i have to write my thoughts down on this topic because i stayed up until 3am last night thinking about it after i posted this image on instagram and got people talking about it. and then i couldn’t STOP thinking about it. so here it goes….

why did i first start blogging? let me take you waaaaaay back…

well, i used to sit at work as a 23 year old graphic designer, looking on font and cool packaging websites, staring at photos of mary kate and ashley olsen, getting inspired by the photos and graphics in Nylon magazine, looking at tumblrs with photos of “love” and “emotional photos,” spending hours on flickr, and hoarding photos of vintage fashion ads. it makes me very happy to think back to this time. it was when i was learning about what i loved visually. this olsens anonymous was the first blog i ever read (and actually just visited and still had the desire to look through it) it was so simple to look at. just keep on scrolling by until something catches your eye, stop, look, pull to desktop, keep going. remember these days?? it’s honestly the reason why i keep the format of just scroll on through (the websites that have you jump to another page each time mess with my mental flow. i only do it if it’s just a bunch of text after the jump or if my post is super long.)

then blogging became more of a “thing.” the blogs that started to stand out had all of this extra curated content, more thought out, and more personalized. i honestly think one of the reasons my blog stood out at all was because i was doodling all over photos in photoshop and adding my little touch to them. just scroll through my old blog for a second, i picked a random page here.

example of just drawing on photos for fun…


now it feels like there are more rules. like we can’t just draw all over someone else’s photo of olivia and credit some random tumblr that we found the photo…i mean, we can. but it feels weird.

then i got into constantly pairing two images together. it was my favorite game. whether it was the colors or the mood or a font i thought went well with the other photo. i called it “2 pictures” haha. very deep thinking there.


funny. i still like this one…


then i guess i stepped it up and started doing collages. oooooo.


if i found a photographer i liked on flickr…i made a collage about it. i added little drawings sometimes. i was bored at work!


but really at the end of the day, i was 23 and had a new boyfriend and i just wanted to look at sappy photos that said things like “never let me go” in a semi-styled shot.


this is actually why i started blogshop and taught photoshop to bloggers for 4 years! people wanted to know HOW THE HECK i added those drawn hearts and underlines to my photos. so i taught a bunch of people how.

anyway. then there was a major TRANSITION. blogs started becoming more polished. more like what we would see in the magazines. more edited down. less tumblr like. bloggers had guest contributors and fancy columns that were featured weekly. before social media, people were totally hooked on blogs! i think i was looking at like 200 blogs/websites a day. i think now i look at about 5 and scroll through pinterest. that makes me sad.

i remember teaching my blogshop students that they had to have a unique voice if they wanted to stand out. putting more effort into your blog was totally necessary back then if you had goals of becoming a “blogger” as a job. (which i don’t think anyone back then intended to do.)

but now, and believe me i will own up to doing it all the time! and i’m not saying i will never do it again, because things really are different now…things are overly styled, photos are bright white, pops of color, perfect lighting. it was so refreshing to our eyeballs back then to go away from the messy blogging style and make it more refined. we had cleaned our act up and felt proud of it! but now this messy style is puuuuuuullllinnggg on me.

also, as a side note. people talk a lot about how bloggers aren’t real. they fake their lives and show only the good. i mean, shame on people if they only show the good…but i think there is a reasoning behind it. bloggers (myself included) get inspired by photos in magazines or bedrooms with style and they aspire to it. i know for me, my bedroom is not always perfect at all. i’m so messy with my clothes. i have boxes in my foyer. cleaning supplies out in the kitchen. we all do, we are humans. however, readers RESPOND to the cleaned up version better. it’s been tested, even by me. if i were to put up a photo in bad lighting with stuff in the way and a windex bottle on the counter. less likes. for sure, 100%. so we try to be more polished because we want to inspire people. i can take ownership of that. i really don’t think bloggers are sitting out there trying to trick people that they don’t have dishes in the sink…it’s just not as visually appealing to look at. but hey, if you want dishes, i can give em to you! it’s just confusing when people ask for it and then don’t really like when you do it. you know? what do you think?


over the past few months or maybe even year, i have caught myself being most inspired by the style that i originally was! crazy how that works. the only thing different is that the content that i’m looking at has a more adult vibe. i find myself wanting to learn the history of an art period or the background of a fashion designer. i have the desire to turn 30 and know how to actually articulate my inspiration not just with visuals but with serious knowledge!

what makes me excited about this?? well a lot. i have brought natalie on as the art director and i’m starting to realize that this is exactly why i did it, and i didn’t even know it then. natalie is one of those gals that you show her a current photo and she’s like “yes, that’s amazing. and here’s why. because look at the 1960’s version of blah blah blah.” and then you look and it all makes sense. i feel like i’m back in school (and i loved school.) this is why you are starting to see more collages and explanations of trends and the history of visuals on this site. that’s totally where i’m at right now. learning right alongside you guys. and hopefully you all will teach me things too. so then we can all go out to dinner with a new friend and be able to have interesting things to reference and cool facts to share. and not in a pretentious way at all. just a cool, exciting way. does this make sense?! gosh i hope so, because i feel so stoked about it.

i remember i used to get so amped about finding a bunch of vintage matchbooks online. i want to feel that way again! plus some. i don’t want to just scroll through pinterest and find photos of cool fruit put on a pink background. (and hey, we can all like that too.) but let’s start to explain our inspirations more.


who’s with me, here? now, i would be lying if i didn’t say this. back then, when i probably had 200 readers and 17 of them were my friends, i could care less about comments and engagement. i wasn’t in it for that. but then social media came along and everyone kinda hooked on the engagement factor. i talk to bloggers all the time that say they are feeling less motivated to put effort into their blogs because the engagement is so low now (people just want to hit “like” on something, they don’t want to sign in and comment.) here’s my hope. that we can bring back some of the engagement to this blog and make it more of an open forum, a community. and this means ME commenting back more too. it’s totally in my court as well. let’s geek out together over some insane color combination. let’s inform each other in a positive way. (this is starting to sound like a speech, sorry. haha. i’m excited.)

i can’t promise to go fully back to my emo postings of kate moss. but i can promise to find more of a balance. more of a real factor. more candid. more explanations.

i hope you’re into it. i miss you 2009. lots of love and squiggly drawn on hearts, bri

(top photo from my 2012 style post)


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    Girl, I love this. Right with you.

    Marta says:

    This got me excited! Let’s discuss and inspire each other!! How did you come up with that idea? Yay!

    Jocelyn says:

    Hi,Bri! This is such a great post and thank you for being so honest. It’s refreshing to hear your thoughts and how you have returned to your original “why”….it reminds me to do the same.

    With love,

    Jocelyn x

    Chloe says:

    I’m so excited to see where you go with this! Constantly inspired by your blog & I can’t wait to learn alongside you xx.

