’re not sure quite how. in this edition of fun fact friday let us tell you about two designers that have notoriously kept their faces out of the papers and off of the world wide web.

fun fact friday | designlovefest

the name harry winston might ring a bell, the infamous jeweler is mentioned by name in the song “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” sung by Marilyn Monroe after all. many, many a celebrity have been photographed adorned in HW jewels over the years. but try searching “photographs of harry winston” in google and all you are going to get is one single black and white pic of a dapper older gentleman and this photo of his hand. in addition to owning some of the world’s most desirable gemstones apparently Mr. Winston liked to keep valuable jewels in his pockets, so in 1960 as a matter of security he stopped allowing himself to be photographed. the one time owner of the Hope Diamond (which he later donated to the Smithsonian) preferred to be recognized for his exquisite gems and settings rather than his street style. 

fun fact friday | designlovefest
fun fact friday | designlovefest

we’ve all heard the expression “it’s nice to put a name with a face” but good luck with that when referring to Martin Margiela. this big time belgian fashion designer has been rapped about by Kanye (“is that jacket Margiela?”) yet there is a single photo of him on the internet that has only surfaced in more recent years. to be unrecognizable seems to be an overarching theme associated with Margiela. many MM designs feature faceless models, their identities wrapped up in jewels and flowers. and like his clothes Martin takes his reclusiveness to the next level. he has barely ever granted an interview and all of his correspondence is conducted via fax machine. he is so hard to find that some have hypothesized that he is a fictional character and the work of Martin Margiela is actually that of several anonymous designers.

fun fact friday | designlovefest

so this weekend when find yourself posting a selfie or tagging all your friends on Instagram just take a second to imagine the life of these two fellows. how it could even be possible in this digital era to be so well known and yet so unidentifiable and the mystery of it all.

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    Emily says:

    Reading about Margiela is really fascinating! Fax machine!? I’d cry conspiracy too.

    Sarah Alves says:

    OMG, so incredibly interesting! I love stuff like this!

    Aleta says:

    So crazy! Don’t forget Banksy… I find him to be so fascinating! 😀

    Mary Beth says:

    Very interesting! But really, a fax machine? no way!

    Danielle says:

    LOVE this post, Bri. Fun, informative, and still packed with tons of eye candy. I think my eyes bulged at the part about the fax machine!

    Quite a few years ago (less than 10, more than 5?) the company I was working for was sort of “talking to” the Lisa Frank company. I was a huge Lisa Frank nerd growing up in the 80s and had often wondered if Lisa Frank was even a real person. When I heard she was coming to our office (!!!) I did a Google image search. I had to know what she looked like. I found nothing. It turns out, she had a thing about public photos of herself. She allowed me to take a picture with her, but made me promise to never share it. I kept my promise even though I was dying to post it on Facebook. Fast forward a few years, there was a Lisa Frank UCB parody online, Lisa Frank x Urban Outfitters collection, and a scandalous article about the company, and now I can totally Google pictures of her. But for a while there, I felt very special.

    Horito says:

    I LOVE this post! Fun facts indeed!

    tila says:

    omg that is actually gorgeous. Harry Winston is also the ring chuck bought for blair when he wanted to marry her and left it outside a building, hahhaa.

    tila says:

    Okay and so irrelevant and kind of dumb but I still can’t believe a leak footage of Kim and Kanye baby haven’t surfaced the internet yet… so yes, you’re right.. in an era like ours, that is some skills. Most likely he’s at home and they’re waiting to make big $$ out of it but regardless, good for them for keeping him out of the public eye.

    Amanda says:

    that is so interesting about Martin Margiela… i love the intrigue of maybe he’s not a real person… or a woman… or a group of people. cool.

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