ideas for valentines | designlovefest

need valentine’s day ideas for your love? we gotcha covered!

ideas for valentines | designlovefest
ideas for valentines | designlovefest

when we did a poll, we found out that people are still keeping the “coupon book” trend alive all over the country. we decided to do our own little spin on it and wrap up a bunch of “love tokens” in a candy-like wrapper to deliver to your sweetheart. write down all the things your partner would appreciate you doing…taking out the trash, cooking dinner, moving the car for street sweeping, waking up early with the baby…watch how fast your partner uses these up!

ideas for valentines | designlovefest

so many valentine’s gifts are couples based…but sometimes it’s nice to sacrifice your budget for an experience just for them. you can print out this cute boarding pass (unfortunately this one won’t actually work at the airport) to surprise them with a trip to see their best friend or family out of state. then, send them on their way without ya! make them a cute playlist to listen to on the plane if you’re feeling extra sweet.

PRINT OUT THIS PASS HERE (780 downloads)

ideas for valentines | designlovefest

instead of a box of chocolate, how bout a box of pizza? either make your own pizza from scratch or just order a cheese pizza and add pepperoni after. a cute little gesture for your pizza lovin’ partner.

ideas for valentines | designlovefest

natalie said one of her husband’s faves was when she gave him a new wallet and filled it with fun surprises. a little love note. movie tickets. coffee shop gift card. $5. what a fun idea!

try the wallet options here

ideas for valentines | designlovefest
ideas for valentines | designlovefest

this valentine’s day is on a weekend (yay) which means it’s the perfect time to plan a little road trip. stay in a cabin somewhere! or just drive up the california coast. stop at the madonna inn. plan a camping trip and let him/her know you already booked the location. there’s something very romantic about just getting in the car and going somewhere new together…giant heart balloons not required but certainly a bonus.

ideas for valentines | designlovefest
ideas for valentines | designlovefest

still life photos by ivan solis and car shots by jesse chamberlin


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    Asli says:

    The wallet idea is so cute! We never do anything special on Valentine’s Day with my boyfriend but I might just try this one. 🙂

    Girl Against Oleka

    Kristina says:

    I’m down for the road trip idea!

    Danielle says:

    OMG that love token idea is awesome!

    Ottilie Yee says:

    LOVE the wallet idea! I had been looking at some places for a wallet, but this is the best find (free shipping!). Thank you!!

    Natalie says:

    I love the wallet idea. My husband went nuts (and continues to fawn over…. in a hyper masculine kind of way) his “Secrid” wallet that I got him. It has a lever the pushes up 4 cards and it’s super thin.

    The balloon photos are gorgeous! What a fun afternoon that would have been 🙂 x

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    CraftyHope says:

    Oh, these are really fun ideas. I like the twist on the coupon book, but I think I’ve over-done that idea before and my hubby never seems to redeem them. However, your wallet idea is awesome. The hubs needs a new wallet anyway and I like the idea of tucking in a few surprises. As well, I like to get him those hard case wallets and I just got a silhouette cameo for Christmas. I’m thinking I could do his monogram in vinyl for the wallet. Hmmmmm….thanks so much for the suggestions and ideas!

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