    StarandFlurry says:

    I’m with you Bri. So excited to hear your thoughts behind the changes. I have always loved your style and I am looking forward to more of it in my face!

    Judith says:

    I have been a follower for years now (from the other side of the world (the Netherlands:)) and love this idea!

    Love this! I completely agree—I miss the raw, inspirational posts from bloggers circa 2009. Not that I don’t love a clean, edited, styled shot… but nowadays I feel like that is ALL I see. I’m totally with you, let’s get back to the roots of what got us involved and inspired to blog in the first place 🙂 What a refreshing post, Bri!

    Whitney Leigh says:

    I wonder if one of the reasons content (in general) started becoming more “polished” (the aforementioned white with pops of color) was to fit the small real estate provided by a once new and flashy iPhone screen. Perhaps nowadays the delightful artistic challenge is to develop imagery that’s richer, fuller, more thoughtful and less formulaic– visual projects that satisfy both your soul and the platforms. (One of the reasons I love Justina’s work so much.) If anyone can inspire, it’s you. Here’s to 30!

    Melanie says:

    Good for you!! I’ve enjoyed your blog for 5+ years now and I look forward to the changes! Your blog in all its stages has been a delight! I will definitely check back her to see what’s going on! =)

    Kristina says:

    Yay! Yes this is what makes it authentic and true!
    Otherwise we just end up with polished everything in life … I choose real and messy over polished any day.

    bri says:

    love that thought whitney, so true i think!

    Jessica says:

    Yes! I love it. I’m a graphic designer and my job doesn’t exactly feel creatively fulfilling these days, so I’m constantly searching for more inspiration and things to be excited about again. The other night I actually found myself looking back through the Instagrams of other bloggers to see when the change happened, when everything became so refined and over-styled. I miss the messy realness!

    Marissa says:

    Absolutely yes! I will geek out right alongside you with pretty things and history leading the way.

    Seri says:

    Dearest Bri,
    I’ve been feeling exactely like this!
    As an passionate blog reader, I lately found myself missing those 2009 days when I came back from uni and did my daily scroll through all the blogs I loved! Nowadays they nearly look all the same or at least have the same vibe: this polish-y, perfect editing. More of a magazine look and feel, like you said. Not-so-personal anymore. And it has come to bore me a little, you know, like when you scroll your IG feed and you’re just, like, tired of all the same pics and concepts and colour scheme and plants – which are great and I love them but there’s just SO MANY of them. I recently had to de-clutter and redefine my IG feed to refresh inspiration and search for new, exciting things by defollowing and looking for things that felt “new”.
    And as you say, I feel that all the “new” things we are looking for are the old ones.
    I really loved this post and I’m so glad you’ve decided to bring on some of the old vibes. As I said, I’ve been missing those feelings I had a few years ago when reading blogs: I felt happy and constantly inspired in so many ways!
    As a woman of 26, I perfecty understand when you say you want to dig and discover what is the source of your inspiration and learn what’s behind it (an art period, artist work, fashion designer, architecture etc.) I feel the same way, too, and I found myself constantly wanting to learn more and to share with friends and family about that great Nouvelle Vague movie I saw or that beautiful poem I read. I long to tell them in which ways these things inspired me.
    Thanks Bri. Thank you so much!

    Love, Seri.

    P.s. Btw I always loved how you managed to keep up with this “glossy blogs thing” on DLF without loosing your own voice and views. You’re the best

    Lauren says:

    YES. I’ve been a follower(obsessive freak)of blogs since I was about 23 (I’m 29 now, almost 30 EEK)and from time to time I do find myself going allllll the way back to where that person began. I’ve done it with yours! I love this idea and I can’t wait to see where you take it!!

    Jo Marie says:

    And this is why you’re my favourite blogger. Thank you for being real and open with your readers. Can’t wait to see what you do next! You’re so inspiring!

    Heather says:

    LESS RULES! I love this.

    Polly says:

    Yes! I miss the days of a cup of coffee and reading my favorite blogs each morning. Now I find myself looking on Instagram here & there… & that’s about it.

    rebecca says:

    This is really interesting. I am really late to the blog party (2015, I just didn’t understand before) but now I have maybe 10-15 I visit in the course of a week. There is a huge element of pefectness which is def useful for inspiration like you say. But it is overload. There are so many images on instagram, pinterest etc it is hard to find something to really get into and want to discuss. 15 years ago a glossy magazine was a massive treat for me – beautiful photos, interesting articles, New products etc. Now I can spend 10 mins on the internet and its all there plus enough to keep me going for 10 years (but without the smell sadly). So I’m in agreement a little arty realness would be very welcome

    I just launched my blog at the beginning of this year and before doing so, you always think… why am I even doing this? Inspiration. That’s all I wanted/still strive for. I love the bloggers that legitimately want to connect and grow with others. And that’s why I’ve been a follower of yours for so long. Thank you for this, it means more than you probably know. <3

    Xo Melissa


    Danielle says:

    Bri, I am so, so, so on board with this! I’ve been reading your blog since 2010 and you were probably my main influence when I started my (self-taught) design career. I was obsessed with your style and how you drew on your photos! I’m still a loyal reader but I found myself coming to the blog less over the past year. Instead of coming by every day I’d just check your instagram or facebook page for those wonderfully styled photos. I don’t think I felt the need to come to the blog to see more (seen one, seen them all). Last year I loved your #dlfgetfit series, patio makeover, and all the events you did — those were the posts that pulled at me because although they’re not “personal”, they *are* personal and gave me something that I can only get from you. I want more of that and can’t wait to see what you give us this year! I want to get to know your team more too! xo

    Casey says:

    This makes me SO HAPPY to read! Your personal touches, your personal views– those were things that drew me to this site in the first place. And while you have expanded your business and grown in some truly wonderful and impressive ways, you’re right; this part of it was starting to get a little overly polished. Because, unsurprisingly, you’re really good at producing polished content! And that’s what a lot of the Internet feels like right now. I totally hear you on the “well do you want the Windex in the photo or not?”, but I think you’ve nailed it in that, it’s not just about resisting the urge to only show the “pretty” parts of life, it’s about going deeper. Deeper into the history of something that moves you, deeper into that vague abyss that is “inspiration”. I am oh so looking forward to what comes next here!

    Monica says:

    I always appreciate your straightforward honesty, authenticity, and creativity. You have quite the amazing blog, and I will continue to be an avid reader!

    Olivia M. says:

    I really like those old style posts! They were simple, not an overload of images, a story to go with them, and definitely relatable. Even if, as a poor grad student, I can’t afford those articles (specifically in the post you linked to at the bottom, from 2012), that’s an outfit I can relate to. I really like that.

    Lauren says:

    Literally can’t wait for this 🙂

    Merri says:

    Sounds good. Take me to art school, Bri!

