flowers. nails. cocktails. three of my very favorite things. the post really was a labor of love, and i was able to work with such a talented team on it! keep on reading for three holiday cocktail recipes you can make at home coordinated with three beautiful nail art designs!

with so many elements to capture we looked to the still life paintings we feel in love with on our trip to Amsterdam earlier in the year for inspiration. each cocktail and matching nail serve as a spring board to encapsulate a mood, a feeling and an attitude.

we worked with our friends at IZZE and created these cocktails using their sparkling juices in three classic flavors, peach, pomegranate and apple. sometimes you just want to make an easy drink at the end of the night, right?! all of the drinks turned out beautifully and didn’t feel overly sweet, just the right amount of sparkling. if you’d like to create the pomegranate cocktail at home, here’s the recipe made by the cocktail genius that is pharmacie!

The Pomegranate Fizz:
• 2 oz City of London Gin

• 6 oz IZZE Sparkling Pomegranate
• 1.5 oz Gabriel Boudier Creme de Cassis
• Stir gin and creme de cassis together in a hi ball glass, add IZZE, top with ice.


i love nail art and the idea that it’s something you can experiment with temporarily and switch it out when it feels right. we worked with the seriously skilled whitney gibson who created three different designs based on the IZZE flavors and colors of each cocktail. they turned out so cool. i’m always on the hunt for new and interesting nail designs. we should have her do more nail posts, huh??

these 60’s mod nails are really speaking to me…and perfectly coordinated with our sparkling apple cocktail.

The Winter Apple:
• 2 oz Chinaco Blanco Tequila (this is the recommended tequila but any blanco tequila will do!)
• 6 ounces IZZE Sparkling Apple
• 3/4 oz fresh lime juice
• Stir tequila and lime together in a copper mug (if you have one),  add IZZE, top with ice.


and finally, the peach! i think this overall look might be my favorite, there is something unexpected about using peach around the holidays but it feels like a welcomed addition in my book. coupled with dark hues of orange, pink and red, it’s really working for me.

The Peach Fashion:
• 1& 3/4 oz Elijah Craig Bourbon
• 6 ounces IZZE Sparkling Peach
• 2 dash Fee Bros Old Fashioned Bitters
• Stir bourbon and bitters together in an old fashioned glass and add IZZE, top with ice.


all of these cocktails would be a great addition to any holiday party you might have on the horizon. they’re simple enough to create with the kind of ease and grace we all aspire to as holiday hosts and are guaranteed to impress all of you guests.

in collaboration with: IZZE
photography: jesse chamberlin
nails: whitney gibson
cocktails: pharmacie


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    Jessica says:

    Ha omg this is such a fun collaboration! I love the nail colors and the drinks!


    dawn says:

    Really great concept, in love with this shoot! One of my favs! 😀

    susan says:

    Sooo good! Agree with Dawn, one of my faves too!

    Kait says:

    I just really wanted to say that what I love most about your sponsored/collaborative content is that it feels so right and not at all like “ugh it’s sponsored, lame”. It’s much more like a huge well thought out ad campaign that you often pair with something else to elevate it from a simple collab (with nail art, florals, etc) to a visual story. I love your work. Really beautiful and really great eye for brands that work well with your aesthetic! It’s always a joy to come to your blog and see beautiful and intentional content.

    Jackie says:

    I agree with Kait above. I love that you don’t act like it’s NOT a sponsored post, but rather it’s more like a gorgeous and beautiful ad campaign. Lovely work!

    Elisha says:

    Now THIS is how a partnership/sponsored post should be done! I don’t drink Izze, I don’t drink so probably wouldn’t make these drinks but I seriously loved this post – the aesthetics are beautiful and you can tell how much work went into this. Like, I would totally buy a print of these! Seriously, really beautiful work here. One thing I love about your blog is the sponsored content seems to flow so seemlessly with your blog brand 🙂

    bri says:

    that really means the world to me, thank you for these comments!! xo bri

    Julie says:

    I CAN’T EVEN! This is so creatively and beautifully done!
    Great work!

    Danielle says:

    Well done! Styling is on point

    Joanna says:

    I am in LOVE with this shoot! How gorgeous, one of my favorites as well!

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