between moving houses and studios there really hasn’t been enough hours in the day to get everything done. i moved and within one week i had scheduled a shoot at my house, which was a little bit insane but also made me get everything done as quickly as possible. i’ve been using TaskRabbit quite a bit over the past two years for everything from fixing my dining room table, hanging light fixtures, running errands before an event and even helping us move studios all of which has been tremendously helpful. their app is really easy to use and really straight forward on the pricing, no guessing how much a handyman is going to charge you, just a flat hourly rate that you know up front. and, you can book them in real time so you can have someone to help within minutes.


the front door of my house was a turquoise when i bought it which was cute but not really my style anymore. i’ve been keeping a scandinavian vibe with my decor and i thought this pink door would fit right in. i’ve been wanting to change it since it’s the first thing you see when you walk up to the house so when c asked if there was something they could help me finish before the holidays, that was it. i went to home depot and pulled a bunch of paint samples, and decided on blowing kisses P150-1 by BEHR. i was looking for something that wasn’t baby pink but still felt soft and subtle. i also like how the pink looks with the tropical trees and grey trim.

i love the way it turned out! we hired andrew to complete the task and he picked up everything we needed and was done within 2 hours. TaskRabbit is currently in nineteen cities and working to expand. if you’d like to give it a try you can use the code LOVEFEST for $15 off your task from now until january 15th.

also, we’ll be sharing a DIY holiday bead garland (pictured below!) so check back for pictures and a tutorial tomorrow!

in collaboration with TaskRabbit
wreath by: moon canyon

photos by:ivan solis


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    Holly says:

    Your new home is beautiful Bri. Love the exterior choices you made & the interior is gorgeous as well. Happy Holidays!

    Melanie says:

    Oooo your apartment is awesome!

    Anonymous says:

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    correy says:

    omg that bead garland is to die for!

    can’t wait for the tutorial!!!

    Scout says:

    Are those slippers you’re putting on in that one picture? Where did you get those? They’re fabulous!

    Jackie says:

    Ooh, a pink door…what I wouldn’t give to have that! I like the shade you picked a lot – not too “baby’s room” – good choice. I love TaskRabbit, I’ve used them a few times and have been really happy with how it went.

    Jay Bee says:

    You have the dreamiest, most beautiful home, Bri. Please keep the photos coming! And how wonderful that you can get help with making it look all lovely with TaskRabbit, too! Love it!

    Meg says:

    Love the pink! Especially with the terracotta color of your roof!

    sara knowles says:

    that wooden garland is amazing! would love to hear a source if possible! home looks beautiful – congrats!

    Audrey says:

    That garland is everything. I would leave it up year-round.

    Poppy says:

    Bri, it’s darling!!!! Darling, like you. I love your Scandi vibe–it’s so bright and cheerful. Congrats on your cute, new abode. XO

    Elisha says:

    I liked the turquoise! The pink looks a little washed out with the white. Your home is very beautiful and looks like a peaceful haven.

    Julie says:

    Such good and fresh vibes! LOVE it!

    Maria McB says:

    Beautiful and the wreath looks lovely! Random question but where did you find the console table for your entryway? We have a very narrow space we’re trying to fill and hoping to find one with enough depth for a lamp. Thanks in advance!

    bri says:

    it’s from bludot, maria! and thank you 🙂 -bri

    Cindy A. says:

    Pretty! It is always so nice to add your own style and make a new place yours.

    Candice says:

    So pretty! I just painted mine grey with all gold hardware. It’s amazing what a huge impact such a small change can make. 😘

    Judy Haft says:

    Love your paint colors – would you be so kind as to share what white paints you used interior and exterior? Beautiful home!

    Can you suggest a good internet hosting provider at a reasonable price? Thanks a lot, I appreciate it!

    Deborah E Barile says:

    hi enjoyed your blog. Pink for front, love it! Where did you find your sofa with chaise? I have been on a search for that exact type a comfy down filled sectional. It looks like you can just sink right in.

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