    Meg Rider says:

    This is the first blog post (by anyone) I have read in a LOOOOONG time for all the reasons listed. Looking forward to what is in store, really appreciate your honesty.

    Erica says:

    I’m with you! The thing that appealed to me about earlier blogs (and I’ve been looking at yours since probably 2010) was the way people used them to display their collections – things they found inspiring, whether or not they had any connection to each other. Just great design, usually with no explanation. And withholding explanation was so exciting for me, because that way the images spoke for themselves, probably inspiring me in a completely different way than the person posting. Your older blog format was more inspiring to me, too, so I’m glad to hear you’re excited to turn it back a bit!

    Celeste says:

    I AM SO STOKED ABOUT THIS! everything you explained is why i have loved your blog for an extraordinary long time… and honestly, the perfectly curated, well-styled, newer work you’ve offered since “blogging” became a thing has still been some of my favorite content on the internet. i love your style, and i am beyond excited to see what you bring to this new phase of your blog! <3 <3 <3

    You have always kept it real, and I love that!

    I think it would be fun (from this side of the screen) to learn more about your inspiration, and then how you use your design sense and creativity to translate that into practical things in your life. E.g., you are inspired by a diptych you put together – how does that translate into a really cool tablescape or fashion post. I think you already do this in an amazing way, but like you said earlier, it would be so cool to learn more about your process.

    But you are so fun and fabulous, anything you share with us is just wonderful :)!

    Yesse says:

    Amen, sister!

    Iris Vank says:

    I am SO with you on this!! You are spot on and I am very excited to follow and engage in your new direction of blogging.

    Caitlin says:

    This is great. Made me think of the New York Public Library Public Domain Collections that just went up and how I scrolled and scrolled through the raw images for a while yesterday just loving the onslaught of visual content and the crazy variety of stuff. Plus it’s all available to download/that’s what they want people to do, so cool. So many images I want prints of in my home! And just great to feel inspired about what I pick for my outfit today or what colors/patterns I paint my nails this weekend, or whatever! 🙂 Check it out: http://publicdomain.nypl.org/pd-visualization/

    Meredith says:

    When I started reading blogs (and then ultimately began writing one myself), your talking points where my motivation & inspiration, what I searched out. God, I had written so many posts about the cinematography in films and photo collages from artists I loved. A big fat yes to coming back to this line of thinking!

    Ashley says:

    This really relates to something I just heard on NPR- why is it that children are so much more creative than adults? Because we are born to make connections, “that street light looks like a tadpole!” but when we get older creativity is educated out of us and we begin to think more factually. Kids don’t yet have the fear of sounding silly. I think this same idea applies to us as we near our 30s. 20 year old me was eclectic and all over the place which at the time felt messy but as my 29th birthday nears (and I’ve myself become more polished or so I think) I am feeling a real pull back to my neon tights and print dresses. Growing up is confusing and it has always been such a sigh of relief to hear your personal stories of growth and creative change. Your personal posts always feel like much needed girl talk. That is what I love most about this blog, pictures are just a bonus.

    Sarah says:

    YES! This perspective, with reasoning and understanding of trends, this is what we need right now. You already stand out, and you will continue to stand out more. Nathalie, you are awesome and I covet your brain. Looking forward to what gets created in this space.

    Nell says:

    Yes Bri! I have read your blog for ages and I love the old style! I much prefer to look at a random selection of inspiration and photos of Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse rather than photos of breakfasts and dogs. I find a lot of blogs now just a bit too glossy. It can sometimes be a bit vacuous I want cool design and a bit of grit if you know what I mean!

    Susie says:

    I love everything about this post. Thank you for being brave and honest. Looking forward to the future!

    Annie says:

    I love this post! I’m not referring to your blog when I say the following, but I agree with so much. I used to be an avid blog reader, and there were SO many that I followed because I loved connecting with new people that way. The first one I followed avidly was Ginny Branch’s blog – which although she doesn’t keep it anymore – represents everything I love about blogs: the inspiration, the authenticity, all of the cool things she turned me on to (be they movies or vintage shops or artists) that she clearly genuinely loves. Leight Batnik of Catbird also had a wonderful blog like that, although she doesn’t keep it anymore. I find myself less inclined to read others that I followed as they became more and more curated. I won’t name any of the blogs that I stopped following, but while many remain well-done and well-written, seem to have lost their sense of authenticity. There are plenty of blogs that I still love that run on sponsorships or reader donations, but others that have unfortunately seem to have become geared principally towards sponsorship. It’s a tough balance, I’m sure! But an interesting conversation.

    yky499 says:


    This is SO refreshing to read and gets me SO excited. I totally miss these days, that’s the exact style of blogging that made me create my first blog. Though it may not have been personal in the sense that it was photos of the person writing but you were able to learn about the writer in seeing the images that spoke to them. I quit writing in that style around the time Tumblr got popular because I felt I could just post photos and things that spoke to be on Tumblr.
    Like you, it saddens me that I spend so much time on social media and hardly any time reading blogs anymore. It’s tiring to scroll through my bloglovin’ feed and see so many of the same things and everyone puts so much effort to make every look perfect.

    Sara says:

    Hi Bri, I’m not sure if you remember me, but I was one of your Blogshop interns (Austin, January 2013). I actually found out I was (unexpectedly) pregnant about a week after I helped with Blogshop – which definitely sent me in a different direction than I thought I was going that year. A great direction, but so different than where I was when I met you. But all the rambling to say, I too miss the heyday of blogging. I rarely read blogs any more and used to obsessively, and I think it has a lot to do with what you talked about. Everything has become so polished and I miss some of that rawness. I miss the inspiration and excitement. I’m so excited to see where DLF goes from here. Best of luck!

    Kim says:

    Totally on board. This is why I keep coming back to your blog. You are REAL. You put life out there. You show the process, not just the end product, and show that they are both beautiful. You not only inspire me, but I feel like I can actually relate to you on a real, personal level. Thank you.

    Jill says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter. 🙂 I am so happy to read this, Bri. I used to love blogs so much. I read dozens of them daily and they felt so genuine. My favorite blogs always seemed to get to the point eventually where they grew super big, then got a layout face lift, brought on professional staffers, asked readers to sign up for their newsletter, and then eventually pushed a coffee table book or clothing line of their own. This is a total exaggeration, but it does feel that way as a reader. I just want to read refreshing, inspiring content without all of the bells and whistles sometimes. It’s exhausting, so I’ve given up most of my blogs and just read a few. Can’t wait to see where this direction takes you…!

