i’ve been following along with nutrition stripped on instgram for awhile now. i really like her photos and her simple and grounded approach to a healthy and balanced life. she touches on all areas of life and how to genuinely take care of yourself, which is especially important this holiday season when we’re about to embark on two weeks of family, food, travel craziness. she’s sharing with us her 11 tips for maintaining sanity this season, and they’re good tips. so bookmark this for when you start feeling like the grinch!

“As much as we like to think that the holidays are all about snowflakes, hot chocolate, and the holiday spirit, it can actually be quite stressful. You’re running a business, you’re working long hours to make up for holiday time, you’re in school, traveling a lot for the holiday, socializing at more holiday parties, etc.; everywhere you turn there’s something “extra” this season. We’re taken out of our routines with food temptations left and right, increased stress and maybe a touch of emotional eating, right? We’ve all been there before. Now more than ever it’s important to cultivate a healthy balance between stress, eating well, movement, and mindfulness to keep you feeling amazing, looking great, and able to enjoy the holiday season to it’s fullest. I’ve put together a list of my top 11 things to do for a healthy holiday season.” –McKel

1. It’s not all about the food. Focus on what the holiday season means to you; is it spending time with your loved ones, caring for others, showing and expressing gratitude, or being more mindful of your actions?

2. Have fun. It’s easy to automatically default to “fun” mode when you’re a kid, but now that so many of us work long days and have external stressors of “life”, sometimes it’s challenging getting in the spirit of the holiday. Remember to have fun! Grab a friend, family member, or your love and make a date out of watching holiday movies, making gifts from DIY tutorials, trying a new recipe, making a self-love spa date for yourself, etc.; try to do something that you absolutely love every single day.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Tis’ the season to eat, drink, and be merry so be sure you’re hydrating those cells before, during, and after holiday cocktails. Drink water throughout the day and ideally 1 cup of water in between each cocktail. My favorite way to stay hydrated includes Chia Fresca, sparkling water, herbal tea, or the Stripped Green Juice (added nutrients!).

4. Take a chill pill. Soak in every second you have off work or if you’re a business owner make a “rule” and stick with it to put work away and relax. Enjoy the time away from the busy workdays to enjoy time alone, with family, and friends. Do things that make your heart happy and practice a little extra self-love during the holidays.

5. Veg out. Regardless of the holiday, vegetables are key to nourishing our bodies and keeping us energized, feeling great, and looking even better. It’s an added bonus that we can squeeze in extra vegetables this time of year through side dishes, soups, quick smoothies, or juices. Also, vegetables add more volume to any dish making you feel like you’re eating a lot more than you actually are. Try these favorites: Creamy Ginger Green Smoothie, Blue Morning Smoothie Bowl, Balsamic Brussel Sprouts with Red Grapes, and Spaghetti Squash and Chickpea Meatballs.

6. Be present. It’s easy to think about what you “should” be doing, or what you “have to do” in the future; but awaken your focus to the present moment. The more you concentrate on being present, the more you’re able to enjoy spending time with family and friends, enjoy the spirit of the holiday season, engage in fun activities, shop, bake, wrap presents, read a book by a cozy fire, make some killer DesignLoveFest DIY wreaths and so much more. Try a simple mantra like “be here now”, to bring you back.

7. Stress. Holidays are known to be one of the most stressful times of year, whether it’s a good form of stress or the bad kind. Beat the stress by taking time out each morning before you start your day with 10 minutes of stillness, peace and quiet, engaging in something you love to do, yoga; or my favorite, meditation. Set your phone timer to keep you engaged for at least 10 minutes and make it an “appointment” you can’t miss.

8. Save it…or share it? We’ve all been there before, friend X just brought cookies to work again now your surrounded by sweets and treats at the office, at home, and at your families place. Here’s a word you can start to focus your attention on when you’re feeling obligation to eat those treats as gifts even if you don’t want them, abundant. Abundant is a great way to think about the availability of these cookies. I promise, 1 year from now you’ll still have access to holiday cookies, they’re not going away anytime soon!).

9. Mind-body power hour. This is a crucial practice and should be incorporated as much as possible into your daily life, especially around the holidays where it’s so easy to skip the gym. Whether you’re taking a spin class, yoga, boxing, or just talking a walk. Harnessing your bodies movement along with a positive mind set will set you up for success, positivity and will also come in handy around food. Added bonus, grab a friend or family member and hit the gym together.

10. Give yourself permission to enjoy, but not overindulge. Mindful eating is a beautiful practice and can be powerful! Check in with yourself and ask how truly hungry you are. What is it that you’re hungry for? Is it happiness, sadness, stress, anxiety, burnout, or are you truly hungry for food? We eat for so many reasons in our society, but having a strong mind-body connection will help you tremendously in figuring out what you are TRULY hungry for….like the extra cocktail or serving of cookies?

11. Plan and keep a routine. Given that many of us travel for the holidays, it’s important to keep some routine during the holiday season. Batch Cooking is a secret weapon (okay not so secret) throughout the holiday season when going out, socializing, traveling, etc. It’s a great way to keep your meals/snacks planned ahead of time so you can breathe and create space for other things you enjoy doing this holiday season.

all tips and images from nutrition stripped


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    Mark says:

    Love the beef jerky photos, YUM! I particularly like to make a sweet and hot beef jerky variety for the holidays. It is a mixture of dark chocolate and cayenne pepper that I cut either thin strips of filet mignon or venison strips that I put right into the foot dehydrator, they are fabulous and go quickly at the holidays.

    site says:

    wao, that’s very true to read the stuff that you’ve share in this post. Thank you for healthy holiday.

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