    Laura says:

    yes! So many design/lifestyle blogs are so SANITARY. Bright white, sterile environments, perfectly manicured hands and shots of food from above the table. I’m hitting my limit on how many more over-styled images I can handle. We need a renaissance of the original. Good for you for wanting it and opening up about it. I love inspiration and imagery, and understand that bloggers need to make a living. Do it thoughtfully, expressively, and most importantly AUTHENTICALLY. Don’t worry about what the other people do for their likes, you do you boo!

    gabrielle says:

    i used to blog a lot of my inspiration, actually starting in 08-09. i remember how fun it felt and how inspired i was by other bloggers (you included!) and i have since backed out of blogging because i felt too much pressure. i do miss the days when posting photos was okay instead of coming up with original content all the time. i used to love your blog when i first found it (probably in 2010) and i’m glad you are looking forward to going back to that time! it’s been exciting to see where blogging has taken you but it has also felt more forced than it used to. props, girl!

    This is so good… I’ve had a similar feeling recently and I’ve been loving blogging as a way of sharing my work… even blogged daily in November.
    I’d love to see more of your old style blogging content. Your blog and style has been one of my favs for years.
    We’re cheering you on!

    I think that’s exactly what blogging needs right now! More authentic inspiration, learning and creating!

    Shannon says:

    Your enthusiasm is so contagious! And right on cue with so many emotions that I have been feeling with blogs and social media. There is a community behind the “likes” and I’m so excited to see your (curated) REAL heart! Best!

    Haley says:

    I love this idea! I’m in the same boat about learning. I started selling vintage clothes and thought, well I just love this piece, I don’t know exactly what era it’s from… but I just love it. And now I realize this is the perfect time to learn in a new way, a way I can understand better, rather then say in a history or social economics class. I can learn what was happening at that time in the economy and how and why styles came to be. I love it! Excited to learn with you!


    dani says:

    This is awesome & refreshing!

    Rachel says:

    I completely support this so I figured i would leave a damn comment so you would know.

    Liz says:

    I love this.

    Why I read DesignLoveFest is because of this…genuine, personal insights that show growth. Not that I’m watching anyone for how much they’re growing and keeping tabs. it’s just something that, as I age, I appreciate hearing about it in other people.

    I don’t agree with everything you’ve ever said, but I love it because it’s honest, it’s coming from an authentic, unmuddled, voice that seems unfiltered and…yours.

    Why I don’t read a lot of blogs is because they exercise the opposite.

    Overly contrived voices.

    Bizarre untruths that I can tell are meant to be aspirational but end up being overly performative.

    Keep being you, I say. Don’t filter your shit. Share your art. Yay.

    If at all possible (and kicking off the spirit of this as a forum), does anyone (or you, Bri) know any great photo styling (w/ emphasis on food styling) courses in New York, SF or Chicago? I’d love your thoughts and thank you!

    Masha says:

    I am so with you! There’s no better feeling than loving something and understanding exactly why. I’m really excited to go on this journey with you!

    Lily says:

    I look at several design/food/life blogs everyday and they’re starting to make me exhausted. The perfection feels like something unattainable to live up to. Frankly, the blogs are making me depressed. I feel like the more it can be turned into something inclusive and relatable and honest the better it is for everyone. I firmly believe that’s more of an inspiring environment.
    I’ve never commented before (in the many years I’ve been reading your blog), and this post inspired me to. Thank you.

    Kiki says:

    The most effective way to cope with change is help create it

    LOVE, hitting the nail on the head (is that an expression??) we were literally discussing this yesterday!

    Happy New Year – refreshing read! I’ve enjoyed seeing this blog mature over the last couple of years and I think you’ve always been a great example of leading the way in integrated sponsored content that felt seamless. But I think there’s still room for some of the old school stuff as well – and glad to hear that you’ll be responding and interacting more as well. I find so often bigger bloggers will complain about lack of comments and “engagement” but at the same time, will tell you in the same breath that they don’t have time to respond/write back/etc. I understand where they’re coming from but true engagement depends on participation from both sides and glad to see you taking the lead on what’s hopefully a trend again!

    Julia says:

    Just a reader of blogs who loves this. Thanks for sharing and for being of lover of beautiful things!

    Whitney says:

    I have been following design love fest for a long time now. Its great to see the old stuff you use to blog. As a design/artist do you ever feel like you have to many “styles”? I think having consistency is good but I fee like I am all over the place. I can’t pick one thing to focus on because I have to many inspirations that it is over whelming and sometimes I don’t know where to start with my art. I’m sure it’s normal but I was just curious on your thoughts. Anyway thanks for the post as always!

    Robyn says:

    Bri, this makes me so HAPPY! I have always been such a fan…but I have found myself noticing that I haven’t been following the blogs I love as closely as I was originally. The content is beautiful, but I don’t think it has related to me as much – like you said, a little too polished…a little too perfect…when before I would come just to be inspired and relate to you. I love that you are doing this, and I can’t wait for it!

    Sarah says:

    Gosh, this is so refreshing! This is why I surf the internet and talk to my design friends about inspiring things.


    Taryn says:

    I’m so happy that you’re aware of the “problem” with blogs nowadays. I’m doing exactly what you are: I scroll mindlessly through roughly 3 blogs per day when I was clicking endlessly through tumblr years before. Yours is actually the only blog I’ve ever felt compelled (and appreciated) to comment on. Keep up the good and fresh work!

    Melanie Noir says:

    Thank you so much. I found this inspirational. As someone trying to sort my own shit out, I love love this honesty and integrity, & I look forward to seeing where this journey leads.

    Patricia says:

    Been thinking a lot about this since the discussion on your post this morning (well, morning on my side of the world, for you it was night). Everything you say is what many of us are feeling at the moment… There was a time when you couldn’t imagine being bored by the incredible diversity the internet has to offer, yet somehow in the process of creating the most awesome, beautiful content (often superior to that of print media, with less budget and more creativity) so many blogs start to feel alike, and this overdose of perfect has ironically left us feeling uninspired.
    At the same time I’m having such a hard time letting go of striving for perfection. If an image is a bit too dark, the line of a building is too crooked or there’s some clutter in the background, I won’t post it on Instagram (and it often bugs me to overthink this).
    I’ve been blogging since 2006 on a wide variety of platforms and I often think about those first years, when everything felt new and nobody cared your pictures were only 300pixels wide. And what you mention about Pinterest is so true. Although I love the platform, how many times do you actually click the image to see where it comes from before you repin? And it has completely replaced my feedreader. I remember being excited by new notifications on Bloglines like it was yesterday…Looking forward to what this will mean for your blog! x

    Chris says:

    Yes! I started following you way back when you posted on Oh Joy’s site. I loved your taste and design perspective and that’s what brought me to your blog. I’ve so missed your original vibe – gorgeous colour combos, products, striking photos etc etc. The food and drink posts have been cool (and beautifully styled and shot – Ivan is seriously gifted!) but I missed coming to your blog and seeing something totally unexpected. I missed the eye candy and your unique perspective.

    Good luck in your next steps and way to keep it real!
    Blogging has become so saturated it’s great to see you still innovating and staying fresh!


    Kaly says:

    I loved it when you said you used to look at fonts and cool packaging. that is just how I feel now, actually, but I was also hooked up on Olsen news (but those were fotolog times). Anyway, this is my first comment here and I have been reading your blog for a while now. I wanna say I love this direction the blog might take! It reminds me of a Jessica Walsh I watched last year and how she mentioned a couple of time to have fun with design/work. So you go girl! Cheers from this Brazilian reader 🙂

    Katia says:

    I have been reading a LOT of posts similar to this – and I am so happy because I have been feeling similarly. Even just as a relatively new blog (though I am a long-time blogger), I have been conflicted between “lets get people following based on what I know works” and “i’m just gonna do my thing and take a risk”.

    I’ve kind of made it a goal this year to just do it my way and see what happens!

    Can’t wait to see what you bring to 2016, and what it brings to you!

    Molly Garvin says:

    love this post bri! and i love that you’re bringing back your old style! the little doodle are so cute, and i think it’s really a dlf trademark 🙂

    Bekah Meyer says:

    This is a great post. I really do appreciate your always stretching, reflecting, and looking forward. It’s interesting because earlier this week you posted a photo on the gram of your bathroom and there were some clothes on the floor. Without even trying to react I noticed myself thinking, “Why are those there? Wait. Because Bri is human, and she takes her clothes off in the bathroom like the rest of us. Duh.” I guess I was reacting to the ‘real factor’, but then once I was aware of it, I really liked it. Now reading this post I guess it feels like that pic was a good balance. Real, but not too real to where it wasn’t inspiring too. I’ve been following along on instagram and the blog for a year or two and love it. I’m not a big blog follower (I only regularly follow one other blog – and she’s my friend!) and I basically only comment when there’s a contest! I’ve truly enjoyed following along here and am excited to see where you’re going next!

    maria says:

    you know what? yeah! i’m in. yeah to sharing knowledge. yes to value hard work and a process behind beautful images and objects. yes to stories! i would happily be part of that community

    Amy says:

    here for this!

    Sara says:

    This is so fantastic! As a newbie blogger, I’m struggling to stick to my guns when I know what sells to the majority of readers. At the end of the day, it’s about engaging people and creating a community of peers that like you for you. 🙂

    Keri says:

    Love this. Love this so much.

    Jorj says:

    Aw, shucks. This took me back to 2009/2010 when I first discovered your blog. Yes, yes, yes! I love how your blog has evolved but I also miss the more personal touch your blog used to have. Definitely psyched!

    I love, love, LOVE this new/old (ha) direction. Can I just say Bri, I love following you because you are a leader. You have such fresh, original ideas and a completely Bri-esque take on life. What’s interesting is I’m sure many blogs will follow because you are leading the charge.

    Love this post. Thanks for sharing Bri!

    Shannan says:

    I don’t know what it says about me if I kind of just wanted to snapchat my response to this but just yes. I love this so much and agree with you one million percent. Also, my house is full of dirty dishes, please for the love don’t make me look at any more 😉

    Kristin says:

    Cooool. Would love to see this. I just started following in the last year or so, so I only know your newer content and curated style. That being said, I love to see people follow what’s natural to them and brings them joy. Happy to meet you.

    This is inspiring Bri, and thank you for your thoughts on the “perfect/overly styled” images…you are absolutely right that they don’t perform well! I find myself becoming more + more minimal as I get older, which is of course influenced by design + current trends – it’s hard to avoid that. I’ve returned to my roots content-wise on my blog recently, and it feels great. Bravo Bri!

    Anne Marie says:

    I’m so with you! So funny, I opened this thinking I’d just skim through – the usual with blogs these days.

    But you sucked me in. I was reading and viewing slowly, taking it all in, curating my perfect comment (I never comment).

    Yet all I can say is, I’m so with you. Rock it, girl! Can’t wait to follow along.

    Emily says:

    Bri! This makes me smile ear to ear!!! I’m totally with you and I commend you for following your heart and changing things up… Even if it is back to something you once did. You’re putting a new spin on it and I’ve always been amazed at the images you find and group together – it’s my fave and what started my love for blogs. This is the best news!!

    tiffany says:

    Love it! I think this is so awesome! I follow lots of blogs and I have to say, in my opinion, you have always been the most open, honest, raw blogger of those and I’ve always really admired that. There’s just something extra real about how you communicate with your readers you know? Anyway, super stoked for you and for us readers for this new/used way of blogging ;P. Thanks for always inspiring in so many ways. <3

    Sarah says:

    Commenting for the first time just to say this – that’s amazing. I agree with Anne Marie above – I was planning to skim and I read every word. Blog with your heart!

    Kelsey says:

    Everyone has their own style, and it can be so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. Props to you for being true to you! Love your ideas and vision for the future of your blog.

    elle-may says:

    Ah, so exciting to hear you say this! I have only started blogging on and off for the last year and have been battling with what direction to go in. Your post has inspired me not to worry about that, and to instead just post whatever I damn feel like posting, because if thats what I love about YOUR blog then why wouldn’t people love that about mine! I love your blog and can’t wait to read more in 2016!

    Lissa says:

    I am so excited to see where your journey goes! I know I for one used to spend so much time gleaning inspiration from blogs, (including yours!) and I learned a lot about myself and what I loved. Bring on blogging like its 2009! 😉
    Thank you for being so open, and staying true to yourself! I can’t wait to be inspired and learn from you!

    Celi says:

    I actually don’t read your blog that often. But I always visit for the desktop wallpapers and some posts. But after keeping up with one or two blogs now for a couple years, you are definitely right – I feel like the personal touch that blogs once had is being lost. I loved every one of your words. I look forward to keeping up with your blog now! 🙂

    rebekah j. says:

    collages and mixed media and all the heart eyes! that’s what early blogging will always remind me most of. i’m ready for a revisit x 100.

    Ronny says:

    I still read about 200 blogs a day. And many of them are quite similar (bright white, very clean pictures). I miss the older style of Polaroid-type images and scribble notes on the photos! I think that’s why i start following your blog religiously in the first place. If you don’t care too much about comments and popularity, stick to your own aesthetic (no matter how inconsistent it’ll be) and we will love it.

    Dez says:

    Yes! Love, love the style of your old blog and this idea! The timing of this post is pretty crazy to me since I just came to the site because I wanted to find out how to make the informational site + blog I’m developing about permaculture an approachable, interesting and fun feast for the eyes and brain like yours is. SO excited to see you want to provide more informational content and I know you’ll execute on it beautifully. Can’t wait to follow along!

    Karissa says:

    I already commented on Facebook, but just read this whole thing and felt like commenting again because I’m stoked. To be honest, I was on the verge of unfollowing your blog – I’m a mom and a student and a businesswomen and a blogger and a bunch of other stuff and I don’t have tons of time to look at other blogs, so I try and make my internet leisure time really count.

    There’s nothing wrong with being professional about your blog (and I’ve so often envied professional bloggers), as you noted, and I agree that photos of the dishes in the sink are not all that inspiring, but as you (and I) have changed in our aesthetics, I’ve been less compelled by what you’ve posted over the past year.

    I started following you when you were on the old blog and you were maybe the first design blog that I followed! All I can say is I’m so excited to be going on a journey with you back to your roots, because that’s what originally thrilled me too. <3 Welcome BACK. <3

    You've also made me feel better about not having very many people engage with my hobby-of-a-blog – it's just a place where I post about what matters to me, what I'm learning, what I think is pretty, and so be it. 😀

    tila says:

    I totally feel you!!! I quit blogging for a good year, shut down my old website because everything became WAY too much to handle. But then I realize now, I’m just going to do it again because it was my hobby and I did love sharing my experience for those who CARED about it. Not for the sake of likes/attention etc. Bloggers has lives like everyone else, we just don’t post our problems or bad things online because who wants to read negative/whiney/annoying reviews all day long? I wouldn’t. I love that you talked about this! Keep it up and happy new year <3

    Dear Bri. I read your blog every day, and have been doing so for the past 3+ years.. I do so, because you have inspiring (and pretty!) content and because I feel like we get to know you a little. And that makes me care more, if that makes sense.
    Some time after I started reading your blog, you shared about anxiety for the first time. I was struggling with it for the first time in that period. Your sharing was SUCH an encouragement for me, because as a reader you tend to unintentionally put bloggers like you on a pedestal, -and it wasn’t like ‘Oh good, she’s not as perfect as her blog’, it was more like ‘Wauw, I am not alone, and you can have anxiety and still be a creative who puts out amazing stuff into the world’. So thank you for that. For not hiding your own battles.
    I must admit, I really LOVE the ‘white pop-color polished’ photos, but I also would love to be educated and know more about your inspiration. So I’ll def follow along this new path! 🙂

    Inma says:

    Yes! Super excited about this! X

    Catarina says:

    Love the idea! I want to feel like that too, but you always manage to inspire me. I’m with you!

    Tash says:

    Hi Bri, I wanted to respond to your point about people asking to see ‘real’ and then not engaging as much with it as the glossy perfect stuff. I love the polished image as much as everyone else but I think it’s all a little bit like candy- it gives a quick high and then leaves us feeling a bit empty afterwards. Whereas when ‘real’ is portrayed in a way that’s still artistic and has depth, that is something that I feel I get more from, more nutritious in a way, and keeps me full for longer. For me it comes down to finding the beauty in the everyday. An image of a pile of dishes in the sink can show the way the afternoon light falls on the kitchen counter, the way the dishes look a bit like a still life but evoke a noisy family dinner that might have just taken place, it might remind me that this image is universal in a way and timeless. And it might inspire me to see my own pile of dishes, my own messy reality with a different perspective – the beauty in the mundane. It gets into the heart of philosophy and the mindfulness movement even… I think for people to engage with those images, thats what they need to tap into, with artistry and heart. Hope this all makes sense. I had to comment as you triggered some passionate thoughts.. Thank you!

    Gaëlle says:

    YES, You’re so right ! It’s refreshing.

    J’ai hâte de voir ça.

    Gaëlle says:

    It’s refreshing. You’re so right !

    J’ai hâte de voir ça.

    Myriam says:

    Love this idea! I’m really looking forward to reading your new blog Bri! Thank you for this post!

    mariell says:

    this made me SO nostalgic!!! i love it.

    Shaena says:

    Finally! A real person willing to be less than perfect. Thank you!

    I love your “unpferfect” Styleposts. To me they are not unperfect . They are madly inspiring.

    I am very excited.

    x0 Dana

    Andrea says:

    Yes. yes. Yes. The recent iteration of the blog isn’t bad. I have really enjoyed it. But if I missed a few (or more) posts, it really didn’t matter. The older version, I hat d to miss and when scroll back a while if I’d been gone to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. It felt more personal – like I missed information from a friend. And more (colorful) kinship style than pro designer. Weirdly, that was more inspiring. Like the new polished stuff. Loved the old

    hanalei says:

    Thank you for getting real.!!

    Sharon says:

    Long time reader of yours! Your doodles were what I loved to begin with, and I think you’re onto the great quality of still breaking apart from the trends. I like it. Will be following still & looking forward to the revamped content!

    Emily says:

    This sounds perfect, can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    JulieD says:

    You said the word emo…love you!

    Heather says:

    I’m really excited for the blog world to get back to its roots! I stopped following a lot of blogs in the last year or so (including Oh Joy, which I used to be so in love with) because I CONSTANTLY felt like I was being sold something. I think you can figure out a way to still be profitable for your business while also freeing people from so much forced consumerism. Keep inspiring!

    Katrin Klink says:

    I’m completely with you and can’t wait for the new old content!

    Fabiola says:

    Bri, as long as you´re happy, do it! You have every right to follow your heart on this!

    I love that you’re not afraid to go back to your roots, here. I think it really show’s the heart behind the blog and the desire to stay true to yourself in your creative endeavors. I will be happy to see some of those older inspirations and embellishments on your photos come back, but I do want to take the time to say I love how curated and polished your site has become. I totally understand the weight and pressure that can come with that (feeling the need to have polished and stylized content ALL the time), but I do want to say you do an AMAZING job at it. DesignLoveFest has become my #1 source for inspiration. I think the places you’ve brought this blog are incredible, and want to affirm you in that!

    I’m excited for whatever route you take!

    Holly Erinn says:

    I love the idea behind this post! The stories behind the creation of a poster or a fashion line has always been my favorite. I love learning the history behind the artists I admire. So yes, please please please post more about the behind the scenes story….I’ll definitely keep reading!!!

    xoxo. holly erinn

    Andrea says:

    This quote always inspires me: “follow your curiosity”. I don’t know who to attribute it to, but I think it is so powerful. I love the idea of getting back to what inspires and excites you… I even logged in to comment 😉

    shawndiz says:

    i can’t wait to see what the future holds for your blog!

    i just wanted to let you know i nominated you for the liebster award!

    here’s the link to my post: http://vogueintuition.weebly.com/home/thoughts-liebster-award

    my blog: http://vogueintuition.weebly.com

    Jessie Stent says:

    Your post has pumped me up, i’ve just had a baby (6 days old today) and have plenty of time on my hands to be inspired and learn from the comfort of my couch. Bring it on x

    Ashlee says:

    YES! 2009-2011 were personally my favorite years for blogging. It was all about sharing “inspiration,” pretty things, styled photos, sappy songs and a little personal rambling. Now, people act as if unless you’re not blogging to try and make it a professional career, the endeavor is not worthy and relevant. Suddenly it’s all about defining your niche, ever-green content, sales funnels, and content upgrades. I’m not saying there’s not value in those things – there definitely is. I’m just saying I want to be able to post a semi-styled photo of a sign saying “never let me go” and a sappy personal rambling without feeling bad about how “useless” it is to my audience.


    Mary Rose says:

    Ditto on the vintage matchbox thing Bri. I think you and I have always shared a similar aesthetic regarding simple and creative stream-of-consciousness imagery. Stoked to see where you go with the new direction… xx Ps Are you coming back to Australia anytime soon? I have finally stopped having babies and would love to meet up one day! 🙂 x

    Phoebe says:

    I am right there with you! I miss the personality and honesty that came with blogs. So many do feel so fake and generic now. I didn’t really know why I was so unenamored with my Feedly list, but I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.

    Let’s go back to the early 2000s…

    Amy V says:

    Amen! I totally get where you’re coming from. I have had the exact same evolution (regression?) in research/inspiration and think this is actually a natural phenomenon that happens to most of us. We start off inspired by everything, wide-eyed and loose, happy to play. As recognition and self-awareness kicks in, there comes a tightening up. At the time, this feels like a progression in becoming more polished in our brand, but in reality it is like a gradual tunnel vision. The best thing we can do is to hold onto our childlike curiosity. Most of us are guilty of this, me included. Bravo for breaking your eye open! (where have I heard that saying before..?)

    Sarolta says:

    Ha! I started my blog because I was bored at work, too. Back then I would comment on so many of your blog posts and say why they inspired me. You want to make this blog more personal again? I’m all in. Once again, you are leading the blogging game 🙂

    Fizah says:

    i love your works. how i wish i’ve started earlier like you. You’re such an inspiration.

    nancyabc says:

    You go girl.
    Don’t every look back with should of, could of, or would of in your life!

    You Sang Min says:

    I love it that you’re getting personal with us! Cheers to your new, old, blogging style! 🙂

    August says:

    I used to follow regularly but stopped once you did a big poll and geared your posts toward a more set-up aesthetic. I come back to visit once in a while because I’m still extremely inspired by the life you’ve made for yourself—the fact that you just bought a house as a single woman in LA is beyond awesome. Now—taking everything you’ve worked for (and become a known professional for) and going back to a sense of exploration and playfulness—you’re going to skyrocket! It seems like the most genius artists and designers take a similar trajectory. Whatever direction you take, you’ve always shown that hard work pays off. Thank you!

    Kathrin says:

    I didn´t know that its “old style” now, but than I love these “old Style Format” too, keeping the format of just scroll on through, without switching to another side, sometimes it´s like you lost your way in this blogs. Sometimes the change of a style format doesn´t makes a better blog, it makes it only more cofusing, the content is what makes a blog and the personal touch in the pictures like in yours.

    Christina Gliati says:

    I am 100% with you! I don’t have social media I don’t want to,( bu I surely follow yours). I stick to the good old blog! Kisses from Greece!!!

    Calee says:

    LOVE this. I came to this realization about my own blog a while back. I’ve also been a reader since 2009, and have watched your blog grow and change. This post makes me happy. Do what you want because ultimately this is your time and we (readers) are just here by chance.

    Atta says:

    Love your thoughts and ambitions! We hear you all the way. Getting more and more picky about the content and constantly seek new input. Love great pictures to be combined with cool facts, discussions and reflections. You go girl!

    Marisa says:

    I am so excited to read this! I don’t remember when I started following DLF but I definitely remember your older posts that were a bit less styled and planned and felt a bit more spontaneous. I love the newer content, too, but am looking forward to seeing how that older style will be reintroduced! #howbrigothergrooveback

    Evan says:

    Commenting because I appreciate your candor and your desire to return to your “first loves”. funny how they beckon to us after all these years. cheers to this New Year, Bri! It’s wonderful.

    Dagny says:

    I love this! Totally agree with you and this is a wonderful idea. I also like how you described why bloggers have become more polished. We step up and put ourselves out there to be a resource and a source of inspiration. So glad to hear you are bringing back that old-school-authenticity back to the blog world. We need it. Happy new year.

    Brittany says:

    This. This is totally inspiring. Refreshing. And I couldn’t be more on board. I’m beyond excited to see the new direction come into play!

    bri says:

    you guys!!!! i read every single one of these comments. they made me so extremely happy i can’t even tell you. thanks for your support and encouraging honest words. BIG HUGS!!! -bri

    Carrie Leber says:

    It’s funny, lately I’ve been looking through a lot of the blogs I used to read with dismay – there is a frenzied feel to a lot of them now that is quite homogenized. A lot of forced clicking and galleries and popups and other elements that make them just plain annoying. I actually pull feeds from quite a few and just read through the thumbnails on my homepage – rarely visiting the actual sites anymore. Your blog actually still has a great feel and interesting content – thanks for this post!

    Sarah Alves says:

    I love it, Bri! I have so enjoyed watching DLF evolve – I am excited about what you’re doing with it, and can’t wait to stay tuned 🙂

    Carrie says:

    AMEN! BRAVO! Can’t wait to see what’s to come in the new year.

    Mollie says:

    Bring it back, girl. I’m with you!

    Molly says:

    Bri I love it! I remember that excited feeling I used to get finding new pieces of inspiration online (per-tumblr) and in magazines and it’s actually one of the reasons I started to not like Pinterest. It was like anyone and everyone could just pin something and call themselves creative. I love what you’re getting back to. Can’t wait!

    Courtney Hilow says:

    I am SO excited to hear this, because what you just explained is what I loved so much about the original Design Love Fest. I’m a designer too, and I really do miss seeing the inspiring images posted to your blog. Hooray!

    Kat says:

    I love this! I started reading your blog during long art history classes in university. Years later, you still inspire me. I love your vision!

    Amanda says:

    oh bri, i’m so on board with you. i started reading your blog back in 2008 or 2009 and have seen you evolve and change and it’s been amazing to read and be a part of. i just turned 28 and have been pruning my reading list, but i could never stop reading dlf. as a designer myself, i’m also so inspired by those random blogs and images pulled to my desktop. can’t wait to see what you do next! xo

    molly alone says:

    This is the first time I’ve commented on DLF in a year! I’m SO SO SO excited for this, Bri!! I fell in love with your blog when it was a hodge-podge of imagery. Before Pinterest, I saved a lot of your images to my desktop – talk about COMMITMENT! You have such a great eye, such a interesting and unique perspective. I love looking at the world through your eyes – which is what this new (old) version will be like! So pumped for this!! xoxo

    michaela says:

    I’m excited to see how this new vision manifests itself as you begin to explore it! With the highly-curated content that’s been taking over so many blogs in the last few years, I’ve been coming to this site and starting to wonder, “Where’s the design love?” But I also don’t think anyone here is solely looking for cool photos to scroll through, or we’d be on tumblr. You have such a unique perspective and aesthetic and it sounds like you’re looking to share the nuts and bolts of that a little more, and I’m excited about that. And kudos to you for seeing where the trend is going and not being afraid to take a step outside of it.

    Stephanie says:

    I totally agree with you and I’m so excited to hear you say that because, to be totally honest my loyalty to your blog has waned over the last year or so for many of the reasons that you’ve mentioned above. Also, can I just say, I love being 30! I turned 30 in May, had a minor breakdown and total identity crisis (also brought on becoming mama to two gorgeous boys and giving up my career to be a full time Mam – total head blag!) over the summer and am now emerging through it and have had exactly the same experience as you, rediscovering my own style and my passions but feeling the need for a much deeper and knowledgeable connection to them. 2016 is going to be EXCITING! Not least because I think Im going to LOVE Designlovefest again! Yey!!

    Caroline says:

    Wait i love this. I love it so much. I, too, love learning the WHY behind things and I’m pumped to hear about your inspiration, but the history behind that inspiration. Yay!

    Teresa says:

    Excellent. I like the scroll through, I even stopped reading some blogs that made me click to read a post. ugh.

    Sarah says:

    Bri. Can’t tell you how much I love this. I work at an agency, and started as an intern in 2008. I’ve seen this entire landscape grow, evolve and am beginning to feel like I’m looking around, seeing all the same from everyone (beautiful, but the same). From someone who thinks of influencers like you for the brands I work with, I’m excited to see you do this. Not only for the blogging platform, but for your own personal brand and self. You’re putting yourself and your community above just a like.

    Zoe says:

    LOVE IT. So excited to see what is to come!

    Annika says:

    So excited for you Bri! I can’t wait to see the new 2016 DesignLoveFest!

    zoe says:

    This is the best thing I’ve read in the blogging world for a while (maybe, ever?). Things have become so overdone that I’ve wanted to disconnect at times and return to the things that truly inspire me. I’m excited to learn along with you. Thanks for being a leader in this! You ROCK!

    Khali says:

    I can’t tell you how incredibly happy and soul warming this post is for me. Your blog waaay back when was a salvation for me. It let em see this world I wanted more of and that the feelings of color inside me were inside other too and how woderfully you put those feeling out. My socially anxious self started dressing for fun again and getting out of the house to find inspiration. I took blog shop. I loved it but I had the hardest time blogging after that cause I felt like I could never just post anymore. The rules became so stifling that I just shut down. I lost this sacred place where I could just type and talk and share and instead had to think about how would my ramblings make money. (i’m rambling now and I don’t mean to sound like I am blaming blogshop at all. seriously. It was awesome. I’d do the splits for you any time still.) Anyway, I have missed the old DesignLovefest. So so so thankful for the scrolling. I’d die with out that. But I have missed you. You excitement and dreaming. I love the styled shoots too but it all started to feeling like I was reading posts you ok’d but your employees were running your blog and as talented as they are they just aren’t you. The change and adjusment must be happening cause I scrolled and clicked for quite sometime and then found this post.It’s been a while since I have done that here. Ugh. You are just really special.I may just go and start blogging again cause you have sparked the flame to share again. xoxox

    Katie says:

    Bri, I love this SO SO much. And I am so excited for the direction this is going. I also have missed the days when their used to be more engagement through blogging. I still leave comments, really try to, because it was something that I know made my day back when I got them so I love being that for other people and getting to connect with them. Just adore your blog and excited to see where this new year & direction takes you. xoxo best of luck

    Erin says:

    Firstly, those matchbooks are BOSS. I love the graphic quality and color combinations.
    I agree that social media currently feels too homogenized. As a creative, visual person I feed on new ideas like what you’ve shared here, so thank you.

    Saran says:

    Love your honesty. Goodluck and have fun 🙂

    Nancy says:

    I am totally with you, very nice to see whole pages of pretty images again, I used to love scrolling through blogs and saving the best pictures to my special folder, I even still look through them these days when I feel uninspired 🙂

    Nadia Ramos says:

    I miss 2009 too 🙁

    caroline says:

    100%! yes!

    side note: my degree is in art history and it is the B E S T world to study. it makes the world make sense to me. so glad you’re loving it! x

    kylie says:

    This just made me so excited about art and pretty things and so much less overwhelmed by the fact that everyone and their dog (literally!) has a beautiful, curated Instagram haha. Sometimes it’s literally intimidating, it’s become a factor that we’re judged by! Thanks for the inspiration and honesty, Bri. xx

    beatrice says:

    bri, i have been a long time follower and this is the first time i have commented on a post. as a current graphic design student, i am constantly saturated with superstyled, supertight, etc. imagery on blogs/pinterest/portfolios and i get that that’s where the industry is going–it’s clean and it feels balanced. but…the reason i am embarking on a creative career was because i want to FEEL something when i create a piece, or a post, or a coupling of type and imagery. when i look at images, i want them to move me–towards some creative nirvana i guess, and my whole life will move me incrementally closer to that–and the way your blog is now (back to its “old style”) is really, truly inspiring. it’s why i got a tumblr in the first place. so: thanks. this feels right.

    Bri I love your comment about people thinking they want to see the pile of clothes or the windex bottle on the windowsill, but actually they don’t always. I started Life Unstyled in 2009 for exactly that reason. I wanted to show people a bit of realness in interiors and I did this thing I thought was “Fantasy vs Reality” series where I showed images of my house styled for a past photo shoot and then the same shot as it really is – basically a reverse before and after. People responded really well but it certainly wasn’t an instagram worthy image in the way people expect today. But I stand firmly behind my Life Unstyled theory that people want a bit of realness in their lives! They’re ready. xx

    Elizabeth says:

    I love this! I didn’t discover blogs until 2009/2010 and randomly started one. It has been fun to see how it has evolved overtime but it is so good to stay true to who you are and what inspires you 🙂

    Julia says:

    “let’s geek out together over some insane color combination.” YES.

    OMG yes thank you!!! As much as I love it, I’m so tired of the blown-out, candy-colored, sunshine day look. Good designers need to stay ahead of the curve, and it’s time for something different.

    Yes yes yes yes! I started reading your blog back in those days I loved it. Really and truthfully, my favorite thing to do on the internet is just ogle pretty pictures of fashion/art/nature/design. I love the mood good photography and design puts me in and how it makes me feel connected to a bigger, beautiful world. I love the “messy” but curated blogging style. I personally love to curate images I find beautiful and inspiring if you need any help collecting them!

    Tosha says:

    Yes yes yes!

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    I like nice post. thanks admin

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